Iron Maiden / Newcastle 1984 2nd Night / 2CD


Iron Maiden / Newcastle 1984 2nd Night / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK 16th September 1984

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The “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” was the largest and highest peak in glory history. The most important original recording is now available on the Permanent Storage Press 2CD.
The most important work was recorded in “Newcastle performance on September 16, 1984”. A super-luxury audience recording that was vacuum packed at the scene. Why is this work most important? There are various reasons, but one of them is the season. This is because it is the masterpiece of the “European edition”, which is different from the official traditional edition “Revival of the Dead”. Recently, we introduced some masterpiece titles of “European edition”, but since this is the definitive board, let’s start with the tour overview again (If you already know! Sound quality of the latter half of this article Please skip to).

● 1984
・ August 9th-September 8th: Europe # 1 (19 performances)
《September 3 “Power Slave” released》
・ September 11th-October 13th: UK (25 performances) ← ★★
・ October 15-November 14: Europe # 2 (22 performances)
・ November 24th-December 21st: North America # 1a (20 performances)
● 1985
・ January 3rd-March 31st: North American # 1b / ROCK IN RIO (56 performances) ← * Resurrection of death (A-C side)
・ April 14-May 10: Japan / Australia (15 performances)
・ May 23-July 5: North America # 2 (31 performances)
<< October 14 “Revival of the ghost” release ”

[Recording the best masterpiece of the 1984 set, different from “Revival of the Dead”] This is the glorious 1984/1985. The scale of about 190 performances is the top two along with “THE BEAST ON THE ROAD”, and the headliner tour without support performances conquers huge venues around the world. It was a No.1 tour with no questions asked. The symbolic official work “Revival of the Dead” was mainly about the long beach performance in the second half, but this work is the first half on the contrary. It was the 5th performance of the “UK” tour.
And this “1984” is the point. The set of “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” has changed on the way, and the first half of the tour is different from “Revival of the Dead”. Now let’s organize the contents.

● DISC 1: The first half of the show (8 songs)
・ Brain Reform: The Trooper / Revelations / Flight Of Icarus
・ Power Slave: Aces High / 2 Minutes To Midnight / Rime Of The Ancient Mariner / Losfer Words (Big’Orra) (★) / Powerslave
● DISC 2: Second half of the show (7 songs)
・ Engraving of Magical Power: The Number Of The Beast / Hallowed Be Thy Name / 22 Acacia Avenue (★) / Run To The Hills
・ Steel Virgin: Iron Maiden / Running Free / Sanctuary
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard at the Long Beach performance.

… And this is how it looks. Although it is uniformly selected from all works except “Killers”, the point is “22 Acacia Avenue” “Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)” which I have not played on Long Beach. Especially the latter is a super rare song that has not been played at all on subsequent tours. Of course, it is a song that I heard on the B side of the official single “Run to the Hills”, but the flow of the show is also anxious because it is a valuable instrumental song. In fact, the first half of the show was solidified with two new works, “Power Slave” and “Brain Reform,” and the second half was “Engraved Magical Power” and “Virgin of Steel.” Although the basic structure is in line with “Revival of the Dead”, the composition color of the first half / second half has become more vivid due to the increased number of songs (the disc division of this work also conforms to that sharpness) ..

[One to perfect the “80s British collection”] By the way, this work is a masterpiece of the rare masterpiece “European Edition”. After all, it was Mr. Crazy S., a master craftsman who recorded this work. It is a historic item that is directly digitized from the original cassette. It is a well-known story among MAIDEN collectors, but most of the masterpieces of the “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” British recording are those of “Crazy S.”. In our store, we introduce masterpieces of Sheffield, Ipswich, Leicester, Oxford, etc. in the “DEFINITIVE YEARS” series. Just the other day, the latest work “NOTTINGHAM 1984 (Shades 1184)” became very popular, but this work is a masterpiece that reigns at the top of such “Crazy S.” collection!
If you have experienced the “Crazy S.” master so far, I think you have already decided your mind, but in reality, the sound of this work is superb. Although it is not mistaken as a sound board because the proof of the audience is engraved on the real clapping and snare tone, it makes no difference if you listen to it. The core that penetrates the clear and clear air is extremely thick and on, and the splendid details and the bad FM broadcasting are also great issues. Twins that do not mix even if entangled are vivid in the dimension of vibe, dense busdra kicks up Dosudos and five organs, gallop base pierces bakibaki and six arms.
This is a work that can only be called the “masterpiece”, but in reality, the appearance of this work is a great achievement for the entire Golden Age collection. This work completed the “80s British Vertex Collection”. To understand what this means, let’s take a look at the apex audience recordings of each tour.

・ 3rd tour “DEFINITIVE OXFORD 1982”
・ 5th Tour: Newcastle Performance ← ★ This Work ★
・ 7th Tour “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988: 25th Anniversary Edition”

What do you think. Even in each tour, all of them are made in England, though they are a spectacular lineup of high-profile audience recordings of masterpieces. Until now, the only representative work of “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” was the North American recording, but this work makes it possible to experience the “Motherland of the Golden Age” at the scene with a peak sound at once. In other words, these 5 works are “The Best of DEFINITIVE YEARS”.
Even if you pay attention only to this work, it is a superb original recording by the master “Crazy S.”, and it is the best one to taste “European edition” different from “Revival of the ghost”. On top of that, when combined with other masterpieces, it is a masterpiece that is the cornerstone of the “British collection”. An absolute work inevitable at every point. Please enjoy it with the permanent preservation press 2CD!

