Iron Maiden / Budokan 1987 / 2CD

Iron Maiden / Budokan 1987 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th May 1987


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A special night in Japan history of IRON MAIDEN is appeared masterpiece of matches in the first appearance of the finest master! That became the stage of the “special night” is, Kano Budokan. So, this work is the live album that was recorded, “May 13, 1987,” they stood for the first time on the stage of the Budokan.
JUDAS PRIEST and matchless people some of the image but is IRON MAIDEN, unlike PRIEST, the Budokan is far edge. From the first visit to Japan in 1981 up to now, 71 performances in 35 years with 13 times Japan Tour have also been carried out in spite of the (except for the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake), Budokan performances only twice. Only in 1987 and 2006. So, they are and say that there are no feelings in Budokan, without roughness to be. After even in this work of “Stranger In The Strange Land”, but Bruce Dickinson will say a few words of gratitude to honor that can be played by traditional venue, the backstage of 2006, Adrian Smith asked frequently the history of the Budokan, even when this year’s visit to Japan himself Steve Harris “Budokan is that? I was not vacant” likely to have been questions and. Despite only twice, “Japan = Budokan” is rooted in their deep. If it were contained in this work is the first Budokan performance for IRON MAIDEN. In their minds, it is the night that you burned an octagonal space.
This work was achieved such a monumental live is, that turned into the CD first appearance master cassette that has been sucking the air of Budokan directly to direct. Person of avid enthusiasts might your stores “BEYOND TIME TO GO”, but with it is a completely different record. Record who this work was recorded, the virtuoso in virtuoso representative of Japan. I who was come to the super masterpiece of all artists in mono, especially there is a strong image to the people of metal fans, DIO only Budokan “DRAGON HEAD (Shades 230)” and the dissolution performance of WHITESNAKE “FINAL JUDGEMENT What (Shades 230) “. Both while feel with plenty of unique Budokan atmosphere, super-masterpiece that was bestowed the enthusiastic support in the clear be at an end sound. It works in the same recording artist with that masterpiece us!
Mirror of the sound is exactly the audience recording. Freshness using the original cassette to Direct, to fresh as if there was no like in 29 years time, roar the core of bold musical tone, the contour of each instrument is also beautifully, extending straight an octagonal space. As a direct feeling and beauty, “BEYOND TIME TO GO” to say you do and ……… that surpasses lightly lightly, it does not become a comparison with all. Here, I would like you do not think “would not make sense even above than Shobo have title.” “BEYOND TIME TO GO” is not a recording of the sides, name recordings have attracted the praise of “the 1987 Japan tour Best” from enthusiasts around the world. Japan Tour of this year was a total of seven performances, but it was the apex. In other words, this work’s the one that jumped over at once (much crab!) Vertices was not the thing to be over 29 years.
In fact, the sound is downright beautiful. Geometric drumming and gallop base is assembled the skeleton of the music, there to a twin-guitar is sharp and also cut beautifully. As the most comprehensive singing without mingled Bruce Dickinson …… one one of the musical instrument world, portrays the ensemble of orthodox IRON MAIDEN. The most recent is also is in vivid until the 1 sound 1 sound. That’s what seems exhilarating to a particle of glossy sound of synth size de guitar. The largest drawback, epic “Rime Of The Ancient Mariner” middle in that there is a cut of tape change about 9 seconds in the sole of this recording. Where there is was connected by a little sense of distance “BEYOND TIME TO GO” recording, a blessing in disguise (?) As well, that part is to produce a mood in the narrative and the base of the arpeggio. Because it was part that does not require a direct feeling of the musical tone, a sense of discomfort was also able to finish where you can enjoy a show full length to a minimum.
The world of the pictured “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1987” in such a quality is a rarity. This (did not you also doing reprint Tour) listen not only in the tour from “Caught Somewhere In Time”, as another dizzy is. At that time, but is divided the pros and cons and did you do do it synth size de guitar “SOMEWHERE IN TIME”, adequacy of the music, the density of the classic is one of the best in the entire album. And “Stranger In The Strange Land,” “Wasted Years,” “Heaven Can Wait”, color of Adrian and Harris also vivid masterpieces group is fed out one after another, guitar solo number you Fichua the twin of harmony “Walking On Glass” is also, this tour unique. Even thriving MAIDEN’s official archive, we name recording from all over the world only to the tour to experience the official live album is crowded, but the Japan tour in the sound that jumped to the top rank to listen among them.

