Iron Maiden / Definitive Live Killers – 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Iron Maiden / Definitive Live Killers – 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / ZODIAC
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 24th May 1981 Evening Show plus Bonus DVDR “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981”. STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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IRON MAIDEN of the Paul Di’Anno era that changed the world’s heavy metal. The superb stereo sound board album that has reigned at the top will be reissued on the 2nd press.
“May 24, 1981: Nakano Sam Plaza Performance” is engraved in this work. The best sound board recording … Yes, it is the highest peak of the legendary radio broadcast “FM Live Special” by a certain public broadcasting station !!

[The highest peak of the legendary live album] This program is truly a legend. Only IRON MAIDEN, which has been popular since that time, is a super-famous live where countless existing titles have been born so that the titles cannot be listed here. If you are reading this bad sentence, you probably have one of them. Among them, the best master that still can’t be surpassed was the Langley label “LIVE KILLERS” that appeared in 2003. Not only all the songs that were broadcast, but also the comments of the announcer who announced the end from the beginning of the program, and the best audience of the encore that was not broadcast are completely recorded. In addition, the ultra-high-quality sound that surpasses all existing ones has received great acclaim as “IRON MAIDEN’s ultimate one”, and it was a shocking work that wiped out all kinds of existing ones.
This work is the ultimate sound of the best master. It is the highest peak update board that challenged the limit of the sound that the recording itself had by meticulous digital remastering. The sound is just supreme. By adjusting the high-pitched sound and making it a low-pitched tone, and repeating fine adjustments, we approached the “ultimate” sound. As expected, the sound board part was not a dramatic change because it was awarded as “ultimate”, but we treated it as much as possible without killing the naturalness of the original sound.
On the other hand, the encore “Prowler” was reborn as a completely different product. Only this song used ultra-high-quality audience recording, but on the Langley board, the sound was thin and fluttering only after the ultra-high-quality sound board, and the “bonus feeling” could not be wiped out. However, in this work, while maintaining the clarity approaching FM broadcasting, the power has increased sharply, and it is not a “bonus” but a dignified “epilogue” that is comparable to the main sound board.
In this way, this work, which challenged “above the ultimate”, is the ultimate not only in the sound but also in the live itself. After all, this first visit to Japan is the “arrival of a new music culture” that can be said for Japan since the first visit of LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE, and for IRON MAIDEN himself, he crossed the ocean from Europe for the first time and “the size of the earth”. It was also a “tour” that I knew. It’s a live performance where the audience and the band are full of fresh stimuli and joy, and they collide with each other.

[Diano era collection spreading from this work] In addition, this work has reigned at the top of the Diano era, but after that, “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981 (Zodiac 326)” and “DEFINITIVE NIJMEGEN 1981 (Zodiac 400)” were also discovered. Currently, it is one of the three major live works. It’s a good time to organize your Diano era soundboard collection. First of all, from the contents of this work, which is a masterpiece.

● Iron Maiden (7 songs + α)
・ FM sound board: Sanctuary / Remember Tomorrow / Strange World (★) / Phantom Of The Opera / Iron Maiden / Running Free / Transylvania
-Unbroadcast AUD Complement: Prowler
● Killers (9 songs)
・ Wrathchild / Purgatory / Another Life / Genghis Khan / Killers / Innocent Exile / Twilight Zone / Murders In The Rue Morgue / Drifter
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard in “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981” and “DEFINITIVE NIJMEGEN 1981”.

… And it looks like this. This work can be enjoyed with complete official quality up to the precious “Strange World”, but in the Diano era, there are songs left on the sound board other than the above. Let’s organize that too.

● Sound boards other than this work (4 songs)
・ “Prowler” “Charlotte the Harlot” …… Bonus DVDR “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981” is OK.
・ “Women in Uniform” …… The only sound board that appears in “TOP OF THE POPS” on the official DVD “THE EARLY DAYS”)
・ “I Got The Fire” …… The official single take from “THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981”.

