Iron Maiden / European Killers 1981 /1DVDR

Iron Maiden / European Killers 1981 /1DVDR /Non Label

Beat Club Bremen, Germany 29th April 1981 /Rolling Stones Milan, Italy 30th March 1981.


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Main press 2CD “RAINBOW THEATRE 1980 FINAL” is one of the best to listen to live, which is also the official video in full show. In the bonus, but pro-shot of the current day’s the top, “THE HISTORY OF IRON MAIDEN PART 1:? THE EARLY DAYS” it can not be helped even with the official DVD of the video already in. So, let me enjoy plenty of two shows worth your best version of the professional shot is leaking even its “THE EARLY DAYS”!
TV broadcast video of the “March 30, 1981 in Milan” and “Bremen April 29, 1981” what is recorded in this work. It is famous for the video to be known for a long time, but it is the highest quality version. The first appeared in “Bremen April 29, 1981”. Although the time-series is the reverse, after all quality is not a odd, it was placed first. Its image quality and sound quality is just superb. Color is also bright, white line noise one connected super beautiful image is spread to fill the screen. The more regrettable that was recorded leakage “THE EARLY DAYS”. Sound is also a perfect sound board. In the studio, live at the time of the German TV show “BEATCLUB” appearance, compared to the usual concert live although it is not short of unbridled explosive force, the minute, hot air, which is concentrated in a small studio terrible! And welcomed Adrian Smith, in addition to power and speed, until the dense that does not collapse even if Bakusou also got “final form of initial MAIDEN” really great. Since the quality and performance in the I official has been cut in the “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW”, “Prowler”, “Innocent Exile”, “Sanctuary,” “Another Life” is seen, it is treasure video being no more Okara.
It continues, about one month before the broadcast video of “Milan March 30, 1981”. Compared to BEATCLUB it is located in one rank fall image quality / sound quality, but here also the current best version. To say that the “fall”, is like looking for members on the other side of noise and distortion (never!) But it is quite of quality goods as the early 80’s of the excavation video. Rather, was vintage feeling full of type, but is projected audience of spectators Komu collapse snow along with the doors open at the beginning, to figure rushing as expectations that can not be holding overflows, it comes through MAIDEN popular terrific of the time. Seats to be displayed between the song, cheers to be put on the play also, realistic era sensation 34 years ago is plenty.
So, this work is quality what does not come true in Bremen, explosive force of a normal concert, which was in front of the fans are great! Dave Murray Hedoban one large difference !! originally a very narrow TV studio, they are breathing, I play performance on stage that life is the best.
As with the BEAT CLUB, even here, “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” has been cut in “Another Life,” “Innocent Exile” but will be watched, further “Running Free,” “Drifter” down pat. “Killers” is the difference it was provisional lyrics “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW”, it has been sung in the finished version of the album. That it had but also exaggerate, “do I have to change the lyrics for and for the live album” of Diano at the time, it is why there is no such a thing of course.

Diano era of the video is quite small, such as “Remember Tomorrow” of “THE EARLY DAYS” in addition ROCK & POP, not only those of chopped, there is no audience video. Coherent professional shot is about two performances of this work. For the full version live album serving as main press 2CD “RAINBOW THEATRE 1980 FINAL” official video, pro-shot this film that official has failed to archive. Please enjoy to fully a live set of to complement the official “First of all this,”!

本編プレス2CD「RAINBOW THEATRE 1980 FINAL」は、オフィシャル映像にもなったライヴをフルショウで聴ける極上の1枚です。そのボーナスには、当日のプロショットがイチバンなのですが、「THE HISTORY OF IRON MAIDEN ? PART 1: THE EARLY DAYS」で公式DVD化済みの映像を付けても仕方がない。そこで、その「THE EARLY DAYS」でも漏れているプロショットの最高バージョンをたっぷり2公演分お楽しみいただきましょう!
本作に収録されているのは「1981年3月30日ミラノ」と「1981年4月29日ブレーメン」のテレビ放送映像。古くから知られる有名映像ですが、その最高クオリティ・バージョンです。最初に登場するのは「1981年4月29日ブレーメン」。時系列的には逆ですが、なにしろクオリティがハンパではないので、最初に配置しました。その画質・音質はまさに極上。発色も鮮やかに、白線ノイズ1つない超美麗映像が画面いっぱいに広がる。「THE EARLY DAYS」に収録漏れしたのが惜しいほど。サウンドもパーフェクトなサウンドボードです。ドイツのテレビ番組“BEATCLUB”出演時のスタジオ・ライヴで、普通のコンサートライヴに比べると奔放な爆発力には及ばないものの、その分、狭いスタジオに濃縮された熱気がもの凄い! エイドリアン・スミスを迎え、パワー&スピードに加え、爆走しても崩れない緻密さまでも手に入れた“初期MAIDENの完成形”は本当に素晴らしい。そのクオリティ&パフォーマンスでオフィシャル「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW」ではカットされた「Prowler」「Innocent Exile」「Sanctuary」「Another Life」が観られるのですから、これ以上ないおから中のお宝映像です。
そう、本作はクオリティこそブレーメンには叶いませんが、ファンを目の前にした通常コンサートの爆発力が素晴らしい! デイヴ・マーレイのヘドバン1つとっても狭いテレビスタジオとは大違い!! 本来、彼らが呼吸し、生活するステージでの弾けるパフォーマンスが最高なのです。
BEAT CLUBと同じように、こちらでも「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW」でカットされた「Another Life」「Innocent Exile」が観られますが、さらに「Running Free」「Drifter」もばっちり。「Killers」は仮歌詞だった「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW」とは違い、アルバムの完成版で歌われています。当時のディアノは「ライヴ用とアルバム用で歌詞を変えてるんだ」と嘯くこともあったものの、当然ながらそんなことはないわけです。

ディアノ時代の映像はかなり少なく、「THE EARLY DAYS」以外にはROCK & POPの「Remember Tomorrow」など、細切れのものしかなく、オーディエンス映像もない。まとまったプロショットは本作の2公演くらいです。オフィシャル映像の完全版ライヴアルバムたる本編プレス2CD「RAINBOW THEATRE 1980 FINAL」に対し、本作はオフィシャルがアーカイヴし損ねているプロショット。公式を補完する“まずはコレ”のライヴセットを存分にお楽しみください!

Live at Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 29th April 1981

1. The Ides Of March 2. Prowler 3. Phantom Of The Opera 4. Iron Maiden 5. Wrathchild
6. Innocent Exile 7. Sanctuary 8. Another Life

Live at Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 30th March 1981

1. The Ides Of March 2. Another Life 3. Killers 4. Innocent Exile 5. Running Free
6. Transylvania 7. Dave Murray Guitar Solo 8. Drifter

Paul Di’anno – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums


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