Iron Maiden / Complete Santiago 2008/2009 / 2DVDR

Iron Maiden / Complete Santiago 2008/2009 / 2DVDR / Non label

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Pisca Azlezica, Sanziago, Chile 9th March 2008 & 22nd 2009. NTSC


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The typical professional shot 2 performances of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR”, complete and improved version of overseas mania has arrived. Speaking of “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME”, “steel of virgin” popular tour to plenty of playing the ultra-representative song “only” up to “the seventh of prophecy” from. Soredakeni are a number of full multi-camera professional shot has appeared. Perhaps, but I think that you have the many people present 1 and 2, here let’s organize them.

– February 22, 2008: Mexico performance “MEXICAN SLAVE”
– March 5, 2008: Brazil show “PERFECT SLAVE”
– 2008 March 9, 2011: Chile performance [this work] “After one year”
– March 22, 2009: Chile performance [this work] – March 28, 2009: Argentina performances “QUILMES ROCK 09”

There is also a small television appearances in addition to this, but the pro-shot the five full-size. This work, which was set to which Santiago performances (Chile), the disk 1 2008 performance, we arranged a 2009 disk 2 performances. However, there is no mean that mere same city live two shows. Let’s introduce the point.

● Point 1: 2 performances of the set list difference
IRON MAIDEN is famous as a band that does not change the set list in the course of the tour, but divided into two tour from 2003 Atari, now replace the song in the first half and the second half. “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR” is also different set in the “2009” and “2008”, “Revelations,” “Can I Play With Madness,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “Moonchild,” “The Clairvoyant” is played in the former , “Wrathchild”, “Children Of the Damned”, “Phantom Of the Opera,” “the Evil that Men Do,” “Sanctuary” has been unveiled in the latter. This work, while also saying the same city has vacant one year round, we both can be seen in a professional shot.

● Point 2: full version by mania renovation
To “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR” as previously described is located five professional shot of the full-size, but it does not mean that all is complete recording from the corner of the show up to the corner. In fact, two of Santiago performances, although is recorded songs, there was a lack of part of the song. Especially “professional shot of the 2009 performance” is, or there is no beginning between most of the songs, at that time the translation of the MC is suffer. “The Number Of The Beast” or contains the digital noise in, … or I end with a “Sanctuary” in the middle. This work, the lack of such a “regrettable!” Pro-shot, is a thing that overseas mania has been complemented.
Moreover, MAIDEN love has exploded to its completion the first time. MC incurred part is covered with a voice of the FM broadcast, the scale is not enough complemented by audience video. In addition, not only fill the part you are simply missing, in the part that professional shot is to remove the interest, connect to picking out the perfect angle from a number of audience shots. For example, director Bruce Dickinson familiar “Screaming for me, Santiago !!” to in the figure of the audience to shout only for a moment will be inserted, also in the aftermath of “Hallowed Be Thy Name” texture, the spectacle in the audience of the distant view to respond. Of course, 99% I professional shot of multi-camera, supervised by the mania is familiar with the delicious point in singing and guitar solo of Dickinson, hand to like the place itchy as if to correct the angle mistake of pro shot reach you. There was no once and for all is a round between the songs truly “2009 performance” is not completely complementary, passages in has become to fade processing, but still musical tone is completely repaired. Also fade processing has been the motif of “FLIGHT 666”, and finish well sense.

● Point 3: Huge Sphinx & mummy Eddy
This tour is also “FLIGHT 666” to the official, but there is a recording of 2-March of 2008, did not use a huge mummy Eddy in that case. To appear even disk 1 “2008 performance” of this work is only the stilts of cyborg Eddie, disk 2 “2009 performance” of the “Iron Maiden” The Sphinx & mummy of Eddie appeared! It jumped by dividing the gold shining mask to two, huge Eddie for blowing out the fireworks from the eye in the climax. The strong force scene you can watch a professional shot of multi-camera.

Or to minimize the discomfort of the audience image, the image quality was adjusted to highlight not be said to be “tour number 1” (number 1, vertex basis in MAIDEN all history “PERFECT SLAVE”), but, feeling of “here want to see!” mania instead is a masterpiece video furiously blowing out. Luxury be at an end “SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR” has come even twice, yet Santiago that both were left in a professional shot. But is a story as long as all envy, enthusiasm of the large crowd to be displayed on this work, and passion of repair mania is hot enough to seem “It is also of course.” One finished in full form the two different set list and Eddie mania is in the passion which is not exhausted. By all means, please enjoy plenty!


