Iron Maiden / Rainbow Theatre 1980 / 1CD

Iron Maiden / Rainbow Theatre 1980 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London, UK on June 20th, 1980.


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Original cassette reprint series latest bullet Kinney recording, this is the ultimate live album of Dennis Stratton era! Revolutionary work that shines brilliantly in heavy metal history, “steel of virgin.” This work is a top recording by five people who raised created a Kano super masterpiece !!
Including the formal and informal, Paul Diano era of live will remain numerous, but the high quality ones are almost Adrian Smith after joining. Chopped official single B-side when it comes to Dennis era takes and Reading Festival 1980 there are only about six songs (“BBC ARCHIVE” recording). Under such circumstances, one in which the full show to listen in the history highest quality board, it’s a this work. The identity of this work, audience album the “June 20, 1980 Rainbow Theatre performance” staff of Kinney was recorded. “Rainbow Theatre” and might come even those who think of the official video “LIVE AT RAINBOW” to hear, it is quite another live in the December 21, 1980. Dennis Light show is “October 13”, what served as a partner of the Dave Murray in this work Dennis, official video is Adrian.
Even in the audience recording, there Kinney recording. Sonjosokora level is different from the audience recording. This recording has been around as a boot leg LP “SACTUARY (UD-6534)”, then, copy call the copy, as had been treated as a “sound board recording” even among collectors around the world. Original LP still a very popular because 6-1 ¥ 80,000 in the secondhand market worthless, it is the much super definitive recording of the initial IRON MAIDEN. This work, which was turned into CD the original cassette to direct. Some of the already issued, but there is also something you have two sets with padding, air original cassette was not inhale, all in 78 minutes 11 seconds of this work. If it is not even a copy of the already issued, nor re-master, nor are raised LP. And it was the ultimate form of the ultimate recording!
In fact, thick sound of the core in the clear, even in Diano era No.1. It even’s the first time in high quality of Bucchigiri which is not allowed to follow. Although the echo of cheers venue to hear up close in between songs is certainly there in the audience, also understand the feeling that you’ll want to say “It’s a sound board!”. Speaking at the time of MAIDEN, the era that had collided the band and the audience was a little while ago about comparable to hardcore. Soredakeni, but this time of recording I roar, roar also an obvious, this work point of a sword sharp if there is a clear sense of terrifying. Moreover, to the extent of what the freshness because the original cassette is abnormal, are you proud to vivid as if it was about 1980 until yesterday.
Dennis era of live that unfolds in its sound, embodies the “ideal of NWOBHM” until the ultimate basis. Is Bakuso music to complex deployment at a furious tempo, … these initial style roar rides, such as bite of Diano can taste even “LIVE AT RAINBOW”, “MAIDEN JAPAN,” but this work in the rough over the wheel Wild. There is no earnest of after Adrian join minute, it “Damm degree” has been increased. Of course, as a professional band it will raise the tactics after Adrian subscription, precisely because it is thin, and choking in thick NWOBHM sense. Exactly, it was longing in a single “SANCTUARY” and “LIVE !! + ONE”, it’s the that world itself.
This work, can experience the world in full. Even if you did not listen even in the single “Another Life”, was impossible even raking the sound board “Strange World (!)”, “Charlot The Harlot (!!)”, precious Dennis even the familiar “Wrathchild” version with is Buchikamasa. Songs + α of historical large masterpiece “steel of virgin” is intact flow of Roaring live, yet with a strong force of audience recording of 100% this raw sound board class!

IRON MAIDEN of Dennis era that had shot the body odor of especially concentrated Na NWOBHM. The full show, and this one was revived in the ultimate sound with only the original cassette. Undeniably, the finest of the “steel of virgin” era on the planet live album. “NWOBHM band, IRON MAIDEN” 1 sheet and serving as vertex recordings, it is a large excavation of imposing !!

