IBEX / Sink Club Liverpool 1969 / 1CDR

IBEX / Sink Club Liverpool 1969 / 1CDR / Uxbridge
Sink Club, Liverpool, UK 9th September 1969 (Longer & Upgrade)

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IBEX, a phantom band that Freddie Mercury was enrolled in before QUEEN. Introducing the one and only precious sound source.

[The journey from students to the formation of QUEEN] What is recorded in this work is “September 9, 1969 Liverpool performance”. This is a live album recorded at the local club “SINK CLUB”. This recording is known as IBEX’s only sound recording … So, before that, let’s start with “What is IBEX?”. First, let’s put the hands back on the clock until 1969, when Freddie graduated from Ealing Art College.

● 1969
・ May 23: Penquez performance (IBEX first live)
《June: Freddie graduates from Ealing Art College》
《August 13: Freddie joins IBEX》
・ August 23: Bolton performance (Freddie’s first live)
・ August 24: Bolton performance
・ September 9: Liverpool performance ← ★ This work ★
・ September 19: St. Helens performance (?)
《October: Renamed from IBEX to WRECKAGE》
《November: WRECKAGE dissolution》
● 1970
《February: Freddie joins SOUR MILK SEA》
《April: Freddie joins SMILE》
《July 12: Renamed from SMILE to QUEEN》

This is about a year from Freddie’s college graduation to the start of QUEEN. IBEX was an amateur band formed by a trio of Mike Versin (guitar), John Taylor (bass) and Mick Smith (drums) and performed only once in May 1969. Then in August, Freddie joined and performed live 3 times (4 times depending on the material). In October, the name was changed to “WRECKAGE” and a demo was left, but it was disbanded in November. It was a local band of foam that is often found in rock biographies.

[The one and only live album recorded by the people concerned] By the way, this work which is the only recording of such IBEX. I haven’t mentioned “sound board” or “audience” from earlier, but in terms of type, it’s spatial recording using a microphone … that is, “audience recording”. However, it is not just a guest recording, but a person concerned. The band’s Rodi, Jeff Higgins, was also a recording enthusiast, recording various bands on his favorite machine, the Grundig TK14. He also ran tapes on IBEX and later sold it to QUEEN researcher John S. Stuart. In addition, the Beatles cover “Rain” was officially released from this tape and included in Freddie’s box set “THE SOLO COLLECTION”.
As anyone who has experienced “THE SOLO COLLECTION” knows, the quality of this work proves the above process. Although there is a sense of space in the growth of vocals, each instrument is in close contact with each note due to the feeling of a closed room in a small club. The vintage feel oozes from the tape state, but no dubbing marks are felt, and the sound and separation are super vivid. Whether you use a microphone or record on line, it’s a great recording that is so on that you might think it’s not that different.
This work is a complete version of the recording digitized from such a unique reel master. There is also a reason why I purposely added “recording”. This tape finishes in about 30 minutes, but there was an encore after that on the day. This encore was also historic, and in fact Freddie responded to Roger’s cheering “Thank you, brother!” In the MC after “We’re Going Wrong” by Brian May and Roger Taylor who were on the scene as spectators. ) Jumped in. Unfortunately, the encore wasn’t recorded, but it was the night when the three of them co-starred for the first time.

[Real-time feeling that the initial hard rock is burning] Of course, the essence of this work is the 10 songs of the main show. Freddie’s original song “Vagabond Outcast” is also performed, but the remaining 9 songs are all covered. The biggest point is Freddie’s innocent singing voice, but the selection is also interesting, and there are plenty of recent songs that were springing up in England at about the same time. I also play the Beatles mentioned above, but the main one is CREAM, and I also performed 3 songs, “I’m So Glad”, “We’re Going Wrong”, and “Crossroads”. Furthermore, if you think that you have taken up the repertoire “Rock My Plimsoul” and “Jailhouse Rock” of the first JEFF BECK GROUP, the ultimate is LED ZEPPELIN’s “Communication Breakdown” which has just debuted.
The flow of hard rock creation by the three major guitarists “CREAM → JBG # 1 → ZEP” is brilliantly suppressed, and Jimi Hendrix and TEN YEARS AFTER also pop out. The new music “Hard Rock” that was burning Britain right now. Freddie has a wide range of musical tastes from his later creations, but he was also completely immersed in hard rock. It is also a live that makes me happy when the heat is transmitted to Ali Ali.

It is a valuable live album that teaches “Freddie Mercury before QUEEN (Freddie Balsara at that time)”. When it comes to pre-debut sound sources for big bands, only the material value tends to be prioritized, but this work is also a real rock album with hot vocalization and a hard rock soul. One piece that makes the fist held by Goo hurt when he grins unintentionally at the innocent 23-year-old singing voice. Please enjoy it carefully.

