Howard Jones / First Contact / 1CDR

Howard Jones / First Contact / 1CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:

Live At BBC Paris Theatre, London, UK October 5th 1983. Soundboard



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initial live and demo of jockey Howard Jones 80’S New Wave pop comes up for the first time! 

Stage in alone with mime dancer brilliant done alone also played live with full use of synthesizer. 
I Nigiwaseru all British chart in quick succession and debut single “New Song” and “What Is Love”. 
First album to record a double-platinum in all the British number one. 
That, I record a demo recording of the ’82 debut of previous BBC live October 83. It is the original music recording sound source, such as precious and unreleased song “What Is Love”.It is very recommended title of Howard Jones was the height of its popularity at that time in Japan!





Live At BBC Paris Theatre, London, UK October 5th 1983

01. Introdouction
02. New Song
03. Conditioning
04. Dreams Of A Better Place (Early Version)
05. What Is Love ?
06. Equality

1982 Demos 
07. What Can I Say ?
08. Always Asking Questions
09. Human’s Lib
10. Love ? (What Is Love ?)
11. Risk

Project Zip . PJZ -482

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