Iron Maiden / Definitive Blaze / 2CD

Iron Maiden / Definitive Blaze / 2CD / Zodiac
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Real Madrid Pavilion, Madrid, Spain 19th May 1998 STEREO SBD


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Han of flame, Blaze Bailey. Also from the fans, “IRON MAIDEN only of the Dark Ages,” “Why Steve Harris chose? Blaze” is he tells them that it is, but the reason for this was precisely to live. And the return was Bruce Dickinson “Blaze is really amazing. I to possibly impossible it is” fire live of that tightening said. The ultimate one that contains the it number one in the quality of stereo sound board is appeared in the press 2CD.
Its presence also in the official from the popular erased tend Blaze era. That’s why, MAIDEN mania of the world, but is not seeking a “alone the best one”, this work is the best answer to meet their expectations. From complete collector defeated listening to all the sound source “Kore each!”‘s The live album, which is praised as the “best of the Blaze Bailey era”.
The identity of this work to the world of collectors to praise, stereo sound board album “May 19, 1998 Madrid performances (Spain)”. Do this work What is why the “best of the Blaze era”. Let’s step-by-step your description.

[Great full sound board] First, prior knowledge. Some of the sound board / professional shot in the Blaze era have been known, but let’s include those of the full recording among them.

And August 29, 1996: Santiago performance (pro-shot)
– August 31, 1996: Buenos Aires performance (pro-shot)
– 1998 May 19, 2011: Madrid performances [this work] – 1998 December 6, 2011: Curitiba performance (pro-shot)
– 1998 December 12: Buenos Aires performance (pro-shot)

There is partial sound board / professional shot to the other, but the full recording Nanoha more than five. Most, but is the South American professional shot, only this work in which is Europe recording, is the only of the a “sound board is not in the video down.” In fact, this work is a different dimension from the air check South America terrific is. Clear is also direct sense of ballistic, vivid even stereo feeling different, which is spread is that there is often mono Chick mass in television broadcasting. At the time, I do not know whether this recording was broadcast, and also a big cheer and large chorus have been ideal mix, brilliantly until spectacle. Only slightly mix equipment noise to vividness pick up clean in the field to, etc. between the song, strictly speaking, but is a little different feeling than the official instead,’s the live album of the definitely “Blaze era number 1”.
In addition, this work is also the best of this recording. The sound source, which has been around for ever, several places digital noise or disturbance (such as part of the phrase is repeated), but I was there, in this time available can master, it was not at all. Exactly what that the “best version of the best recording” this work only.

[Ketteiban of “VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”] Show drawn by the sound is also great. Of the two tours of Blaze era, worldwide the popular person of “VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”. “THE X FACTOUR” also IRON MAIDEN seems to you, but the dark new song and the number of Bruce Dickinson era was a little tough in the Blaze is arranged in schizophrenic feeling, catharsis of live unique it is not good enough. It suppresses the “THE X FACTOR” number to only representative music to, “VIRTUAL XI” number was boldly introduced the “VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR” drama tee sheet rhythm and momentum plenty. Also probably because singable songs has increased Blaze has been lively, it also tune of Dickinson era that stepped on the Bakazu (in its own way) accustomed has become a jerk and hot live.
In addition, wonderful time of the tour. Speaking of classic “VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”, South America professional shot of the tour last stage has been known, however, the present work is the tour early. Here, let’s take a bird’s eye view from the tour Overview.

– April – May: The European leg # 1 (24 performances) ← ★ here ★
· June – August: North American leg (18 performances)
– September – October: the European leg # 2 (36 performances)
– November: Japan tour (4 performances)
– 12 May: South American leg (4 performances)

In this way, this work is equivalent to 17 performances eyes of the beginning, “the European leg # 1”. Playmaker Steve Harris, but says as always “may be more than sufficient 5, 6 performances to get used to the tour”, while just a band of engine warms, tired zero. Only momentum of “the future around the world!” Is overflowing with plenty. As described above, since the other full pro shot just South American tour late, to taste the “burning Blaze era”, the best what this work. As a matter of fact, “Sign Of The Cross” of but not a faultless show because there is a mistake to mistake the lyrics in the middle, there is no mistake seems to miss otherwise in reverse. MAIDEN collector of world What also convinced hot hot live to be referred to as “one of the best performance of the Blaze.”

