Iron Maiden / First Kokugikan / 2CDR

Iron Maiden / First Kokugikan / 2CDR / Non Label

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Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan 20th April 2016.


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Japan tour, which became the first time in eight years was the only “April 20, 21 days” in the two countries Kokugikan. Main press 2CD “JAPAN FINAL 2016”, the masterpiece was recorded the best sound in its second day. In the bonus, to gift it this work is the first day of the best recording.
Main press 2CD, although name recording artist “West strongest taper” Mr. of heavy metal that Japan is proud of was the inscription product multiplied by the by the arm, was to record this work, such his friends taper. Although the other day and say the first day we introduced a gift album “RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2016 DAY 1”, of course, is another recording with it. “Strongest” says, there is a master craftsman familiar with all the live space of the West, little Ryogoku Kokugikan is outside sagging performance truly is of the unknown world. So, this time in order to make the most of one of the few opportunities, set a friend as “the strongest Mr.” the tag, I was facing the recording in two consecutive days.
In fact, this is beautifully paid off. The “strongest” Mr. of the first day seems to have been recorded in the arena aimed at de most recent sound, but unfortunately had received around the fuss in Moro. Nevertheless squid a master craftsman, this just is not helpless because it is luck. So to appeared, “friends taper” Mr. recording with the equipment and know-how about the same level. In other words, it is this work. That’s right position was close friends with each other, but there was no fuss in the direction of the fortunate microphone. Of course, but does not extend to the miracle level, such as the arena is because the main press 2CD of large frenzy, the play-by-play feeling furious. Moreover, has led to the direct feeling of closeness is the tone of the position, striking the kind of performance has been intense, vivid straight recording. Especially Vaud Cali THEY tion, which penetrates the Bruce Dickinson seems to shine and glare.
Then, the play-by-play feeling is also worthy of the record of the first day. After all, Japan tour for the first time in eight years. They who meet to wait at most 3 – 4 years vacant until now, did not come eight years. Wait wait not come yet even run out of numbness in ……. Last time’s the first day the feelings of Japanese children were elementary school students had been cladding a lengthy Oazuke such that college students will explode. The temperature of enthusiasm, it has surpassed even the best of the main press 2CD.
What is exceptional even in such a play-by-play feeling of “The Trooper”. I think that already many people you know so has become a hot topic in many places, but this day, Bruce Dickinson is I “he ‘s going”. When you talk in detail, dressed in costumes of the cavalry as usual, the United Kingdom, but the flag is to come out on the stage in hand, I did not have the microphone at that time. Moreover, without realizing it, he was wielding a triumphant and the British flag in the intro. Now, out to sing! The Dickinson was unaware of that there is no microphone is at the moment of, stunned not only stand rooted to the spot in the expression of “What happened!?”. The audience was witnessing such a situation, Utaimakuru to sing at full power I think that it is also directing. After a while, but Dickinson is handed the microphone from the staff, a good laugh balloon in large bungle that Yarakashi of their own, (or rather, can not) recovery forget on, “Haa, ha, ha, ha !!!” and. Singapore Long of great cheer the laughter, “Oh, oh, oh, oh” is support …. This “at all, what I do I do with” a sense of the best. Miss It is inherent to live, but you or sheer professionalism in its recovery, large bungle is not that early can encounter blown beyond its dimension. In terms of recent years, is “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2007” of “Wrathchild” in smoked fell’s famous for (you can witness in the “DEFINITIVE CUTS 2006-2007”), but stray scene is recorded in clear sound comparable to that I have.

Enthusiasm of the audience of the climax state waiting to wait, nor name recordings captured in ultra-clear rainy day stray scene. As people who happened on the scene is to align the mouth, PA of this day can not be said with perfect, superb sound, such as the second day, “JAPAN FINAL 2016” will not be expected in the future. When you confess the true feelings, I wanted by all means to the best record of 2 days to 4 Disc press, but it did not fulfill. But, still this work is not the difference in one of the vertices in the first day of recording, which is currently reported. By all means, the whole picture of the Japan tour for the first time in eight years, please enjoy plenty in the main press 2CD and this work!


8年ぶりとなった来日公演は両国国技館での「4月20日・21日」だけでした。本編プレス2CD『JAPAN FINAL 2016』は、その2日目で最高サウンドを記録した名作。そのボーナスには、初日の最高録音である本作をお贈りします。
本編プレス2CDは、日本が誇るヘヴィ・メタルの名録音家“西日本最強テーパー”氏が腕によりをかけた銘品でしたが、本作を録音したのは、そんな彼の友人テーパー。初日というと先日ギフト・アルバム『RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2016 DAY 1』もご紹介しましたが、もちろん、それとは別録音です。“最強”氏は、西日本のあらゆるライヴスペースを熟知する名匠ではありますが、さすがに外タレ公演がほとんどない両国国技館は未知の世界。そこで、今回は数少ないチャンスを最大限に活かすべく、“最強氏”と友人がタッグを組み、2日間連続で録音に臨んでいたのです。
そんな実況感でも格別なのが「The Trooper」。すでに各所で話題になっているのでご存じの方も多いと思いますが、この日はブルース・ディッキンソンが”やらかす”のです。詳しくお話ししますと、いつものように騎兵隊の衣装に身を包み、英国旗を手にステージに出てくるのですが、その際にマイクを持っていなかった。しかも、それに気づかず、イントロで意気揚々と英国旗を振り回していたのです。さぁ、歌い出し!の瞬間になってマイクがないことの気づいたディッキンソンは、「何が起こった!?」という表情で呆然と立ちすくむしかない。そんな状況を目の当たりにした観客は、それも演出だと思って全力で歌いに歌いまくる。しばらくして、ディッキンソンはスタッフからマイクを手渡されますが、自分のやらかした大ちょんぼに吹き出し、リカバリーも忘れ(というか、できない)て、「Haa, ha, ha, ha!!!」と大笑い。その笑い声を大歓声のシンガロング「Oh, oh ,oh, oh」が支える……。この「まったく、何やってんだか」感が最高。ライヴにミスは付きものですし、そのリカバリーにプロ根性が透けたりしますが、その次元を超えて吹き出す大ちょんぼはそうそう遭遇できるものではない。近年で言うと、“DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2007”の「Wrathchild」ですっ転んだのが有名(『DEFINITIVE CUTS 2006-2007』で目撃できます)ですが、それに匹敵する迷シーンがクリア・サウンドで記録されているのです。

待ちに待って絶頂状態の観客の熱狂も、まさかの迷シーンも超クリアに捉えた名録音。現場に居合わせた方々が口を揃えるように、この日のPAは完璧とは言えず、2日目『JAPAN FINAL 2016』のような極上サウンドは今後も望めないでしょう。本心を告白すると、ぜひとも2日間の極上録音を4枚組プレスにしたかったのですが、それは果たせませんでした。しかし、それでも本作は現在報告されている初日録音でも頂点の1本には違いない。ぜひ、8年ぶりの来日公演の全貌、本編プレス2CDと本作でたっぷりとご堪能ください!

Disc 1 (56:32)
1. Doctor Doctor 2. Opening Movie: Take The Ed Force One 3. If Eternity Should Fail
4. Speed of Light 5. Children of the Damned 6. Tears of a Clown 7. The Red and the Black
8. The Trooper 9. Powerslave

Disc 2 (66:20)
1. Death or Glory 2. The Book of Souls 3. Hallowed Be Thy Name 4. Fear of the Dark
5. Iron Maiden 6. The Number of the Beast 7. MC 8. Blood Brothers 9. Wasted Years
10. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Outro)



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