Jam / Live From New York / 2CDR

Jam / Live From New York / 2CDR / Project Zip

Live At The Palladium, New York, NY May 18th 1982

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Two soundboard live performances in New York where the legendary band, The Jam, who disbanded in 1982 during the climax of its popularity since its debut in London where the punk movement centered around Paul Weller broke in 1982, challenged the United States Appeared! The first piece recorded the performance at the New York Ritz on May 26, 1981. The energetic performance of full-energy is included, centered on the number from the album “Sound Affects” that also recorded the single “Start!” The second piece includes the New York Palladium performance on May 18, 1982. This is also a must-see live as the last tour sound source where the performance was enhanced with the brass section and chorus! It is a remarkable collector’s item that recorded 2 performances of the sound board live of the heyday of the band! !!

01. But I’m Different Now
02. Boy About Town
03. To Be Someone
04. Monday
05. Man In The Corner Shop
06. Funeral Pyre
07. Pretty Green
08. Private Hell
09. The Butterfly Collector
10. Set The House Ablaze
11. David Watts
12. Scrape Away
13. Start
14. Dreams Of Children
15. When You’re Young
16. Little Boy Soldiers
17. The Modern World
18. Strange Town
19. Heatwave
20. Eton Rifles.
21. A Bomb In Wardour Street
◆Live At The Ritz, New York, NY May 26th 1981

01. Running On The Spot
02. Boy About Town
03. Happy Together
04. Just Who Is The 5 O’clock Hero?
05. Start!
06. Carnation
07. In The Crowd
08. The Dreams Of Children
09. Town Called Malice
10. That’s Entertainment
11. Precious
12. Move On Up
13. David Watts
14. Private Hell
15. Circus
16. Pity Poor Alfie
17. Funeral Pyre
18. The Butterfly Collector
19. The Gift
◆Live At The Palladium, New York, NY May 18th 1982

Project Zip. PJZ-758A/B

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