Iron Maiden / The Ultimate Compilation 1978-1981 – 2nd Edition / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Iron Maiden / The Ultimate Compilation 1978-1981 – 2nd Edition / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Complete Collection of Early Rare Tracks plus Bonus CDR “Extra Early Tracks”. STEREO SBD

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A reprint of the ultimate album of the Paul Diano era, along with the historic masterpieces “Steel Virgin” and “Killers”. Introduced in the 2CD permanent preservation press of the renewal jacket. The ultimate work is a treasure of compilation that covers official rare tracks. Yes, that is “THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981”!

[Ultimate compilation that can be completed with ultimate quality] Suddenly, I was confused with “ultimate” and “treasury”, but if you don’t know it may be “????”. This work is a two-disc album that uses all the rare tracks from the Diano era. In the first place, the initial IRON MAIDEN of 1978-1981 has many small takes that are not included in the album, such as offering to singles and compilations, and even if the same take is scattered on various boards, just grasping the recording situation One struggle. And most of them are now out of print. This work completely covers such rare tracks. You can complete all official recordings of the Diano era with “Steel Virgin” and “Killers”.
Moreover, it’s not just a complete collection, but the quality is perfect. Analog tracks are avoided as much as possible in official tracks, and recorded from digital tracks such as out of print CDs with zero degradation. Furthermore, mastering unifies the volume and sound pressure. Too much of the iron wall has become a hot topic from overseas enthusiasts, “The top of the compilation CD!” And “Where can I buy it?” This work is a reprint of such a masterpiece (I will upgrade only one track as described later).
Let me introduce each track in detail. Although the composition of this work is chronologically, “Disc 1 = Studio” and “Disc 2 = Live” are stored in one piece. All members of the track are “Paul Diano”, “Steve Harris” and “Dave Murray”, but the others are fluid. Each side guitar and drum will be added.

(Side guitar: Paul Cairns / Drum: Doug Sampson)
First of all, the legendary “THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES”, the first recording of IRON MAIDEN! Original EP is a hidden treasure called “Maiden’s Holy Grail”, but in terms of “sound reproduction,” it is hard to say that low-budget cutting is best because of the semi-amateur era. Therefore, this time, we focused on one point of “playback sound” and used the original CD (CSK 56882) that was reissued only once in 2002, not the original EP. This CD can only be entered by those who have purchased the entire Remaster Series, and is a limited edition of 666 copies. Moreover, only fans in the United States can apply and it is a very rare CD. The outtake “Strange World”, which was removed while recording during the “THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES” session, is also a digital version of “THE BEST OF THE BEAST”.
In the official credit, one Dave is supposed to play the guitar, but in recent research, it has been found that a phantom guitarist, Paul Cairns, was also participating. This work also credits his name. Enjoy the first recording of a historical band and enjoy the legendary legendary track in official digital sound!

(Guitar: Tony Parsons / Drum: Doug Sampson)
Next up is “METAL FOR MUTHAS” with Tony Parsons. This was not an analog LP at the time, but a 1996 CD single that was firmly treated with official mastering. “Sanctuary” and “Wrathchild” you can listen to here are genuine original takes that are different from the ones remade on the album. In particular, “Wrathchild” is popular in the 2nd “Killers”, but this take, which is more primitive and has a strong NWOBHM odor, faithfully conveys the original appearance of the song.

(Guitar: Tony Parsons / Drum: Doug Sampson)
Next is a session on the BBC program “FRIDAY ROCK SHOW”. The broadcast take has been used in various compilations such as “NWOBHM ’79 REVISITED” directed by Lars Ulrich, and numerous air check boots have been on the market. However, we recorded here from the best version of the discontinued box “EDDIE ’S ARCHIVE” in 2002.

“Burning Ambition” (side guitar: unknown (only Dave?), Drum: Doug Sampson)
“Women In Uniform” “Invasion” (Side Guitar: Dennis Stratton, Drum: Clive Bar)
Finally, in the record debut era, we collected tracks that were not included in the albums of each single. Finally, we arrive at the figure of IRON MAIDEN that we know well. In this way, this disc 1 can synchronize with the steps of the very early MAIDEN, and it can be experienced well before the debut album. Up until now, we have thought that there are only two albums, “The Virgin of Steel” and “Killers”, but this one is exactly a “studio album before 1st”!

