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Eddie Rips Up The World Tour & Somewhere Back In The World Tour. NTSC


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Finally end the Japan tour of eight years, what to look forward to I think in some people that are late to whether a loss should I spend the day-to-day. The next visit to Japan, what reprint tour of “LIVE IN DONINGTON” on DVD, which is rumored ………. One perfect for those who would divulge sigh and thinking of until such earlier arrived from abroad. This work is a big live set that spell so far reprinted tour in carefully selected video.
IRON MAIDEN to have performed regularly 80s golden age of reprint tour. Up to reprint tour now we had three times. The first is to “piece of mind” from the DVD “steel of virgin” “EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR 2005”, 2 nails was reprinted “Powerslave” era “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008-2009”, 3 nails There is the “seventh prophecy” era “MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR 2012-2014”. This work is a set of three carefully selected masterpieces video of “Kore each!” From such three reprint tour. Each of the tour, but there is also a superb professional shot, such as “EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG,” “PERFECT SLAVE” “ROCK IN RIO 2013”, “ROCK AM RING 2014”, this work is not only the quality to “experience a sense of the best field of view” obsessed audience collection was carefully selected. So, let’s introduce 3 performances one by one.

[Disk 1: September 2, 2005 London show] The first appeared, “EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR 2005”. Is the audience shot itself is small tour, but we select the memorial Hammersmith performances among them. This live is, in the tour the last day, which was held as a charity of Clive Burr who suffer from multiple sclerosis. All proceeds of the day was devoted to the treatment costs of Clive.
This work a maximum of flavor that was recorded such a Memorial concert, Quality. Shooting from the stage left (Dave Murray side), Oboshiki sense of stability is preeminent and a tripod. Further said that about 10 years ago, at that time by the image quality is very nice latest digital equipment, you vivid as if professional shot According zoom. Spelled “Murders In The Rue Morgue” and “Another Life” and “Prowler” and “Remember Tomorrow” and “Where Eagles Dare” and “Die With Your Boots On” and “Drifter” ……… so here at the Quality Takeshi rush of ultra-classic group of much not be cited. The other, high-Tsu top! Moreover, these Classics is suits well in Hammersmith, furiously sing, sing! Tsu !! glad reprinted because all though it is live that’s the London traditional venue that began even just sing, it is it is another ’80s mood What Tokuno.
In addition, this day, touching scene of this video only “Iron Maiden”. Of course, the middle of a large enthusiasm by huge Eddie that houses the brain, Clive appeared sitting on the wheelchair. Gathered in the center of the current members and seven, metal who of London …… Give a cheer of heavy thunder at the sight. Clive after this eight years has passed away, but they were family to the end. The beautiful sight not only witness, I picture that is surrounded by the audience, which also to the feelings experience.

