Iron Maiden / Palladium 1982 The Video / 1DVDR

Iron Maiden / Palladium 1982 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

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The Palladium, New York City, NY. USA 29th June 1982 (synced with STEREO SBD)


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IRON MAIDEN in the history of the most popular radio broadcast, was also a US invasion of the highlights, “June 29, 1982 Palladium performances”. This work, the video version that can witness the spectacle of the historic live. Is what Koamania overseas was covered with a sound board voice to four songs worth of audience the video.
Although there is a vintage feeling a lot of image quality only to the audience the video of the video spread period, a great screen that do not fall line noise one. However, amazing thing is angle more than that. 2 Oboshiki angle to have been taken from the floor seats is, face up to the stage panoramic view from far above the audience. 1 Miri also enter liked without, such as the shadow of the front row, historical enthusiastically spreads to fill the screen. And, great sense of stability. Tripod I like not using, but regarded as Bishitsu the stage in the center of the Bruce Dickinson, do not be rough with camera shake even boldly attack zoom.
In addition also a great sounding board that has been put on the voice, but has also been used by the previous already issued from main press CD, but still (truly There is only production of Koamania) is select a sufficiently high-quality version. Wonderfully also synchro of the screen, each well vigorously fast performance is the combined here to brilliantly (did not radio broadcast “22 Acacia Avenue” is, has been used the Reading Festival 1982, this song only truly shift you).
And, this work maximum of the real thrill is, to be able to witness the all is said and done “Legend of the Palladium-live”. Perhaps, but I think many people that it is ear octopus in any of the already issued, scene that existed in the other side of that great performance is in front of the eyes! Even if you touch the first time Palladium performance, but will increase Omoikkiri the imagination of the main press CD, I think this impression is not to pierce the deep chest as those who’ve been Kikikon the its outstanding. Caked in the ear is at most and around Dickinson …… deep feeling the microphone with “that” Shout.

IRON MAIDEN history, very famous live is “the most classic”. And press CD of the best ever quality, Ketteiban set of field image. This is what, great performance in a great performance, which has continued to disturb the MAIDEN mania minds around the world. IRON MAIDEN would have been through if those who love the road. Even it did not pass until Unfortunately now, both are destined to pass through spectacle. It is all of that precious record. Please enjoy the historic “of 1982 Palladium” from corner to corner on this occasion.

IRON MAIDEN史上もっとも人気の高いラジオ放送にして、米国侵攻のハイライトでもあった「1982年6月29日パラディウム公演」。本作は、その歴史的なライヴの光景を目撃できる映像版。海外のコアマニアが4曲分のオーディエンス映像にサウンドボード音声を被せたものです。
さらに音声に被せられたサウンドボードも素晴らしい、本編プレスCDよりも以前の既発が使用されていますが、それでも(さすがにコアマニアの制作だけあって)十分に高音質なバージョンをセレクトしている。画面とのシンクロも素晴らしく、激しく速い演奏をよくぞここまで見事に合わせたものです(ラジオ放送されなかった「22 Acacia Avenue」は、レディング・フェスティバル1982が使われており、この曲だけはさすがにズレます)。
そして、本作最大の醍醐味は、何と言っても“伝説のパラディウム・ライヴ”を目撃できること。恐らく、多くの方がいずれかの既発で耳タコだと思いますが、あの名演の向こうに存在していた光景が目の前にある! 初めてパラディウム公演に触れる方でも、本編プレスCDのイマジネーションを思いっきり高めてくれますが、この感動は既発を聞き込んできた方ほど深く胸に突き刺さるのではないでしょうか。耳にこびりついた“あの”シャウトでマイクを高々と回るディッキンソン……感無量です。

IRON MAIDEN史上、“最定番”である超有名ライヴ。その史上最高クオリティのプレスCDと、現場映像の決定盤セット。これこそ、世界中のMAIDENマニア達の心をかき乱し続けてきた名演中の名演。IRON MAIDENを愛する者なら通ってきたであろう道。不運にも今まで通らなかったとしても、いずれは通る運命にある光景。その貴重な記録の総てです。この機会に歴史的な“1982年のパラディウム”を隅から隅までご堪能ください。

1. Murders In The Rue Morgue 2. Children Of The Damned 3. The Number Of The Beast
4. 22 Acacia Avenue

Bruce Dickinson – Lead Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Clive Burr – Drums

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