Iron Maiden / Complete Beat Club 1981 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Iron Maiden / Complete Beat Club 1981 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated text:

Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 22nd January 1981 plus Bonus DVDR ‘Milan 1981 And More’ PRO-SHOT

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IRON MAIDEN Historical …… No, it was a big impact shocking the music genre “Heavy Metal” “COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981”. The longest and highest peak in the Paul Diano era Multi-camera Pro shot and that super masterpiece that shook the metal people all over the world is a permanent preservation press DVD decision!

【Impact image greatly updating No.1 of Diano era】
“COMPLETE BEAT – CLUB 1981” is the ultimate video title that recorded a big hit that will be released gifts the other day. It is the best professional shot of West German specialty television program “BEAT – CLUB” shot at “Bremen January 22, 1981”. This program is also famous for various bands / artists left a masterpiece image, IRON MAIDEN edition also has become a large number of air check · boot. However, this work differs fundamentally from such preexisting group. Most recently unearthed unedited edition master, the scene that was performed on the day was recorded for more than an hour regardless of the program frame of about 30 minutes. The masterpieces that were not seen in the broadcast are first released, and the quality is also the first class. Its concentration and volume surpassed the traditional official work “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” lightly, and it was the No.1 picture of the Diano era without complaint.
The impact is now running around the world at this moment, but this work is one piece that permanently preserves the best image of the century. It is a big decision board which is contained in the press DVD. Before talking about the details of the impact in detail, first of all, the position of the show. Let’s look back on the flow from Adrian Smith’s participation to Diano withdrawal here.

● 1980
“November: Dennis withdrawal → Adrian subscription”
· November 21 – December 21: UK (13 performances)
● 1981
· January 22: BEAT-CLUB appearance ← ★ Coco ★
“February 2” KILLERS “release”
· February 17 – April 29: Europe # 1 (64 shows)
· May 21 – May 24: Japan (5 shows)
· June 3 – August 4: North America (42 performances)
· August 15 – September 10: Europe # 2 (13 performances)
“October: Withdrawal from pole -> Bruce subscription”

This is an overview of “Diano / Adrian” era. So far “BEAT – CLUB” has been known as “April 29”, probably this is a broadcasting day. This time, it turned out that the recording was January just before the release of “KILLERS”. This was the first live in 1981, it was “next” of “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” which was also the last stage of 1980.

【Super rare songs and super realistic troubles are also included completely】
Contents engraved on such new excavation master are just a series of shocks. What is amazing more than anything else is the unscheduled performance scene. Four songs “Charlotte The Harlot” “Transylvania” “Running Free” “Killers” are completely new appearance, and “Remember Tomorrow” “Sanctuary” also includes a takeover that became a part in addition to the OK take broadcasted I am doing it. “Charlotte The Harlot” and “Running Free” are two numbers that were not seen even in the official “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW”, and in particular “Charlotte The Harlot” has never had any professional shot / soundboard A very rare song (“THE EARLY DAYS” was also an AUD shot). It is a treasure picture of treasure inside.
It was a shock that even such a treasure was gazing, Remake Tomorrow “Remember Tomorrow # 1”. At first, the performance starts comfortably, but an abnormal sound is generated from the microphone of Diano after about two minutes. The performance will be canceled as it is. This scene is terribly fresh and raw. Although it is a concert style that the audience also entered the station studio, it is really cherry blossoms. While Diano explained a word that “the equipment has become useless”, it has an atmosphere in which she has no connection between places. Every member also smiled as much as to say “I’m sorry” “Beauty” with a beer and Diano is talking to the staff on the stage sleeve. Although this work has vividness of uncut unedited even between songs, this scene is unprecedented. It is completely different from a concert filled with excited fans, “The scene of TV recording” is reflected in realism.
Although it is a series of intense rare songs / intense passionate / rare scenes, in fact, the real value of this work is not there. The quality that penetrates everything is the shock. In any case, it was BEAT – CLUB itself that excavated this master. Outside the problem such as air check · master so far, not only the dubbing trace is zero, but also the freshness which was not played asleep in the warehouse for many years correctly deteriorated zero. Often the best professional shot is described as “official grade”, but this work is not the official grade of the standard at the time. It is the quality of transcendence which can be officially released with modern digital standards.

