Jake E Lee / Rare Works 1981-2000 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Jake E Lee / Rare Works 1981-2000 / 1CD  / Zodiac

Ultimate Rare Tracks Compilation

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Not only BADLANDS with Ray Gillan, but also RATT, ROUGH CUTT, and other illusory projects that were in the early days… Jake E. Lee’s secret treasure studio recordings that he had only known until now in biography. Gathered in. It’s the highest quality ever and it’s permanent preservation decision!
Looking back, Jake’s career is truly diverse. Crossed the LA metal scene of Gunyu Ward and blossomed with Ozzy. After that, I participated in various projects in addition to the famous band BADLANDS. However, most bands/projects did not reach an official album, but they have made a mark on each song. This work is a compilation of such rare tracks. It’s a studio album where you can enjoy all 16 songs of 5 bands with super quality.
How deep and decisive this work is. The best way is to introduce individual takes. Let’s get started!

[1981: MICKEY RATT (1 song)] First up is RATT, led by Steven Percy. Jake was at the time when they were still calling themselves “MICKEY RATT.” Except for Steven, there were no members at the time of debut at the time of RATT, and Bob Deleris was on the side guitar, and Matt Sroll & Dave Alford were on the rhythm team, becoming members of ROUGH CUTT in the early days. Jake was also his last name, “Williams”.
Although they did not leave a legitimate recording, Steven later collected the early rare track collection “THE GARAGE TAPE DAYZ 78?81”. “Top Secret” was also recorded there. For the time being, it will be a demo as a type, but for a fledgling band, each demo is a serious game for the future. This track is also an imposing official class in both completeness and sound, and you can enjoy co-starring young Jake & Steven with the same quality as the works after debut.

[1981-1982: ROUGH CUTT (2 songs)] Despite a great demo, Jake and Dave Alford (drums) left RATT in 1981 and joined ROUGH CUTT with the singer Paul Shortino. Even here, the album was not produced, but in fact Jake’s record debut was at this time. We provided two songs “A Little Kindness” and “Used & Abused” to the LA metal compilation “LA’S HOTTEST UNSIGNED ROCK BANDS” released in 1983. This compilation is a super rare item that has never been made into an official similar CD until now, but in this work it has been digitized from the best condition actual item.
The content is truly a treasure. MICKEY RATT was also great, but here is a completely professional production produced by Ronnie James Dio himself (keyboard is also Claude Schnell who will later join DIO). If not only the sound but also the song is excellent, vocal and guitar performances are suitable to call a masterpiece. It easily overturns the prejudice that “in the end it’s just a rare crap” that clings to rare tracks. It is a loss of culture that I can’t listen to such famous songs and famous tracks on the official CD yet. It’s a treasure just to say so.

[1988-1992: BADLANDS (8 songs)] By the way, Jake who passed ROUGH CUTT made a major debut with Ozzy Osbourne. “Barking on the Moon” and “Sin and Punishment” drive the history of heavy metal. I’m not sure about its success, so I’ll omit it and move on to the famous band BADLANDS.
●1988: 4 demo songs
BADLANDS is the essence of Jake Music, and it is the ultimate. For that reason, there are many rare tracks, and even this work contains 8 tracks of treasures. The contents are roughly divided into two types, and the first four songs are demos for the debut work (only “The Last Time” went to the second album). It is a take that has been known so far, but in this work it is digitized from the tape held by the late Ray Gillan. The ultimate take with the highest sound ever has been made into a press.
● 1991-1992: 4 official super rare tracks
Next is a track produced after the 2nd album “VOODOO HIGHWAY”, but this is extremely rare. The song “Time Goes By” provided to the world track and field is a rare song released only on the Japanese CD single, but it is still a jab. “Want To Live With You” is more valuable than that. The song was written by a Japanese friend and is actually a commercial song for a regional bank in Wakayama Prefecture. A rare track in the rare recorded only in the CD single not for sale distributed only at this bank. In addition to the track with Ray’s song, the instrument version of the coupling was also recorded.
The last song is “Jade’s Song”, which is familiar from the debut album. Although it was acoustic on the album, this take is a different version with electric added as well as the live at that time. It was released in the name of solo, but the performance is BADLANDS.