● Others (3 songs)
・ “Invasion” …… There are only audience recordings, and “DEFINITIVE MUSIC MACHINE 1979” from the Tony Parsons era is the best.
・ “Burning Ambition” “Prodigal Son” …… No live record.

This is all the songs from the Diano era. It is possible to enjoy other than 3 songs on the finest sound board, and this work is also one of the highest peaks that is the key to that. A masterpiece that is a symbol of the first visit to Japan and shines at the top of the Diano era. And a historic super-masterpiece that is the first step to open the door of the Diano era collection. It is a dignified reprint here with the 2nd press.

★ The best sound board recording of “May 24, 1981: Nakano Sam Plaza Performance”, which has symbolized the legendary first visit to Japan. It is the highest peak board in history. With the ultimate quality that brushed up the highest peak master who has not surrendered the throne of the best quality for many years, not only all the songs that were broadcast, but also the comment of the announcer who announces the end from the beginning of the program, and the best audience of Angkor that was not broadcast are completely recorded. It is the best masterpiece of the Diano era, which can be said to be more than “Iron Maiden” and “Killers”.

世界のヘヴィメタルを変えた、ポール・ディアノ時代のIRON MAIDEN。その頂点に君臨してきた超極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが2ndプレスで復刻リリース決定です。

この番組は、まさに伝説。当時から人気が沸騰していたIRON MAIDENだけに、ここでタイトルを列挙できないほど無数の既発が生まれた超・有名ライヴ。この駄文を読まれているあなたも、何らかしらの既発を1本はお持ちなのではないでしょうか。その中でも今なお超えるもののないベスト・マスターだったのが2003年に登場したLangleyレーベルの『LIVE KILLERS』でした。放送された全曲どころか番組冒頭から終了を告げるアナウンサーのコメント、放送されなかったアンコールの極上オーディエンスまでも完全収録。さらに、あらゆる既発を凌駕する超高音質サウンドは“IRON MAIDEN究極の1枚”と大絶賛を受け、ありとあらゆる既発を一掃してしまった衝撃作でした。
こうして「究極”のさらに上」に挑戦した本作は、サウンドだけでなくライヴそのものも究極的。なにしろ、この初来日は、日本にとってはLED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLEの初来日以来とも言える“新しい音楽文化の到来”であり、IRON MAIDEN自身にとっては初めて欧州から大洋を渡り、“地球の大きさを知った”ツアーでもあった。観客とバンドが互いに新鮮な刺激と喜びに満ちあふれ、その充実感をぶつけ合ったライヴなのです。

また、ディアノ時代の頂点に君臨してきた本作ですが、その後さらに『COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981(Zodiac 326)』『DEFINITIVE NIJMEGEN 1981(Zodiac 400)』も発掘。現在では3大ライヴ作となりました。良い機会ですので、ディアノ時代のサウンドボード・コレクションも整理してみましょう。まずは、最高傑作である本作の内容から。

・FMサウンドボード:Sanctuary/Remember Tomorrow/Strange World(★)/Phantom Of The Opera/Iron Maiden/Running Free/Transylvania
・Wrathchild/Purgatory/Another Life/Genghis Khan/Killers/Innocent Exile/Twilight Zone/Murders In The Rue Morgue/Drifter

……と、このようになっています。本作は貴重な「Strange World」まで完全オフィシャル級クオリティで楽しめるわけですが、ディアノ時代には上記以外にもサウンドボードで残されている曲も残されている。それも整理しておきましょう。

・「Prowler」「Charlotte the Harlot」……ボーナスDVDR『COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981』でOK。
・「Women in Uniform」……公式DVD『THE EARLY DAYS』の“TOP OF THE POPS”出演が唯一無二のサウンドボード)
・「I Got The Fire」……『THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981』収録の公式シングル・テイク。