[Disc 2: February 10, 2009 Belgrade performance] Is followed, is the Belgrade performance of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2009”. It was also Japan performances on this tour, the official DVD “FLIGHT 666” is also famous. However, tell the truth was different in 2008 and the set list in 2009, also Japan tour “FLIGHT 666” it was also in 2008. In contrast, this work in the first day of 2009, not in the official “Wrathchild”, “Children Of The Damned”, “Phantom Of The Opera,” “The Evil That Men Do,” “Sanctuary” also will be watching. In particular, “Children Of The Damned” is a song that has not been played in other reprint tour. As an aside will play the riff of “The Trooper,” Adrian Smith “Wasted Years” in front of, also will be watching the scene, which is still in the blues.
Disk 1 It was hot the intimacy of Hammersmith live, here is about two million people of enthusiasm is sense of scale is amazing swirling. Shooting from the second floor of the Dave Murray side, without entering the front row of the head and arms are all in sight, a great field of view that only 100% stage is occupied. Landscape photography of the But speaking clearly, probably because that has elapsed four years than the disk 1, quality is further improved digital image quality. There is no camera shake even closer with Gugutsu, unwavering digital image quality with tremendous sense of stability. It does not go only up to the facial expression of the windup distant view indeed, but the screen is to compensate for it. Out it reflects the screen where you think, “I want here to watch the up”, like a professional shot. From the spectacle of the audience shooting unique to professional shot-like ultra-up,’s the one that can enjoy freely.
And, the venue of the size overlooking precisely because distant view, a huge spectacle of rush cheers furious! If the disc 1 is that it is enthusiasm of unique hometown, Serbia enthused that longing will explode to “finally reunion can be a big shot.” Speaking of Belgrade, the capital in the former Yugoslavia era, live is realized by the “WORLD SLAVERY TOUR” · “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR”. At the time, it became the topic and “beyond the Iron Curtain” (official video “BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN” is that at the time). But, then in Yugoslavia secession, plunged into a long, long civil war to wash blood with blood, it is no longer the music far from. If those who are lovers of the euro lock, numerous become the band is out of touch of Yugoslavia in this era, I think in some of even experience that hurt his chest to your life and death unknown heroes of now. And, civil war in the 21st century is ending, I visited again IRON MAIDEN, were fascinated and reprinted at that time. In other words, in the audience to be displayed in this work, people who enjoyed the peace that was regained, people brighten the eye to the royal road heavy metal for the first time the eye and,, there are people who think a friend who once both loved MAIDEN . The enthusiasm of the video somewhere and different from others, it may be because such a flood of emotions, are filled with feelings that survived the historic tragedy.

[Disk 3: July 4, 2012 Milwaukee performances] Finally, “MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR”. This tour is also “the first half (2012/2013)” and “the second half of (2014),” but will change in the set list, delicious the direction of “the first half”. Songs of the first half only are three of “Afraid to Shoot Strangers,” “The Clairvoyant,” “Running Free,” but, in particular, “Afraid to Shoot Strangers” is, I do not only do this time after becoming the six organization (by the way, the second half (the familiar 2014) only of the song in “Revelations,” “Wrathchild”, “Sanctuary”, both in the other reprint tour).
This work, what the front row shot to be such a tour the first half of the representative audience. Just a little in the left side than the center of the stage is taken from the right in front of Adrian Smith. There shake of the handy camera slightly, without any reason to the shadow of the front row Is front row enters, even without such as zoom Adrian and Dave, and also ran come blues and Steve (look up sneakers shoelaces!) Super close. Pirate-stilts Eddie of “Run To The Hills”, also seen in the most recent no obstacle at all huge Eddie that appeared in the “Iron Maiden”. Its position has appeared in the voice, super near the Buttoi sound is wonderful. In particular, based Steve in Bakkibaki, burst early 80’s “that” sound is whether even this. Sound image in the front row of the flavor a lot, “MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR” a’s the one that you can experience in the front row.

Did not you come to Japan “EDDIE RIPS UP TOUR” Ya “MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR”, there was still a visit to Japan “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” different set list is also Japan in the. Them than-tasty show this good live set where you can enjoy in the audience point of view. Pro-shot is also good, itself the pleasure of live will come to experience. Its also ferocious one that makes us taste 5 hours 7 minutes at carefully selected exquisite quality to “experience a sense of”. I do not know me to Japan in the next reproduction tour, hoping it earnestly, please enjoy to the full extent of the “best of MAIDEN experience” in this work now!


ついに8年ぶりの来日公演が終わり、何を楽しみに日々を過ごしたらいいのか途方に暮れている方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。次の来日は、噂される『LIVE IN DONINGTON』DVD化の復刻ツアーでしょうか………。そんな先まで思いを馳せてタメ息を漏らしてしまう方にピッタリの1本が海外から入荷しました。本作は、これまでの復刻ツアーを厳選映像で綴るビッグなライヴ・セットです。
定期的に80年代黄金期の復刻ツアーを実施しているIRON MAIDEN。今までに復刻ツアーは3回ありました。最初がDVD『鋼鉄の処女』から『頭脳改革』までの“EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR 2005”、2つめが『パワースレイヴ』時代を復刻した“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008-2009”、3つめが『第七の予言』時代の“MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR 2012-2014”です。本作は、そんな3つの復刻ツアーから「コレぞ!」の傑作映像を厳選した3枚組です。それぞれのツアーには『EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG』『PERFECT SLAVE』『ROCK IN RIO 2013』『ROCK AM RING 2014』といった極上プロショットもありますが、本作はクオリティだけでなく“極上視野の体験感”にこだわって厳選したオーディエンス・コレクション。それでは、3公演を1つずつご紹介していきましょう。