[1994: WICKED ALLIANCE (4 songs)] After the dissolution of BADLANDS, Jake released the album again in 1996 with his solo work “A FINE PINK MIST”, but before that he had launched another project. That’s the phantom band, WICKED ALLIANCE. The members are former WWIII’s Jimmy Bain & Mandy Lion and Ray Luzier who will participate in KORN. Originally WWIII was a band by Jimmy and Vinnie Apis, but Vinnie and Tracy G participated in the reconstruction of DIO. It is a form that Jake has joined the remaining Jimmy & Muddy.
After all, they made a demo even though they could not reach the album announcement at that time. That is the four songs in this work. It may be a plain image, but it is actually a bargain. If you know WWIII, you can imagine, but Mandy has a voice quality very similar to Paul Diano, and a more aggressive style (close to Diano in the band KILLERS era). BADLANDS was a bitter blues rock, but with WICKED ALLIANCE, it seems that he was aiming for a direction that made the Ozzy era heavy and heavy, and I can enjoy Jake playing metallically for a long time.

[2000: BOURGEOIS PIG (1 song)] The last one is the phantom band, BOURGEOIS PIG. This is a project centered on Richard Black & Michael Guy of SHARK ISLAND, the base is Tony Franklin of former BLUE MURDER/WHITESNAKE, the drum is a super band called former GUNS N’ROSES Matt Sorum. Contains the only demo of this project, “Calamities Of Vanity”.

Above, a collection of 16 treasures. This is a studio album where you can enjoy the sound of real life even for projects that are known only to the dawn of famous bands and names. Moreover, with the ultimate quality that updates all the highest peaks, even demos can be recorded on the official album. It is a semi-official back name board that fills the “hole” that Jake’s career had at once. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.


1: Demonstration in 1981 when Jake was enrolled when RATT was calling MICKEY RATT. A song from Steve Percy’s collection

2,3: Two songs recorded at the beginning of 1982 from the end of 1981 when ROUGH CUTT was formed. The keyboard is Claude Schnell and the producer is Ronnie James Deio.
Included only in the unreleased compilation LP “LA’s Hottest Unsigned Rock Bands” released in 1983.

4-7: Four demo songs recorded in 1988 after the formation of BADLANDS. It is a sound source that has been released so far, but this time it is recorded with the highest sound quality from the tape owned by the late Ray Gillan.

9: A valuable song recorded only on the CD single released only in Japan, recorded after the production of the second album “VOODOO HIGHWAY”.

8,10: Even more valuable is this song recorded for a commercial for a Japanese regional bank, recorded only in the Promo CD single distributed by this bank.

11: Acoustic version was recorded in the first album, but a similar version that was shown live at the time when the electric performance was added in the latter half. (It was released in the name of solo, but the performance is BADLANDS.)

12-15: Four songs of Twisted Beauty Demo, commonly known as WICKED ALLIANCE, formed with former WWIII Mandy Lion and Jimmy Bain. This band has not released an official work, but disbanded at the live and recording of this demo.

16: Demo of BOURGEOIS PIG project with Richard Black of SHARK ISLAND and Michael Guy of former SHARK ISLAND, HOUSE OF LORDS. The bass is Tony Franklin and the drum is Matt Sorum, the only song left by this project.

レイ・ギランとのBADLANDSだけでなく、黎明期に在籍していたRATTやROUGH CUTT、さらには幻のプロジェクトたち……これまでバイオグラフィでしか知らなかったジェイク・E・リーの秘宝スタジオ録音が一挙に集結。史上最高峰クオリティで永久保存決定です!

【1981年:MICKEY RATT(1曲)】
まず登場するのは、スティーヴン・パーシー率いるRATT。ジェイクは、まだ彼らが“MICKEY RATT”と名乗っていた時代に在籍していました。当時のRATTはスティーヴン以外、デビュー時のメンバーはおらず、サイドギターにはボブ・デレリス、リズム隊には黎明期ROUGH CUTTのメンバーになっていくマット・スロール&デイヴ・アルフォードが在籍。ジェイクも本名の「ウィリアムズ」姓でした。
彼らは正規な録音を残さなかったものの、後にスティーヴンが初期レアトラック集『THE GARAGE TAPE DAYZ 78?81』を蔵出し。そこに「Top Secret」も収録されました。一応、種別としてはデモとなりますが、駆け出しのバンドにとっては、デモの1つひとつが将来をかけた本気の勝負。このトラックも完成度・サウンド共に堂々のオフィシャル級で、デビュー後の作品群と変わらぬクオリティで若きジェイク&スティーヴンの共演が楽しめます。

