Iron Maiden / Charlotte The Harlot 2005 / 1DVDR

Iron Maiden / Charlotte The Harlot 2005 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republic 28th May 2005. NTSC


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The main press press DVD “GOTHENBURG 2005: THE PRE-BROADCAST MASTER” is a rare pro shot even if you look over the entire history of IRON MAIDEN. Clearly it is unnecessary super striking work such as a bonus etc. Still, why give a bonus? It is nothing else because this work is “vividly valuable image”. Even if you do not need this story, you really want to see this picture. Rather, it is a bonus attachment for this work.
The true identity of such an invaluable picture is “Prague performance in Czech Republic on May 28, 2005”. “THE ERALY DAYS TOUR 2005” It is an audience shot that included the first day. Why is this work so valuable ……

【2 performances only Charlotte The Harlot】
First of all, precious things are playing (!) Charlotte The Harlot, a hidden masterpiece of “Steel Virgin”. During the tour basically I do not change the set IRON MAIDEN, there are exceptions in everything. As a typical example, it is “Charlotte The Harlot” of this work that is extremely rare. Of course, I was playing in the Paul Diano era and Bruce · Dickinson remodeled as “Charlotte The Harlot ’88”. However, that Dickinson sang at the stage only in the beginning of “THE ERALY DAYS TOUR” at MAIDEN all history. This work has its premiere precious premiere.
This song is MAIDEN’s only Dave Murray single pen piece, various sequels “22 Acacia Avenue” “Hooks In You” “From Here To Eternity” have been made. Although it is a serial called “Charlotte Saga” from the old fans, only “Charlotte The Harlot” had no chance for Dickinson to sing in the live. However, it is hard to imagine that Dickinson singing whatever sought would be rejected, probably Steve Harris judged that “now is nowhere”. However, “Charlotte The Harlot” that you can listen in this work is well suited to Dickinson than a number of Diano era numbers. Even though it is a masterpiece of only this, only two performances are okay, okay ….

【Huge Eddie with a rare rare “virgin of steel” specification! 】
Eddie is passed beyond such “Charlotte The Harlot” Eddie. A huge Eddie appearing in “Iron Maiden” is a debut album “Virgin Steel” vice-versa! In the pro shot of this tour, Eddie using the promotion DVD “VISIONS OF THE BEAST” as a motif was used Although it is in the early stages of the tour, it was “Steel Virgin” design. I do not know exactly how many performances were used, but it is said that this was just the two performances at the beginning of “THE ERALY DAYS TOUR” as well as “Charlotte The Harlot”. Even those who are maniacal, do not you know who is familiar with this edition?
However, although the main “Prague performance” of this work is very easy to see live, the huge Eddie can only see flicker due to camera angle. So I recorded a bonus “Iron Maiden” of the 2nd performance “May 29th, 2005 Hodjje Performance (Poland)”. Although it is somewhat monotonous to see full-length with a distant shot, the appearance scene of the huge Eddie is super clear only in the distant view. A huge backstop eddy that appears in the background of the block fence. You can witness every corner of the super valuable video in which the jacket art of “Steel Virgin” is reproduced in three dimensions.
Another interesting thing is “The Number Of The Beast”. Here, a lot of glamorous older sisters who appeared as Devil Beelzebab appeared! It fires the audience with the trigger’s spear. Clearly it is a directing that considers “BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”, but it was a taste that was not a subsequent performance. I had prepared such things … …. Although it is quite exciting also in this work, the sisters who go home soon after the song finishes are also manukesh, and it is a rare scene transmitted in silent as to why they stopped.

[Actually, the quality is also wonderful] Although I talked about only the extremely rare points, the quality of this work is also wonderful. Anyhow valuable pictures tend to be “rare, so there is no choice” or “just appreciate”, but worrying about this work is unnecessary in this work! Especially “Prague Performance” uses extensive zooming from the right side of the stage, and it seems clear from the button of each member’s costume to the peg of head. Moreover, camera work also does not cause blur even if it follows Steve running around wonderfully and keeps it beautifully. Although there is an image of the country which is locked down country when it says Czech, it seems to be a considerably refined photographer.
The sound is also clear enough to lose the sight. Honestly speaking, it does not mean that there are slight disadvantages, such as the screen stops at “Murders In The Rue Morgue”, and “Remember Tomorrow” has a momentary warp. But the basic quality is high enough to make it anything better.
Beyond introducing, we have to honestly say “Audience shot with disadvantages”. But if you say that, you may be shunned … So … so far we could not normally release it. However, this time a transcendent Pro shot has appeared that a child crying is silent. If you are a bonus, you can feel many people “watching it is amazing”. It is a bonus release with such thought.
It is a masterpiece of the pressing press bonus that you want to see even if it is nonsense against the supernatural abolition unnecessary bonus. Extraordinarily rare “Charlotte The Harlot”, sisters, and backstroke edges of shock. A number of super valuable scenes can be seen at the highest quality. Please, please be a witness too!

