Iron Maiden / Definitive Live Killers / 1CD

Iron Maiden / Definitive Live Killers / 1CD / Zodiac

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Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 24th May 1981 Evening Show STEREO SBD



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We have changed the heavy metal of the world, Paul Diano era of IRON MAIDEN. The vertex serving live album is the revival of imposing! Recently, it is phenomenal audience recording of first visit to Japan “TOKYO 1981 1ST NIGHT (ZODIAC 159)”, “TOKYO 1981 AFTERNOON SHOW (ZODIAC 161)” has been excavated continuously, “That can not buy anymore in such We received a number of requests that Roh? “. Its “array” that is, masterpiece of LANGLEY label legend “LIVE KILLERS”. So, this work is the latest digital remastered version of Kano lords board!
The live was Fujikoma to the Daimyo board, if the person listening to IRON MAIDEN, it is also not pass it to avoid if one know the underground sound live, “May 24, 1981 Nakano Sun Plaza-night parts “. It is broadcast sound source of “FM Live Special” by certain public broadcasting stations. Chow famous live popular only in IRON MAIDEN, which has been boiling, here as it is not possible to enumerate the title myriad of its outstanding was born from that time. Also you that are reading this poor piece of writing, I think in such have it any one of the existing departure of chief. That that appeared in 2003 as a large Ketteiban, it was “LIVE KILLERS” of LANGLEY label. Far broadcast songs tell the end from the beginning program announcer comments, even the finest audience of Angkor that were not broadcast complete recording. In addition, ultra-high quality sound to surpass all its outstanding receives rave reviews as “one of the IRON MAIDEN ultimate”, it was a shock operation that had wiped out all kinds of its outstanding. However, early in ’12 from the impact. Kano daimyo board also, is why became long and sold out long ago, to now also modern spot in the first visit to Japan performance hits as “The No array can not buy anymore?”.
This work resurrected in order to respond to the voice, not just a recurrence, was to challenge the limits of the sound recording itself had the latest digital remastering. And changing the treble sound quality, such as in containing bass jerk and hips, repeat the fine adjustment of entering the information enters the fine, it is not forthcoming to “further on” sound that was said to be “ultimate”. Indeed sound board part did not go only to the dramatic change has been award the “ultimate”, but within a range that does not kill the natural of the original sound, has undergone a treatment as possible in 2015. On the other hand, of Angkor was reborn in almost a different thing, “Prowler”. Although this song only has been used ultra-high-quality audience recording, only to the felt in thin sound of fluent after the ultra-high-quality sound board in LANGLEY board, “bonus feeling” I could not wipe absolutely. However, clear is that approaches to FM broadcasting in this film is intact, increased Gugutsu and powerful is, “bonus” rather than, it’s going to “epilogue” of imposing you do not lose to main sound board.
Thus “ultimate” of this work that “further on” tried to also ultimately live itself not sound only. Super powerful set list that was condensed the best song of the ultimate name board “steel of virgin,” “Killers,” which changed the history of heavy metal, lineup uniform of world-class talent who is to give the Adrian Smith, and more than anything, young passion and the flare up audience. stage that all blows at once. After all, this first visit to Japan is LED ZEPPELIN for Japan, it is also said that since the first visit to Japan of DEEP PURPLE “the advent of the new music culture”, cross the first ocean from Europe for IRON MAIDEN own, you know the magnitude of the “Earth It was “was also the tour. The audience and the band is full of fresh stimulation and pleasure each other, it’s a live to each other hit the sense of fulfillment.

Line recording of Paul Diano era are still some, you can touch even today. However, seven songs in the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” in the official should be the strongest contender, US Edition EP “MAIDEN JAPAN” even five songs, not just the Reading Festival 1980 also six songs of “BBC ARCHIVES”. I do not listen even further raking up “LIVE! + ONE” single B-side and not yet on CD, “Purgatory,” “Another Life,” “Genghis Khan,” “Twilight Zone,” “Strange World,” “Murders In The Rue Morgue”, but the present They are plenty of recording the work. Simply not only a superb official class sound board, in the Diano era longest-best, and there I also the only live album to be felt in full scale the “single stage”. The top record, one of ultimate raised would institute modern all possible means. Here is a grand revival of.



