Iron Maiden / Ultimate Studio Works The Dickinson Years / 4CD+1Bonus CDR

Iron Maiden / Ultimate Studio Works: The Dickinson Years / 4CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac


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IRON MAIDEN celebrates its 40th anniversary and 45th anniversary in 2020. The ultimate compilation album for the anniversary year is born!
In our shop, the ultimate compilation of Paul Diano era “THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981 (Zodiac 167)” has become very popular, but this work is the second following. This time it is a set of 4 press CDs covering studio rare tracks from the heyday of Bruce Dickinson!
The Diano version is also very popular with enthusiasts from Japan and abroad for its thorough research, top quality, and “listening and enjoyable” composition that could not be found in conventional rare track collections. Although it was a super-named board called “Ultimate”, the concept is unchanged in this work. Despite no short edit version, it’s a super masterpiece where you can enjoy the official treasure studio recording for 58 tracks and about 5 hours. You might think, “Is there such a rare track?” Let’s introduce each disc immediately.

[DISC 1: Cover Song Collection (17 songs)] First of all, the cover take collection that was the highlight of the singles that appeared. In addition to all singles, “Space Truckin ‘” provided on the 2012 DEEP PURPLE tribute board “Re-MACHINED” is also included. The cover is fresher than another version, and the performance and arrangement can be heard just because the original exists. This disc is a collection of these discs that will be the Maiden version of “GARAGE INC.” And “METAL JUKEBOX”.
店 In our shop, we have introduced a similar version of the gift board “COVERSLAVE”, but this time only for the blues era, so the take in the Diano and Blaze eras is omitted. Instead, “Reach Out”, which was not on the gift board, is also included. This song is from Adrian & Nico’s side project THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEY, written by Dave Colwell, a member of the song. Strictly speaking, it is not a cover but a provided song, but it is not a pen of MAIDEN members, so it was recorded here. Also, “That Girl” and “Juanita” are repertoires of the same project. The former is an original FM but has almost the same release as MAIDEN (three weeks ago), and the latter has no original recording of MARSHALL FURY. All three songs were “Friend song covers” written by members of THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEY.

[DISC 2: Another version collection (before leaving the blues: 14 songs)] And Disc 2-3 is the key to this work, “Alternate Version Collection of Album Songs.” Discs are properly divided at the time, and Disc 2 has 14 takes of another version before Bruce left in 1993. Of course, this also covers single limited tracks, “ Bring Your Daughter ” is also a solo version of blues provided in the movie, and “ Wasting Love (Radio Mix) ” which is often overlooked and 1998 reissue Also includes a long version of “The Assassin” recorded on the board. These two are different from the original, but for some reason the official edition was a no credit take.
Further deeper is “From Here To Eternity (Demo Version)”. The take was recorded on a promo cassette produced before the release of “FEAR OF THE DARK” by EPIC Records in the United States. For this reason, even though the core collectors have not noticed it, this is not a leaked sound source but a clear official take. Unlike the final version, the chorus does not contain chorus. Although this is the only analog wake-up in this work, the pitch is also recorded in the normal best version.
In this work, another version is also collected from the promo clip that was overlooked in the rare track collection so far. It also covers the differences in versions that mix cheers in a lively style with SE along with the song image. Especially cool is “Churchill’s Speech / Aces High (Camp Chaos Version)”. Traditionally, Churchill’s speech was attached to the PV version, but this version also mixes the flight sound of the formation (unlike the engine start sound used in live). As a matter of fact, the clip itself was not popular for animation-like video, but the sound is said to be “the coolest Aces High” by overseas enthusiasts. In this work, the supreme version can be enjoyed as a studio album.