● Bonus track
In addition, two tracks with an excitement on the official track are included as a bonus. First, another mix of “Women In Uniform”! In 2015, the official 7-inch analog reprint series was released, but it was released accordingly. Compared to the familiar take on CD singles and PV, there is no side guitar of the intro, and the chorus of the chorus is another big version. There is no announcement of “another mix” at the time of release though it is so different that it can be understood by one shot. At first it was a complete mystery, but according to a survey of mania, it seems to be the same mix as the original 7-inch in the UK. In this work, it is recorded from the digital version of the official production, not the analog single wake-up, and you can listen with super beautiful sound that is completely equivalent to the official album.
Another bonus is the “Running Free” demo version, which was incorrectly recorded only in the first press of the compilation “AXE ATTACK!”. Since it is a mistake to the last, the recording time is unknown, and I don’t know whether the guitar is Tony Parsons or Dennis Stratton (the drum is Doug Sampson). There was a sense of incongruity with other tracks in the previous edition, but only re-mastered in this work. The stereo balance has also been adjusted to eliminate discomfort as much as possible.

(Side Guitar = Dennis Stratton, Drum = Clive Bar)
From here, Disc 2 is a live rare track. The “MAIDEN! MAIDEN!” Call led to the Marquee Club stage with a single “Sanctuary”. At that time, credits were ambiguous, but there are actually two types of Marquee Lives in 1980: “April 3” and “July 4”. It has been a source of confusion for a long time because it was distributed to singles from different countries. First of all, there are 2 songs of “April 3” from the single “Sanctuary”

(Side Guitar = Dennis Stratton, Drum = Clive Bar)
Here are 3 live songs from July 4th. Only “Phantom Of The Opera” is digitized, but only EP “LIVE !! + ONE” can be listened to in three songs. This EP is the only sound source not officially digitized by IRON MAIDEN. In this work, in order to give a sense of unity, all three songs have been made into CDs with professional high-end equipment from “LIVE !!

(Side Guitar = Dennis Stratton, Drum = Clive Bar)
The third live is “1980 Reading Festival”. It is a recording from the out-of-print box “EDIIE’S ARCHIVE” that was sold out in 2002 and quickly sold out. It’s the best live performance with a lot of smell of NWBHM such as rough performances without mistakes, explosion tension on the first big stage, “Killers” of temporary lyrics and so on.

(Guitar = Adrian Smith, Drum = Clive Bar)
Ending with the very best EP “MAIDEN JAPAN” Here comes Adrian Smith, and you can enjoy the early MAIDEN sound that has finally reached the final stage. The standard version of “MAIDEN JAPAN” including the Japanese edition was recorded in 4 songs, but in several countries including North America, it was 5 songs with additional recording of “Wrathchild”. In this work, of course, it conforms to the specification of 5 songs, using the 1995 Castle reissue board which became the only official digitization, and also achieved the best quality here.

More than 31 tracks. Strictly speaking, there are other edit versions, but those with different songs / takes / mixes are covered. It is the ultimate two-disc set that can be listened to naturally through a variety of official items. You can listen to it as a “new official album” or make up for missing collections. An absolute and fulfilling board, even on the original album “Virgin of Steel” and “Killers”. Here is a magnificent reproduction!

★ Recurrence in new artwork, including picture labels. (Some corrections are made to the sound mix)

歴史的大名盤『鋼鉄の処女』『キラーズ』と並ぶ、ポール・ディアノ時代の究極アルバムが復刻。リニューアル・ジャケットの永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。その究極作とは、公式レア・トラックを網羅したコンピレーションの至宝。そう、あの『THE ULTIMATE COMPILATION 1978-1981』です!

いきなり「究極」「至宝」とまくし立ててしまいましたが、ご存じない方には「???」かも知れません。本作は、ディアノ時代の公式レア・トラックを一網打尽にした2枚組アルバム。そもそも、1978-1981年の初期IRON MAIDENは、シングルやコンピレーションへの提供など、アルバム未収録の細かいテイクがとにかく多く、なかには同じテイクが様々な盤に散っていたりと、収録状況を把握するだけでも一苦労。しかも、そのほとんどが現在は廃盤です。本作は、そんなレア・トラックを完全網羅したもの。『鋼鉄の処女』『キラーズ』と本作でディアノ時代の全公式レコーディングをコンプリートできるのです。

まず最初は、IRON MAIDENの初録音でもある伝説の『THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES』! オリジナルEPは“MAIDENの聖杯”と称される秘宝ですが、“音の再生”という面では半アマチュア時代ゆえの低予算カッティングがベストとは言いづらいもの。そこで、今回は“再生音”の一点にこだわり、オリジナルEPではなく2002年に一度だけオフィシャルCDで再発された盤(CSK 56882)を使用しました。このCDは、リマスター・シリーズを全部買った人だけが応募できるもので、666枚の限定品。しかも、アメリカ在住のファンしか応募できず、激レアなCDなのです。また『THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES』セッションで録音されながら外されたアウトテイク「Strange World」も「THE BEST OF THE BEAST」のデジタル・バージョンです。

