Iron Maiden / Cordoba 2016 / 1DVDR

Iron Maiden / Cordoba 2016 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Estadio Mario Kempes, Cordoba, Argentina 13th March 2016. NTSC


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Masterpiece video of “THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016” is appeared in the gift title. Currently, I think many people are fully immersed in the afterglow of the Japan tour for the first time in eight years, but baking the short-term memory in my mind, is one that will change in the long-term memory.
However, rather than in Japan performances of this work has been taken, “March 13, 2016 Cordoba performance (Argentina)”. Currently, the mania around the world “this is tour the best one!?” Is a video that has become a hot topic with. Its position is, what the front row. It even’s the “most delicious” position, between Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris. Best position for watching the live, but there is in the world of various colors favorite, here is still special. This work is the gem that you can experience the “dream of the front row.”
In fact, the sight is shining enough dazzling. That of course ultra-clear picture quality of modern digital equipment is also great stability of the screen. Because Handy camera you such should have quite shaking, but I very easy to look at not feeling that anti-shake function. Moreover, It does not have to suffer in the front row of the arms and head, members dive into the eyes zoom unnecessary de most recent. That’s what, as much as read to ancient characters written to the microphone stand of Dickinson (?), View full stage “only” is reflected, we do not see only IRON MAIDEN.
And, the sound is also great. Sound of a sense of distance zero only in the front row, only in about a going to be a live album it. Especially nice is, Bakkibaki-based Steve Harris. Honestly, the balance to surpass the other instruments is not a perfect, that gallop-based there is no reason inconvenient on strapping. That’s what, pleasure to be pushed through the whole volume in the first time in snapping that is reminiscent of the time that has been Buchinomesa early 80s furiously Nanoesu. Unfortunately, the “Children Of The Damned,” “Tears Of A Clown” at the beginning has been cut, but was not able to actually live album, in this work was complemented by “Children Of The Damned” another shooting , has realized the songs recording (beginning “Tears of a Clown” is remains unreleased, because this work is too high quality, did not wipe discomfort when you switch to other shooting in the song).
The world of the portrayed is Quality “THE BOOK OF SOULS TOUR” is exactly what Japan tour of what is great revives the vivid memories (of course, the topknot wig of large bungle and “Powerslave” of the Japan tour peculiar “The Trooper” appearance does not it: laughs). 1 Kyokugoto switched to the various background, Dickinson dressed in professional wrestling mask man, gorgeous light up even ultra-clear. Because the field of view to look up, it seems to take a like from overhead light shower. And, great power is to the explosion of such a close-up, the emergence of huge Eddie scene! “The Book Of Souls” in scraping the crunching sound and the ass stilts Eddie is up close, is taken out of the heart at the end of fighting with Dickinson. Pat scene in which the heart is thrown into the audience. Then, huge put in an appearance Innovation wildebeest from the other side of the “Iron Maiden” in the stage in the giant beams of advance Eddie! Oh, come now! I many of the scene that was doing in Japan performances go drawn out one after another up close perspective.

Do you now see the Japan tour from any location you are who read this poor writing? Arena of the frenzy, or Masuseki was surprisingly comfortable, or looks likely to the second floor to the stage back, or do the same front row as this work. Such lucky person, nor who was not the case, this one promise the best experience of the front row. Also in the audience the video that have appeared one after another, masterpiece video boasts a particular impact. Memory that your was about to disappear, please change the memories, not all means give forgotten in this work.


“THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016”の傑作映像がギフト・タイトルで登場です。現在、8年ぶりの来日公演の余韻に浸りきっている方も多いと思いますが、その短期記憶を脳裏に焼き付け、長期記憶に変えてくれる1本です。
実際、その光景は、眩しいほどに輝いている。現代デジタル機材のウルトラ・クリアな画質はもちろんのこと、画面の安定度も素晴らしい。ハンディ・カメラなので結構揺れているはずなのですが、手ぶれ防止機能が効いていて非常に見やすいのです。その上、前列の腕や頭に悩まされることもありませんし、ズーム不要のド直近でメンバーが目に飛び込む。それこそ、ディッキンソンのマイクスタンドに書かれた古代文字(?)まで読めるほどで、視界いっぱいにステージ“だけ”が映り、IRON MAIDENしか見えないのです。
そして、サウンドも素晴らしい。最前列だけに距離感ゼロのサウンドは、それだけでライヴアルバムになりそうなほど。特に素晴らしいのは、スティーヴ・ハリスのバッキバキ・ベース。正直なところ、他の楽器を凌駕するバランスは完璧とは言えませんが、あのギャロップ・ベースがデカくて不都合なわけがない。それこそ、80年代初期にぶちのめされた頃を彷彿とさせるバキバキぶりで全編押し通される快感は猛烈なのえす。残念ながら「Children Of The Damned」と「Tears Of A Clown」冒頭がカットされているので、実際にはライヴアルバムにはできませんでしたが、本作では別撮影の「Children Of The Damned」で補完し、全曲収録を実現しました(「Tears Of A Clown」冒頭は未収録のままですが、本作があまりにハイクオリティなため、曲中で他撮影と切り替えると違和感が拭えませんでした)。
そのクオリティで描き出される“THE BOOK OF SOULS TOUR”の世界は、まさに日本公演の想い出が鮮明に蘇る素晴らしいもの(もちろん、日本公演特有の「The Trooper」の大ちょんぼや「Powerslave」のちょんまげカツラは登場しませんが:笑)。1曲毎さまざまに切り替わる背景、プロレスのマスクマンに扮したディッキンソン、豪華なライトアップも超鮮明。見上げる視野なので、まるで頭上から光のシャワーを浴びるようです。そして、そんな接写の大迫力が爆発するのは、巨大エディの登場シーン! 「The Book Of Souls」では竹馬エディが間近でポリポリと尻を掻き、ディッキンソンとの格闘の末に心臓を取り出され。その心臓が客席に放り込まれるシーンもばっちり。そして、「Iron Maiden」ではステージの向こうから進撃の巨人ばりにぬーっと顔を出す巨大エディ! そうそう、これこれ!! 日本公演でもやっていた数々のシーンが間近視点で次々と繰り出されていくのです。

この駄文を読んでくださっているあなたは、来日公演をどんな位置からご覧になりましたか? 狂乱のアリーナか、意外と快適だった枡席か、ステージ裏まで見えそうな2階席か、それとも本作と同じ最前列か。そんなラッキーな方も、そうではなかった方も、最前列の極上体験をお約束する1本です。次々と登場しているオーディエンス映像でも、格別のインパクトを誇る傑作映像。あなたの消えかけた記憶、ぜひ本作で忘れ得ぬ想い出に変えてください。

1. Intro. 2. If Eternety Should Fail 3. Speed Of Light 4. Children Of The Damned
5. Tears Of A Clown 6. The Red And The Black 7. The Trooper 8. Powerslave
9. Death Or Glory 10. The Book Of Souls 11. Hallowed Be Thy Name 12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Iron Maiden 14. The Number Of The Beast 15. Blood Brothers 16. Wasted Years

COLOUR NTSC Approx.110min.



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