[DISC 3: Another version collection (after returning to blues: 12 songs)] デ ィ ス ク The next disc 3 is “Another Version Collection” after Blues returns. Again, single tracks are of course complete. The gorgeous “Orchestral Mix” and conversely the “Rock Mix” with a special selection are completely covered. In addition, a blues version “Wrathchild (1999 Re-Recording)” which was a hidden track only for the US edition “ED HUNTER” and “The Wicker Man (Radio Version)” which is only a promotional CD are also equipped. In particular, “The Wicker Man (Radio Version)” is a super-must-take take that has been added to the chorus of the opponent and has been described by enthusiasts as “the rare masterpiece of rare tracks”.
In addition, another version is completely covered from the clip after returning. “Satellite 15 (World Tour Version)” and “The Final Frontier (Director’s Cut)” with lines were used for opening the tour, but “No More Lies (Promo Clip Mix)” was a surprising masterpiece. This is a type that mixes cheers with live video clips, but the completeness is amazing. MC and count were also added, and on the contrary, the chorus was reproduced in the chorus by deleting the blues vocal tracks along with the chorus of the audience. Furthermore, the sound of the entire performance is also processed live. Even though there are many geeks who still believe that it is live, it is more natural, but it is actually a studio performance (it will be exactly the same when synchronized with the album track). Moreover, this take is now valuable. It has not been made into a DVD, and is released only on the Relic Enhanced CD of the era. There are many collectors who have it but cannot play it now, and it is a masterpiece version that is also overlooked on the official channel of the video site.

[DISC 4: Studio Live (8 songs) & Album not included (7 songs)] ス タ ジ オ The last of the blockbuster 4-disc set is “Studio Live” and “Songs not included in the album”. Normally, “unrecorded songs” attract the most attention, but in the case of MAIDEN, the story is different. Many play takes have caused the misunderstanding that “MAIDEN’s rare truck collections are now bad”. Even in this work, it is like “Once, last but not least as a record”, but the best one is “Studio Live”. This is cool. Even the blues and Yannick just concentrate on playing for the audience. You can enjoy the live performance of Kirekire with terrible tension.
In this work, three kinds of studio live, 8 songs are recorded. The first was a warm-up rehearsal for the 2000 tour, which was broadcasted on a radio CD and included on the Promo CD “BRAVE NEW WORLD SFX RADIO SPECIAL”. The second one was when he appeared on “LEGENDS SESSION” of BBC RADIO 1 in 2005. This is a take that was officially announced as a single in the “A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH” era.
The third was a session when he appeared on the TV program “LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD” in the following 2006. “Hallowed By Thy Name” was recorded on the compilation DVD “BEST OF SEASON 1” of the program, although it was not released as MAIDEN. Strictly speaking, only this one song is the official track, but the session itself is a total of two songs including “Brighter Than A Thousand Suns”. In this work, it was recorded as a complete version of the session. In the first place, MAIDEN is a band with a lot of stage live, but extremely few studio live. Especially when it comes to “official involvement in the blues era”, there are only these three types, and this work can enjoy all the songs at once.

Above, a treasure collection of 58 tracks, about 4 hours 52 minutes. Originally want to make an official album “ cover collection ”, luxurious as the best version but different from all song originals “ other version collection ”, “ studio live collection ” sharper than normal live version, perfect collection “A collection of songs not included in the album” … There is no stage live with a different mood or any kind of editable version. Instead, it is a secret treasure that thoroughly covers “studio work”. Probably, there are many people who are excited about the unlisted track name, but I would like you to enjoy one disc at a time while eating with a pinch. This work is also a studio album that pursues the “feeling of work” by mastering that unifies the sound that was disjointed from various sources with a composition that narrowed down the concept.
最新 The latest take in this work is “Space Truckin” (recorded in 2006) announced in 2012. Eight years later (perhaps because the demand for single B-sides and compilations has dropped dramatically), rare trucks have completely disappeared. Maybe the rare song of MAIDEN will never be born again. As of 2020, this work is a super-decision board that has gathered a large collection of “studio treasures of the blues era”. By all means, please fully enjoy with Press 4CD which does not lose shine forever!

2020年にデビュー40周年・結成45周年を迎えるIRON MAIDEN。そのアニバーサリー・イヤーに相応しい究極コンピレーション・アルバムが誕生です!
当店ではポール・ディアノ時代の究極コンピ『THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981(Zodiac 167)』が大人気となっておりますが、本作はそれに続く第二弾。今度は全盛期ブルース・ディッキンソン時代のスタジオ・レアトラックを網羅したプレスCD4枚組です!