まず登場するのは、“EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR 2005”。オーディエンス・ショット自体が少ないツアーですが、その中でもメモリアルなハマースミス公演をセレクトしました。このライヴは、ツアー最終日にして、多発性硬化症に苦しむクライヴ・バーのチャリティとして開催されたもの。この日の収益はすべてクライヴの治療費に充てられました。
そんなメモリアル・コンサートを記録した本作最大の旨みは、クオリティ。ステージ左側(デイヴ・マーレイ側)からの撮影で、三脚を使ったと思しき安定感はバツグン。さらに約10年前とは言え、当時最新のデジタル機材による画質は非常に素晴らしく、ズームで寄るとまるでプロショットかのようにビビッドなのです。そのクオリティで綴られる「Murders In The Rue Morgue」や「Another Life」や「Prowler」や「Remember Tomorrow」や「Where Eagles Dare」や「Die With Your Boots On」や「Drifter」………とてもここに挙げきれないくらいの超名曲群の猛ラッシュ。もう、最っ高! しかも、こうしたクラシックスがハマースミスによく似合い、猛烈に歌う、歌う! 歌うっ!! ただでさえ嬉しい復刻ライヴなのに総てが始まったロンドンの伝統会場なのですから、それはそれはもう80年代ムードが特濃なのです。
さらに、この日、この映像だけの感動シーンは「Iron Maiden」。もちろん、脳みそを収納する巨大エディによる大熱狂の最中、車椅子に座ったクライヴが登場。現メンバーと7人の中央に集まり、その光景に万雷の喝采を贈るロンドンのメタル者たち……。この8年後にクライヴは亡くなってしまいましたが、彼らは最後までファミリーだった。その美しい光景を目撃できるだけでなく、想いを同じくする観客たちに囲まれて体験する映像なのです。

続いては、“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2009”のベオグラード公演です。このツアーでは日本公演もありましたし、オフィシャルDVD『FLIGHT 666』も有名。しかし、実は2008年と2009年ではセットリストが違いまして、日本公演も『FLIGHT 666』も2008年でした。それに対し、本作は2009年の初日で、オフィシャルにはない「Wrathchild」「Children Of The Damned」「Phantom Of The Opera」「The Evil That Men Do」「Sanctuary」も観られます。特に「Children Of The Damned」は、他の復刻ツアーでも演奏されていない曲です。余談ですが「The Trooper」の前でエイドリアン・スミスが「Wasted Years」のリフを弾いてしまい、ブルースに静止されるシーンも観られます。
そして、遠景だからこそ見渡す会場の大きさ、沸き上がる歓声の巨大なスペクタクルが猛烈! ディスク1が故郷ならではの熱狂だとすれば、セルビアは“やっと再会できた大物”への憧れが爆発する熱狂。ベオグラードと言えば、旧ユーゴスラヴィア時代でも首都であり、“WORLD SLAVERY TOUR”・“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR”でライヴが実現。当時は“鉄のカーテンを越えた”と話題になりました(公式ビデオ『BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN』当時のことです)。しかし、その後にユーゴスラヴィアは国家分裂、血で血を洗う長い長い内戦に突入し、音楽どころではなくなった。ユーロロックを愛好される方なら、この時代に数々のユーゴのバンドが音信不通になり、今なお生死不明のヒーロー達に胸を痛めた経験もあるのではないでしょうか。そして、21世紀に入って内戦が終結、再びIRON MAIDENが訪れ、当時を復刻して魅せた。つまり、本作に映し出される観客の中には、取り戻した平和を謳歌する人、初めて目にする王道ヘヴィメタルに目を輝かせる人、そして、かつて共にMAIDENを愛した友人を想う人たちがいる。この映像の熱狂がどこか他と違うのは、そんな万感、歴史的な惨劇を生き抜いた想いが詰まっているからかも知れません。