次なるは、トニー・パーソンズが加入しての『METAL FOR MUTHAS』。こちらも当時のアナログLPではなく、しっかりとオフィシャルマスタリングでトリートメントされた1996年のCDシングルを使用しました。ここで聴ける「Sanctuary」「Wrathchild」はアルバムでリメイクされた物とは違う、正真正銘のオリジナルテイク。特に「Wrathchild」は2nd『キラーズ』で人気ですが、よりプリミティヴでNWOBHM臭が強い本テイクこそ、曲が誕生した本来の姿を忠実に伝えています。

続くは、BBCの番組「FRIDAY ROCK SHOW」でのセッション。放送テイクは、ラーズ・ウルリッヒ監修の『NWOBHM ’79 REVISITED』など、様々なコンピにも使われ、数々のエアチェック・ブートも出回ってきました。しかし、ここでは2002年の廃盤ボックス『EDDIE’S ARCHIVE』のベストバージョンから収録しました。

「Burning Ambition」(サイドギター:不明(デイヴだけ?)、ドラム:ダグ・サンプソン)
「Women In Uniform」「Invasion」(サイドギター:デニス・ストラットン、ドラム:クライヴ・バー)
いよいよ、レコードデビュー時代、各シングルのアルバム未収録トラックを集めました。ここでようやく、私たちのよく知るIRON MAIDENの姿にたどり着く。このように、このディスク1は極初期MAIDENの歩みとシンクロでき、デビューアルバム以前もしっかりと体感できる。今まで私たちは『鋼鉄の処女』『キラーズ』の2枚だけだと思ってきましたが、この1枚はまさに「1st以前のスタジオアルバム」なのです!

さらに、オフィシャル・トラックながら曰わく付きの2曲もボーナス収録。まずは「Women In Uniform」の別ミックス! 2015年にオフィシャルでアナログ7インチ復刻シリーズが発売されましたが、それに合わせて公開されたもの。CDシングルやPVでお馴染みのテイクに比べるとイントロのサイドギターがなく、サビのコーラスも大きな別バージョンです。聴いて一発で分かるほど違いながら、公開時には「別ミックス」とのアナウンスはなし。当初はまったくの謎でしたが、マニアの調査によると英国のオリジナル7インチと同じミックスのようです。本作では、アナログシングル起こしではなく、オフィシャル制作のデジタル・バージョンから収録し、公式アルバムと完全に同等の超美麗サウンドで聴くことができます。
もう1つのボーナスには、コンピレーション『AXE ATTACK!』の初回プレスにのみ間違って収録された「Running Free」のデモバージョン。あくまでミスなので録音時期も不明で、ギターはトニー・パーソンズかデニス・ストラットンなのかも分かっていません(ドラムはダグ・サンプソン)。ディスク1で唯一のアナログ起こしだけに前回盤では他トラックと違和感もありましたが、本作では再リマスター。ステレオ・バランスも整え、可能な限り違和感を解消しました。

ここからのディスク2はライヴのレア・トラック。“MAIDEN! MAIDEN!”コールに導かれて始まるのは、シングル『Sanctuary』収録のマーキー・クラブのステージ。当時はクレジットが曖昧でしたが、実は1980年のマーキーライヴには「4月3日」と「7月4日」の2種類があります。それぞれバラバラに各国盤のシングル等に振り分けられたりもしたため、長い間混乱の元になってきました。まずは、シングル『Sanctuary』収録の「4月3日」の2曲です。

こちらは「7月4日」のライヴ3曲。「Phantom Of The Opera」のみデジタル化されていますが、3曲まとめて聴けるのはEP『LIVE!!+ ONE』のみ。このEPはIRON MAIDENで唯一、正式デジタル化されていない音源。本作では、統一感を持たせるため、3曲とも極上状態の『LIVE!!+ ONE』から、プロ仕様のハイエンド機材でCD化いたしました。

3番目のライヴは「1980年レディングフェスティバル」。2002年に発売されて瞬く間にソールドアウトとなった廃盤ボックス『EDIIE’S ARCHIVE』からの収録です。ミスもお構いなしの荒々しい演奏や初の大舞台を踏む爆テンション、仮歌詞の「Killers」等々、NWBHMの臭みがたっぷりと乗った最高のライヴです。