【DISC 1:カバーソング集(17曲)】
まず、登場するのは歴代シングルの目玉でもあったカバー・テイク集。全シングルはもちろん、2012年のDEEP PURPLEトリビュート盤『Re-MACHINED』に提供された「Space Truckin’」も収録しています。カバーは別バージョンよりも新鮮で、先にオリジナルが存在するからこそ演奏やアレンジにも聴き応えがある。それを集成したこのディスクは、まさにメイデン版の『GARAGE INC.』『METAL JUKEBOX』となる1枚なのです。
当店では似た内容のギフト盤『COVERSLAVE』をご紹介した事もありますが、今回はブルース時代限定なのでディアノやブレイズ時代のテイクは省略。その代わりにギフト盤にはなかった「Reach Out」も収録しています。この曲はエイドリアン&ニコのサイド・プロジェクトTHE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEYの曲で、書いたのはそのメンバーだったデイヴ・コルウェル。厳密にはカバーではなく提供曲になるのですが、MAIDENメンバーのペンではないのでココに収録しました。また、続く「That Girl」「Juanita」も同じプロジェクトのレパートリーで、前者はFMがオリジナルなもののMAIDENとほぼ同時(3週間前)の競合リリース、後者はMARSHALL FURYのオリジナル録音は存在しない。この3曲は、いずれもTHE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEYメンバーが書いたという「友達曲カバー」でした。

【DISC 2:別バージョン集(ブルース脱退前:14曲)】
そしてディスク2-3こそ、本作の要である「アルバム曲の別バージョン集」。時期できっちりディスク分けしており、ディスク2は1993年にブルースが脱退するまでの別バージョンを14テイク集成しています。ここでもシングル限定トラックを網羅しているのは当然として、「Bring Your Daughter」も映画に提供されたブルースのソロ・バージョンですし、見落とされがちな「Wasting Love (Radio Mix)」や1998年再発盤に収録された長尺版の「The Assassin」も収録。この2つはオリジナルと異なりつつ、なぜか公式盤ではノークレジットだったテイクです。
さらにディープなのが「From Here To Eternity (Demo Version)」。米国EPICレコードが『FEAR OF THE DARK』のリリース前に製作したプロモ・カセットに収録されたテイクなのですが、これはMAIDEN単独ではなく所属バンドのコンピ物。そのためにコアなコレクターでもなかなか気づいていないものの、これも流出音源ではなくれっきとした公式テイク。最終版とは違ってサビにコーラスも入っていない段階のものです。本作で唯一のアナログ起こしですが、ピッチも正常なベスト・バージョンで収録しています。
また、本作ではこれまでのレアトラック集では見落とされてきたプロモ・クリップからも別バージョンを集成。曲イメージに沿ったSEやライヴ風に歓声をミックスしたバージョン違いも網羅しています。特にカッコイイのは「Churchill’s Speech/Aces High (Camp Chaos Version)」。従来からPV版にはチャーチルの演説が付いていましたが、このバージョンはさらに編隊の飛行音もミックスされている(ライヴで使用されるエンジン起動音とも違います)。実のところ、クリップ自体はアニメ調の映像が不評だったのですが、音声は海外マニアから「一番カッコイイAces High」とも言われている。本作は、その至高バージョンをスタジオ・アルバムとして楽しめるわけです。

