Jeff Beck / Artpark Festival 2003 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Jeff Beck / Artpark Festival 2003 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour
Translated Text:

Live at Artpark Festival, Lewiston, NY. USA 1st September 2003 Plus Bonus CDR Denver 2003. SBD

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Jeff Beck in 2003 who took the bold work “JEFF” and went on the road with “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” called Terry · Bodio & Tony · Himus. That super and superb live album is appearing. It is contained in this work “September 1, 2003 Lewiston Performance”. At that time, the coupling tour with B.B. King became a hot topic, but it is a concert that is the 25th performances.
The biggest point of such work is the sound quality that is totally outrageous. It sounds like a sound board …… It is really soundboard sound. Actually, ALD recording which appeared recently is. ALD (Assistive Listening Device) is a line voice for clearly delivering difficulties to hear. It is also used for speech at lectures, but there are places that are set up for people with hearing impairment at the concert venue. If you record from such equipment, you can record sound directly from the desk with no audiences or noises. “Direct feeling” rather than direct ALD recording itself, there are many times there is a habit. The mix is ​​somewhat unnatural, monaural … …. In that sense it is a type of recording closer to IEMs.
However! There is no disadvantage of such ALD recording in this work in absolutely. The direct taste which is the taste of ALD is tasted plentifully, firmly separated in stereo, the mix is ​​also natural. Although this tour is left as an official record “LIVE: BB KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK”, it boasts enough quality as its sister version (Incidentally, the official board was recorded September 10, this work is nine days ago). Moreover, “Sling Shot” which is not found in “LIVE: B.B. KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL” is included in that sound.
Such full recording is also a pleasant sound board album, but more than that is “immersive”. Although the cheering is also dubbed in the official board, both the mix and the mastering are polished up, but the “freshness” which is kept on the contrary is overwhelming in this work on the other hand. Besides, it is irresistible because the main of the sound is “GUITAR SHOP TRIO”. Jeff’s freaky guitar is caught up to picking nuances, fingerprints and guitar strings rubbing sounds, and the voices of Posio & Himmas are also overcome to one sound one more, but no more. One sound rises, draws a peak, it disappears suddenly. It flows into the ear until a series of flows. That is the feeling that the “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” is battle right now in the brains as if the head became an amplifier. There is also “immersive feeling” that exceeds even the sense of direct contact and direct connection.

A wonderful thing of the show which I am impressed with that sound …. At that time the new songs such as “Seasons” “My Thing” are fresh, but “Guitar Shop” such as “Big Block” “Savoy” “Where Were You” “Sling Shot” is the best. The performers of the three originators are lively and like the fish that got water, and the arming technique of “Where Were You” is also brilliant. In addition, “Freeway Jam” played for the first time in a long time, “Nadia” with the drumming of the poses, “You Never Know”, “People Get Ready” of Himusu big success, etc. Indeed, these three ensemble explodes with brain sound.
It is a masterpiece of a live album which is drawn with higher quality sounds of more than plenty of the taste of ALD recording. Genuine rolling “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” comes in the brain and it feels super pleasant. Please do experience by all means.
大胆作『JEFF』を引っさげ、テリー・ボジオ&トニー・ハイマスという“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”とロードに出た2003年のジェフ・ベック。その超・極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは「2003年9月1日ルイストン公演」。当時、B.B.キングとのカップリング・ツアーが話題となりましたが、その25公演目にあたるコンサートです。
そんな本作最大のポイントは、何と言っても凄絶なるサウンド・クオリティ。まるでサウンドボード……と言いますか、本当にサウンドボード音声なのです。実は、最近になって登場したALD録音なのです。ALD(Assistive Listening Device)は、聞き取りづらい音をハッキリ届けるためのライン音声。講演でのスピーチなどでも使用されますが、コンサート会場では聴覚障害の方のために設置しているところもある。そうした設備から録音すると、オーディエンス・ノイズも皆無な卓直結サウンドボード音声が記録できるのです。“ダイレクト感”どころかダイレクトそのものなALD録音なのですが、クセがあることも多い。ミックスが何となく不自然であったり、モノラルであったり……。その意味ではIEMsに近いタイプの録音なのです。
ところが!本作には、そんなALD録音の欠点がまるでない。ALDの旨みである直結感はたっぷりと味わえつつ、しっかりとステレオにセパレートされており、ミックスも自然。このツアーはオフィシャル盤『LIVE: B.B. KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK』としても残されていますが、その姉妹編として十二分なクオリティを誇っている(ちなみに、公式盤が録音されたのは9月10日。本作はその9日前です)。しかも、そのサウンドで『LIVE: B.B. KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL』にはない「Sling Shot」も収録されているのです。
そんなフル収録も嬉しいサウンドボード・アルバムなのですが、それ以上なのは“没入感”。オフィシャル盤は歓声もダビングされ、ミックスもマスタリングも磨き上げられているわけですが、本作には逆に録りっぱなしの“生々しさ”が圧倒的なのです。しかも、そのサウンドの主が“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”なのだからたまらない。ジェフの気紛れギターはピッキング・ニュアンスはおろか、指紋がギター弦とこすれる音まで捉えられ、ポジオ&ハイマスの妙技も1音1音まで超克明……いえ、それ以上。1音が立ち上がり、ピークを描き、スッと消えていく。その一連の流れまで耳に直接流し込まれる。それこそ、頭がアンプになったかのような、脳みその中で今まさに“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”がバトルしているような感覚。密着感・直結感さえも超えた“没入感”があるのです。