“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR”の代表的プロショット2公演を、海外マニアが改良した完全版が入荷しました。“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME”と言えば、『鋼鉄の処女』から『第七の予言』までの超・代表曲“だけ”をたっぷりと演奏する大人気ツアー。それだけにフルのマルチ・カメラ・プロショットがいくつも登場しています。恐らく、多くの方が1・2本はお持ちのことと思いますが、ここでそれらを整理してみましょう。

・2008年2月22日:メキシコ公演『MEXICAN SLAVE』
・2008年3月5日:ブラジル公演『PERFECT SLAVE』
・2008年3月9日:チリ公演   【本作】
・2009年3月22日:チリ公演   【本作】
・2009年3月28日:アルゼンチン公演『QUILMES ROCK 09』


IRON MAIDENはツアー中にセットリストを変えないバンドとして有名ですが、2003年辺りからツアーを2つに分け、前半と後半で曲を入れ替えるようになりました。“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR”も「2008年」と「2009年」ではセットが異なり、前者では「Revelations」「Can I Play With Madness」「Heaven Can Wait」「Moonchild」「The Clairvoyant」が演奏され、後者では「Wrathchild」「Children Of The Damned」「Phantom Of The Opera」「The Evil That Men Do」「Sanctuary」が披露された。本作は、同都市とは言っても間が丸1年空いており、その両方がプロショットで観られるのです。

先述したように“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR”にはフルサイズのプロショットが5本ありますが、その総てがショウを隅から隅まで完全収録しているわけではありません。実は、2本のサンティアゴ公演は、全曲収録してはいるものの、曲の一部に欠けがあった。特に「2009年公演のプロショット」は、ほとんどの曲間で冒頭がなかったり、MCの当時翻訳が被る。「The Number Of The Beast」ではデジタルノイズが入ったり、「Sanctuary」が途中で終わってしまったり……。本作は、そんな“惜しい!”プロショットの欠けを、海外マニアが補完したものなのです。
しかも、その補完ぶりにMAIDEN愛が炸裂している。MCが被るパートは、FM放送の音声を被せ、足りない尺はオーディエンス映像で補完。さらに、単に欠けている部分を埋めるだけでなく、プロショットが見どころを外しているパートでは、数々のオーディエンス・ショットからばっちりのアングルを拾い出して繋ぐ。例えば、ブルース・ディッキンソンお馴染みの「Screaming for me, Santiago!!」では一瞬だけ叫ぶ観客の姿が挿入されますし、「Hallowed Be Thy Name」キメの煽りでも、応える客席の遠景でスペクタクルを演出。もちろん、99%はマルチカメラのプロショットなのですが、監修したマニアはディッキンソンの歌やギターソロでも美味しいポイントを熟知しており、まるでプロショットのアングルミスを訂正するかのように痒いところに手が届くのです。さすがに曲間が丸っきりなかった「2009年公演」は補完しきれず、曲間はフェイド処理になっていますが、それでも楽音は完全修復。フェイド処理も『FLIGHT 666』をモチーフにしており、センス良く仕上げています。

このツアーはオフィシャルに『FLIGHT 666』もありますが、あれは2008年の2・3月の収録で、その際には巨大なミイラ・エディが使われませんでした。本作のディスク1「2008年公演」でも登場するのは竹馬のサイボーグ・エディだけですが、ディスク2「2009年公演」の「Iron Maiden」ではスフィンクス&ミイラのエディが登場! 黄金輝くマスクを2つに割って飛び出し、クライマックスで目から花火を吹き出す巨大なエディ。そのド迫力シーンがマルチカメラのプロショットで観られるのです。

オーディエンス画像との違和感を最小限にするためか、ハイライトを調整した画質的には“ツアーナンバー1”とは言えない(ナンバー1は、MAIDEN全史でも頂点的な『PERFECT SLAVE』)ものの、その代わりにマニアの「ココが観たい!」の気持ちが猛烈に吹き出す傑作映像です。豪華極まる“SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR”が2回もやってきて、しかも両方がプロショットで残されたサンティアゴ。まったく羨ましい限りの話ですが、本作に映し出される大観衆の熱狂、そして修復するマニアの情熱は「それも当然」と思えるほどに熱い。2つの違うセットリストとエディをマニアが尽きぬ情熱で完全形に仕上げた1本。ぜひ、たっぷりとご堪能ください!

Disc 1 (119min.)
Pista Atletica, Santiago, Chile 9th March 2008

1. Intro: Doctor Doctor 2. Transylvania 3. Churchill’s Speech/Aces High 4. 2 Minutes To Midnight
5. Revelations 6. The Trooper 7. Wasted Years 8. The Number Of The Beast 9. Can I Play With Madness
10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 11. Powerslave 12. Heaven Can Wait 13. Run To The Hills
14. Fear Of The Dark 15. Iron Maiden 16. Band Introduction 17. Moonchild 18. The Clairvoyant
19. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Disc 2 (102min.)
Club Hipico, Santiago, Chile 22nd March 2009

1. Intro: Transylvania 2. Churchill’s Speech/Aces High 3. Wrathchild 4. 2 Minutes To Midnight
5. Children Of The Damned 6. Phantom Of The Opera 7. The Trooper 8. Wasted Years
9. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 10. Powerslave 11. Run To The Hills 12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name 14. Iron Maiden 15. The Number Of The Beast
16. The Evil That Men Do 17. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums




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