【DISC 3:別バージョン集(ブルース復帰後:12曲)】
続くディスク3はブルースが復帰してからの「別バージョン集」。ここでもシングル・トラックは当然コンプリート。豪華壮麗な「Orchestral Mix」や逆にオケを絞った「Rock Mix」の数々も完全網羅しています。さらに米国盤『ED HUNTER』だけの隠しトラックだったブルース版「Wrathchild (1999 Re-Recording)」や、プロモCDだけの「The Wicker Man (Radio Version)」も完備。特に「The Wicker Man (Radio Version)」は相の手コーラスが加えられ、マニアから「レアトラックの最高傑作」とも言われる超・必聴テイクです。
また、復帰後のクリップからも別バージョンを完全網羅。ツアーのオープニングに使用された「Satellite 15 (World Tour Version)」やセリフ入りの「The Final Frontier (Director’s Cut)」もカッコイイものの、意外にも傑作なのが「No More Lies (Promo Clip Mix)」。ライヴ映像のクリップに併せて歓声をミックスしたタイプですが、その完成度が凄い。MCやカウントも加えられ、逆にサビでは観客の合唱に沿ってブルースのヴォーカル・トラックを削除してかけ合いを再現。さらに演奏全体のサウンドもライヴ風に加工されている。現在でもライヴと信じているマニアも多いほど自然なのですが、実はスタジオ演奏なのです(アルバム・トラックとシンクロ再生させると完全に一致します)。しかも、このテイクは今や貴重。DVD化されておらず、時代の遺物エンハンストCDでのみリリース。持ってはいても現在では再生できないというコレクターも多く、さらに動画サイトの公式チャンネルでも見逃されている傑作バージョンです。

【DISC 4:スタジオ・ライヴ(8曲)&アルバム未収録曲集(7曲)】
本作では、そんなスタジオ・ライヴをセッション3種・8曲を収録。1つめは2000年ツアーのためのウォームアップ・リハーサルで、ラジオ放送された他プロモCD『BRAVE NEW WORLD SFX RADIO SPECIAL』に収録されました。2つめは2005年にBBC RADIO 1の“LEGENDS SESSION”に出演した時のもの。『A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH』時代のシングルで公式化されたテイクです。
3つめは翌2006年にテレビ番組“LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD”に出演した際のセッション。MAIDENとしては盤化していないものの、番組のコンピDVD『BEST OF SEASON 1』に「Hallowed By Thy Name」が収録されました。厳密にはこの1曲だけが公式トラックなのですが、セッション自体は「Brighter Than A Thousand Suns」と合わせて全2曲。本作ではセッションの完全版で収録しました。そもそもMAIDENはステージ・ライヴが大量な反面、スタジオ・ライヴが極端に少ないバンド。特に「ブルース時代の公式絡み」となるとこの3種しかなく、本作はその全曲を一気に楽しめるわけです。

本作で最新のテイクは2012年発表の「Space Truckin’(録音は2006年)」。それから8年(シングルB面やコンピの需要が激減したせいか)レアトラックは一切なくなってしまいました。もしかしたら、もう二度とMAIDENのレア曲は生まれないのかも知れません。そんな2020年現在で「ブルース時代のスタジオ秘宝」を一大集成した本作は、まさに超・決定盤。ぜひ、永久に輝きを失わないプレス4CDで存分にご堪能ください!

Disc 1: COVER SONGS (70:12)

1. I’ve Got The Fire [MONTROSE] 2. Cross Eyed Mary [JETHRO TULL] 3. Rainbow’s Gold [BECKETT] 4. King Of Twilight [NEKTAR] 5. Reach Out [THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEY] 6. That Girl [FM] 7. Juanita [MARSHALL FURY] 8. Massacre [THIN LIZZY] 9. All In Your Mind [STRAY] 10. Kill Me Ce Coir [GOLDEN EARRING] 11. I’m A Mover [FREE] 12. Communication Breakdown [LED ZEPPELIN] 13. Space Station No.5 [MONTROSE] 14. I Can’t See My Feelings [BUDGIE] 15. Roll Over Vic Vella [CHUCK BERRY] 16. Hocus Pocus [FOCUS] 17. Space Truckin’ [DEEP PURPLE]

Disc 2: ALTERNATE VERSIONS “1982-1993” (65:33)

1. Churchill’s Speech/Aces High (Camp Chaos Version) ★イントロSE付き(必聴!)
2. Flight Of Icarus (Camp Chaos Version) ★イントロSE付き
3. The Trooper (Camp Chaos Version) ★イントロSE付き
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight (Promo Clip Version) ★前後に効果音付き
5. Stranger In A Strange Land (Promo Clip Mix) ★ライヴ風
6. The Evil That Men Do (Promo Clip Mix) ★ライヴ風
7. The Clairvoyant (Promo Clip Mix) ★ライヴ風
8. Prowler (1988 Re-Recording) ★再録版
9. Charlotte The Harlot (1988 Re-Recording) ★再録版
10. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter (Solo Version) ★オリジナル版(必聴!)
11. The Assassin (1998 Long Version) ★エンディングが長い
12. From Here To Eternity (Demo Version) ★コーラスなし(激レア)
13. From Here To Eternity (Triumph Mix) ★わずかに豪華
14. Wasting Love (Radio Mix) ★豪華版

