Jackson Browne / Solo Acoustic In The UK 2004 / 6CDR

Jackson Browne / Solo Acoustic In The UK 2004 / 6CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 30th October 2004.

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Jackson Brown in 2004, who entered the Rock Hall of Fame and traveled the world on an acoustic tour. The best original recording is appeared.
Such a feature is included in three performances of the British Tour in 2004. It is a six-disc set containing two discs each of “Oct. 30 Nottingham performance”, “November 1 London performance” and “Nov 22 London performance”. The taste of such a work is a superb sound and a large number of famous songs. First of all, it’s a sound, but it’s really amazing. Actually all three performances are collections by the same sounder, but the sounder is not just one. In our shop, a person who is familiar with “British Masters” and who has recorded the British rock scene from the 80’s to the present. The skill is overwhelming and there is no loss at all. Of course, the personality of the band and the venue is somewhat superior or inferior, but we have been recording for decades without any so-called failure recording. This work is a set of three masterpieces known for the beauty of the great masterpiece collection.
In fact, the heart melts in the beauty. Both air feeling and clearness by DAT recording are compatible, but it is perfect for an acoustic show. Delicate acoustic guitars and pianos are sharp at the touch level, and vocals are the dimension of breath. If the core to jump straight into the ear is also firm, the details are vivid itself. In addition, the venue’s sound that has been gathered up is wonderful. The simple and inconspicuous ensemble that almost plays and talks tends to be skaska. However, in this work, the sound of a hole that is not too thick and does not hide the details elegantly wraps the core, and there is even solemnity. The beauty is an elaborately mixed official work class, but at the same time it is also full of one-shot reality. It is a beauty of a dimension that makes a methodology such as a sound board or a customer record meaningless.
And the mood of the scene is playing a role in the beauty. Anyway, silence is deep. The venue is filled with the quiet one sound of the acoustic guitar, the silence of listening to the breath of the vocals, the solemn sound, and the abyss to the silence. Moreover, laughter also happens to MC of the joke. This adds warmth to the silence during the performance, further enhancing the warmth of the performance. Silence that enjoys plenty of Jackson Brown’s singing voice. I can feel clearly that taste.
The world of such beauty and warmth goes through the whole 3 performances, but the contents of the show are totally different. The set is changed freely while responding to the request of the audience, and even if there are 3 performances, it can be heard without getting tired. The stage of this period is left in the official live work “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”, but there are plenty of famous songs that can not be heard there. Here, let’s organize the songs that can not be heard by the official.

[Disc 1-2: October 30 Nottingham] ● Songs that can not be heard in the official “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”
・ Farther On, For America, I Am A Patriot, For Taking The Trouble
-The number only of this day (9 songs)
・ Don’t You Want To Be There, I’m The Cat, Love Needs A Heart, Shaky Town, Desperados Under the Eaves, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate, The Only Child, I’m Alive

[Disc 3-4: November 1 London] ● Songs that can not be heard in the official “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”
・ For America, For Taking The Trouble, Late For The Sky, Farther On, Doctor My Eyes, Running On Empty
-Number (5 songs) of this work only this day
・ Ready Or Not, Here Come Those Tears Again, The Times You’ve Come, About My Imagination, Our Lady Of The Well

[Disc 5-6: London, November 22] ● Songs that can not be heard in the official “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”
・ For Taking The Trouble, I Am A Patriot, Running On Empty, Doctor My Eyes, Late For The Sky
-Number of this day only this day (7 songs)
・ Looking Into You, Rosie, Naked Ride Home, Cocaine, The Late Show, Before The Deluge, Havana (Carlos Valera)

What do you think. This is just the one that only unrepresented repertoire is extracted from the official “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”. While playing most of the songs recorded in the official live work, you can be immersed in such a large number of famous songs.
A total of 3 performances, 76 songs, 7 hours 17 minutes 32 seconds bliss. Even if you listen carefully to each performance one by one, it’s full of taste in the room just by leaving the room filled with beauty sounds and melodies, and it’s a six-disc set that lasts for half a day. A beautiful jewel box that even exceeds the official masterpiece “SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol. 1/2”. Please enjoy yourself carefully.

