Helloween / Tokyo 2018 1st Night Pumpkins United World Tour / 3CDR

Helloween / Tokyo 2018 1st Night Pumpkins United World Tour / 3CDR / Shades

Live At EX Theater Roppongi Tokyo Japan 16th March 2018.

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Finally, the dream project tour “PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR” that finally landed in Japan! The fastest report and the best live album is here !!
Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske have returned, and a special tour consisting of 7 members of triple vocals and triple guitar. That expectation is a big explosion in Japan. Tickets are sold out as soon as they are released in advance. It was a fuss that even the re-additional performance, which became rare in the Western music scene these days, was announced. This work is the best audience recording of the first day “March 16, 2018: EX Theater Roppongi” performance. First, let’s take a look at the whole picture of this monumental tour.

・ March 16: EX Theater Roppongi [this work] ・ March 18: ZEPP SAPPORO
→ Now here ←
・ March 23 + 24: ZEPP TOKYO
・ March 25: ZEPP NAGOYA
・ March 27: ZEPP DiverCity

Above, all 7 performances. Although it is 5 cities of Higashi-Meihan + Sapporo, it goes back and forth between Tokyo and the region. It seems that the slapstick that the additions overlapped on the busy schedule can be seen through. Among them, the Roppongi performance of this work was held only four days ago. It’s just the latest recording.
Of course, it’s not early or bad. After all, it was the master “West Japan’s strongest taper” who recorded this work. A modern master recording person who constantly repeats famous recordings that are acclaimed as “just like a sound board” and “sound better than the scene”. In particular, his strong point is HR / HM, and his skill is fully demonstrated in this work.
However, this time it is a little different from the usual “strongest” sound. No, there is no sense of distance and the awesomeness of the thick and thick direct sound is as usual, but the enthusiasm of the audience who receives the performance sound is different from usual. The usual “Mr. Strongest” recording feels enthusiasm far away, but on this day, the enthusiasm boiled from corner to corner. Of course, the usual strongest sound is just abnormal, this is the original audience recording, and if it is a general standard, the audience noise is rather small, but the presence of this audience is also a good feeling. .. Rather than being annoyed by the singing voice of the upcoming audience (never!), The clapping is on the beat, and the singing is a thick and thick chorus corps that functions exactly as part of the live performance. Even if the amount of heat is raised, it does not get in the way. Speaking of the spectacle of the “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” big chorus like the ocean that comes back and forth …
The show drawn with such quality is … amazing. As many of you may know it because it has been talked about in various fields, the super-greatest hits are constantly flooded with famous songs of all time. Approximately Andi Deris and Michael Kiske are in charge of their own songs, but the opening blockbusters “Halloween”, “Dr. Stein”, “Perfect Gentleman”, “Forever And One (Neverland)” and “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” A duet that is too luxurious for “I Want Out”. In addition, the early masterpiece “How Many Tears” and “Pumpkins United”, which will be the world premiere on this day, are triple vocals with Kai!
In addition, Kai Medley is also placed in the middle of the show, and there are a lot of early masterpieces that are inevitable for old fans to tear. No way, the day will come when you can listen to “Starlight” and “Heavy Metal (Is The Law)” with Kai’s singing voice.
Of course, the masterpieces of the Guardian Shinden sung by Michael Kiske’s singing voice are even more irresistible. Kai’s “March of Time” and “Future World” and his own “A Little Time” were sung at UNISONIC, but this is a revived masterpiece of Michael Weikath’s section with a real voice. “Rise and Fall”, “A Tale That Wasn’t Right”, “Livin’Ain’t No Crime” … and “Eagle Fly Free” !!! The highlight of the super-luxury project, the whole story is covered Highlights in the highlights of the live album. I don’t know what percentage of the fans went to the venue to listen to this and sing, but it’s probably 100%. A glossy high tone that no one else can do even if they want to imitate it. And it is Kai who takes the chorus. A super masterpiece that flies while the two singing voices are mixed (not a duet) …. It’s the best. it’s the best. It ’s the best!

