Iron Maiden / Beast Over Palladium / 1CD

Iron Maiden / Beast Over Palladium / 1CD / Zodiac

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The Palladium, New York City, NY. USA 29th June 1982 STEREO SBD


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IRON MAIDEN history, Ie the most common of its outstanding large classic …, is the emergence in the stereo sound board is the master quality of “the most classic”! That is the “highest standard”, “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” “Palladium concert June 29, 1982” of. At the time, the radio broadcast, from the official in 2002 to “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH” and “BBC ARCHIVES” is released, is a sound board sound source that has loved as “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” largest and best sound.
In fact, the quality, the popularity has already issued a group that has been countless release speak for themselves. Try a little like a …… “LAY DOWN & DIE GOODBYE”, “LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM” “THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD”, “NEW YORK PALLADIUM” “666 1/2”, “THE PRISONER” “WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS FOR? “” LIVE USA “,” CONCERT OF THE BEAST, “” THE BEAST WITHIN “” WE’RE GONNA GET YOU, “” THE PALLADIUM ’82 “and so on and so on. I think in two 1 luster of familiar-sounding title is mixed. But not all, even this, crowded boot leg record number of its outstanding of IRON MAIDEN, I literally of “the most classic”.
I final form of such Palladium performances had finally appeared. The identity of this work, unearthed recently the Palladium performances of pre-broadcast master. Such as recording the number of songs and blues MC to the beeps of suffer, but editing itself is the same as the broadcast, if not also in the air check, not even a cause transcription discs. Demoto has been kept secret, but as has been digitized from the master tape to make the broadcast master. In fact, this work is “Running Free”, “Prowler” of its outstanding and also show the middle of “22 Acacia Avenue”, “Another Life,” “Transylvania” and the second encore’s the unreleased, opening of “Murders In The Rue Morgue “intro few bars longer than the broadcast, not even a blank fade to cut the CM was the fate until now. As a result, it has become about one minute longer than Sundehatsugun.
However, mere 1 minute. Such a small difference is not only a master of the evidence, is the sound it more of shock and serious to. It has many of its outstanding was the sound was the blurring of the air check, overseas LP board, which has been the highest sound quality until now “LAY DOWN & DIE GOODBYE” and, in order to give a scratch noise and powerful also in the LP raised CD mastering of it has been decorated. However, the sound of this work is the rich, smooth, natural to much to much than that. This is another, surely official album “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH” and “BBC ARCHIVES” the same level. No, rather a natural sound is more than the official board (with 2002, official board has been released is also a time sound pressure competition was intense, “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH”, “BBC ARCHIVES” also eating the hype). Exactly, you sound itself of the master tape is me tell certainly “sound of 1982” while delicate.
Live was revived in such ultimate sound, this is also great performance in a great performance. To begin with, Palladium concert performance also not obtained become what “most classic” because the great, and praise of “My favorite show”, “No.1 performance” is a gift from all over the world today of mania. That should be it, “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” is, Bruce Dickinson’s own immediately after the subscription, as well as the band side of the spirit that comes into large gamble to change the front man is also amazing. Moreover, this work is of a single performance of one of the few American. America for the UK band, enemy territory to be conquered. Although the spirit is is always Minagi’, North America tour is mostly at this time RAINBOW, 38 SPECIAL, SCORPIONS, band undercard of such as JUDAS PRIEST. During indeed 106 performances, alone performance was not only seven times. In other words, the present work is the highlight of the American invasion. It is also, I was a big best went to the radio recording. The result is, of course, total victory! Not only was allowed to hit the whole body of Itsusaku “magic of the engraved”, superb in the following year of the “WORLD PIECE TOUR 1983”, it was also won until the US tour at the head line. ‘re Stuck in this work, we of such “live decided the fate”.

“BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH” Hammersmith performances faces the recording trying to video work, matches and Reading Festival 1982, which was also the home country the United Kingdom of the Arc de “BBC ARCHIVES”. These official work is an ultra-name record of indeed great performance. However, that and in this work should be called the United States, eds., Rather than taste the success that was achieved, have clogged hardball of burning challenger. In the large most of changing the fate of IRON MAIDEN, of great performance, which continued to be loved by a long history of great performance. World’s most popular “most classic”, the quality world “supreme board” serving live album. Here, is the emergence of imposing!


