Janis Joplin / Honolulu Boogie / 1CDR

Janis Joplin / Honolulu Boogie /1CDR / Vintage Masters

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Soundboard Recorded Live At Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii July 8th 1970. Soundboard



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is emerging from “vintage Masters” is ’70 Honolulu, Hawaii performances known to fans as a valuable sound board live recordings of Janis Joplin later years! 

This live was recorded in the July 8, Hawaii Honolulu International Center 70 years and the last period that followed the The Full Tilt Boogie Band. It is a basic item of large recommended as a must-listen live Janice last showed off posthumous album from the “Pearl,” “Move Over” and “Get It Howairu You Can” and the like!




At Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii July 8th 1970

01. Intro / Tell Me Mama 
02. Half Moon 
03. Move Over 
04. Shot Jams 
05. Maybe 
06. Summertime 
07. Band Introduction 
08. Get It While You Can 
09 . Time Keeps Moving On 
10. Asshole Announcer 
11. Piece Of My Heart / Outro

Vintage Masters VMCDR-428

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