“THE X FACTOR” in the set list, such as to sum up the “VIRTUAL XI”, full sound board. South America professional shot is probably because too famous, why name recordings have not been little known in Japan. That is the best version. If likened the position of this work to Paul Di’Anno era, hit the top panel of the Japan tour “DEFINITIVE LIVE KILLERS (ZODIAC 163)”. ‘s The much of the live album.
The bottom line of “Why Blaze live is hot to do,” I have become long before you talk about. As it cede to the description of the bonus DVDR, please have this much to push just in case. “To touch on that” that era “is ignored from the official, this work is what crowning unrivaled single” I a. IRON MAIDEN carved a unique shine in history vertex live album “Blaze era”. This weekend, to you your hand to love all of MAIDEN. UP THE IRONS !!

炎の漢、ブレイズ・ベイリー。ファンからも「IRON MAIDEN唯一の暗黒時代」「なぜスティーヴ・ハリスはブレイズを選んだ?」と言われてしまう彼ですが、その理由はライヴにこそあった。復帰したブルース・ディッキンソンをして「ブレイズは本当に凄い。俺には到底ムリだ」と言わしめた炎のライヴ。それをナンバー1クオリティのステレオ・サウンドボードで収めた究極の1本がプレス2CDで登場です。




そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、素晴らしい。ブレイズ時代の2ツアーのうち、世界的に人気が高いのは“VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”の方。“THE X FACTOUR”もIRON MAIDENらしいのですが、ダークな新曲とブレイズには少々厳しかったブルース・ディッキンソン時代のナンバーが分裂症気味に並び、ライヴならではのカタルシスが今ひとつ。それに対して『THE X FACTOR』ナンバーを代表曲だけに抑え、『VIRTUAL XI』ナンバーを大胆に導入した“VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”はドラマティシズムと勢いたっぷり。歌いやすい曲が増えたせいかブレイズもイキイキとしており、場数を踏んだディッキンソン時代の曲も(それなりに)慣れてグッと熱いライヴになっているのです。
また、ツアーの時期も素晴らしい。“VIRTUAL XI WORLD TOUR”の定番と言えば、ツアー末期の南米プロショットが知られていますが、本作はツアー序盤。ここでツアー概要から俯瞰してみましょう。

・4月-5月:欧州レッグ#1(24公演) ←★ココ★

このように、本作は序盤「欧州レッグ#1」の17公演目にあたる。司令塔スティーヴ・ハリスは、常々「ツアーに慣れるには5・6公演もあれば十分」と語っていますが、まさにバンドのエンジンが暖まりつつ、疲れはゼロ。「これから世界を回る!」の勢いだけがたっぷりと溢れ出している。前述の通り、他のフル・プロショットはツアー末期の南米ばかりですから、“燃え上がるブレイズ時代”を味わうには、本作こそがベスト。実のところ、「Sign Of The Cross」の中盤で歌詞を間違えるミスがあるので完全無欠のショウではありませんが、逆にそれ以外にミスらしいミスがない。世界のMAIDENコレクターが「ブレイズのベスト・パフォーマンスの1つ」と呼ぶのも納得の熱い熱いライヴなのです。

『THE X FACTOR』『VIRTUAL XI』を総括するようなセットリストの、フル・サウンドボード。南米プロショットがあまりにも有名なせいか、なぜか日本ではほとんど知られてこなかった名録音。そのベスト・バージョンです。もし本作のポジションをポール・ディアノ時代に喩えるなら、日本公演の頂上盤『DEFINITIVE LIVE KILLERS(ZODIAC 163)』にあたる。それほどのライヴアルバムなのです。
肝心の「なぜブレイズのライヴは熱いのか」をお話する前に長くなってしまいました。それはボーナスDVDRの解説に譲るとして、これだけは念押しさせてください。「オフィシャルからも無視されている“あの時代”に触れるのには、本作こそが無上無類の1本」なのです。IRON MAIDEN史に独特な輝きを刻んだ“ブレイズ時代”の頂点ライヴアルバム。今週末、MAIDENの総てを愛するあなたのお手元へ。UP THE IRONS!!

Disc 1 (63:13)
1. Dance Of The Knights 2. Futureal 3. The Angel And The Gambler 4. Man On The Edge
5. Lightning Strikes Twice 6. Heaven Can Wait 7. The Clansman 8. When Two Worlds Collide
9. Lord Of The Flies 10. 2 Minutes To Midnight 11. The Educated Fool

Disc 2 (67:24)
1. Sign Of The Cross 2. Hallowed Be Thy Name 3. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 4. The Evil That Men Do
5. The Clairvoyant 6. Fear Of The Dark 7. Iron Maiden 8. The Number Of The Beast
9. The Trooper 10. Sanctuary 11. Outro.

Blaze Bayley – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Janick Gers – Guitar
Nicko McBrain – Drums



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