世界のヘヴィメタルを変えた、ポール・ディアノ時代のIRON MAIDEN。その頂点たるライヴアルバムが堂々の復活です! 最近、初来日の驚異的なオーディエンス録音「TOKYO 1981 1ST NIGHT(ZODIAC 159)」「TOKYO 1981 AFTERNOON SHOW(ZODIAC 161)」が連続して発掘されましたが、そんな中で「アレはもう買えないの?」というリクエストを多数いただきました。その「アレ」はすなわち、LANGLEYレーベル伝説の名作「LIVE KILLERS」。そう、本作はかの大名盤の最新デジタルリマスター・バージョンです!
その大名盤に封じ込まれたライヴとは、IRON MAIDENを聴く者なら、それもアンダーグラウンド音源を知るものならば避けては通れないライヴ、「1981年5月24日中野サンプラザ・夜の部」。某公共放送局による“FMライブ・スペシャル”の放送音源です。当時から人気が沸騰していたIRON MAIDENだけに、ここでタイトルを列挙できないほど無数の既発が生まれた超・有名ライヴ。この駄文を読まれているあなたも、何らかしらの既発を1本はお持ちなのではないでしょうか。その大決定盤として2003年に登場したのが、LANGLEYレーベルの「LIVE KILLERS」だったのです。放送された全曲どころか番組冒頭から終了を告げるアナウンサーのコメント、放送されなかったアンコールの極上オーディエンスまでも完全収録。さらに、あらゆる既発を凌駕する超高音質サウンドは“IRON MAIDEN究極の1枚”と大絶賛を受け、ありとあらゆる既発を一掃してしまった衝撃作でした。しかし、その衝撃から早12年。かの大名盤も、とうの昔に完売して久しく、今また初来日公演にスポットが当たった現代に「アレはもう買えないの?」となったわけです。
こうして“究極”の“さらに上”に挑戦した本作は、サウンドだけでなくライヴそのものも究極的。重金属の歴史を変えた究極名盤「鋼鉄の処女」「キラーズ」のベストソングを凝縮した超強力なセットリスト、エイドリアン・スミスを得て世界レベルの実力者がそろったラインナップ、そして何より、若きパッションと燃え上がる観客。その総てが一気に吹き出すステージ。なにしろ、この初来日は日本にとってLED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLEの初来日以来とも言える“新しい音楽文化の到来”であり、IRON MAIDEN自身にとっては初めて欧州から大洋を渡り、“地球の大きさを知った”ツアーでもあった。観客とバンドが互いに新鮮な刺激と喜びに満ちあふれ、その充実感をぶつけ合うライヴなのです。

ポール・ディアノ時代のライン録音はいくつか残っており、現代でも触れることができます。しかし、その最右翼であるはずのオフィシャルでは「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW」で7曲、米盤EP「MAIDEN JAPAN」でも5曲、「BBC ARCHIVES」のレディングフェスティバル1980も6曲にすぎない。さらにシングルB面や未CD化の「LIVE! +ONE」までかき集めても聴けない「Purgatory」「Another Life」「Genghis Khan」「Twilight Zone」「Strange World」「Murders In The Rue Morgue」が、本作にはたっぷりと収録されている。単に極上のオフィシャル級サウンドボードなだけでなく、ディアノ時代最長・最良にして、“1回のステージ”をフルスケールで感じられる唯一のライヴアルバムでもあるのです。その頂上録音を、現代可能なあらゆる手段を講じて引き上げた究極の1枚。ここに堂々の復活です。

1. Radio Intro. 2. Wrathchild 3. Purgatory 4. Sanctuary 5. Remember Tomorrow 6. Another Life
7. Drum Solo/Another Life(reprise) 8. Band Introductions 9. Genghis Khan 10. Killers
11. Innocent Exile 12. Twilight Zone 13. Strange World 14. Murders In The Rue Morgue
15. Phantom Of The Opera 16. Iron Maiden 17. Running Free 18. Transylvania
19. Dave Murray Guitar Solo 20. Drifter 21. Radio Outro. 22. Prowler(Audience Recording)


Paul Di’anno – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums


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