・「Invasion」……オーディエンス録音しかなく、トニー・パーソンズ時代の『DEFINITIVE MUSIC MACHINE 1979』がベスト。
・「Burning Ambition」「Prodigal Son」……ライヴ記録なし。




01. Radio Intro.
02. Wrathchild
03. Purgatory
04. Sanctuary
05. Remember Tomorrow
06. Another Life
07. Drum Solo/Another Life(reprise)
08. Band Introductions
09. Genghis Khan
10. Killers
11. Innocent Exile
12. Twilight Zone
13. Strange World
14. Murders In The Rue Morgue
15. Phantom Of The Opera
16. Iron Maiden
17. Running Free
18. Transylvania
19. Dave Murray Guitar Solo
20. Drifter
21. Radio Outro.
22. Prowler(Audience Recording) ★これのみオーディエンス録音(同日)


Paul Di’anno – Vocal
Steve Harris – Bass
Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums



Iron Maiden / Complete Beat Club 1981 / 1DVDR / Non label
Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 22nd January 1981 PRO-SHOT

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The main press CD is exactly the masterpiece of IRON MAIDEN in the Diano era. It is a masterpiece among masterpieces that should be permanently preserved by the official side. As I mentioned in the commentary, there were “three major live works” in the Diano era, and especially “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981” is a long multi-camera pro shot, a song that can not be heard on the main press CD. It is a super masterpiece that also covers. Therefore, a special bonus will be included so that you can enjoy the ultimate tag of “the best masterpiece of the live album & the best masterpiece of the professional shot” at once!
That’s why this work was shot on “January 22, 1981 Bremen”. This is a multi-camera professional shot taken for the famous program “BEAT-CLUB”. For many years, about 30 minutes of broadcast air check has become a big standard (until now it was said to be “April 29”, but it seems that it was actually more than 3 months ago), but this work A completely different unedited version before the broadcast. In the broadcast, it is a complete version with a heap of famous songs and scenes cut, and the quality is also the ultimate professional shot of complete official grade. Here, let’s check the long length.

● Iron Maiden (8 songs, 10 takes)
・ Prowler (★) / Charlotte The Harlot (★) / Remember Tomorrow (2 takes) / Transylvania / Running Free / Sanctuary (2 takes) / Phantom Of The Opera / Iron Maiden
● Killers (4 songs + α)
・ Ides Of March (★) / Wrathchild / Innocent Exile / Killers / Another Life
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the FM sound board of the main press CD.

… And it looks like this. Plenty of unbroadcast “Charlotte The Harlot,” “Transylvania,” “Running Free,” and “Killers.” In the main press CD, “Prowler” complemented by audience recording, “Ides Of March” on the opening tape, and “Charlotte The Harlot” (“THE EARLY DAYS”), which had never had a professional shot / sound board. 』But it was an AUD shot) can be witnessed with a superb multi-camera pro shot.
Two songs, “Remember Tomorrow” and “Sanctuary”, cannot be overlooked. In addition to the OK take that was also used for broadcasting, another take that has been redone is also recorded. Moreover, this is not just another take. Especially interesting is “Remember Tomorrow”. At first, it was playing well, but after about 2 minutes, an abnormal noise was generated. The performance will be canceled due to equipment trouble. This scene is already amazing. Although it was a studio live in the station, Bruce Dickinson would have softened it with William Tell Overture, but Diano said to Sakura’s audience that “the equipment was ruined”. I will explain it, but otherwise it is completely left unattended. Talking with the staff on the stage sleeves with a bitter smile, the members start drinking beer in an atmosphere like a mess. Even though he was performing a big performance just like the actual performance, the difference is tremendous, and the mood of an up-and-coming band who is not accustomed to recording is super real. Not only these scenes, but also the intervals between each song are shot. It is a completely different video work from the edited TV broadcast version.
It was a little derailed because it was so interesting. Of course, the true value of this work is a fierce performance, and the super quality that carved it. It was the “BEAT-CLUB” itself who made this new excavation, and its quality is completely Omoto Master. Super vivid with completely zero dubbing marks. Not only does it go beyond the traditional air checks, but the master who has been sleeping in the warehouse for many years has no reproduction deterioration, and it is completely official-grade super quality even by modern digital standards.