【1981-1982年:ROUGH CUTT(2曲)】
素晴らしいデモを残すものの、1981年中にはジェイクとデイヴ・アルフォード(ドラム)はRATTを脱退して名シンガー、ポール・ショーティノとのROUGH CUTTに参画。ここでもアルバム制作までは至らなかったわけですが、実のところジェイクのレコード・デビューはこの時。1983年にリリースされたLAメタルのコンピ盤『LA’S HOTTEST UNSIGNED ROCK BANDS』に2曲「A Little Kindness」「Used & Abused」を提供したのです。このコンピは現在に至るまで公式似CD化されたことのない激レア品ですが、本作ではベスト・コンディションの現物からデジタル化致しました。
その内容は、まさに至宝。MICKEY RATTも素晴らしかったですが、こちらでは御大ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ自身がプロデュース(キーボードも後にDIOへ参加するクロード・シュネルです)を務めた完全プロ制作。サウンドだけでなく、曲の出来も絶品ならヴォーカルやギターのパフォーマンスも名演と呼ぶに相応しい。レアトラックにまとわりつく「結局は珍しいだけの駄曲」という偏見もあっさりと覆してしまう。これほどの名曲・名トラックが未だに正式CDで聴けないのは文化の損失。そう言い切れるだけのお宝です。

さて、ROUGH CUTTを経たジェイクは見事オジー・オズボーンでメジャー・デビュー。『月に吠えろ』『罪と罰』でヘヴィメタル史そのものを突き動かします。その活躍ぶりは周知ですので割愛し、本作ではその後の名バンドBADLANDSへと進みます。
BADLANDSこそジェイク・ミュージックの粋であり、極み。それだけにレア・トラックも多く、本作でも8曲の秘宝が収録されています。その内容は大きく2種に分けられ、前半4曲はデビュー作に向けたデモ(「The Last Time」のみ2ndアルバムに回りました)。これまでも知られてきたテイクですが、本作では故レイ・ギランが所蔵していたテープからデジタル化。過去最高サウンドの究極テイクをプレス化しました。
続いては2ndアルバム『VOODOO HIGHWAY』後に制作されたトラックですが、これが激レア。世界陸上への提供曲「Time Goes By」も日本盤CDシングルでのみリリースされたレア曲ですが、まだまだジャブ。それ以上に貴重なのが「Want To Live With You」。日本の友人に頼まれて作ったという曲で、実は和歌山県の地方銀行CMソング。この銀行でのみ配布された非売品CDシングルにのみ収録されたレア中のレア・トラックで、レイの歌入りトラックの他、カップリングのインスト版も収録しました。
最後の1曲はデビューアルバムでもお馴染みの「Jade’s Song」。アルバムではアコースティックでしたが、このテイクは当時のライヴと同様にエレクトリックも追加された別バージョン。ソロ名義でリリースされましたが、演奏はBADLANDSです。

BADLANDS解散後のジェイクが再びアルバムを発表したのは1996年のソロ作『A FINE PINK MIST』でしたが、その前には別のプロジェクトも立ち上げていました。それが幻のバンド、WICKED ALLIANCE。メンバーは元WWIIIのジミー・ベイン&マンディ・ライオンと、KORNに参加することになるレイ・ルジアー。もともとWWIIIはジミーとヴィニー・アピスによるバンドだったわけですが、ヴィニーとトレイシーGがDIO再建へ参画。残ったジミー&マディにジェイクが加わったカタチです。
結局、当時はアルバム発表まで辿り着かなかった彼らもデモは制作。それが本作の4曲です。今いち地味なイメージかも知れませんが、実はコレがなかなかの掘り出し物。WWIIIをご存じの方は想像できるかも知れませんが、マンディはポール・ディアノに酷似した声質で、さらにアグレッシヴにしたようなスタイル(バンドKILLERS時代のディアノに近いです)。BADLANDSは渋いブルースロックでしたが、WICKED ALLIANCEではオジー時代をグッとヘヴィにしたような方向性を志向していたようで、久々にメタリックに弾き倒すジェイクが楽しめるのです。

【2000年:BOURGEOIS PIG(1曲)】
最後も幻のバンド、BOURGEOIS PIGです。これはSHARK ISLANDのリチャード・ブラック&マイケル・ガイを軸にしたプロジェクトで、ベースは元BLUE MURDER/WHITESNAKEのトニー・フランクリン、ドラムは元GUNS N’ ROSESのマット・ソーラムというスーパー・バンド。このプロジェクトが唯一残したデモ「Calamities Of Vanity」を収録しています。



