Iron Maiden / Porto Alegre 2008 Definitive Edition / 1DVD

Iron Maiden / Porto Alegre 2008 Definitive Edition / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Gigantinho, Porto Alegre, Brazil 5th March 2008 PRO-SHOT


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There are hundreds of thousands of IRON MAIDEN live records in the collector world. Among them, do you know that there are pro shots in which the world’s Completers only rated “exceeding the full score (10+)”? Press DVD that permanently preserves such a legendary transcendent shot appears!

[Exceeding full marks] of only one piece] Let me start from there how exceptionally great (10+) is exceedingly great. The collector of the big band is to evaluate the quality by score and Michelin star, words, but in the case of IRON MAENEN, there are many maniacs to score. Approximately full score is “10”, which means “Copy of official work” or “It is as amazing as official items!” Sound boards and pro shots that everyone thought “This is terrible!” Is also the best “10”. However, this work is the only work that exceeds that “10”. Even maniacs collecting hundreds or thousands of live sound sources / videos have “1 0+” rating, only this one.
Such a live contained in this work is “Porto Alegre (Brazil) performance on March 5, 2008”. “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” Even the highest peak shooting multi-camera full pro shot. Moreover, this performance is not used at all on the official DVD “FLIGHT 666”. In other words, even for those with “FLIGHT 666” it is a pro shot video that is totally first-take take on.

【Official over-rise upgrade produced by mania】
I wonder if some people seemed to be “what are you like” after reading so far? This performance is famous for only the highest peak of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” and has been popular as “PERFECT SLAVE” from that time even at our shop. Ultra high quality video which is considered to be leaked out of officials of the hall is undoubtedly an official grade, masterpiece pro shot crowded battlefield “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” but also brilliantly, it is a big staple that won the champion.
However, this work is “Aarashimasen” in the press. It is an upgrade version that matrixes further original · soundboard and audience recording in the superimposed image. If you have another past episode “PERFECT SLAVE” at hand, please try playing once. There seems to be a transcendent vivid table desk direct sound flowing out, but although it is bothered lively, the cheers are extremely small, and the mix is ​​also rough. In contrast, this work has a smooth mix and obviously an official style gloss (perhaps thought to be the power of a separate sound board sound source superimposed). Besides, there are few cowardly shouts that were almost as good as before, but they are on the brink of scale!
That scale feeling and unprecedented. Speaking of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”, we started “Aces High” at the golden age tour and a rush of super popular songs. As a result, a violent big chorus will be rolled up in each song, but “PERFECT SLAVE” and other preexisting cheers can not be known unless the cheers are also heard. Even if Bruce Dickinson turned the microphone, he could not hear the chorus and he was unresponsive to the MC joke. However! In this work, there is no such shirred mood. The overwhelming chorus tsunami gets on in ‘Aces High’, ‘The Trooper’ or ‘Wasted Years’, and the ‘MAIDEN!’ Call is becoming a huge swell that makes the spectacle bigger.
There may be some people who think that “You can cover the audience though it is a desperate Sound Board Soundboard,” but it is amazing because the dimensions are different from simply covering the fuss. Actually this porto · alegre performance is also intense and audience recording is intense although it is hidden by the existence of the best professional shot, but “9.5 points” evaluation among maniacs. This is an ultra high grade evaluation that shines on the tour’s masterpiece by kicking off the sound board if it is an ordinary tour. Only the audience close to such recording does not make noises, the big chorus is just fine and only the huge sense of scale is recorded deliciously. Musical sounds themselves are also high grade, so even if they are matrixed, they do not disturb the transcendental sound board, but they have enriched it.
Even further, the skill of maniac maniacs is amazing as well. It is not just leaving it to be superimposed, exquisitely changing the balance between the two sound boards and the audience according to the song and the scene, and it mixes precisely as if it is an official work … No, no. It is wrong. This sense is over official. Although there is also rawness of the material itself, the cheer is slightly larger than the official work, even if it is kept small during playing, it never goes to zero. Therefore, the feeling of the work which continues without interruption continues. Even though Mix’s arm is “professional”, its sense is definitely a “fan”. “Many beyond full marks” was born because maniacs engraved on the bones with transcendental materials and fan psychology encountered.

【 “Reprint Tour 3 copies” completed
In any case, there is only one in the MAIDEN total history “works exceeding the full score” work. Although this work alone is one transcendent decision board, if this work is further thought as “the first part of the trilogy work”, the brilliance further increases. As you know, there are three “IRALY DAYS TOUR”, “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”, and “MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR” tours in which the IRON MAIDEN reproduces the ’80s three times. The best professional shot exists for each, but with this work and this week’s simultaneous release “GOTHENBURG 2005: THE PRE-BROADCAST MASTER”, the vertex renewal pro shot became collectable on the press DVD. Let’s keep it a bit.

· Reproduction concept: “Virgin of steel” to “brain reform”

· Reproduction concept: “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” + “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR”
· Vertex Proshot: 【this work】

· Reproduction concept: “SEVENTH TOUR OF A SEVENTH TOUR”
· Vertex Proshot: “ROCK AM RING 2014”

Although there are other pro shots on each tour, the top quality is definitely these three. If it is “six person formation” MAIDEN, it is the trilogy which I want to see at the top of A, and if I am able to honk out real intention, it is three “awesome than the official work”.
At the time of “PERFECT SLAVE”, the world’s maniacs generously devoted “full score (10)”, but this work did not predict “more than that”. In order to express that surprise and impression, there was only “10+” which was not supposed. This work is packed with so much picture and music.
No matter how official work “FLIGHT 666” is, the real pleasure of tasting a single show at a stroke, the dynamism that could only be created because it is a mania is only in this work. Of course, those who are following IRON MAIDEN until now, but three people who overwhelm even those who are “not interested only in the 80’s”. The second piece, a gem in an excellent piece in which the unrivaled “unbeatable full-quality” bursts. This weekend, “one bottle of spirit” at hand. UP THE IRONS !!!