最後は、“MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR”。このツアーも「前半(2012年/2013年)」と「後半(2014年)」でセットリストが変わりますが、美味しいのは「前半」の方。前半だけの曲は「Afraid to Shoot Strangers」「The Clairvoyant」「Running Free」の3つですが、特に「Afraid to Shoot Strangers」は、6人編成になってからこの時期にしかやっていないのです(ちなみに、後半(2014年)だけの曲は「Revelations」「Wrathchild」「Sanctuary」で、いずれも他の復刻ツアーでお馴染み)。
そんなツアー前半の代表オーディエンスとなる本作は、なんと最前列ショット。ステージ中央よりやや左寄りでちょうどエイドリアン・スミスの真ん前からの撮影です。ハンディカメラの揺れが多少ありますが、最前列ですか前列の影が入るわけもなく、ズームなどなしでもエイドリアンやデイヴ、そして走ってくるブルースやスティーヴも激近(スニーカーの靴紐まで見える!)。「Run To The Hills」の海賊・竹馬エディ、「Iron Maiden」で登場する巨大エディも障害物一切なしの直近で見られます。そのポジションは音声に現れており、激近のぶっといサウンドが素晴らしい。特にスティーヴのベースはバッキバキで、80年代初期の“あの”サウンドがこれでもかと炸裂。音も映像も最前列の旨みたっぷりで、“MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR”を最前列で体験できる1本なのです。

日本には来てくれなかった“EDDIE RIPS UP TOUR”や“MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR”、さらに来日のあった“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”にしても日本とは違うセットリスト。それら超・美味しいショウを客席視点で楽しめるお得なライヴ・セットです。プロショットも良いですが、ライヴの楽しさは体験してこそのもの。その“体験感”を厳選の極上クオリティで5時間7分間も味わわせてくれる猛烈な1本。次なる再現ツアーで来日してくれるか分かりませんが、それを切に願いつつ、今は本作で“極上のMAIDEN体験”を存分にお楽しみください!

Disc 1 (101min.)
Eddie Rips Up the World Tour
Hammersmith Apollo, London, England 2nd September 2005

1. Introduction 2. Ides Of March 3. Murders In The Rue Morgue 4. Another Life
5. Prowler 6. The Trooper 7. Remember Tomorrow 8. Where Eagles Dare 9. Run To The Hills
10. Revelations 11. Wrathchild 12. Die With Your Boots On 13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name 15. Iron Maiden 16. Running Free 17. Drifter 18. Sanctuary

Disc 2 (102min.)
Somewhere Back in Time World Tour
Belgrade Arena, Belgrade, Serbia 10th February 2009

1. Introduction 2. Churchill’s Speech 3. Aces High 4. 2 Minutes To Midnight 5. Wrathchild
6. Children Of The Damned 7. Phantom Of The Opera 8. The Trooper 9. Wasted Years
10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 11. Powerslave 12. Run To The Hills 13. Fear Of The Dark
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name 15. Iron Maiden 16. Number Of The Beast 17. The Evil That Men Do
18. Sanctuary

Disc 3 (104min.)
Maiden England World Tour
Marcus Ampitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 4th July 2012

1. Moonchild 2. Can I Play With Madness 3. The Prisoner 4. 2 Minutes To Midnight
5. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 6. The Trooper 7. The Number Of The Beast 8. Phantom Of The Opera
9. Run To The Hills 10. Wasted Years 11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 12. The Clairvoyant
13. Fear Of The Dark 14. Iron Maiden 15. Aces High 16. The Evil That Men Do
17. Running Free

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.307min.(TOTAL)


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