Beyond the dimension of 1 band anymore, it is a cultural heritage of NWOBHM, it is a super best professional shot which will become the monument of the music genre “Heavy Metal”. To be able to meet such a picture is exactly 2018 year ‘s love. This press press DVD edition containing the joy and glow for eternity. I want to touch everyone who loves heavy metal in the UK, it is a piece of gold

IRON MAIDEN史上の……いえ、音楽ジャンル“Heavy Metal”を揺るがす一大衝撃作だった『COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981』。ポール・ディアノ時代の最長・最高峰マルチカメラ・プロショットにして、全世界のメタル者を震撼させたあの超傑作が永久保存プレスDVD化決定です!

『COMPLETE BEAT-CLUB 1981』とは、先日ギフト・リリースされるや大ヒットを記録した超極上の映像タイトル。「1981年1月22日ブレーメン」で撮影された西ドイツの名物テレビ番組“BEAT-CLUB”の最高峰プロショットです。この番組は様々なバンド/アーティストが傑作映像を残していることでも有名で、IRON MAIDEN編も数々のエアチェック・ブートが大定番となってきました。しかし、本作はそんな既発群とは根本から異なる。ごく最近になって発掘された未編集版マスターで、約30分の番組枠とは関係なく、当日演奏された光景が1時間以上も記録されていた。放送では観られなかった名曲が初公開され、クオリティも超一級。その濃度とボリュームは、伝統のオフィシャル作品『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW』をも軽々と凌駕し、文句なしにディアノ時代No.1映像だったのです。

・1月22日:BEAT-CLUB出演 ←★ココ★

これが“ディアノ/エイドリアン”時代の概要。これまで“BEAT-CLUB”は「4月29日」として知られてきましたが、恐らくこれは放送日。今回、収録は『KILLERS』発売直前の1月だったことが判明しました。これは1981年で最初のライヴという事であり、1980年最後のステージでもあった『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW』の“次”だったわけです。

そんな新発掘マスターに刻まれている内容は、まさに衝撃の連続。何よりも凄いのは、未放送の演奏シーン。「Charlotte The Harlot」「Transylvania」「Running Free」「Killers」の4曲は完全初登場ですし、さらに「Remember Tomorrow」「Sanctuary」は放送されたOKテイクに加え、ボツとなったやり直しテイクも収録しているのです。「Charlotte The Harlot」「Running Free」の2曲は公式『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW』でも観られなかったナンバーですし、特に「Charlotte The Harlot」はこれまで一切のプロショット/サウンドボードが存在しなかった激レアな1曲(『THE EARLY DAYS』でもAUDショットでした)。まさにお宝中のお宝映像なのです。
そんなお宝さえも霞む衝撃だったのが、没テイク「Remember Tomorrow #1」。最初は快調に演奏が始まるものの、2分ほどしたところでディアノのマイクから異音が発生。そのまま演奏が中止になってしまうのです。このシーンが凄まじく生々しい。局内スタジオには観客も入ったコンサート風ではあるものの、いかにもサクラ。ディアノが「機材がダメになっちまった」と一言説明はしつつ、場つなぎもなくシラーッとした雰囲気。メンバー各人もビールを片手に「やれやれ」「まいったね」と言わんばかりに苦笑いし、ディアノはステージ袖でスタッフと話し込んでいる。本作は曲間でもノーカット未編集の生々しさがあるのですが、このシーンは空前絶後。興奮したファンが詰めかけるコンサートとはまるで違う“テレビ収録の現場”がリアルに映し出されるのです。

もはや1バンドの次元を超え、NWOBHMの文化遺産であり、音楽ジャンル“Heavy Metal”の金字塔となる超極上プロショットです。これほどの映像に出逢えるとは、まさに2018年の僥倖。この喜び、輝きを永久に封じ込めたプレスDVDエディション。英国ヘヴィメタルを愛するすべての方に触れていただきたい、黄金の1枚です。


1. Ides Of March
2. Prowler
3. Charlotte The Harlot ★初登場
4. Wrathchild
5. Remember Tomorrow #1 ★機材トラブル(初登場)
6. Remember Tomorrow #2
7. Transylvania ★初登場
8. Running Free ★初登場
9. Innocent Exile
10. Sanctuary #1
11. Killers ★初登場
12. Another Life
13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden
15. Sanctuary #2 ★初登場