コレクター界に何百何千とあるIRON MAIDENのライヴ記録。その中で、世界のコンプリーター達がただ1本だけ「満点超え(10+)」評価を下したプロショットが存在するのをご存じでしょうか。そんな伝説の超絶プロショットを永久保存するプレスDVDが登場です!

この「満点超え(10+)」がいかに凄い事なのか、そこから始めさせて頂きます。大物バンドのコレクターは点数やミシュラン星、言葉でクオリティ評価するものですが、IRON MAIDENの場合、点数を付けるマニアが多い。おおよそ満点は「10」になるわけですが、これは「オフィシャル作品のコピー」か、「公式品と同じくらい凄い!」という意味になるわけです。これまで皆さんが「こりゃ凄ぇ!」と思われたサウンドボードやプロショットも最高で「10」。ところが、本作はその「10」を超えた唯一作。何百何千のライヴ音源/映像をコレクトしているマニアでも「10+」評価を下しているのは、これ1本だけなのです。
そんな本作に収められたライヴとは「2008年3月5日ポルト・アレグレ公演(ブラジル)」。“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”でも最高峰に輝くマルチカメラ・フルプロショットです。しかも、この公演はオフィシャルDVD『FLIGHT 666』にも一切、使われていない。つまり、『FLIGHT 666』をお持ちの方にとっても完全に初見テイク・オンリーとなるプロショット映像なのです。

ここまでお読みになって「なんだアレか」と思われた方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。この公演は“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”の最高峰だけに有名な映像でして、当店でも当時から『PERFECT SLAVE』として親しまれてきました。会場の関係者流出とされる超ハイクオリティ映像は間違いなくオフィシャル級で、傑作プロショットひしめく激戦区“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”でも見事、王者に輝いた大定番です。
しかし、本作はそのプレス化では“あ・り・ま・せ・ん”。その超映像に、さらなるオリジナル・サウンドボードとオーディエンス録音をマトリクスさせたアップグレード版なのです。もし、お手元に『PERFECT SLAVE』他の既発をお持ちでしたら、ぜひ一度再生してみてください。そこには超絶ビビッドな卓直結サウンドが流れ出ると思いますが、それはやたらと生々しいものの、歓声は極々小さく、ミックスも荒っぽいのではないでしょうか。それに対し、本作はミックスも滑らかで明らかにオフィシャル風の艶がある(恐らくは重ねられた別サウンドボード音源の威力と思われます)。その上、既発ではほとんどいないも同然だった大歓声まで凄まじいスケールで押し寄せるのです!
そのスケール感たるや空前絶後。“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”と言えば、黄金期の再現ツアーで「Aces High」を始め超人気曲のラッシュ。それだけに各曲では猛烈な大合唱が巻き起こるわけですが、『PERFECT SLAVE』他の既発ではその歓声も耳を澄ませないと分からない程度。ブルース・ディッキンソンがマイクを向けても合唱が聞こえず、MCのジョークにも無反応だったのです。しかし! 本作には、そんなシラけたムードは皆無。「Aces High」でも「The Trooper」でも「Wasted Years」でも圧倒的な合唱の津波が押し寄せ、「MAIDEN!」コールが巨大なうねりとなって迫るスペクタクル巨編になっているのです。

何しろ、MAIDEN全史でも1本しかない「満点超え」作品。本作単体でも超絶決定盤な1本ですが、本作はさらに「3部作の第1弾」と考えて頂くとさらに輝きが増す。ご存じの通り、IRON MAIDENが80年代を再現するツアーは3回“THE ERALY DAYS TOUR”・“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”・“MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR”がありました。それぞれに極上プロショットが存在するわけですが、本作と今週同時リリースの『GOTHENBURG 2005: THE PRE-BROADCAST MASTER』によって、頂点更新プロショットがプレスDVDでコレクト可能になったのです。ちょっと整理しておきましょう。



・頂点プロショット:『ROCK AM RING 2014』

『PERFECT SLAVE』の時点で世界のマニアは惜しむことなく「満点(10)」を捧げましたが、本作は予想だにしなかった“それ以上”。その驚きと感動を表現するには、想定していなかった「10+」しかなかった。本作には、それほどの映像と音楽が詰まっているのです。
いかに公式作品『FLIGHT 666』があろうとも、1回のショウを一気貫通に味わう醍醐味、マニアだからこそ生み出し得たダイナミズムは本作にしかない。現在までIRON MAIDENをフォローしている方々は勿論ですが、「80年代しか興味ない」という方さえも圧倒する3部作。その2本目にして、強烈無比な「満点超えクオリティ」が炸裂する逸品中の逸品。今週末、“極めつけの1本”をあなたの手元に。UP THE IRONS!!!

1. Intro Film – Transylvania 2. Churchill’s Speech 3. Aces High 4. Two Minutes To Midnight
5. Revelations 6. The Trooper 7. Wasted Years 8. The Number Of The Beast 9. Can I Play With Madness
10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 11. Powerslave 12. Heaven Can Wait 13. Run To The Hills
14. Fear Of The Dark 15. Iron Maiden 16. Moonchild 17. The Clairvoyant 18. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

109min. Dolby 2.0 Stereo 4:3

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 109min.

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