★ Crazy S. recording “First Masterpiece” at first appearance! ! This is really amazing.

栄光の歴史でも最大級にして絶頂だった“WORLD SLAVERY TOUR”。その最重要オリジナル録音が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

・1月3日-3月31日:北米#1b/ROCK IN RIO(56公演)←※死霊復活(A-C面)

これが栄光の1984年/1985年。約190公演に及ぶスケールは“THE BEAST ON THE ROAD”と並ぶ2トップであり、しかもサポート公演なしのヘッドライナー・ツアーで世界中の巨大会場を制覇。まさしく問答無用のNo.1ツアーでした。その象徴たる公式作『死霊復活』は後半のロングビーチ公演をメインにしていましたが、本作は逆に前半。「英国」ツアー5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そして、この“1984年”というのがポイント。“WORLD SLAVERY TOUR”は途中でセットが変わっており、ツアー前半は『死霊復活』とは異なるのです。ここで、その内容を整理してみましょう。

●DISC 1:ショウ前半(8曲)
・頭脳改革:The Trooper/Revelations/Flight Of Icarus
・パワースレイヴ:Aces High/2 Minutes To Midnight/Rime Of The Ancient Mariner/Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)(★)/Powerslave
●DISC 2:ショウ後半(7曲)
・魔力の刻印:The Number Of The Beast/Hallowed Be Thy Name/22 Acacia Avenue(★)/Run To The Hills
・鋼鉄の処女:Iron Maiden/Running Free/Sanctuary

……と、このようになっています。『キラーズ』以外の全作から満遍なくセレクトされているわけですが、ポイントなのはロングビーチでは演奏していない「22 Acacia Avenue」「Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)」。特に後者はその後のツアーでは一切演奏していない激レア曲です。もちろん、公式シングル『Run to the Hills』B面でも聴けた曲でありますが、貴重なインスト曲だけにショウの流れも気になるところ。実際、ショウの前半は『パワースレイヴ』&『頭脳改革』と新しめの2作で固め、後半は『魔力の刻印』&『鋼鉄の処女』のみ。基本構造は『死霊復活』に即していながら、曲が増量されたことで前半/後半の構成カラーが一層鮮やかになっているわけです(本作のディスク分けも、そのメリハリに準じています)。

さて、レア曲の美味しい“ヨーロッパ編”でも、本作は最高傑作となるライヴアルバム。何しろ、本作を録音したのはかの名匠“Crazy S.”氏。そのオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化した歴史的銘品なのです。MAIDENコレクターの間ではよく知られた話ですが、“WORLD SLAVERY TOUR”のイギリス録音で名作とされるものはほぼほぼ“Crazy S.”氏のもの。当店でも『DEFINITIVE YEARS』シリーズでシェフィールドやイプスウィッチ、レスター、オックスフォード等々の名作をご紹介。つい先日も最新作『NOTTINGHAM 1984(Shades 1184)』が大好評となりましたが、本作はそんな“Crazy S.”コレクションの頂点に君臨する最高傑作なのです!
これまでの“Crazy S.”マスターを体験された方ならもう心を決められていると思いますが、実際、本作のサウンドは極上。リアルな手拍子やスネアの音色にオーディエンスの証が刻まれているのでサウンドボードと間違えはしないものの、聞いているとそんな区別はどーでもよくなる。クリアに晴れ渡った空気感を貫く芯は極太でオンですし、細やかなディテールも下手なFM放送も問題外にする素晴らしさ。絡み合っても混ざらないツインはヴァイヴの次元で克明ですし、密度たっぷりなバスドラがドスドスと五臓を蹴り上げ、ギャロップベースがバキバキと六腑に突き刺さるのです。

・5thツアー:ニューカッスル公演 ←★本作★
・7thツアー『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988: 25th Anniversary Edition』

いかがでしょうか。各ツアーでも最高傑作の誉れ高きオーディエンス録音がズラリと並んだ壮観なラインナップながら全部が英国産。これまでは“WORLD SLAVERY TOUR”の代表作と言えば北米録音ばかりだったわけですが、本作によって「黄金時代の母国」を一気に頂点サウンドで現場体験できるようになった。つまり、この5作こそ“The Best of DEFINITIVE YEARS”なのです。
本作だけに注目しても名匠“Crazy S.”氏による極上のオリジナル録音であり、『死霊復活』とは異なる“ヨーロッパ編”を味わうのに最高の1本。その上で他の名作群と合わせれば、“英国コレクション”の要にもなる超傑作です。あらゆるポイントで不可避な絶対作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで存分にご堪能ください!

★初登場にしてCrazy S.録音「最高傑作」!!これは本当に凄いです。


Disc 1(56:45)
1. Churchill’s Speech
2. Aces High
3. 2 Minutes To Midnight
4. The Trooper
5. Revelations
6. Flight Of Icarus
7. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
8. Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)
9. Powerslave
10. Guitar Solo

Disc 2(45:38)
1. The Number Of The Beast
2. Hallowed Be Thy Name
3. 22 Acacia Avenue
4. Iron Maiden
5. MC
6. Run To The Hills
7. Member Introduction
8. Running Free
9. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Nicko McBrain – Drums

Special Thanks Crazy S.


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