Carved golden shining in the United States of the Long Beach Arena “LIVE AFTER DEATH”, “MAIDEN ENGLAND” the glory that was triumphant return to the home country the United Kingdom of the Birmingham NEC. For it was sandwiched between two of the official large masterpiece, not even official archives “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986/1987”. However, there is “Caught Somewhere In Time” is, “Stranger In The Strange Land” is, there is a “Walking On Glass”. Is this there was a glow of masterpieces, great performance group that does not taste only when. In order to taste it is, one which is whether the strongest is. Mania around the world is the proposition to pursue forever. Such as also in our shop “CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN LEICESTER (Langley Deluxe 022),” “CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN MILWAUKEE (Zodiac 104),” “CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN CHICAGO (Zodiac 105)” and so on, but the masterpiece group of the world we have been delivered, finally from my Japan, the quality of the recording on a par from the tradition of the Budokan has been excavated.
‘ve Been fallen into a myriad of MAIDEN fan mania road “SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986/1987”. And to the Japan representative works, world-class name recording, it is finally all the world premiere! By the world, the one-time MAIDEN IN JAPAN now, Katsumoku Seyo’ !! to the underlying strength of LIVE AT BUDOKAN


IRON MAIDENの来日史上でも特別な一夜を初登場の極上マスターで収めた傑作が登場です! その“特別な一夜”の舞台となったのは、かの武道館。そう、本作は彼らが初めて武道館のステージに立った「1987年5月13日」を記録したライヴアルバムなのです。
JUDAS PRIESTと双璧イメージのあるIRON MAIDENですが、PRIESTとは異なり、武道館とは縁が遠い。1981年の初来日から現在まで、35年間に13回日本ツアーで71公演も行ってきた(東日本大震災の2011年を除く)にも関わらず、武道館公演はたった2回。1987年と2006年だけです。では、彼らは武道館に思い入れがないかというと、さにあらず。本作でも「Stranger In The Strange Land」の後、ブルース・ディッキンソンが伝統会場で演奏できる栄誉に感謝の言葉を述べますが、2006年のバックステージでは、エイドリアン・スミスが武道館の歴史をしきりに訊ね、今年の来日の際にもスティーヴ・ハリス自ら「武道館は空いてなかったの?」と質問してきたそう。たった2回にも関わらず、彼らの奥底に「日本=武道館」が根付いている。本作に収められているのは、IRON MAIDENにとって初の武道館公演。彼らの心に、八角形の空間を焼き付けた夜なのです。
そんな記念碑ライヴを収めた本作は、武道館の空気を直接吸ってきた初登場マスター・カセットをダイレクトにCD化したもの。熱心なマニアの方は『BEYOND TIME TO GO』をご記憶かも知れませんが、あれとはまったくの別録音です。本作を記録した録音家は、日本を代表する名手中の名手。あらゆるアーティストの超傑作をモノにしてこられた方ですが、特にメタル・ファンの方々に強烈なイメージがあるのは、DIO唯一の武道館『DRAGON HEAD(Shades 230)』やWHITESNAKEの解散公演『FINAL JUDGEMENT(Shades 230)』でしょうか。どちらも独特な武道館の雰囲気をたっぷりと感じさせつつ、クリア極まるサウンドで熱狂的な支持を賜った超傑作。あの名作たちと同じ録音家の作品なのです!
そのサウンドは、まさにオーディエンス録音の鏡。オリジナル・カセットをダイレクトに使用した鮮度は、まるで29年の時間がなかったかのように新鮮ですし、図太い楽音の芯が轟き、各楽器の輪郭も美しく、八角形の空間を真っ直ぐに伸びる。そのダイレクト感と美しさは、『BEYOND TIME TO GO』を軽く軽く凌駕している………と言いますか、まったくもって比較になりません。ここで「ショボいタイトルより上でも意味ないだろ」とは思わないでいただきたい。『BEYOND TIME TO GO』はその辺の録音ではなく、世界中のマニアから“1987年の日本公演ベスト”の賞賛を集めていた名録音。この年のジャパンツアーは全7公演でしたが、その頂点だった。つまり、本作は29年超えられる事のなかった頂点を一気に(遙かに!)飛び越えた1本なのです。
実際、そのサウンドはなんとも美しい。幾何学的なドラミングとギャロップ・ベースが楽曲の骨格を組み上げ、そこにツイン・ギターが鋭くも美しく切り込む。その世界を縦横無尽に歌い上げるブルース・ディッキンソン……1つひとつの楽器が混じり合うことなく、正調IRON MAIDENのアンサンブルを描き出している。その1音1音までもがビビッドで直近。それこそ、シンセサイズド・ギターの艶やかな音の粒まで浮き立つようです。この録音の唯一にして最大の欠点は、大作「Rime Of The Ancient Mariner」の中盤で9秒ほどテープチェンジのカットがあること。そこはやや距離感のある『BEYOND TIME TO GO』録音で繋ぎましたが、不幸中の幸い(?)にも、そのパートは語りとベースのアルペジオでムードを演出する箇所。楽音のダイレクト感を必要としないパートでしたので、違和感も最小限にショウ全編をお楽しみいただける仕上がりにできました。
そんなクオリティで描かれる“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1987”の世界は絶品です。このツアーでしか聴けない(復刻ツアーでもやってくれなかった)「Caught Somewhere In Time」からして、もう目眩がするよう。当時は、やれシンセサイズド・ギターがどうしたと賛否を分けた『SOMEWHERE IN TIME』ですが、楽曲の充実度、名曲の密度は全アルバムでも屈指。「Stranger In The Strange Land」「Wasted Years」「Heaven Can Wait」と、エイドリアンとハリスのカラーも鮮やかな名曲群が次々と繰り出され、ツインのハーモニーをフィーチュアしたギターソロ・ナンバー「Walking On Glass」も、このツアーならでは。公式アーカイヴの盛んなMAIDENでも、オフィシャル・ライヴ盤では味わえないツアーだけに世界中から名録音がひしめいていますが、その中でもトップランクに躍り出たサウンドで日本公演が聴けるのです。