そんな美と暖かさの世界が丸ごと3公演を貫くのですが、ショウの内容はまるで違う。観客のリクエストにも応えながら自在にセットを変更しており、3公演あっても飽きずに聴き通せてしまうのです。この時期のステージは公式ライヴ作『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』にも残されていますが、そこでも聴けない名曲がたっぷり。ここで、オフィシャルでは聴けない曲を整理してみましょう。
●公式『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』で聴けない曲
・Farther On、For America、I Am A Patriot、For Taking The Trouble
・Don’t You Want To Be There、I’m The Cat、Love Needs A Heart、Shaky Town、Desperados Under the Eaves、Poor Poor Pitiful Me、Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate、The Only Child、I’m Alive
●公式『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』で聴けない曲
・For America、For Taking The Trouble、Late For The Sky、Farther On、Doctor My Eyes、Running On Empty
・Ready Or Not、Here Come Those Tears Again、The Times You’ve Come、About My Imagination、Our Lady Of The Well
●公式『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』で聴けない曲
・For Taking The Trouble、I Am A Patriot、Running On Empty、Doctor My Eyes、Late For The Sky
・Looking Into You、Rosie、Naked Ride Home、Cocaine、The Late Show、Before The Deluge、Havana(カルロス・ヴァレラ共演)
 いかがでしょうか。これはあくまで公式『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』に未収録のレパートリーだけを抜き出したもの。公式ライヴ作に収録されたほとんどの曲を演奏しつつ、さらにこれだけ大量の名曲群に浸りきれるのです。
全3公演・76曲・7時間17分32秒の至福。1公演ずつじっくりと聴き込んでも滋味深く、ただ流しっぱなしにするだけでも美音とメロディで部屋で満たされ、半日途切れない6枚組です。オフィシャルの名作『SOLO ACOUSTIC, Vol.1/2』さえ超えてしまう美音の宝石箱。ぜひ、じっくりとお楽しみください。
Live at Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 30th October 2004
Disc 1(79:06)
1. The Barricades of Heaven 2. Don’t You Want To Be There 3. In The Shape Of A Heart
4. These Days 5. Farther On 6. Fountain Of Sorrow 7. Never Stop 8. The Pretender
9. I’m The Cat 10. For A Dancer 11. For Everyman 12. Lives In The Balance
13. For America 14. I Am A Patriot
Disc 2(70:41)
1. Sky Blue And Black 2. Love Needs A Heart 3. Shaky Town 4. Walking Slow 5. Enough Of The Night
6. Desperados Under the Eaves 7. Poor Poor Pitiful Me 8. Somebody’s Baby
9. Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate 10. The Only Child 11. I’m Alive 12. For Taking The Trouble
13. My Stunning Mystery Companion 14. Take It Easy

Live at the Palladium, London, UK 1st November 2004

Disc 3(71:37)
1. The Barricades of Heaven 2. Never Stop 3. Ready Or Not 4. For A Dancer 5. Something Fine
6. These Days 7. Here Come Those Tears Again 8. For Everyman 9. Lives In The Balance
10. For America 11. All Good Things 12. The Times You’ve Come 13. The Night Inside Me
Disc 4(75:43)
1. The Pretender 2. Your Bright Baby Blues 3. For Taking The Trouble 4. Late For The Sky
5. Farther On 6. Doctor My Eyes 7. About My Imagination 8. Fountain Of Sorrow
9. Running On Empty 10. Sky Blue And Black 11. Take It Easy 12. Our Lady Of The Well
Live at the Palladium, London, UK 22nd November 2004
Disc 5(67:47)
1. The Barricades of Heaven 2. Looking Into You 3. For Taking The Trouble
4. Your Bright Baby Blues 5. Sky Blue And Black 6. Rosie 7. For Everman
8. “Havana” (with Carlos Verlo) 9. I Am A Patriot 10. Lives In The Balance
11. For A Dancer 12. Running On Empty
Disc 6(72:38)
1. Looking East 2. In The Shape Of A Heart 3. Naked Ride Home 4. Cocaine
5. Doctor My Eyes 6. The Late Show 7. Before The Deluge 8. Fountain Of Sorrow
9. Take It Easy 10. Late For The Sky 11. My Stunning Mystery Companion


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