Disc 3: ALTERNATE VERSIONS “SINCE 1999” (76:39)

1. Wrathchild (1999 Re-Recording) ★再録版(必聴!)
2. The Wicker Man (Radio Version) ★相の手コーラス入り(必聴!)
3. The Nomad (Rock Mix) ★ストリングスが抑えめ
4. Blood Brothers (Rock Mix) ★ストリングスなし
5. Blood Brothers (Orchestral Mix) ★ストリングス増強
6. Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version) ★ストリングス増強
7. Paschendale (Orchestral Version) ★ストリングス増強
8. No More Lies (Promo Clip Mix) ★ライヴ風(必聴!)
9. Rainmaker (Promo Clip Version) ★エディの笑い声入り
10. Journeyman (Electric Version) ★ストリングスなし
11. Satellite 15 (World Tour Version) ★効果音入り
12. The Final Frontier (Director’s Cut) ★セリフ/効果音入り


1. The Wicker Man (Studio Rehearsal 2000)
2. Wrathchild (Studio Rehearsal 2000)
3. The Trooper (Studio Rehearsal 2000)
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Radio 1 Legends 2005)
5. Run To The Hills (Radio 1 Legends 2005)
6. The Trooper (Radio 1 Legends 2005)
7. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (Abbey Road Studio 2006)
8. Hallowed By Thy Name (Abbey Road Studio 2006)

9. Total Eclipse
10. Sheriff Of Huddersfield
11. Black Bart Blues
12. Nodding Donkey Blues
13. Pass The Jam
14. More Tea Vicar
15. Age Of Innocence… How Old?

Bruce Dickinson – Vocals
Steve Harris – Bass (Except Disc 2:10)
Dave Murray – Guitar (Except Disc 2:10)
Adrian Smith – Guitar (Except Disc 1:9-15/Disc 2:10-14/Disc 4:12), vocals (Disc 1:5)
Janick Gers – Guitar (Except Disc 1:1-8/Disc 2:1-9/Disc 4:9-11)
Nicko McBrain – Drums (Except Disc 2:10/Disc 4:9)
Clive Burr – Drums (Disc 4:9)


Iron Maiden / Extra Rare Tracks: The Dickinson Years /1CDR

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The main volume press 4CD is an extraordinary and extraordinary work. It’s a very rare collection of rare tracks. That said, when asked, “Are there any other official tracks?” It is also the collector’s sex and the real pleasure of rare trucks that they do not stop loving the corner of the box like a kitten. For those brothers, we have also prepared one of the bad presses.
の It is 14 kinds of studio recordings engraved on this work. Of course, it is a collection of super high quality stereo sound boards that leaked from the super-volume main press 4CD in the official album. It is best to introduce the corners of the boxes, individually. Let’s go fast!

[Another version (3 songs)] 同 じ く Similar to the main volume press 4CD, this work is recorded not in chronological order but in sections. Decorating the beginning is “another version”. It is not a song that did not fit into the main part press 4CD, but there are also reasons for not being pressed.
First, “Churchill’s Speech / Aces High (Clip Version)”. “Aces High” with the familiar Churchill speech. In the main part press 4CD, “Camp Chaos Version” with flight sound was permanently saved, but this was just a speech attached. Because it is famous and does not suffer from the performance, it came off the press board. The same goes for the second track, “Out Of The Silent Planet (Promo Clip Version)”. It’s a long version with cheers added for the live video PV, but that’s the process right now. After a song (single edit) is played normally, suddenly, a call “Maiden! @Maiden!” This was also irrespective of the performance, so I went to this work because it was unclear without live video.
The third song is “Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version 2)” recorded on the rare promo single “Rainmaker (Pock iT! Mini CD)”. Although the collectors are desperately looking for only the rare edition, the contents are the same as “Orchestral Version” while crediting “Version 2”. I can’t even keep two of the same takes forever, but it’s also awkward to ignore them and look for what kind of arrangement “Version 2” is. Therefore, we prepared a take to answer this work.