そのサウンドでのめり込むショウの素晴らしいこと……。「Seasons」「My Thing」といった当時の新曲も新鮮ですが、やはり「Big Block」「Savoy」「Where Were You」「Sling Shot」といった『GUITAR SHOP』は最高。オリジネイター3人の演奏は水を得た魚のごとくイキイキと躍動していますし、「Where Were You」のアーミング技も見事。さらには久しぶりに演奏された「Freeway Jam」、ポジオのドラミングが映える「Nadia」、ハイマス大活躍の「You Never Know」「People Get Ready」等々など。まさに、この3人だからこそのアンサンブルが脳内サウンドで炸裂するのです。
ALD録音の旨みたっぷりながら、それ以上のハイクオリティ・サウンドで描かれるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。本生丸出し“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”が脳内に入り込んでくる超快感。ぜひ、あなたもご体験ください。

1. Roy’s Toy 2. Psycho Sam 3. Big Block 4. Freeway Jam 5. Brush With The Blues
6. Scatterbrain 7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 8. Nadia 9. Savoy 10. Angel (footsteps)
11. Seasons 12. Where Were You 13. You Never Know 14. A Day in the Life
15. Sling Shot 16. People Get Ready 17. My Thing 18. Outro

Jeff Beck – Guitars Tony Hymas – Keyboards Terry Bozzio – Drums & Percussion


Jeff Beck / Denver 2003 / 1Single CDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Live at Fiddlers Green Amphitheater, Denver, CO. USA 7th August 2003.

