Jackson Browne / Jackson Browne Revisited Look Back Vol 1 / 1CDR With OBI Strip

Jackson Browne / Jackson Browne Revisited Look Back Vol 1 / 1CDR With OBI Strip / Pretender

Look Back Vol 1 Life & Story Teller. Soundboard

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The long-awaited restock of the best-selling items with a renewal with an obi!

The third in the Look Back series, which reconstructs the classic Jackson Browne editions with live versions of each generation!

This time, the recording number of the famous board “Late for the Sky” is recorded with the sound board live sound source of each age. The live version, which includes a storyteller for each song, is a great project to enjoy interesting episodes by Jackson Browne himself and different interpretations over time.

The brilliance of the masterpiece has not been lost in the history of 30 years from 1974 to 2004 when the album was released. The third recommended series that fans must listen to, which continues for each album, is also highly recommended!!!



今回は、有名なボード「レイト・フォー・ザ・スカイ」の録音番号を、各年代のサウンドボードライブ音源で録音します。 各曲のストーリーテラーを含むライブバージョンは、ジャクソンブラウン自身による興味深いエピソードと、時間の経過に伴うさまざまな解釈を楽しむのに最適なプロジェクトです。

アルバムがリリースされた1974年から2004年までの30年の歴史の中で傑作の輝きは失われていません。 アルバムごとに続く、ファンが聴かなければならない3番目のおすすめシリーズも強くお勧めします!!!


01. Album Intro -Insight Radio (UK) 1976/02. Intro to Late for the Sky -BBC Radio 2 10/12/04 / 03. Late for the Sky -Boston 10/9/76 / 04. Intro to Farther On -In the Studio FM 5/16/94/05. Farther On -Boston 10/9/76 / 06. Intro to Fountain of Sorrow -Saratoga 9/5/00 / 07. Fountain of Sorrow -Boston 10/9 /76/08. Intro to The Late Show -Topanga 8/20/04 / 09.
The Late Show -Santa Monica 8/17/74 / 10. Intro to The Road and the Sky -Off the Record FM 3/14/94 / 11. The Road and the Sky -Osaka 11/13/80 / 12. For a Dancer Commentary -Media America FM 2/21/94/13. Intro to For a Dancer -Paris 11/4/96/14. For a Dancer -Bryn Mawr 9/7/75/15. Follow Up Commentary on For a Dancer -BBC Radio 10/12/04/16. Intro to Walking Slow -World Cafe FM 10/25/02/17. Walking Slow -New Haven 4/3/75/18. Before the Deluge -Morrison 8/11 / 77 / 19. Final Album Commentary -BBC Radio 2 10/12/04/20. Late for the Sky (alternate version) -Osaka 4/26/03 / 21. The Late Show (alternate version) -Udine 11/28 / 04/22. For a Dancer (alternate version) -Manchester 3/30/03



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