[Various edit versions (9 songs)] 一番 The most common version of this work is an edited version of the original take that has been edited short. In the blues era, there is not much meaningful editing like the Blaze era “Virus”. Like “The Number Of The Beast (Priceless Edit)”, I was attracted by meaningful credits and searched for a promo board. As a result, there was often no introductory narrative. “The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg” has two credits, “Edited Version” and “Rock Club Version”, but the contents are the same, so only one take was recorded in this work.
HoHoly Smoke (Censored Version) is the most maniac and strangely interesting among such edits. This is a take on only the super-rare 7-inch promo, with two shits removed from the lyrics. Kessaku is how to cut it, it is a lot of miscellaneous. It doesn’t fix it from the multi, nor does it cover the peep like MEGADETH. Simply cut the tape with the backing and shrink it. Of course, the beat is off, and the processing is also connected. Although it is a useless take to say “Is it really an official job?”, The face of an engineer who comes to the request of a radio station without hesitation comes to mind. In this work, it is a geeky maniac who missed it and one take that must be heard.

[Super individuality track (2 songs)] 2The unique two tracks decorate the end of this work. “Bayswater Ain’t A Bad Place To Be” which was the secret track of the single “Be Quick Or Be Dead” and “Mission From ‘Arry” on the B side of the single “2 Minutes To Midnight”. MAIDEN’s singles and promo boards also have a huge number of interviews and Nico McBrain’s narrative tracks, but those are not included in the main press 4CD or this work. However, only the two quirky tracks were recorded as representatives.
First, “Bayswater Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”, which is Dickinson talking for about 8 minutes. However, it is not a normal story, but a blues-like guitar is inserted as a backing, and the talk is rap-like. Although it is a simple walking bass, it is hard to call it a “song”, but it is also a very musical take.
And the last and last “Mission From ‘Arry” is a complete talk track. However, this is also unusual, and the content is the debate between Nico and Steve. What was recorded was the dressing room for the “Allentown Performance on August 18, 1983”. During that day’s show, Steve had trouble with Nico’s drum solo and told the staff, “Tell Nico the long drum solo.” However, the message was not transmitted to Nico during the solo, and he simply could not concentrate and ruined the solo. After the show, Nico and Steve had a discussion, and it was interesting that Bruce secretly recorded it. Although it is famous only for the major single B-side, it is a nostalgic take loved by overseas enthusiasts as “the best B-side track!”

More rare tracks of 14 songs, 71 minutes 28 seconds. If combined with the main press 4CD, it is a transcendental masterpiece collection that exceeds 70 songs and 6 hours. Although it is such a huge volume, there is no one thing that is the same as the original album. Unlike many compilations that have already started, this disc is a purpose-specific disc, so it is also a “listening and fun” studio album. This is the ultimate deep compilation set. Please do not miss it!


まず最初は「Churchill’s Speech/Aces High (Clip Version)」。お馴染みのチャーチルの演説付き「Aces High」です。本編プレス4CDでは飛行音付きの「Camp Chaos Version」を永久保存しましたが、こちらは単に演説をくっ付けただけ。有名かつ演奏に被らないのでプレス盤から外れました。2曲目の「Out Of The Silent Planet (Promo Clip Version)」も同様。ライヴ映像のPV用に歓声を追加したロング・バージョンなのですが、その処理が今イチ。普通に曲(シングル・エディット)が流れた後で突然「Maiden! Maiden!」とコールが入る。こちらも演奏には関係なく、ライヴ映像がないと意味不明なため本作に回りました。
3曲目はレアなプロモシングル『Rainmaker (Pock iT! Mini CD)』に収録された「Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version 2)」です。レア盤だけにコレクター達が必死になって探しているものの、実はわざわざ「Version 2」とクレジットしておきながら中身は「Orchestral Version」と同じ。同じテイクを2つも永久保存するわけにもいかず、かと言って無視して「Version 2」はどんなアレンジなのか……と探していただくのも心苦しい。そこで、本作に答え合わせテイクをご用意しました。