1: RATTがMICKEY RATTと名乗っていたジェイク在籍時1981年のデモ。スティーヴン・パーシーの蔵出し音源の中の1曲

2,3: ROUGH CUTT結成時1981年暮れから1982年初頭に録音された2曲。キーボードはクロード・シュネル、プロデューサーはロニー・ジェイムス・デイオ。
1983年にリリースされた未CD化のコンピレーションLP「LA’s Hottest Unsigned Rock Bands」のみに収録。

4-7: BADLANDS結成後1988年録音のデモ4曲。これまでもリリースされていた音源ですが、今回故レイ・ギランが所有していたテープから過去最高の音質で収録。

9: セカンド・アルバム「VOODOO HIGHWAY」制作後に録音された、日本のみリリースされたCDシングルのみに収録の貴重な1曲。

8,10: 更に貴重なのが日本の地銀のCMの為に録音されたこの曲で、この銀行で配布されたプロモCDシングルのみに収録。

11: ファースト・アルバムにアコースティック・ヴァージョンが収録されましたが、後半にエレクトリックの演奏を追加した当時ライヴで披露された同様のヴァージョン。(ソロ名義でのリリースでしたが演奏はBADLANDS。)

12-15: 元WWIIIのマンディ・ライオン、ジミ―・ベイン等と結成した WICKED ALLIANCE の通称 Twisted Beauty Demo4曲 。このバンドは公式作品のリリースは無く、ライヴとこのデモの録音で解散。

16: SHARK ISLANDのリチャード・ブラック、元SHARK ISLAND, HOUSE OF LORDSのマイケル・ガイとのプロジェクトBOURGEOIS PIGのデモ。ベースはトニー・フランクリン、ドラムはマット・ソーラムで、このプロジェクトが残したの唯一の1曲。



1. Top Secret (Garage Demo)

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals
Jake Williams (Jake E. Lee) – Lead Guitar
Bob DeLellis – Rhythm Guitar
Matt Thorr – Bass
David Alford – Drums


ROUGH CUTT (1981-1982)
2. A Little Kindness
3. Used & Abused

Paul Shortino – Vocals
Jake Williams (Jake E. Lee) – Guitar
Joey Cristo (Joey Cristofanilli) – Bass
Claude Steel (Claude Schnell) – Keyboards
David Alford – Drums


BADLANDS (One on One Demo 1988)
4. Devil’s Stomp
5. The Last Time
6. Rumbilin’ Train
7. Seasons

Ray Gillen – Vocals
Jake E. Lee – Guitar
Greg Chaisson – Bass
Eric Singer – Drums


BADLANDS (1991-1992)
8. Want To Live With You (Promo Single)
9. Time Goes By (Single)
10. Want To Live With You [Instrumental] (Promo Single)
11. Jade’s Song

Ray Gillen – Vocals (Tracks 8,9)
Jake E. Lee – Guitar & Piano
Greg Chaisson – Bass
Jeff Martin – Drums


WICKED ALLIANCE (Twisted Beauty Demo 1994)
12. The Rust
13. World Gone Wild
14. Kiss This
15. Blood Provider

Mandy Lion – Vocals
Jake E. Lee – Guitar
Jimmy Bain – Bass
Ray Lucier – Drums


16. Calamities Of Vanity

Richard Black – Vocal
Jake E. Lee – Guitar
Michael Guy – Guitar
Tony Franklin – Bass
Matt Sorum – Drums




