Jackson Browne / Solo Acoustic In California 2016 / 2CDR

Jackson Browne / Solo Acoustic In California 2016 / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

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Live At Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA May 13th 2016. Audience


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Latest 2016 Solo Acoustic Jackson Browne, which was started a tour live sound source is the arrival!

Complete From May 13, 2016 performances at the Fred fog Theater of California Thousand Oaks from high-quality digital audience recording master of superb quality.

So far it was also dedicated to the late Glenn Frey while classic “Take It Easy” the beginning, quickly the 2016 Jackson Browne latest tour to show off the acoustic playing talking in long veteran artists unique career new and old interwoven was set list It will deliver! !




01. The Barricades Of Heaven/02. The Long Way Around/03. Something Fine/04. Looking Into You/05. Just Say Yeah/06. Call It A Loan/07. Your Bright Baby Blues/08. In The Shape Of A Heart/09. For Everyman/10. Don’t Let Us Get Sick

01. Freebird Snippet/02. I’ll Do Anything/03. Rosie/04. Sky Blue And Black/05. From The Arms Of Hunger/06. Linda Paloma/07. The Naked Ride Home/08. The Pretender/09. Running On Empty/10. Take It Easy/11. Doctor My Eyes/12. I Am A Patriot

Live At Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA May 13th 2016
Midnight Dreamer. MD-759A/B

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