Jeff Beck / Sapporo 2005 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Sapporo 2005 / 2CD / Wardour

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Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japan 13th July 2005


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Also say the name and record masterpiece of “2005 type JEFF BECK GROUP” has emerged. Of this work has been recording, “July 13, 2005 Sapporo Welfare Pension Hall” performance. Since 1980, it is the audience album that contains the Sapporo performances of 25 years. Pattern of the day, “ARIGATO SAPPORO”, “LIVE AT SAPPORO KOSEINENKIN KAIKAN” from the time “RIDE THE STORM” “COLD FRONT” While various title existed such, this work of master its any also different. Passed from the recording artist himself, it is one of I the original DAT master was turned into CD of the complete first appearance.
The sound is exactly the ideal audience recording. The core of the musical tone is Sosoritachi dignified in direct sense of plenty, Vu~ivurato sharp guitar seems to have appeared to the fluctuation of the fingertips of Jeff Beck. And yet, faintly tell venue reverberation field feeling you have dressed as Usuginu, rich bass is realistic enough to see that sounded the floor of the venue. Sharp to go ballistic cutting, nor wavering cry of Vu~ivurato, like going sucked spreads quietly in a space of welfare pension hall is depicted beautifully. Warmth and reality of DAT-specific and have any, and it’s a beauty space that has become clear of the Holy Trinity.
Ensemble that has been engraved in the sound, just “2005 type JEFF BECK GROUP” what it represents. Even to say that, for he stepped on the line-up is the first stage of this time, only 5 days before the Japan tour. It was things that were made Jimi Hendrix tribute Live “SONGS OF EXPERIENCE” in London. It will was a live that also serves as a rehearsal of the Japan tour, but here it only played only 5 songs. It is was the Japan immediately after the. Speaking further, Jeff after leaving Japan does not perform the tour, a full-fledged tour after becoming a member in 2006. Was not the figure of Jimmy Hall of vocals to “OFFICIAL BOOTLEG USA ’06” which was met with the pattern. In other words, is the official that holds the “Japan Best = Best of” 2005 type JFG “”. So, let’s check the dates of visit to Japan performance here.

– July 1: Kanagawa Prefectural
– July 2, 3 day, the 5th: Tokyo International Forum
– July 7: Hiroshima postal savings Hall
– July 8, 9, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– July 11: Nagoya Century Hall
– July 13: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall [this work] – July 15: Tokyo International Forum

In this way, the Japan tour of this year all 10 performances. Best among them are there things quite difficult to decide, but will say that the second half of the tour Suffice it to say. After all it because I mean it was debut five days ago, obvious rehearsal shortage Sunken in early in the Japan Tour. This band in a concentrated schedule is going to increase rapidly the skill level, the A “daily over the 5th in professional journals rehearsal, is what the band the 7th over 11th developing, and the 13th-the 15th and it has been described as a complete form “. Its “July 13-July 15,” we both are Meien in about the same Meien, but the last day “July 15” because it was added performances, returning guest of Jennifer Batten is ahead . Result only “July 13” became a full form as a concert. And, what I live, which is on the this work, is its “July 13, Sapporo performance”, I its highest peak recording.
In fact, the sense of stability of the live of this work is really great. Phrases of sympathetic, goodness of reaction of the beat, the more I do not think the same band as two weeks ago. Although the tour early There was also a place, such as, breaking each other’s intention, performance of this work is both depression two step by step from there, it is Meien as if digs deep into each other’s consciousness.

Fleeting Disappearing As beautiful “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Close the curtain at a concert. As if its transience is symbolic, it was very short-lived “2005 type JEFF BECK GROUP”. Its highest stage from curtain to curtain announcement announcement, is a complete recording was recorded in superb sound, not shake. And far beyond the mere scarcity value such as “25 years of Sapporo”, music heritage that has been certainly shining in Japan in 2005. By all means, please you also your experience which is one live album of the vertices of the Jeff Beck history.

“2005年型JEFF BECK GROUP”の代表作とも言える名録音が登場しました。本作が録音されたのは、「2005年7月13日札幌厚生年金会館」公演。1980年以来、25年ぶりとなる札幌公演を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。この日の模様は、当時から「ARIGATO SAPPORO」「LIVE AT SAPPORO KOSEINENKIN KAIKAN」「RIDE THE STORM」「COLD FRONT」といったさまざまなタイトルが存在しましたが、本作のマスターはそのどれとも違うもの。録音家本人から渡された、完全初登場のオリジナルDATマスターをCD化した1枚なのです。
そのサウンドで刻まれたアンサンブルは、まさに“2005年型JEFF BECK GROUP”を代表するもの。と言うのも、このときのラインナップが初ステージを踏んだのは、来日公演のわずか5日前。ロンドンで行われたジミ・ヘンドリックスのトリビュート・ライヴ“SONGS OF EXPERIENCE”のことでした。ジャパンツアーのリハを兼ねたライヴだったのでしょうが、ここではわずか5曲を演奏したのみ。その直後の日本だったのです。さらに言えば、日本を離れた後のジェフはツアーを行わず、本格的なツアーはメンバーを2006年になってから。その模様を収めた「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG USA ’06」にはヴォーカルのジミー・ホールの姿はありませんでした。つまり、「日本のベスト=“2005年型JFG”のベスト」の公式が成り立つのです。それでは、ここで来日公演の日程を確認してみましょう。

・7月13日:北海道厚生年金会館 【本作】


儚く消えゆくように美しい「Somewhere Over The Rainbow」で幕を閉じるコンサート。その儚さが象徴するかのように、ごく短命だった“2005年型JEFF BECK GROUP”。その最高峰ステージを開演アナウンスから終演アナウンスまで、揺るがぬ極上サウンドで収録した完全録音です。“25年ぶりの札幌”といった単なる希少価値を遙かに超え、2005年の日本で確実に輝いていた音楽遺産。ぜひ、あなたもジェフ・ベック史の頂点のひとつであるライヴアルバムをご体験ください。

Disc 1 (57:31)
1. Introduction 2. Beck’s Bolero 3. Stratus 4. You Never Know 5. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
6. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 7. Morning Dew 8. Behind The Veil 9. Two Rivers 10. Star Cycle
11. Big Block 12. Scatterbrain

Disc 2 (70:45)
1. Intermission 2. Nadia 3. Angel (Footsteps) 4. Led Boots 5. Diamond Dust 6. Hey Joe
7. Manic Depression 8. Member Introduction 9. Goodbye Porkpie Hat 10. Brush With The Blues
11. Blue Wind 12. Earthquake/Blast From The East (with Jennifer Batten)
13. Going Down (with Jennifer Batten) 14. People Get Ready 15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jeff Beck – Guitar Pino Palladino – Bass Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums
Jason Rebello – Keyboards Jimmy Hall – Vocal


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