IRON MAIDEN史上、もっとも既発の多い大定番……いえ、“最定番”のステレオ・サウンドボードがマスター・クオリティで登場です! その“最定番”とは、“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”の「1982年6月29日パラディウム公演」。当時、ラジオ放送され、2002年にオフィシャルから『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』や『BBC ARCHIVES』がリリースされるまで、“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”最大・最高サウンドとして愛されてきたサウンドボード音源です。
実際、そのクオリティ、人気ぶりは無数にリリースされてきた既発群が物語っている。ちょっと挙げてみますと……『LAY DOWN & DIE GOODBYE』『LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM』『THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD』『NEW YORK PALLADIUM』『666 1/2』『THE PRISONER』『WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS FOR?』『LIVE USA』『CONCERT OF THE BEAST』『THE BEAST WITHIN』『WE’RE GONNA GET YOU』『THE PALLADIUM ’82』等々など。聞き覚えのあるタイトルの1つや2つは混じっているのではないでしょうか。これでも全部ではなく、IRON MAIDENのブートレッグ史上最多の既発ひしめく、文字通りの“最定番”なのです。
そんなパラディウム公演の最終形が遂に登場してしまったのです。本作の正体は、最近になって発掘されたパラディウム公演のプレ放送マスター。収録曲数やブルースのMCにピー音が被るなど、編集自体は放送と同じですが、エアチェックでもなければ、トランスクリプション・ディスク起こしですらない。出元は秘匿されていますが、放送原盤を作るためのマスターテープからデジタル化されているようです。実際、本作は既発と同じくショウ中盤の「22 Acacia Avenue」「Another Life」「Transylvania」やセカンドアンコールの「Running Free」「Prowler」が未収録なのですが、オープニングの「Murders In The Rue Morgue」イントロが放送よりも数小節長く、今まで宿命だったCMをカットするためのフェイドの空白もない。その結果、既発群よりも1分ほど長くなっているのです。
しかし、たかが1分。そうした細かな違いはマスターの証拠に過ぎず、それ以上に衝撃かつ重大なのはサウンドです。多くの既発がエアチェックのボケたサウンドでしたし、今まで最高音質とされてきた海外LP盤『LAY DOWN & DIE GOODBYE』や、そのLP起こしCDにしてもスクラッチ・ノイズや迫力を出すためのマスタリングが施されていた。しかし、本作のサウンドは、それよりも遙かに遙かに豊か・滑らか・ナチュラルなのです。これはもう、確実にオフィシャル盤『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』や『BBC ARCHIVES』と同レベル。いや、むしろ自然な鳴りはオフィシャル盤以上です(公式盤がリリースされた2002年は音圧競争が激しかった時期でもあり、『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』『BBC ARCHIVES』もその煽りを食っています)。まさに、マスター・テープのサウンドそのものが繊細ながらも確かに“1982年の音”を伝えてくれるのです。
そんな究極サウンドで蘇ったライヴは、これがまた名演中の名演。そもそも、パラディウム公演は演奏も素晴らしいからこそ“最定番”となり得たわけで、現在でも世界中のマニアから「My favorite show」「No.1 performance」の賞賛が贈られている。それもそのはず、“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”は、加入直後のブルース・ディッキンソン自身はもとより、フロントマンを変える大博打に出たバンド側の気迫も凄い。しかも、本作は数少ないアメリカでの単独公演なのです。英国バンドにとってアメリカは、征服すべき敵地。その気迫は常にみなぎってはいるものの、このときの北米ツアーはそのほとんどがRAINBOW、38 SPECIAL、SCORPIONS、JUDAS PRIESTといったバンドの前座。実に106公演中、単独公演は7回しかありませんでした。つまり、本作はアメリカ侵攻のハイライト。それも、ラジオ収録まで入った大一番だったのです。その結果は、もちろん完全勝利! 渾身の一作『魔力の刻印』をヒットさせたばかりか、翌年の“WORLD PIECE TOUR 1983”では見事、ヘッドラインでの全米ツアーまでも勝ち取った。本作に詰まっているのは、そんな“運命を決めたライヴ”なのです。

ビデオ作品にしようと収録に臨んだハマースミス公演の『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』、母国イギリスの凱旋でもあったレディング・フェスティバル 1982を収めた『BBC ARCHIVES』。こうしたオフィシャル作品は、確かに名演の超名盤です。しかし、そのアメリカ編とも言うべき本作には、成し遂げた成功を味わうのではなく、燃える挑戦者の真剣勝負がつまっている。IRON MAIDENの運命を変えた大一番にして、長い歴史で愛され続けた名演の名演。世界一人気のある“最定番”の、世界一品質の“至高盤”たるライヴアルバム。ここに、堂々の登場です!

1. Murders In The Rue Morgue 2. Wrathchild 3. Run To The Hills 4. Children Of The Damned
5. The Number Of The Beast 6. The Prisoner 7. Hallowed Be Thy Name 8. Phantom Of The Opera
9. Iron Maiden 10. Sanctuary 11. Drifter

Bruce Dickinson – Lead Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Clive Burr – Drums



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