The traditional official video “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” easily transcends even the “masterpiece of video” …… No, more. It is a superb professional shot that goes beyond the dimension of one band, is a cultural heritage of NWOBHM, and is the gold standard of the music genre “heavy metal”. A top set of soundboard albums and professional shots that go beyond the official. Please enjoy this opportunity to your heart’s content!

本編プレスCDは、まさにディアノ時代IRON MAIDENの最高傑作。本来であればオフィシャル側が永久保存すべき名作中の名作です。その解説でも触れましたが、ディアノ時代には「3大ライヴ作」が存在しており、特に『COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981』は長尺マルチカメラ・プロショットであり、本編プレスCDでは聴けない曲もカバーする超傑作です。そこで「ライヴアルバムの最高傑作&プロショットの最高傑作」の究極タッグを一挙に楽しんでいただけるよう、特別ボーナス付属決定です!

・Prowler(★)/Charlotte The Harlot(★)/Remember Tomorrow(2テイク)/Transylvania/Running Free/Sanctuary(2テイク)/Phantom Of The Opera/Iron Maiden
・Ides Of March(★)/Wrathchild/Innocent Exile/Killers/Another Life

……と、このようになっています。未放送の「Charlotte The Harlot」「Transylvania」「Running Free」「Killers」がたっぷり。本編プレスCDではオーディエンス録音で補完されていた「Prowler」や開演テープの「Ides Of March」、さらにはこれまで一切のプロショット/サウンドボードが存在しなかった「Charlotte The Harlot」(『THE EARLY DAYS』でもAUDショットでした)まで超極上のマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できるのです。
さらに見逃せないのが「Remember Tomorrow」「Sanctuary」の2曲。放送にも使われたOKテイクに加え、やり直しの別テイクも収録されているのです。しかも、これがただの別テイクじゃない。特に面白いのは「Remember Tomorrow」。最初は快調に演奏しているものの、2分ほどしたところで異音が発生。そのまま機材トラブルで演奏が中止になってしまうのです。このシーンがもう、凄い。局内スタジオ・ライヴとは言え、ブルース・ディッキンソンであればウィリアム・テル序曲の口芸でもやって和ませたでしょうが、ディアノはサクラの客席に向かって「機材がダメになっちまった」と一言説明はするものの、それ以外は完全放置。ステージ袖のスタッフと苦笑いで話し込み、メンバーはヤレヤレといった雰囲気でビールを飲み始めてしまう。つい今し方まで本番さながらの大熱演を繰り広げていたのに、その落差が凄まじく、収録慣れしていない新進気鋭バンドのムードが超リアル。こうしたシーンだけでなく、各曲の曲間も通し撮影されている。編集されたテレビ放送版とはまったく違う映像作品になっているのです。

伝統の公式映像『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW』さえも軽々と超越する「映像の最高傑作」……いや、それ以上。もはや1バンドの次元を超え、NWOBHMの文化遺産であり、音楽ジャンル“ヘヴィメタル”の金字塔となる超極上プロショットです。オフィシャル超えしたサウンドボード・アルバムとプロショット映像編の頂点セット。どうぞ、この機会に思う存分お楽しみください!

1. Ides Of March
2. Prowler
3. Charlotte The Harlot ★初登場
4. Wrathchild
5. Remember Tomorrow #1 ★機材トラブル(初登場)
6. Remember Tomorrow #2
7. Transylvania ★初登場
8. Running Free ★初登場
9. Innocent Exile
10. Sanctuary #1
11. Killers ★初登場
12. Another Life
13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden
15. Sanctuary #2 ★初登場

Paul Di’Anno – Vocals Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Clive Burr – Drums


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