最後を締めくくるのは、超名盤EP『MAIDEN JAPAN』。ここにきてエイドリアン・スミスが加わり、いよいよ完成の域に到達した初期のMAIDENサウンドが楽しめます。日本盤を始め、スタンダード仕様の『MAIDEN JAPAN』は4曲収録でしたが、北米を初めとする数カ国では「Wrathchild」を追加収録した5曲仕様でした。本作では、もちろん5曲仕様に準じており、唯一の公式デジタル化となった1995年のCastle再発盤を使用、ここでもベスト・クオリティを実現しました。




Disc 1: STUDIO TRACKS (53:06)

1. Iron Maiden
2. Invasion
3. Prowler
4. Strange World (Outtake)

5. Sanctuary
6. Wrathchild

7. Iron Maiden
8. Running Free
9. Transylvania
10. Sanctuary

11. Burning Ambition
12. Women In Uniform
13. Invasion

Bonus Tracks
14. Women In Uniform (Alternate Mix)
15. Running Free (First Press “AXE ATTACK” Version)

Disc 2: LIVE TRACKS (78:12)

Recorded at the Marquee Club, London, UK3rd April 1980

1. Drifter
2. I’ve Got The Fire

Recorded at the Marquee Club, London, UK 4th July 1980
3. Sanctuary 4. Phantom of the Opera 5. Drifter

Recorded at the Reading Festival, UK 23rd August 1980
6. Prowler 7. Remember Tomorrow 8. Killers 9. Running Free 10. Transylvania 11. Iron Maiden

Recorded at Kosei Nenkin Hall, Nagoya, Japan 23rd May 1981
12. Running Free 13. Remember Tomorow 14. Wrathchild 15. Killers 16. Innocent Exile

Paul Di’Anno – Vocals Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Paul Cairns – Guitar (Disc 1: 1-4) Tony Parsons – Guitar (Disc 1: 5-10)
Dennis Stratton – Guitar (Disc 1: 12-14/Disc 2: 1-11)
Adrian Smith – Guitar (Disc 2: 12-16) Doug Sampson – Drums (Disc 1: 1-11 & 15)
Clive Burr – Drums (Disc 1: 12-14 / Disc 2)



Iron Maiden – Extra Early Tracks / 1CDR / Non Label

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The main press 2CD is the ultimate. Super name board equal to or better than Kano’s “Virgin of Steel” and “Killers”. However, if you look through the corners of the heavy box with a microscope, there is no other official track. Therefore, we have prepared a special bonus for core enthusiasts who want to hold down from corner to corner.
Included in this work is a collection of 6 rare tracks that can be called a supplement to the main press 2CD. Of course, there is no live sound source for boots, and it is a collection of official works or studio recordings equivalent to it.
Please don’t misunderstand “What is perfect with a press?” The main press 2CD is a collection of takes that are out of the regular tracks of “Virgin of Steel” and “Killers”. In that sense it is perfect. However, various versions of these two great names were released over a long period of time, and the regular tracks were slightly different. This work pays attention to such a small version difference.
It ’s best to talk about the details. Let’s introduce each track in detail.

● Two singles that were in the album
First of all, the famous take of jab. At the beginning, two songs “Sanctuary” and “Twilight Zone” were recorded as regular tracks, although they were not included in the original version of “Steel Virgin” and “Killers”. “Steel Virgin” is originally 8 songs, but there are 9 songs with “Sanctuary” by the country and the press. “Killers” has 11 songs with “Twilight Zone” added to the original 10 songs. It was. The first appearance of “Sanctuary” was the compilation board “METAL FOR MUTHAS”, but here it is recorded in the same single version that was added to the album.
[Only the regular track of the album was not recorded on the main press 2CD, but it was restored to the original in the current latest remastered CD. If you only have the original CD, you can’t get “complete” with the main press 2CD alone. So I decided to supplement it with this work to be sure.

-Two versions of “Phantom Of The Opera” that are often overlooked
Next is a famous track, but the talk is for enthusiasts. The version of “Phantom Of The Opera” is different. This song is the most famous song in “Steel Virgin”, but there are actually two kinds of edits. Currently, the most famous is “7:09 (may be 7:02 depending on the track division of the board)”, but in fact, this is a short version. The original full version is “7:21”. The difference is the last. The short version ends with Diano screaming “You torture me back at your lair!” With the band, but the full version repeats again with a cappella “Torture me back at your lair!”.
Perhaps there are many people who do not realize which is the board at hand, but it is natural. Both versions have been recurred over and over, whether analog or CD. The original is the full version of “7:21”, but it is no longer easy to say “Which is regular”. In this work, we have recorded both so that you can support either version.