Ozzy Osbourne / Bark On The Moon Uk Rough Mixes / 1CDR / Non  Label

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The main press CD is a compilation of hidden treasure tracks hidden in Jake E. Lee’s various careers such as RATT, ROUGH CUTT, and BADLANDS. However, the highlight of his career, the Ozzy Osbourne era, has been omitted. Of course, the rare track collection on the Ozzy side is substantial, but I miss the most brilliant era. Therefore, for the bonus, we have prepared a masterpiece studio album where you can enjoy the most popular Daimyo board “Tsuki ni Baro” in another version.
The true identity of this work is a rough mix album of “Trouble to the Moon”. We also introduced the demo album “BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS” before, but all songs are different from that. Even if the songs are the same, the performance and mix are different, and it is a collection with no duplication.
▽ The content is exactly “another BARK AT THE MOON”. Even if you say “demo” in a bit, there are various types such as memo type at the composition stage and types that explore the difference from the finished version, but this work is as close to the finished version as the title. The sound quality is also completely official. However, the point is that it is obvious after listening to it, rather than searching for the difference from the completed version one by one. It depends on the song, but it’s a different take with a fresh vocal, or before the guitar solo. Even though it is completed as a song, the lively taste that does not reach the finish is as if listening to a studio live.
Also, speaking of the title, “UK” is also a point. The song and song order of “North America/Japan” and “UK/European” for “Tsuki ni Baroero” are different. This work complies with “UK/European Edition” and does not have “Slow Down”, but instead “Spiders” is recorded and the opening is “Rock’n’ Roll Rebel”. “Forever” means “Centre of Eternity”.
In addition to the rough mix of all songs from the UK album, this work also includes Jake’s guitar solo take as a bonus. This is also completely different from the take of “BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS”. In “BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS”, we practiced the solo of the title song, but the take of this work is a 12-minute free solo. However, it is still wonderful that the signature-like licks are clearly Jake, and the sound is official. It is a great take where you can realize how unique he was as a guitarist.

This is a work that attacks the main press CD that collects the hidden treasures of the famous band with a fierce rush of a major representative song in the prime of the Ozzy era. Both are great masterpieces that fill Jake’s “back discography” with the highest quality comparable to official works. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

1. Rock’N’ Roll Rebel
2. Bark At The Moon
3. You’re No Different
4. Now You See It (Now You Don’t)

本編プレスCDはRATTやROUGH CUTT、BADLANDSなど、ジェイク・E・リーの多彩なキャリアの端々に隠されていた秘宝トラックを集成した1枚です。しかし、彼のキャリアのハイライトであるオジー・オズボーン時代は省略されています。もちろん、オジー側のレアトラック集が充実しているからですが、やはり一番輝かしい時代が抜けているのも寂しい。そこで、ボーナスには最も人気の高い大名盤『月に吠えろ』を丸ごと別バージョンで楽しめる傑作スタジオ・アルバムをご用意しました。
そんな本作の正体は、『月に吠えろ』のラフミックス・アルバム。当店では以前デモ・アルバム『BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS』をご紹介したこともありますが、それとは全曲が別テイク。曲が同じテイクでも演奏やミックスは異なり、まったくダブリのないコレクションなのです。
その内容はまさに「もう1つのBARK AT THE MOON」。ひと口に「デモ」と言っても、作曲段階のメモ的なものから完成版との違いを探るようなタイプまで様々ですが、本作はタイトル通り、かなり完成版に近い段階のもの。サウンド・クオリティも完全にオフィシャル級です。ただし、完成版との違いをいちいち探す程ではなく、一聴して明らかなのがポイント。曲によって異なりますが、ヴォーカルが生々しい別テイクだったり、ギターソロを入れる前だったり。曲として完成しつつもフィニッシュにまで至らない生々しい味わいは、まるでスタジオ・ライヴを聴いているかのようでもあるのです。
また、タイトルと言えば「UK」もポイント。『月に吠えろ』は「北米/日本盤」と「英国/欧州盤」では宴曲や曲順が異なっている。本作は「英国/欧州盤」に準拠しており、「Slow Down」がないのですが、その代わり「Spiders」が収録され、オープニングも「Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel」。「Forever」とは「Centre of Eternity」のことです。
そんなUK盤アルバム全曲のラフミックスに加え、本作はさらにボーナスとしてジェイクのギターソロ・テイクも追加収録。これも『BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS』のテイクとはまったくの別物。『BARK AT THE MOON DEMOS』ではタイトル曲のソロを練習するものでしたが、本作のテイクは12分に及ぶフリー・ソロ。ただし、それでも明らかにジェイクだと分かるシグネチャー的なリックの連発なのが素晴らしく、サウンドもオフィシャル級。いかに彼が個性的なギタリストだったのかが一発で実感できる名テイクです。


1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel
2. Bark At The Moon
3. You’re No Different
4. Now You See It (Now You Don’t)
5. Forever (Centre Of Eternity)
6. So Tired
7. Waiting For Darkness
8. Spiders

Bonus Tracks
9. Ozzy Speaks
10. Jake Solos


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Jake E. Lee – Guitar
Bob Daisley – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Don Airey – Keyboards

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