Iron Maiden / Quilmes Rock 09 / 1DVDR

Iron Maiden / Quilmes Rock 09 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th March 2009 PRO-SHOT



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For our metal head who lives in Japan, IRON MAIDEN, which deliberately echoes the soul “ROCK IN RIO 2013”. Gift items to commemorate the release is “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008-2009” pro-shot video “QUILMES ROCK 09” of!
Huh? “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR is full stomach”? Indeed, including the official video “FLIGHT 666”, a large number of only the super-high quality professional shot gave birth to a large number of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”, that you feel, we have more than enough know. However! The number there is “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” Among the professional shots, this film is special in the special. And Cans this, “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” do not want to I am told!

What is so special about? There are several reasons, the maximum point of a huge mummy, Eddie is seen by pro-shot (!) Thing. Mexico, Brazil, and Chile performance, high-quality image of 2008 is also known as a number, but Eddie that appeared in “Iron Maiden” is altogether 3 m class stilts Eddie. Or that it alone, even in the “FLIGHT 666” of the official DVD,’s the stilts Eddie! In the reprint tour of “to reproduce the stage set at the time” is billed, this is grave situation. Discouraged in also should be climax “Iron Maiden” carrying your feet on the Japan tour, I think in mania often was sniff unofficial at the thought of “Now what!”.
The Haraseru the anger of the multi-camera in the pro-shot’s the this work! “Iron Maiden” in the atmosphere in only golden Sphinx Eddie is enshrined is different considerably, but the song mummy Eddie pops cracked face in two and to break! Yes, this! This is I wanted to watch! This scene is what that is worth of this work alone can watch a professional shot.
Another big point of the set list. “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR” is, I have changed in 2008 and 2009. Official DVD “FLIGHT 666” is encased in the video of 2008, music was also to reproduce the set list. However, change the repertoire in 2009, “Children Of The Damned”, “Phantom Of The Opera”, “The Evil That Men Do”, “Sanctuary” is set in. In particular, “Children Of The Damned” is, “EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR”, “MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR” is a delicious one song that has not been played even!
In 2009, the pro-shot There is also Chile performances (separate from the 2008), but there suffers the DJ voice of Spanish, often incomplete version cut between tracks. There is what a few minutes of cut at the beginning of this work also Aces High, but recorded the show almost completely.
Mexico performances of “FLIGHT 666” and 2008 years of official, to those who are satisfied with professional shot of Brazil show what, please take a look at this work. Not only the official “FLIGHT 666” and this week released “ROCK IN RIO 2013”, “EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG”, watching together this work, is to complete the first time of IRON MAIDEN “reprint project” is. Only, four songs and a huge Eddie that Japan did not come true be seen even realize was reprinted tour “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”. In the commentary of “EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG”, but I said “sincerely to those who love MAIDEN”, ​​for those who at the soul level love IRON MAIDEN, we will send you this work. Those who idolized in the 1980s of IRON MAIDEN, who is hot in the chest to them to live in the 21st century, by all means miss defunct so!

日本に住むメタルヘッドの我々にとって、ことさら魂に響くIRON MAIDEN「ROCK IN RIO 2013」。そのリリースを記念したギフト・アイテムは、“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008-2009”のプロショット映像「QUILMES ROCK 09」です!
え? 「SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOURはお腹いっぱい」? 確かに、公式映像「FLIGHT 666」を初め、多数の超ハイクオリティ・プロショットを多数生んだ“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”だけに、そのお気持ちは十二分に承知しております。しかし! 数ある“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”のプロショットの中でも、本作は特別中の特別。これを観ずして、“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”を語っていただくわけにはいきません!

なにがそんなに特別なのか? 理由はいくつもありますが、最大のポイントは、巨大なミイラ・エディがプロショットで観られる(!)こと。メキシコ、ブラジル、チリ公演など、2008年のハイクオリティ映像はいくつも知られていますが、“Iron Maiden”に登場するエディはことごとく3メートル級の竹馬エディ。あろうことか、公式DVDの「FLIGHT 666」においてさえ、竹馬エディなのです! 「当時のステージセットを再現する」が謳い文句の復刻ツアーににおいて、これはゆゆしき事態。日本公演に足を運んでもクライマックスであるはずの“Iron Maiden”で落胆し、「今度こそ!」の想いでアンオフィシャルを漁ったマニアも多いのではないでしょうか。
その鬱憤をマルチカメラのプロショットで晴らせるのが本作なのです!“Iron Maiden”で黄金のスフィンクス・エディが鎮座するだけで雰囲気がだいぶ違いますが、曲がブレイクすると2つに顔が割れてミイラ・エディが飛び出す! そう、これ! これが観たかった!このシーンをプロショットで観られるだけでも本作の価値があるというものです。
もう1つの大きなポイントはセットリスト。“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”は、2008年と2009年では変わっているのです。公式DVD「FLIGHT 666」は2008年の映像で固められ、曲目もセットリストを再現していました。しかし、2009年では演目を変更、“Children Of The Damned”、“Phantom Of The Opera”、“The Evil That Men Do”、“Sanctuary”がセットイン。特に“Children Of The Damned”は、“EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR”、“MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR”でも演奏されなかった美味しい1曲です!
2009年のプロショットにはチリ公演もあります(2008年とは別)が、そちらはスペイン語のDJ音声が被り、曲間カットも多い不完全版。本作もAces Highの冒頭に数分のカットこそありますが、ほぼ完全にショウを収録しています。
オフィシャルの「FLIGHT 666」や2008年のメキシコ公演、ブラジル公演のプロショットで満足されている方にこそ、本作をご覧になって頂きたい。公式の「FLIGHT 666」や今週リリースの「ROCK IN RIO 2013」「EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG」だけでなく、本作を併せ観て、初めてIRON MAIDENの“復刻プロジェクト”は完成するのです。唯一、来日が実現した復刻ツアー“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME TOUR”でも観ることの叶わなかった4曲と巨大なエディ。「EDDIE RIPS UP GOTHENBURG」の解説では、“心からMAIDENを愛する方に”と申しましたが、魂レベルでIRON MAIDENを愛する方に、本作をおおくりします。80年代のIRON MAIDENに心酔される方、21世紀に生きる彼らに胸を熱くされる方、ぜひお見逃しなきよう!

1. Opening Movie:Transylvania 2. Churchill’s Speech 3. Aces High 4. Wrathchild
5. 2 Minutes To Midnight 6. Children Of The Damned 7. Phantom Of The Opera 8. The Trooper
9. Wasted Years 10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 11. Powerslave 12. Run To The Hills
13. Fear Of The Dark 14. Hallowed Be Thy Name 15. Iron Maiden 16. Number Of The Beast
17. The Evil That Men Do 18. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 103min.

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