Jeff Beck / Hyde Park 2001 / 1CD

Jeff Beck / Hyde Park 2001 / 1CD / Wardour
Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 29th July 2001 STEREO SBD

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Jeff Beck from the “YOU HAD IT COMING” era, who was working on the techno-rock route. The super-best stereo sound board album has appeared on the permanent preservation press CD.
Included in such a work is “London performance on July 29, 2001”. A sound board recording recorded in the traditional “Hyde Park”. Hyde Park has been hosting festivals every year since 1998, including THE BEACH BOYS, Elton John, Tom Jones, STATUS QUO, Sting and SUPERSISTER. Jeff Beck appeared in semi-tori next to THE BEACH BOYS. First, let’s check the show position from the schedule at that time.

● 2001
<< February 6 “YOU HAD IT COMING” release >>
・ February 15-March 23: North America # 1 (24 performances)
・ July 6-29: Europe (11 performances) ← ★ here ★
● 2002
“February 27“ Dirty Mind ”Grammy Award”
・ August 1-September 5: North America # 2 (7 performances)
・ September 12-14: UK (3 performances)

This is Jeff Beck after the release of “YOU HAD IT COMING”. There are many event-like stages in 2002, and the main part of the tour is 2001. Hyde Park performance of this work was the final performance.
This work that recorded such a stage is truly the finest in the official class. “Sound board” also has various qualities. From things that can only be used for bonus tracks to the masterpiece class, it is really wide. Even in light of the standards, this work is a masterpiece. In addition to sound quality, mix, stereo, stability, freshness … I can’t find it even if I look for Ara at every point. It is a live album that will be an “official alternative”.
The show drawn with the sound is a precious live performance of the “YOU HAD IT COMING” era. There were no Japanese performances on this tour, so let’s organize it here.

● GUITAR SHOP (2 songs)
・ Where Were You / Behind the Veil
● WHO ELSE! (5 songs)
・ Brush With the Blues / Blast From the East / Angel (footsteps) / Psycho Sam / What Mama Said
● YOU HAD IT COMING (5 songs)
・ Earthquake / Loose Cannon / Dirty Mind / Nadia / Rosebud
● Other
・ A Day in the Life (The Beatles)

… and it looks like this. It is a short set of about 60 minutes only for the festival, but concentrates and reduces “WHO ELSE!” Jennifer Batun, Steve Alexander, and Randy Hope Taylor have three backs, and this is the culmination of the Techno Rock route. Among them, the “WHO ELSE!” Number and “A Day in the Life” were also enjoyed on the decision board “DEFINITIVE TOKYO 1999 (Wardour-275)” in 1999, but everything else has been completely replaced. In Japan, where “YOU HAD IT COMING” was pre-released, new songs were heard in Japan in 2000, but “Behind the Veil” and the rare “Rosebud / What Mama Said” are not played there. (By the way, when I came to Japan in 2000, the drummer was Andy Gangadeen).
After this, Jeff broke up with Jennifer, etc., and proceeded to the eager work “Jeff”, who stepped down to the drum and bass. This work is an official-class live album that will be the total settlement of the techno rock era. Beyond the mere masterpiece sound board, it is a musical piece that represents “one era” for Jeff. This is exactly what you would call a “decision board”. Please fully enjoy it with the permanent preservation press CD.

★ First appearance! This is an official level super sound quality stereo sound board recording.

テクノロック路線に邁進していた『YOU HAD IT COMING』時代のジェフ・ベック。その超極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「2001年7月29日ロンドン公演」。伝統の“ハイドパーク”で記録されたサウンドボード録音です。ハイドパークでは1998年から毎年フェス形式のコンサートが開かれるようになりましたが、この年はTHE BEACH BOYS、エルトン・ジョン、トム・ジョーンズ、STATUS QUO、スティング、SUPERSISTERらが参加。ジェフ・ベックはTHE BEACH BOYSに次ぐ準トリでの出演でした。まずは、当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・7月6日-29日:欧州(11公演) ←★ココ★
《2月27日「Dirty Mind」がグラミー賞獲得》

これが『YOU HAD IT COMING』リリース後のジェフ・ベック。2002年はイベント的なステージが多く、ツアー本編はあくまでも2001年。本作のハイドパーク公演は、その最終公演でもありました。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、貴重な『YOU HAD IT COMING』時代の生演奏。このツアーでは日本公演もなかったので、ここで整理しておきましょう。

・Where Were You/Behind the Veil
●WHO ELSE!(5曲)
・Brush With the Blues/Blast From the East/Angel (footsteps)/Psycho Sam/What Mama Said
・Earthquake/Loose Cannon/Dirty Mind/Nadia/Rosebud
・A Day in the Life(ビートルズ)

……と、このようになっています。フェスだけに約60分のショート・セットですが、そこに『WHO ELSE!』『YOU HAD IT COMING』を濃縮還元。バックがジェニファー・バトゥン、スティーブ・アレクサンダー、ランディー・ホープ・テイラーの3人ということもあり、テクノロック路線の集大成となっている。このうち『WHO ELSE!』ナンバーや「A Day in the Life」は1999年来日の決定盤『DEFINITIVE TOKYO 1999(Wardour-275)』でも楽しめましたが、それ以外は丸っきり入れ替えられています。『YOU HAD IT COMING』が先行発売された日本では新曲群も2000年来日で聴けたものの、イントロが面白い「Behind the Veil」やレアな「Rosebud/What Mama Said」辺りはそこでも演奏しませんでした(ちなみに2000年来日はドラマーもアンディー・ギャンガディーンでした)。



1. Where Were You
2. Earthquake
3. Loose Cannon
4. Brush With the Blues
5. Blast From the East
6. Dirty Mind
7. Angel (footsteps)
8. Nadia
9. Psycho Sam
10. Behind the Veil
11. Rosebud / What Mama Said
12. A Day in the Life
13. Band Introductions

Jeff Beck – guitar
Jennifer Batten – guitar & guitar synthesizer
Randy Hope Taylor – bass
Steve Alexander – drums



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