……I must sincerely apologize. Other than that, the harmony of triple guitar that exceeds IRON MAIDEN, the strangeness of duet arrangement, the drum battle with Ingo, the slightly dangerous feeling of “Pumpkins United” which will be the world premiere, etc. A set of 3 pumpkin paradises with unusual volume and density. The first and finest blow. Come on!
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Side panels

 遂に、遂に日本に上陸した夢のプロジェクト・ツアー“PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR”! その最速レポートにして極上ライヴアルバムが登場です!!
・3月16日:EXシアター六本木 【本作】
・3月23日+24日:ZEPP TOKYO
・3月27日:ZEPP DiverCity
 ただし、今回はいつもの“最強氏”サウンドとはちょっと違う。いえ、距離感なし&骨太肉厚なダイレクト・サウンドの凄味はいつも通りなのですが、その演奏音を受け止める観客の熱狂がいつもとは違う。通常の“最強氏”録音は熱狂が遠く遠くに感じるのですが、この日は場内の隅から隅まで熱狂に沸き返っている。もちろん、いつもの最強氏サウンドが異常なだけで、これこそが本来のオーディエンス録音ですし、一般基準であればむしろオーディエンス・ノイズは少ないくらいなのですが、この観客の存在感が何ともイイ感じでもある。間近の観客の歌声に悩まされる録音では(決して!)なく、手拍子はビートに乗り、唱和はぶ厚いぶ厚いコーラス隊となってきっちりライヴの一部として機能している。熱量をグイグイ引き上げはしても邪魔になど微塵もならないのです。寄せては返す大海のような「Keeper Of The Seven Keys」大合唱のスペクタクルと言ったら……。
 そんなクオリティで描かれるショウは……凄い。各方面で話題になっているのでご存じの方も多いと思いますが、歴代の名曲群が絶え間なく押し寄せる超グレイテスト・ヒッツ。おおよそアンディ・デリスもマイケル・キスクも自分の持ち歌を担当しますが、オープニングの大作「Halloween」や「Dr. Stein」「Perfect Gentleman」「Forever And One (Neverland)」「Keeper Of The Seven Keys」「I Want Out」では豪華すぎるデュエット。さらに初期の大名曲「How Many Tears」や、この日が世界初演となる「Pumpkins United」ではカイも加わってのトリプル・ヴォーカル!
 また、ショウ中盤にはカイ・メドレーも置かれ、そこにはオールド・ファン感涙必至な初期の名曲がズラリ。まさか、カイの歌声で「Starlight」「Heavy Metal (Is The Law)」を聴ける日が来ようとは……。
 それ以上にたまらないのは、もちろんマイケル・キスクの歌声で歌われる守護神伝の名曲たち。カイ作曲の「March of Time」や「Future World」、自身の「A Little Time」はUNISONICでも歌っていましたが、こちらはマイケル・ヴァイカート節の名曲も本物の声で甦る……。「Rise and Fall」に「A Tale That Wasn’t Right」「Livin’ Ain’t No Crime」……そして、そして「Eagle Fly Free」!!! 超豪華プロジェクトでも目玉中の目玉、全編聴きどころまみれなライヴアルバムでもハイライト中のハイライト。これが聴きたくて、歌いたくて会場に足を運んだファンが何割かは分かりませんが、恐らく100%でしょう。あの他の誰もがマネしたくても出来ない艶やかハイトーン。そしてコーラスを取るのはカイ。2人の歌声が混じりながら(デュエットではありません)飛翔する超名曲……。もう、最高です。最高です。最高ですってば!
 ……大変、失礼いたしました。他にもIRON MAIDENを超えるトリプル・ギターのハーモニーやデュエット・アレンジの妙、インゴとのドラムバトル、全世界初演となる「Pumpkins United」のちょっと危なっかしい感じ等々など、聴きどころは書ききれない。ボリュームも密度も尋常ではないパンプキン・パラダイス3枚組。最初にして極上な会心の一撃。さぁ、どうぞ!
Disc 1 (68:35)
1. Intro 2. SE / Halloween 3. Dr. Stein 4. March Of Time 5. If I Could Fly 6. Are You Metal?
7. Rise And Fall 8. Waiting For The Thunder 9. Perfect Gentleman
Kai Medley:10. Starlight 11. Ride The Sky 12. Judas 13. Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
Disc 2 (58:48)
1. MC 2. Forever And One(Neverland)3. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 4. I Can 5. Drum Solo (with Ingo) 6. Living Ain’t No Crime 7. A Little Time 8. Why? 9. Sole Survivor 10. Power
11. How Many Tears
Disc 3 (55:08)
1. Invitation (SE) 2. Eagle Fly Free 3. Keeper Of The Seven Keys 4. Pumpkins United
5. Kai’s Intro / Future World 6. I Want Out 7. Abgang:Braveheart Soundtrack (SE)

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