-Edit version of rare “Drifter” live
Next is a full-fledged rare track that seems to be a collection of rare tracks. This is the marquee of “Drifter”. As I mentioned in the explanation of the main press CD, there are two types of Marquee Lives in 1980: “April 3” and “July 4”. It was recorded in the edit version by the country. This work is the short version. The full version on the main press 2CD was “6:02”, but this is “3:38”. It fades out during “Yo, yo, yo, yo ♪” and ends. This track has never been officially made into a CD, and in this work it has been digitized from an analog board of mint quality.

● “Transylvania” demo not officialized
”Finally, a demo take of“ Transylvania ”that was not officialized. Although neither 1979 nor 1980, depending on the material, according to one theory, a session demonstration where Guy Edwards served as an engineer. Guy is also an engineer in “Running Free” mistakenly recorded in “Burning Ambition” and “AXE ATTACK!” On the single B side, and the possibility of the same session is high (in that case, the drum is Doug Sampson) Become). In other words, it is a studio recording according to the official.
Unlike the “Burning Ambition” of the genuine official track and “Running Free” recorded in the official compilation “AXE ATTACK!” Therefore, it was recorded here instead of the main press 2CD.

“Official take and demo that existed, although it was a snake foot when recorded in the ultimate compilation that emphasized“ fun to listen ”. It is one piece that has been assembled deeply. A delicious bonus disc that can be reached from the corner of the heavy box to reach “Complete” no matter what version of “Steel Virgin” or “Killers” is at hand. Please enjoy it together with the ultimate compilation.


まずはジャブの有名テイク。冒頭で登場するのは『鋼鉄の処女』『キラーズ』のオリジナル盤では未収録だったものの、その後に正規トラックとして収録された2曲「Sanctuary」「Twilight Zone」です。『鋼鉄の処女』は本来8曲仕様ですが、国やプレスによって「Sanctuary」入りの9曲入り、『キラーズ』は本来の10曲に「Twilight Zone」が加えられた11曲仕様も広く出回ってきました。「Sanctuary」の初出はコンピ盤『METAL FOR MUTHAS』だったわけですが、ここではアルバムに追加されたのと同じシングル・バージョンで収録しています。

●見落とされがちな2バージョンの「Phantom Of The Opera」
次は同じように有名トラックながら話はグッとマニア向け。「Phantom Of The Opera」のバージョン違いです。この曲は『鋼鉄の処女』でも目玉の超名曲ですが、実はエディット違いで2種あります。現在、有名なのは「7:09(盤のトラック割りによって7:02のこともあります)」ですが、実のところ、これはショート・バージョン。オリジナルのフル・バージョンは「7:21」あるのです。違いは、最後の最後。ショート・バージョンはバンドと共にディアノが「You torture me back at your lair!」と叫んで終わりますが、フル・バージョンはもう一度アカペラで「Torture me back at your lair!」と繰り返すのです。

続くはレア・トラック集らしい本格的な貴重トラック。「Drifter」のマーキー・ライヴです。本編プレスCDの解説でも触れましたが、1980年のマーキー・ライヴには「4月3日」と「7月4日」の2種類があるわけですが、「4月3日」のテイクは国によってエディット・バージョンで収録されていました。本作は、そのショート版。本編プレス2CDに収録されたフル・バージョンでは「6:02」でしたが、こちらは「3:38」。「Yo, yo, yo, yo♪」のかけ合い中にフェイドアウトして終了してしまいます。このトラックは公式にCD化されたことがなく、本作ではミント・クオリティのアナログ盤から精緻にデジタル化致しました。

最後は、公式化されなかった「Transylvania」のデモ・テイク。資料によって1979年とも1980年とも付かないのですが、一説によるとガイ・エドワーズがエンジニアを務めたセッションのデモ。ガイはシングルB面の「Burning Ambition」や『AXE ATTACK!』に誤って収録された「Running Free」でもエンジニアであり、同じセッションの可能性も高い(その場合、ドラムはダグ・サンプソンということになります)。つまり、公式に準ずるスタジオ録音なのです。
正真正銘公式トラックの「Burning Ambition」や(ミスとは言え)公式コンピ『AXE ATTACK!』に収録された「Running Free」とは違い、こちらはあくまでもクオリティも厳しい非公式の流出デモ。そのため、本編プレス2CDではなく、こちらに収録されました。


1. Sanctuary (Single Version)
2. Twilight Zone (Single Version)
3. Phantom Of The Opera (Short Version)
4. Phantom Of The Opera (Full Version)
5. Drifter (Live Edit Version)

Recorded at the Marquee Club, London, UK 3rd April 1980
6. Transylvania (Demo Version)


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