Iron Maiden / Seventh Son Of Stockholm / 2CD

Iron Maiden / Seventh Son Of  Stockholm / 2CD /Zodiac

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Live at Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 30th September 1988


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Super record in recent years to become and suddenly appeared 80s taper “Per Eriks” appeared in the press CD! The beauty of the sound, transparency, is a magnificent while beauty recordings missing Zuba that I do not think 80’s have realistic …… at all not remove the core! “Sound board level”? No, no, this is a masterpiece like to call the other “official class of audience recording”!
It was chosen to super taper the first installment of the topic, the 1988 IRON MAIDEN. “7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR” the second half of the, have enjoyed Stockholm, Sweden performances. Speaking of “7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR”, IRON MAIDEN of repeated deepening and evolution from the debut, was the result reached was frontier that pursue and pursue and pursue. In fact, IRON MAIDEN after the golden age of this tour is per sleep and declared “exhausted spear another”, after the resurrection as went in place of the axis in the “momentum”. Was thorough investigation so much, what stage of the whether the limit of stoic Live. Let’s listen ……

When you play back the tape, it is suddenly of the listening stations. Bruce narrative “Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes ….” Is I thought and began to flow, here there is trouble on the scene PA, SE is in discrete. And fantastic-sounding synth guitar, exploding sound as if blowing a disturbing air of non-fiction! Sound pressure, such as if rising hot air from the speakers blow. Vividly production switched to live music, but is familiar even “MAIDEN ENGLAND”, “wham!” That the realistic impact sound that can not be tasted at the Official. In the field of live, it was a dramatic up to here!
Mere It is not in the case that have been distracted by the sound of an explosion. Only musical tone to be slammed without putting Kanpatsu the life of the sound source. It is also amazing. “Each instrument is clearly audible to detail” not a level where you can just. That’s If you try to call say “sound board-class”, is as crystal-clear sound hits the rude to the sound source. Yet audience recording, I would like you to dare referred to as the “official-class”!

While all instruments have been superbly Cascia, especially great to have rhythm. Sharp attack sound of the bass and drums are we emerge to Katsuaki from the whole picture. How do you are you …… should you express remember the excitement of when I heard for the first time the “PIECE OF MIND” this pleasure? Entanglement in Nicko McBrain of hard drum fill and snapping-based Progressive, pleasure to continue to build the walls of such as the sound of the fortress. It is that “snapping” and “Tokotaka” is, even now live full-length! I have exploded with (but between a little and to words will be missing, I think we’ll surely know the clans love “80s MAIDEN”) !!
Steve comes to 90s and taste to the “grand unison”, Nico now also pursue the Loosen the tuning “deep sound”. It has in it a beautiful new world, but that hard pleasure what “PIECE OF MIND”? “SEVENTH SON” true value of the era. JUDAS PRIEST and OZZY you instead of with no “aphrodisiac of steel” even with the OSBOURNEetcetc …… many of the metal band.
In fact, the taste of rhythm that explodes in this recording is exceptional. A simple beat rejected, singing become a gallop base and integral playmaker serving Steve, dance percussive drumming. Even hundreds of times a song I heard, just amazing “I think what has been banging up here!?”.
Such a Steve and Nico of the combination, it is not a little to the memory so much to listen to vivid sound source. Even the official, can not afford this buried in the other instruments (you will know if it is possible to listen to the “Monsters Of Rock 1988 Soundboard Collection” of bonus CDR). Previously he was referred to as “official grade” to, but to say that there is meaning “Official exceed audience recording of” It is not an exaggeration!

Although I have become just a story of rhythm, guitar vocals (of course) in a very clear, is balance without perfect. Deteriorate even distortion without any beautiful sound over twin lead, vocal performance to pursue one step in front of the dynamics Daiaji. Furthermore while until there is a thick core dignified in spectacular …… all instruments of cheers and excitement enthusiasm spreads large, not been impaired air feeling of the venue. It is miraculous recording with at all!
This “7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR” is off the beaten path of the tour in MAIDEN sound source history. There is also a great degree of completion of the official “MAIDEN ENGLAND”, Speaking of noticeable sound source, was about MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988 and the warm-up gig of Donington until now. However, you sound source has emerged that has the charm of the last “official” or more!
Music world that stubborn stoic Steve Harris has reached finally. Please be exhausted taste with plenty of its realistic figure with a perfect audience recording! It’s an emergency release determined by the appropriate limit press 2CD specification to the ultimate sound source!