本作で一番多いのは、オリジナル・テイクを短く編集したエディット・バージョン。ブルース時代には、ブレイズ時代の「Virus」のように意味あるエディットはあまりない。「The Number Of The Beast (Priceless Edit)」のように意味深クレジットに惹かれてプロモ盤を探した結果イントロの語りがないだけ……という事も多く、本編プレス4CDからは外れました。また「The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg」には「Edited Version」「Rock Club Version」と2種類のクレジットがされますが、中身は同じですので本作には1テイクだけ収録しました。
そんなエディット群の中で、えらくマニアックで妙に面白いのが「Holy Smoke (Censored Version)」。これは超激レアな7インチ・プロモだけのテイクで、歌詞から2カ所の「shit」を削ったもの。ケッサクなのが削り方で、思いっきり雑。マルチから直すわけでも、MEGADETHのようにピー音を被せるわけでもない。ただ単にバッキングごとテープを切って縮めている。もちろん拍もズレますし、処理もブツ繋ぎ。ぶっちゃけ「本当に公式の仕事かよ?」と言いたくなる駄目テイクなのですが、ラジオ局のウザいリクエストに手抜きでやっつけるエンジニアの顔も浮かんでくる。本作でもズバ抜けた激マニアック&必聴の1テイクなのです。

本作の最後を飾るのは個性的な2トラック。シングル『Be Quick Or Be Dead』のシークレット・トラックだった「Bayswater Ain’t A Bad Place To Be」と、シングル『2 Minutes To Midnight』のB面「Mission From ‘Arry」です。MAIDENのシングルやプロモ盤には膨大なインタビューやニコ・マクブレインの語りトラックもありますが、そうしたものは本編プレス4CDや本作には対象外。しかしその中でも風変わりな2トラックだけ、代表として収録しました。
まず「Bayswater Ain’t A Bad Place To Be」ですが、これは約8分間ディッキンソンがしゃべっているもの。ただし普通の語りではなく、ブルース調のギターがバッキングとして入り、トークもラップ調。あくまでシンプルなウォーキングベースなので「曲」とは呼びがたいものの、ギリギリ音楽的でもあるテイクです。
そして、最後の最後「Mission From ‘Arry」は完全なトーク・トラック。ただし、これも普通ではなく、中身はニコとスティーヴの議論(喧嘩?)です。録音されたのは「1983年8月18日アレンタウン公演」の楽屋。その日のショウではニコのドラムソロ中にスティーヴのベースにトラブルが起き、スタッフに「ドラムソロを長くとニコに伝えてくれ」と言った。しかし、ソロ中のニコにはメッセージが伝わらず、単に集中できずにソロが台無しになるだけでした。そして、終演後にニコとスティーヴが議論となったわけですが、それを面白がってブルースが隠し録りしていたわけです。メジャーなシングルのB面だけに有名ではありますが、海外マニアからも「最高のB面トラック!」と愛される懐かしいテイクです。


1. Churchill’s Speech/Aces High (Original Clip Version)
2. Out Of The Silent Planet (Promo Clip Version)
3. Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version 2)

4. The Number Of The Beast (Priceless Edit)
5. Holy Smoke (Censored Edit)
6. The Wicker Man (Radio Edit)
7. Out Of The Silent Planet (Single Edit)
8. Wildest Dreams (Single Edit)
9. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (Rock Club Version)
10. Different World (Promo Edit)
11. The Final Frontier (Single Edit)
12. Coming Home (Radio Edit)

13. Bayswater Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
14. Mission From ‘Arry

Bruce Dickinson – Vocals
Steve Harris – Bass
Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar (Track 1-4/6-12)
Janick Gers – Guitar (Track 2-3/5-12)
Nicko McBrain – Drums (Track 1-3/5-12)
Clive Burr – Drums (Track 4)

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