Iron Maiden / Complete Hammersmith 1982 / 1DVDR

Iron Maiden / Complete Hammersmith 1982 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 20th March 1982 PRO-SHOT


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“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” number 1 of the audience album “DEFINITIVE OXFORD 1982” is a very stately super masterpiece of the new champion. In the bonus, will gift you a masterpiece video where you can enjoy a full show of the same “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982” in the pro-shot & Sound board.
This work is the full version of “THE EARLY DAYS” has been official of any “1982 March 20, Hammersmith performances”. It is why was something Kyoki boisterous dance is when the pro-shot, which is known from the video age old is finally official DVD of it, what is seen and I opened the lid was only about half the 9 songs. This work is the full version of overseas mania that could not be put up with such incomplete combustion was raised created by making full use of the material in existence.
And “existing material” is, “THE EARLY DAYS” in the other, the documentary film “12 WASTED YEARS”, VHS bootlegs, it CD “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH”. This work is the basic nine songs of “THE EARLY DAYS”, “12 WASTED YEARS” and VHS that pieced together the four songs worth of boot. It still not enough, “Another Life,” “Killers,” “Transylvania / Guitar Solo,” “Phantom Of The Opera”, “Prowler” is to reproduce the full show covered with a perfect sound board of the CD “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH” to a still image (As an aside, why official is I guess you leave the limited Edition ultra-name album “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH.” exactly, is the outrageous story).
Pro-shot mania was raised created painstakingly and to do so, just thrilled. Especially nice is, part of the VHS bootlegs. Of course, “THE EARLY DAYS”, “12 WASTED YEARS” is the part of the official quality but is not far short, once young Gene master is happy to much than those who had been around in Japan! In addition, happy also thoughtfulness sandwiching finely also encore waiting for the scene, is exactly what has finished in the modern highest possible of the video.
To begin with, while this Hammersmith performances are taken for the release, which released for the screen has become darker in the mistake of engineers had been shelved. Soredakeni, the video I wanted to watch as is a fan of old likely come out the eyes from the throat. Reached the Bruce Dickinson “magic of the stamp” it is, I always had strong appeal the nascent IRON MAIDEN, it was the same in live. Although it up was the order of the staff suffered your face of the death mask and Eddie spit smoke, in this “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”, red Satan and Charlotte Miss like character of an increasing number, the last in the “Iron Maiden” huge stilts Eddie is first appearance! For the first time more than Eddie is a man, it was also the tour leading to the current style was born. While remaining smell of NWOBHM is plenty to play, I figure of the moment broke eat the frame is plenty to watch.

It becomes a major turning point of IRON MAIDEN, handed down along with the historical name record “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”. The main press 2CD can taste the full show at the apex audience, this work was spelled on a pro shot and sound board. This good-value set to collect at once the representative to 2 large vertex record the tour. By all means, please relish plenty together!

“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”ナンバー1のオーディエンス・アルバム『DEFINITIVE OXFORD 1982』は、まさに新王者の風格漂う超傑作です。そのボーナスには、同じ“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”のフルショウをプロショット&サウンドボードで楽しめる傑作映像をお贈りします。
本作は、『THE EARLY DAYS』でもオフィシャル化された「1982年3月20日ハマースミス公演」の完全版です。古くビデオ時代から知られるプロショットがついにオフィシャルDVD化された際には驚喜乱舞ものだったわけですが、ふたを開けてみると観られるのは約半分の9曲だけでした。本作は、そんな不完全燃焼に我慢できなかった海外マニアが現存する素材を駆使して創り上げた完全版なのです。
「現存する素材」とは、『THE EARLY DAYS』の他、ドキュメンタリー作品『12 WASTED YEARS』、VHSブートレッグ、それにCD『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』。本作は『THE EARLY DAYS』の9曲を基本に、『12 WASTED YEARS』やVHSブートの4曲分をつなぎ合わせたもの。それでも足りない「Another Life」「Killers」「Transylvania / Guitar Solo」「Phantom Of The Opera」「Prowler」は静止画にCD『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』のパーフェクト・サウンドボードを被せてフルショウを再現しています(余談ですが、なぜオフィシャルは超名盤『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』を限定盤のままにしておくんでしょうね。まったく、けしからん話です)。
そうまでしてマニアが苦心して創り上げたプロショットは、まさに感激。特に素晴らしいのは、VHSブートレッグのパート。もちろん、『THE EARLY DAYS』『12 WASTED YEARS』パートのオフィシャル・クオリティには遠く及ばないわけですが、かつて日本で出回っていたものより遙かにジェネの若いマスターが嬉しい! しかも、アンコール待ちのシーンにも細かく挟み込む心遣いも嬉しく、まさに現代可能な最高の映像に仕上がっているのです。
そもそも、このハマースミス公演はリリース用に撮影されつつ、エンジニアのミスで画面が暗めになってしまったために発売が見送られてしまったもの。それだけに、古くからのファンにはノドから目が出てきそうなほど観たかった映像。ブルース・ディッキンソンを迎えた『魔力の刻印』は、新生IRON MAIDENを強烈にアピールしていたわけですが、それはライヴでも同じだった。それまでは煙を吐くデスマスクやエディのお面を被ったスタッフ程度だったものの、この“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”では、赤いサタンやシャーロット嬢等のキャラクターも増え、「Iron Maiden」ではついに巨大な竹馬エディが初登場! 初めてエディが人間を超え、現在に繋がるスタイルが誕生したツアーでもありました。演奏にはNWOBHMの匂いがたっぷりと残りながら、その枠を食い破った刹那の姿がたっぷりと観られるのです。

IRON MAIDENの一大転機となり、歴史的名盤と共に語り継がれる“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”。そのフルショウを頂点オーディエンスで味わえる本編プレス2CDに、プロショット&サウンドボードで綴った本作。ツアーを代表する2大頂点記録を一挙にコレクトするお得セットです。ぜひ、併せてたっぷりとご賞味ください!

1. Murders In The Rue Morgue 2. Wrathchild 3. Run To The Hills 4. Children Of The Damned
5. The Number Of The Beast 6. Another Life 7. Killers 8. 22 Acacia Avenue 9. Total Eclipse
10. Transylvania 11. Guitar Solo (Dave Murray) 12. The Prisoner 13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Phantom Of The Opera 15. Iron Maiden 16. Sanctuary 17. Drifter 18. Running Free
19. Prowler


Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums


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