Paul Di’Anno – Vocals Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Clive Burr – Drums




Iron Maiden / Milan 1981 And More / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 4th April 1981 PRO-SHOT

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This press DVD is exactly an impact work. It is a transcendental shot of initial IRON MAIDEN number 1 unnecessary. Of course, although it is an unnecessary super masterpiece such as a bonus, the image of the Diano era is not only “BEAT – CLUB”. Until now, “BEAT – CLUB” was just “one of collections”, but it became “center” by this super – upgrade. So I prepared one piece to rearrange the image collection of “BEAT-CLUB other than” as the best master.
What is contained in such a work is a valuable picture that roughly divides into 5 types and it takes 1 hour and 17 minutes. It is all moving IRON MAIDEN of Diano era. Let’s introduce each one.

【Milan Show on April 4, 1981】
The main work of this work is a large standard pro shot of 6 songs (+ guitar solo) that symbolized the Diano era alongside “BEAT – CLUB”. It has been conventionally said to be “March 30th”, but according to current research Milan performance is known as “April 4th”.
Various Janet has been circulating only to the big classic, but this work is the same master as “EUROPEAN KILLERS 1981” which was acclaimed as the best among them. Although it is not as distant as the masterpiece press DVD, but as expected it is clearly more clear than the ones that have been uploaded to a certain famous movie site and the coloring is also vivid. It is an exquisite image beauty that still does not yield the highest peak now.
Unlike “BEAT – CLUB”, real concerts can be seen with multiple cameras, but even more delicious is Dave Murray ‘s guitar solo and’ Drifter ‘. Both are precious scenes that can not be seen not only at “BEAT-CLUB” but also at “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW”. It is an essential pro shot that “BEAT – CLUB” will be super – upgrade or “Milan is necessary as well”.

【Extra collection of various precious images】
After Milan · Pro shot like that, I made a detailed picture 6 takes in total. It is arranged in chronological order for each song, but it is roughly divided into the following four types.

· TV program “TOP OF THE POPS” (2 songs)
· TV program “ROCKPOP” (2 songs)
· 8 mm film (1 song)
· In-store · event during the US tour

“TOP OF THE POPS” and “ROCKPOP” are also familiar with the official DVD “THE EARLY DAYS”, but it also has meaning recorded in this work. First of all, the point of “TOP OF THE POPS” is “Woman In Uniform”. By entering this, all the songs of the Diano era can be seen with this press press DVD & this work.
More than that is “ROCKPOP”. In “THE EARLY DAYS” only “Running Free” was recorded, but in reality other “Remember Tomorrow” was also playing. Slightly dubbing deterioration can be seen only between songs, but here is Eddie’s precious name scene that kills program hosts.
Even more amazing for maniac is precious 8 mm film. It was taken at “Copenhagen Performance on October 11, 1980” which is one of the last show of Dennis Stratton. It is known as MAIDEN’s oldest audience shoot (Ruskin Arms of “THE EARLY DAYS” once shot among participants), overseas Coremania is connecting small silent film of several seconds at a time. Therefore, strictly speaking, the picture and sound are not synchronized, but this sound is also recorded on the same day. MAIDEN video is one of the most vintage songs, valuable “Dennis era era MAIDEN” is.
And at the end was the in-store event scene in New York (On this day it was straight in the New York Palladium with JUDAS PRIEST for 4 consecutive days). Although there is no performance, inside the narrow store is overflowing with metal kids, young members such as Steve Harris and Diano are exchanging hotly with fans. It is a document that America’s enthusiasm for the first time in MAIDEN is transmitted more realistically than a concert.

The main press DVD is unmistakably the ultimate professional shot of the No. 1 Diano era. It is also the most important in the MAIDEN collection, and it is one of the essential points beyond even “THE EARLY DAYS”. This work is a masterpiece image collection that can expand the collection further from its essentials and can taste the Diano era MAIDEN vividly. Please, please enjoy “that era” which is too extraordinarily extensive.