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The main press CD “ARTPARK FESTIVAL 2003” is a different dimension album in which “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” invades the brain at the ballistic stereo ALD sound. Originally it is an unnecessary super masterpiece such as a bonus. However, there is another amazing, amazing live album on this tour. Although it is not necessary if it is true, “I want you to listen to this sound by all means” is a pushing bonus attached decision!
Such super / best album is contained in the album “August 7, 2003 Denver Performance”. In the joint tour with B. B. King, it was an early concert which will be the eleventh performances.
Of course, the biggest point of this work is unusual high quality sound. It is an audience recording that appeared from the Masterport label, but it is said that the sound is “awfully sound board” going on the ground by the terrible … … What should be spoken in the dimension such as “customer record or soundboard?” is not. Extra direct sense of thick core, rich feeling of thick wall sounds, even a small whispered phrase vivid detail … … already everything is wonderful.
It is a super recording which was completely separated from the audience, but even if it says so, the taste unique to the customer record is also perfect. That is, this work is different from the main press press CD in a different meaning. “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” has entered into the brain Miso in this volume press CD, but as expected, this work is not there but “I am in front of you”. In other words, this press press CD is a “different dimension experience”, this work is “a field experience”.
It is the audience of the authentic American that is further enhancing its “genuine feeling”. A super-thick musical sound is a sound that overrides everything, but a huge cheer arises between the songs, and in fact he gives a cheer to be inspired by Jeff’s guitar during playing. It is thought that the audience seems to be a noisy recording, but, of course, there is not such a thing (if so, it will not be a pushing bonus etc). Being overwhelmed by the virtuosity that is unfolded in front of me, I am obediently admired because I like the phrase. So it is different from Japanese who will not hear voice, but because it is the super realistic feeling synchronized with music and mood, it can sympathize rather than feel incompatibility.
The show drawn with that sound is also nominated again. Although I mentioned in the explanation of main part, from this tour there is also an official record “LIVE: BB KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK”, but also on its official board, also “Blue Wind” which can not be listened to this press press CD It will be done (Tony Himas big success!). And the order of the songs is also significantly different only in the beginning of the tour. Although it is the same tour / same member, both the sound and the show and the show press CD are as if they are comfortable listening.

The official board polished as a work “LIVE: BB KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK”, this volume press CD, which is a different dimension experience of superb ALD sound, and this ultra-realistic experience of the field experience … … Three three Ultimate. It is said that three diverse super high quality records are left from one tour. One of the peaks of “GUITAR SHOP TRIO” who caressed in 2003. With this press press CD, by all means, please experience by all means.
本編プレスCD『ARTPARK FESTIVAL 2003』は、バツグンのステレオALDサウンドで“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”が脳内侵入してくる異次元アルバムです。本来であれば、ボーナスなど不要な超傑作です。しかし、このツアーにはもう1つ、凄い、凄すぎるライヴアルバムが存在する。本当ならいらないところですが「どうしてもこのサウンドを聴いていただきたい」の一念で押しつけボーナス付属決定です!
まったくもってオーディエンス離れしたスーパー録音なのですが、そうは言っても客録ならではの旨みもばっちり。それは、本作は本編プレスCDとは違った意味の生々しさ。本編プレスCDは、脳ミソの中に“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”が入り込んできましたが、さすがに本作はそこまでではなく“目の前にいる”感。言い換えるなら本編プレスCDは“異次元体験”、本作は“現場体験”なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、これまた名演。本編の解説でも触れましたが、このツアーからはオフィシャル盤『LIVE: B.B. KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK』もありますが、その公式盤にも、本編プレスCDでも聴けない「Blue Wind」も演奏される(トニー・ハイマス大活躍!)。そして、ツアー序盤だけに曲順も大幅に異なっている。同じツアー/同じメンバーではあるものの、本編プレスCDとはサウンドも、ショウも、まるで違う聴き心地なのです。

作品として磨かれた公式盤『LIVE: B.B. KING BLUES CLUB & GRILL, NEW YORK』、極上ALDサウンドの異次元体験である本編プレスCD、そして超リアルな現場体験の本作……三者三様に究極的。1つのツアーからこれほどの多様で超ハイクオリティな記録が3つも残されるとは。2003年に気を吐いた“GUITAR SHOP TRIO”の頂点の1つ。本編プレスCDと共にぜひ、ぜひとも、是が非でもご体験ください。

1. Psycho Sam 2. Big Block 3. Savoy 4. Brush With the Blues 5. Roy’s Toy 6. Freeway Jam
7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 8. Nadia 9. Seasons 10. Angel (Footsteps) 11. You Never Know
12. Blue Wind 13. People Get Ready 14. My Thing

Jeff Beck – Guitars Tony Hymas – Keyboards Terry Bozzio – Drums & Percussion

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