アメリカのロングビーチ・アリーナで輝く全盛を刻んだ『LIVE AFTER DEATH』、母国イギリスのバーミンガムNECに凱旋した栄光の『MAIDEN ENGLAND』。2つのオフィシャル大傑作に挟まれたがために、公式アーカイヴすらされていない“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986/1987”。しかし、そこには「Caught Somewhere In Time」が、「Stranger In The Strange Land」が、「Walking On Glass」があった。この時にしか味わえない名曲・名演群の輝きがあったのです。それを味わうためには、どの1枚が最強なのか。世界中のマニアが永遠に追い求める命題です。当店でも『CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN LEICESTER(Langley Deluxe 022)』『CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN MILWAUKEE(Zodiac 104)』『CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN CHICAGO(Zodiac 105)』等々など、世界の傑作群をお届けして参りましたが、ついに我が日本から、伝統の武道館から並ぶクオリティの録音が発掘されました。
無数のMAIDENファンをマニア道へと堕としてきた“SOMEWHERE ON TOUR 1986/1987”。その日本代表作にして、世界に誇る名録音、ついに全世界初公開です! 世界よ、今一度MAIDEN IN JAPANの、LIVE AT BUDOKANの底力に刮目せよッ!!

Disc 1 (63:37)
1. Theme From Blade Runner 2. Caught Somewhere In Time 3. 2 Minutes To Midnight 4. Wrathchild
5. Children Of The Damned 6. Stranger In The Strange Land 7. Wasted Years
8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 9. Walking On Glass 10. Heaven Can Wait

Disc 2 (47:14)
1. Phantom Of The Opera 2. Hallowed Be Thy Name 3. Iron Maiden 4. The Number Of The Beast
5. Run To The Hills 6. Member Introduction 7. Running Free 8. Sanctuary


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