本編プレスDVDは、まさに衝撃作。問答無用に初期IRON MAIDENナンバー1の超絶プロショットです。もちろん、ボーナスなど不要な超傑作ではあるものの、ディアノ時代の映像は“BEAT-CLUB”だけではない。これまでは“BEAT-CLUB”も「コレクションの1つ」に過ぎなかったわけですが、今回の超アップグレードによって「中心」となった。そこで「BEAT-CLUB以外」の映像コレクションを最高峰マスターで再整理する1枚もご用意しました。
そんな本作に収められているのは、大きく分けて5種で1時間17分に及ぶ貴重映像。すべてディアノ時代の動くIRON MAIDENです。それぞれご紹介していきましょう。

大定番だけに様々なジャネが出回っておりますが、本作はその中でもベストと絶賛された『EUROPEAN KILLERS 1981』と同じマスター。さすがに本編プレスDVDほどの超絶ぶりには遠く及びませんが、某有名動画サイトにアップされているものよりも遙かにクッキリとしていて発色も鮮やか。現在も最高峰を譲らない絶品の映像美です。
“BEAT-CLUB”と違って本物コンサートをマルチカメラで観られるわけですが、さらに美味しいのがデイヴ・マーレイのギター・ソロと「Drifter」。どちらも“BEAT-CLUB”だけでなく『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW』でも観られない貴重なシーン。いかに“BEAT-CLUB”が超アップグレードしようとも「やっぱりミラノも必要」となる必携のプロショットなのです。


・テレビ番組“TOP OF THE POPS”(2曲)

“TOP OF THE POPS”と“ROCKPOP”は公式DVD『THE EARLY DAYS』でもお馴染みですが、本作に収録したのも意味がある。まず“TOP OF THE POPS”のポイントは「Woman In Uniform」。これが入ることにより、本編プレスDVD&本作でディアノ時代の映像が全曲分観られるわけです。
それ以上なのが“ROCKPOP”。『THE EARLY DAYS』には「Running Free」だけが収録されていましたが、実は他に「Remember Tomorrow」も演奏していたのです。曲間のみややダビング劣化も見られますが、ここもエディが番組司会者を殺す貴重な名シーンです。
さらにマニアックに凄いのが貴重な8ミリフィルム。デニス・ストラットン最後のショウの1つ前となる「1980年10月11日コペンハーゲン公演」で撮影されたもの。MAIDEN最古の観客撮影として知られ(『THE EARLY DAYS』のラスキン・アームズは一応関係者ショット)、海外のコアマニアが数秒ずつの細切れサイレント・フィルムを繋いでいる。そのため厳密には画と音がシンクロしていませんが、この音声も同日のオーディンス録音です。MAIDEN映像で最もヴィンテージ感のある1曲であり、貴重な“動くデニス時代MAIDEN”です。
そして、最後はニューヨークでのインストア・イベント風景(この日はJUDAS PRIESTと共にニューヨーク・パラディアムで4日連続公演の真っ直中でした)。演奏はありませんが、狭い店内にはメタル・キッズで溢れ返り、スティーヴ・ハリスやディアノなど、若きメンバー達がファンと熱く交流している。MAIDENを初めて迎えたアメリカの熱気がコンサート以上にリアルに伝わってくるドキュメントです。

本編プレスDVDは、紛れもなくディアノ時代No.1の超極上プロショット。MAIDENコレクションでも最重要であり、『THE EARLY DAYS』さえも超える要の1本です。本作は、その要から更にコレクションを広げ、ディアノ時代MAIDENを多彩に味わえる傑作映像集。どうぞ、併せてたっぷりと特別すぎる“あの時代”をご堪能ください。
Live at Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 4th April 1981

1. The Ides Of March 2. Another Life 3. Killers 4. Innocent Exile
5. Running Free 6. Transylvania 7. Dave Murray Guitar Solo 8. Drifter

9. Running Free (TOTP: 22nd February 1980)
10. Remember Tomorrow (Copenhagen: 11th October 1980)
11. Running Free (ROCKPOP: 8th November 1980)
12. Remember Tomorrow (ROCKPOP: 8th November 1980)
13. Woman In Uniform (TOTP: 13th November 1980)
14. Instore Signing Session (New York: July 1981)

Paul Di’Anno – Vocals Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar (on 1-8/11-14) Dennis Stratton – Guitar (on 9-10)
Clive Burr – Drums


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