★ The one and only record of the phantom band IBEX where Freddie Mercury was enrolled before QUEEN. A complete version of the tape that Rodi recorded at “September 9, 1969 Liverpool Performance” and was partly recorded in the official BOX “THE SOLO COLLECTION”. Freddie, who was 23 years old, sang the masterpieces of early hard rock such as CREAM, JEFF BECK GROUP, and LED ZEPPELIN. Brian May and Roger Taylor are also in the audience, and you can hear Freddie responding to Roger’s cheers with “Thank you, brother!”.

★★ The full length version is the first in history. It’s super valuable.

(Remaster memo))
★ The first three songs were a little late, so after adjusting, I raised the overall sound pressure.


そんな本作に記録されているのは「1969年9月9日リバプール公演」。地元のクラブ“SINK CLUB”で録音されたライヴアルバムです。この録音はIBEX唯一となる音の記録として知られている……わけですが、その前に「IBEXとは何ぞや?」から始めましょう。まずは、フレディがイーリング・アート・カレッジを卒業した1969年まで時計の針を戻してみましょう。

・9月9日:リバプール公演 ←★本作★
《2月:フレディがSOUR MILK SEAに加入》


さて、そんなIBEX唯一の録音である本作。先ほどから「サウンドボード」とも「オーディエンス」とも記していませんが、種別的に言いますとマイクを使用した空間録音……つまり「オーディエンス録音」です。ただし、単なる客録音ではなく、関係者によるもの。バンドのローディだったジェフ・ヒギンズは記録マニアでもあり、愛機「Grundig TK14」でさまざまなバンドを録音していた。彼はIBEXでもテープを回しており、それを後年になってQUEEN研究家のジョン・S・スチュアートに売却したのです。また、このテープからはビートルズのカバー「Rain」が公式化され、フレディのボックスセット『THE SOLO COLLECTION』に収録されました。
『THE SOLO COLLECTION』を体験された方ならご存じとは思いますが、本作のクオリティは上記の経緯を証明するもの。ヴォーカルの伸びに空間感覚はあるものの、狭いクラブの密室感たっぷりで各楽器が1音1音までド密着。テープ状態からヴィンテージ感は滲みますがダビング痕などは感じられず、鳴りもセパレートも超鮮やか。もはやマイクを使おうが、ラインで録音しようが、それほど変わらないんじゃないかと思うほどオンな名録音です。
本作は、そんな唯一無二のリール・マスターからデジタル化された録音の完全版。わざわざ「録音の」と付けたのにも理由があります。このテープは約30分で終了するのですが、当日はその後にアンコールがあった。このアンコールがまた歴史的でして、実は観客として現場にいたブライアン・メイとロジャー・テイラー(「We’re Going Wrong」後のMCではロジャーの声援にフレディが「Thank you, brother!」と応えています)が飛び入り。残念ながらアンコールは録音されなかったものの、あの3人が始めて共演した夜だったのです。

もちろん、本作の真髄はショウ本編の10曲。フレディのオリジナル曲「Vagabond Outcast」も演奏されていますが、残り9曲はすべてカバー。最大のポイントは初々しいフレディの歌声なわけですが、そのセレクションも興味深く、ほぼ同時代にイギリスを湧かせていた最近曲がたっぷりなのです。前述したビートルズも演奏していますが、一番のメインはCREAMで「I’m So Glad」「We’re Going Wrong」「Crossroads」と3曲も披露。さらに第一期JEFF BECK GROUPのレパートリー「Rock My Plimsoul」「Jailhouse Rock」を取り上げたかと思えば、極めつけはデビュー間もないLED ZEPPELINの「Communication Breakdown」。
三大ギタリストによる「CREAM→JBG#1→ZEP」というハードロック創出の流れをものの見事に押さえており、さらにジミヘンやTEN YEARS AFTERも飛び出す。今まさに英国を焦がしていた新しい音楽「ハードロック」。後年の創作からは幅広い音楽趣味がうかがえるフレディですが、彼もまたハードロックにずっぽり浸って熱中していた。その熱がアリアリと伝わって嬉しくなってくるライヴでもあるのです。


★QUEEN以前にフレディ・マーキュリーが在籍していた幻のバンドIBEX唯一無二の記録。「1969年9月9日リバプール公演」でローディが録音したリール・マスターで、一部が公式BOX『THE SOLO COLLECTION』にも収録されたテープの完全版。CREAMやJEFF BECK GROUP、LED ZEPPELIN等、初期ハードロックの名曲群を23歳だったフレディが熱唱する初々しいライヴアルバムです。客席にはブライアン・メイとロジャー・テイラーも見に来ており、ロジャーの声援にフレディが「Thank you, brother!」と応えるシーンも聴けます。



1. I’m So Glad (Cream cover)
2. Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover)
3. Rain (The Beatles cover)
4. We’re Going Wrong (Cream cover)
5. banter (Roger Taylor acknowledges Roger Taylor in the audience)
6. Rock My Plimsoul (Jeff Beck Group cover)
7. Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix cover)
8. Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley cover)
9. Crossroads (Cream cover)
10. Vagabond Outcast
11. I’m Going Home (Ten Years After cover)

Uxbridge 1416

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