キニー録音のオリジナル・カセット復刻シリーズ最新弾、今回はデニス・ストラットン時代の究極ライヴ・アルバムです! ヘヴィメタル史上に燦然と輝く革命作「鋼鉄の処女」。本作は、かの超名作を創り上げた5人による頂上録音です!!
公式・非公式を含め、ポール・ディアノ時代のライヴは数多く残っていますが、ハイクオリティなものはほとんどエイドリアン・スミス加入後。デニス時代となると公式のシングルB面の細切れテイクやレディング・フェスティバル1980(「BBC ARCHIVE」収録)の6曲程度しかありません。そんな中で、フルショウが歴史上最高音質盤で聴ける1枚、それが本作なのです。本作の正体は、「1980年6月20日レインボウ・シアター公演」をキニーのスタッフが録音したオーディエンス・アルバム。“レインボウ・シアター”と訊いてオフィシャル映像「LIVE AT RAINBOW」を思い浮かべる方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、あれは1980年12月21日でまったく別のライヴ。デニスのライト・ショウは“10月13日”であり、本作でデイヴ・マーレイの相棒を務めているのはデニス、オフィシャル映像はエイドリアンです。
オーディエンス録音ではあっても、そこはキニー録音。そんじょそこらの客席録音とはレベルが違います。この録音はブートレッグLP「SACTUARY(UD-6534)」として出回りましたが、その後、コピーがコピーを呼び、世界中のコレクター間でも“サウンドボード録音”として扱われていたほど。現在でもオリジナルLPは中古市場で6ー8万円は下らないという超人気で、それだけ初期IRON MAIDENの超決定的な録音なのです。本作は、そのオリジナル・カセットをダイレクトにCD化したもの。既発の中には、水増しして2枚組にしているものもありますが、オリジナル・カセットが吸い込んでいた空気は、本作の78分11秒ですべて。既発のコピーでもなければ、リマスターでもなく、LP起こしでもない。究極録音の究極形を実現したのです!
そのサウンドで繰り広げられるデニス時代のライヴは、究極的なまでに“NWOBHMの理想”を体現している。複雑に展開する楽曲を猛烈なテンポで爆走し、ディアノの噛みつくような咆哮が乗る……こうした初期スタイルは「LIVE AT RAINBOW」「MAIDEN JAPAN」でも味わえますが、本作は輪をかけてラフでワイルド。エイドリアン加入後の生真面目さがない分、“クソッタレ度”が増量しているのです。もちろん、プロフェッショナルなバンドとしてはエイドリアン加入後に軍配が上がりますが、それが薄いからこそ、濃厚なNWOBHM感覚にむせ返る。まさに、シングル「SANCTUARY」や「LIVE!! +ONE」で憧れた、あの世界そのものなのです。
本作は、その世界がフルで体験できる。たとえシングルでも聴けなかった「Another Life」、サウンドボードをかき集めてもムリだった「Strange World(!)」「Charlot The Harlot(!!)」、お馴染みの「Wrathchild」であっても貴重なデニス・バージョンでぶちかまされる。歴史的大傑作「鋼鉄の処女」の全曲+αが爆走ライヴの流れそのままに、しかもサウンドボード級の100%本生のオーディエンス録音のド迫力で!

特濃なNWOBHMの体臭を放っていたデニス時代のIRON MAIDEN。そのフルショウを、オリジナル・カセットだけが持つ究極サウンドで蘇らせた1本です。紛れもなく、地球上で最高級の「鋼鉄の処女」時代のライヴアルバム。“NWOBHMバンド、IRON MAIDEN”の頂点録音たる1枚、堂々の大発掘です!!

1. The Ides Of March 2. Sanctuary 3. Wrathchild 4. Prowler 5. Remember Tomorrow
6. Killers 7. Running Free 8. Another Life incl. Drum Solo 9. Member Introduction
10. Transylvania 11. Strange World 12. Charlot The Harlot 13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden 15. Drifter

Paul Di’anno – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Dennis Stratton – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums
Zodiac 157

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