本編プレスDVD『GOTHENBURG 2005: THE PRE-BROADCAST MASTER』は、IRON MAIDEN全史を見渡しても類い希なプロショット。ハッキリ言ってボーナスなど不要な超絶作です。それでもなお、ボーナスをお贈りするのはなぜか? それは本作が「激烈に貴重な映像」だからに他なりません。本編が必要としなくても、どうしてもこの映像を皆さんにご覧頂きたい。むしろ、本作のためのボーナス付属なのです。
そんな超貴重映像の正体とは、「2005年5月28日プラハ公演(チェコ)」。“THE ERALY DAYS TOUR 2005”初日を収めたオーディエンス・ショットです。なぜ、本作がそれほど貴重なのか……

【2公演だけのCharlotte The Harlot】
まず第1に貴重なのが『鋼鉄の処女』の隠れた名曲「Charlotte The Harlot」を演奏(!)していること。ツアー中は基本的にセットを変えないIRON MAIDENですが、何事にも例外はあるもの。その典型にして、激レアなのが本作の「Charlotte The Harlot」なのです。もちろん、ポール・ディアノ時代には演奏していましたし、ブルース・ディッキンソンも「Charlotte The Harlot ‘88」としてリメイクしたこともありました。しかし、そのディッキンソンがステージで歌ったのはMAIDEN全史でも“THE ERALY DAYS TOUR”冒頭の2公演だけ。本作は、その超貴重な初演を収めているのです。
この曲はMAIDEN唯一のデイヴ・マーレイ単独ペンの曲で、さまざまな続編「22 Acacia Avenue」「Hooks In You」「From Here To Eternity」も作られてきました。オールド・ファンから“シャーロット・サーガ”とも呼ばれる連作なわけですが、「Charlotte The Harlot」だけはディッキンソンがライヴで歌う機会がなかった。もっとも、求められれば何でも歌うディッキンソンが拒否するとも考えづらく、恐らくはスティーヴ・ハリスが「今いちノレない」と判断してきたのでしょう。しかし、本作で聴ける「Charlotte The Harlot」は、数あるディアノ時代ナンバーよりもディッキンソンによく似合っている。これだけの名曲なのに、たった2公演だけなんて、なんと勿体ない……。

そんな「Charlotte The Harlot」以上にド肝を抜かれるのがエディ。「Iron Maiden」で登場する巨大エディは、なんとデビュー・アルバム『鋼鉄の処女』の逆毛エディ!! このツアーのプロショットではおおよそプロモ集DVD『VISIONS OF THE BEAST』をモチーフにしたエディが使われているのですが、ツアー極初期には『鋼鉄の処女』デザインだったのです。厳密に何公演使われたのかは分かっていませんが、これも「Charlotte The Harlot」と同じく、“THE ERALY DAYS TOUR”冒頭の2公演だけだったのではないかと言われています。マニアな方でも、このエディまでご存じな方はそうそういらっしゃらないのではないでしょうか。
ただし、本作メインの「プラハ公演」はライヴ自体こそ非常に見やすいものの、巨大エディはカメラ角度のせいでチラッとしか見えない。そこでボーナスとして2公演目「2005年5月29日ホジュフ公演(ポーランド)」の「Iron Maiden」も収録しました。こちらは遠景ショットで全編観るにはやや単調なのですが、遠景だけに巨大エディの登場シーンは超ハッキリ。ブロック塀の背景にぬーっと登場する巨大な逆毛エディ。『鋼鉄の処女』のジャケット・アートが3次元で再現される超貴重映像を隅々まで目撃できます。
もう1つ、面白いのが「The Number Of The Beast」。ここでは悪魔ベルゼバブに扮したグラマラスなお姉さま方が大量に登場! 三叉の槍で観客を煽りまくるのです。明らかに“BEAST ON THE ROAD 1982”を意識した演出なのですが、その後の公演ではなかった趣向。こんなことまで用意していたんですね……。本作でも大いに盛り上がるものの、曲が終わるやぞろぞろと帰って行くお姉さま方の姿はマヌケでもあり、なぜ止めたのかが無言のうちに伝わる激レア・シーンです。

激レア・ポイントばかりお話ししてしまいましたが、本作はクオリティも素晴らしい。とかく貴重映像は「レアだから仕方ない」「観られるだけありがたい」となりがちですが、本作にその心配は不要! 特に「プラハ公演」はステージ右側から果敢なズームを多用しており、各メンバーの衣装のボタンからヘッドのペグまでハッキリ見える。しかも、カメラワークも素晴らしく走り回るスティーヴを追ってもブレを起こさず、綺麗に収め続けるのです。チェコというとロック後進国なイメージもありますが、相当に手練れな撮影者のようです。
サウンドもその光景に負けないクリアっぷり。正直に申し上げると「Murders In The Rue Morgue」で画面が止まったり、「Remember Tomorrow」に一瞬のワープがあるなど、わずかながら欠点がないわけではない。しかし、それがどうでも良くなるほどに基本のクオリティが高いのです。
ボーナス不要の超絶作にかこつけた、是が非にでもご覧頂きたい押しつけボーナス大傑作。激レアな「Charlotte The Harlot」、お姉さま達、そして衝撃の逆毛エディ。超貴重なシーンの数々が最高峰クオリティで観られる1枚。どうぞ、あなたも目撃者になってください!

1. Into / The Ides Of March 2. Murders In The Rue Morgue 3. Another Life 4. Prowler 5. The Trooper
6. Remember Tomorrow 7. Run To The Hills 8. Charlotte The Harlot 9. Revelations
10. Where Eagles Dare 11. Die With Your Boots On 12. Phantom Of The Opera
13. The Number Of The Beast 14. Hallowed Be Thy Name 15. Iron Maiden 16. Running Free
17. Drifter 18. Sanctuary

Bonus Footage
Mystic Festival, Chorzow, Poland 29th May 2005
19. Iron Maiden (Ultra Rare Eddie!!)

Bruce Dickinson – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar Adrian Smith – Guitar
Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 100min.

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