近年になって突如現れた80年代テーパー“Per Eriks”のスーパー録音がプレスCDで登場! そのサウンドの美しさ、透明度、壮大でありながら芯を外さない臨場感……まったくもって80年代とは思えないズバ抜けた美録音! 「サウンドボードレベル」? いえいえ、これはもう“オフィシャル級のオーディエンス録音”と呼びたい傑作です!
話題のスーパーテーパー第1弾に選ばれたのは、1988年のIRON MAIDEN。“7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR”の後半、スウェーデン・ストックホルム公演を収めています。“7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR”と言えば、デビューから進化と深化を重ねたIRON MAIDENが、追究して追究して追究した結果たどり着いた境地でした。実際、このツアーのあと黄金期のIRON MAIDENは「もうやり尽くした」と宣言して眠りにつき、復活後は「勢い」に軸を替えていったほど。それほどまでに突き詰めた、極限のストイック・ライヴとはどんなステージなのか。聴いてみましょう……

テープを再生すると、いきなりの聴き所です。ブルースの語り「Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes….」が流れ始めたと思いきや、ここで現場PAにトラブルがあり、SEが飛び飛びに。シンセギターの幻想的な響きと、ノンフィクションの不穏な空気を吹き飛ばすかのような炸裂音が! まるでスピーカーから熱風が吹き上がるような音圧。鮮やかに生演奏を切り替わる演出は「MAIDEN ENGLAND」でもお馴染みですが、「ドカン!」というリアルな衝撃音はオフィシャルでは味わえないもの。ライヴの現場では、ここまでドラマティックだったのです!

全楽器が見事に活写されていながら、特に素晴らしいのがリズム隊。ベースとドラムの鋭いアタック音が全体像から克明に浮かび上がるのです。この快感をどう表現したらいいのか……あなたは「PIECE OF MIND」を初めて聴いた時の感動を覚えていますか? ニコ・マクブレインの硬質なドラムフィルとバキバキ・ベースがプログレッシヴに絡み合い、要塞の如き音の城壁を築いていく快感。あの「バキバキ」と「トコタカ」が、ライヴ全編でこれでもか!と炸裂しているのです(言葉にすると少々間がヌケてしまいますが、「80s MAIDEN」を愛する諸氏にはきっと分かっていただけるのではないでしょうか)!!
90年代になるとスティーヴは“壮大なユニゾン”へ嗜好し、ニコもチューニングを緩めて“深い音”を追究するようになりました。それはそれで美しい新世界ではありますが、あの硬質な快感こそ「PIECE OF MIND」?「SEVENTH SON」時代の真骨頂。JUDAS PRIESTやOZZY OSBOURNEetcetc……幾多のメタルバンドを持ってしても代わりのない“鋼鉄の媚薬”なのです。
そんなスティーヴとニコのコンビネーションを、これほど鮮やかに聴ける音源はちょっと記憶にありません。オフィシャルでさえ、他の楽器に埋もれてこうはいかない(ボーナスCDRの「Monsters Of Rock 1988 Soundboard Collection」を聴いて頂ければ分かるでしょう)。先に「オフィシャル級」と言いましたが、ある意味「オフィシャル超えのオーディエンス録音」と言っても過言ではありません!

この“7TH TOUR OF A 7TH TOUR”は、MAIDEN音源史でも穴場のツアー。オフィシャル「MAIDEN ENGLAND」の素晴らしい完成度もあり、めぼしい音源と言えば、今までドニントンのMONSTERS OF ROCK 1988とウォームアップギグくらいでした。しかし、ついに“オフィシャル以上”の魅力を持った音源が登場したのです!
頑固でストイックなスティーヴ・ハリスが遂に到達した音楽世界。そのリアルな姿をパーフェクトなオーディエンス録音でたっぷりと味わい尽くしてください! 究極音源に相応しい限定プレス2CD仕様で緊急リリース決定です!

Disc 1 (41:57)
1. Moonchild 2. The Evil That Men Do 3. The Prisoner 4. Wrathchild 5. Infinite Dreams
6. The Trooper 7. Can I Play With Madness 8. Heaven Can Wait

Disc 2 (56:16)
1. Wasted Years 2. The Clairvoyant 3. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 4. The Number Of The Beast
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name 6. Iron Maiden 7. Run To The Hills 8. Running Free 9. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

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