Jack Bruce & Friends / Rare Live From 1980 Tour / 3CDR

Jack Bruce & Friends / Rare Live From 1980 Tour / 3CDR / Breakdown

Translated Text:
Live At The Main Act Concert Club, Lynn, Bay March 24th 1980. Audience

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Regrettably died suddenly were valuable live recordings of Jack Bruce is first appearance in two performances recording 3-Disc!

Jack Bruce & Friends as Billy Cobham, David Sanshasu, and performances of the main act Concert Club of March 24 Massachusetts phosphorus from ’80 US tour that members of the notorious was gathered that Clem Clempson 12 both collectively recorded in good quality of audience master the month the 3rd Michigan Detroit Harpo performances.

Valuable that Tommy Bolin of name board “spectrum” songs of Billy Cobham has showcased to solo and cream era masterpieces of threatening the masterpieces that let solo Clem Clempson was completely reproduced “Quadrant 4” and each member is Na excavation live recordings!



ビリー・コブハムの名盤『スペクトラム』収録曲のトミー・ボーリンが脅威てきなソロを聞かせた名曲をクレム・クレムソンが完全再現した「Quadrant 4」や各メンバーのソロそしてクリーム時代の名曲まで披露した貴重な発掘ライブ音源です

01. White Room
02. Jet Set Jewel
03. Postwar
04. Born Under A Bad Sign
05. Politician
06. Waiting For The Call
07. Quadrant 4 (Billy Cobham)
08. Running Through Our Hands
09. Theme For An Imaginary Western

01. Bird Alone (incl. Drum Solo / Jam)
02. N.S.U.
03. Sunshine Of Your Love
Live At The Main Act Concert Club, Lynn, Massachusetts March 24th 1980

04. Tightrope (Part 1)
05. White Room
06. Hit And Run
07. Sitting On Top Of The World
08. Living Without Ja
09. Post War

01. Dancing On Air
02. In This Way
03. Theme From An Imaginary Western
04. Facelift/05. There’s A Forest
06. Tightrope (Part 2)
07. Drum Solo / Jam
08. Politician
09. Train Time
10. Bird Alone (incl. Keyboard Solo)
11. Sunshine Of Your Love
Live At Harpos, Detroit, Michigan December 3rd 1980


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