Iron Maiden / Sanctuary / 1CDR

Iron Maiden / Sanctuary /1CDR / Non Label

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Live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 20th June 1980


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Over the years, it has continued to reign as the best sound recording of Dennis Stratton era “1980 Rainbow Theatre performances June 20”. The recording that first appeared was the Kinney made LP “SACTUARY (UD-6534)”. To commemorate the Omoto master excavation of legendary recordings, bonus will be included with your the one that was reprinted to direct the original LP.
This Kinney made LP is currently the ’35 has passed still the envy of collectors around the world. It is the analog boot leg of the legend that continues to be traded in the several tens of thousand yen also be used. This work, which domestic collector is borrowed “SACTUARY” the finest state that has been treasured, was turned into CD from the spot to direct. Of course, clear of and freshness does not extend to the main press CD that was reprinted the original cassette “RAINBOW 1980”, sound with a rich warmth seems analog is full of vintage feeling. In fact, the But encore part in this work fast pitch even unreleased, this is what had been Fujikoma to the original LP sound. It is a sound of which is continues to attract the mania for many years.
This “vintage feeling” is really tasty. Was from the main press CD, it is me carrying not only in 1980 London air, the sound of this work, there as if even the “feelings” of the collector who is confined. Enthusiasts to Masaguri the LP shelf, round eyes to the sound that took in the store in pursuit of the “best recording”. And staring at the monochromatic jacket hanging on the wall reservoir breath mingled, it is never the …… sound that dusty smell that had been Tayuta~tsu to that everyday is rises to carry to register the meaning.

Reprint the press CD is not leaking one sound from the original cassette “RAINBOW 1980”. By its appearance, what the role of this sound is over. It’s not. “RAINBOW 1980” previously also sing the complete recording of the CD was present. Still, enthusiasts around the world are seeking “this sound” to spare no several tens of thousand yen. Is it why the. And what is the magic of “this sound”. By all means, you also please your experience.

このキニー製LPは、35年が経った現在もなお世界中のコレクターの羨望の的。中古であっても数万円で取引され続けている伝説のアナログ・ブートレッグなのです。本作は、国内コレクターが秘蔵していた最高級状態の「SACTUARY」を借用し、現物からダイレクトにCD化したもの。もちろん、クリアさや鮮度はオリジナル・カセットを復刻した本編プレスCD「RAINBOW 1980」に及ぶものではありませんが、アナログらしい豊かな暖かみのあるサウンドはヴィンテージ感覚に溢れている。実のところ、本作にはアンコール部分が未収録でピッチも速いのですが、これこそがオリジナルLPに封じ込まれていたサウンド。長年マニアを魅了し続けた音なのです。

オリジナル・カセットから1音漏らさず復刻したプレスCD「RAINBOW 1980」。その登場により、この音の役目は終わったのでしょうか。そうではありません。「RAINBOW 1980」以前にも完全収録を謳うCDは存在しました。それでも、世界中のマニアたちは数万円を惜しまずに“この音”を求めている。それはなぜなのか。“この音”の魔力とは何なのか。ぜひ、あなたもご体験ください。

1. The Ides Of March 2. Sanctuary 3. Prowler 4. Remember Tomorrow 5. Killers
6. Another Life incl. Drum Solo 7. Running Free 8. Transylvania 9. Strange World
10. Charlot The Harlot 11. Phantom Of The Opera 12. Iron Maiden

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