Heaven & Hell / Tokyo 2007 / 2CD

Heaven & Hell / Tokyo 2007 / 2CD / Zodiac 341

Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 22nd October 2007

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Ronnie James Dio’s last show in Tokyo “October 22, 2007: Tokyo International Forum”. The world premiere master is appeared in the Permanent Archive Press 2CD.
This week, three new excavation masters related to BLACK SAB BATH will be released at the same time, two of which are HEAVEN & HELL in 2007. First, let’s check the show position from the date when Ronnie’s last visit was to Japan.

・ October 22: Tokyo International Forum 【This work】
・ October 23: Osaka Castle Hall
・ October 25: Nagoya City Public Hall

【Super-do-class intense base album】
Above, all 4 performances. This work is the second performance, but the latter half of the schedule is West Japan. In other words, this “October 22” was Ronny’s last Tokyo stage in life. This work which recorded such a show is super-unique audience recording in the finest. This week’s simultaneous release “LOUD PARK 07 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA (Zodiac 340)” “OZZ FEST JAPAN 2013 (Zodiac 342)” combined with the three works are all original recordings by legendary masters, but this work is surprised It is missing. The impact bursts from the beginning. If the guitar riff of “The Mob Rules” is torn up to tear off “E5150” which announces a start, it will become “O majestic! Great sound quality !!”, but the real shock is after that. Gieser Butler’s bass comes in a face-to-face match with the riff! I’m already addicted to lingolin. A melodic basslan that sings with a tremendous impact from the first sound comes out.
Some of the recording positions were not communicated 12 years ago, but it was probably just behind PA Gizer. It is a super vivid sound that is super clear and stupid, and you can feel the fingerprint of Geiser’s finger. And it’s not just big and direct, it’s beautiful. The vive that is born from the clear lines can be seen to shake the floor and walls of the venue, giving it an elegant luster like velvet. What a wonderful thing about the strange sound with the wah effect of “The Sign of the Southern Cross”. Can the instrument called bass produce such a beautiful sound so far … It is a sound that leaks to such a breath.

[Superb recording of sound board class in the whole band] Although the brush ran involuntarily to shock much, this work is not a type that “I can only hear the base” separately. The feeling that the balance of the guitar and the base in the way of usual recording was reversed. Although the bass is the leading role to the end, the guitar is also clearly and firmly recorded. And, in fact, vocals are also great. Even though the balance between the guitar and the bass is reversed from normal, the vocals are as usual and violently direct again. Roni’s singing voice squeezes with the subtlety of the breath, and the effect and the stereo image of pan are super vivid. Furthermore, there is almost no audience noise, so I am afraid. This work is definitely a 100% pure audience recording, but the vocals are de-class sounds that can only be called “like a sound board”.
It is a sound that can be understood by those who are said to be “Geezer’s IEMs sound source” rather than “Audience recording”, but there is still the effect of the audience recording in this work. As a matter of fact, there are also real IEMs sound sources in this show, and matrix boards have also been on the market, but this work is overwhelmingly natural. Even though the balance is distinctive, it depends on the position. The reality of “being in that seat” is overwhelming, and there is no sense that the combination of sound sources or the position is unknown.

In any case, the super-personality of the best sound. Above all this show is Ronnie’s last Tokyo tour, and this work is its highest peak live album. But at the same time it is also an overwhelming “Geaser Album”. Gieser’s base is so beautiful, and there are no two recordings of intense impact even if it overlooks the entire history of BLACK SABBATH.
Furthermore, Roni’s last singing voice resounding in Tokyo is also the soundboard level in the whole band, and there is plenty of reality only because it is 100% pure. It is that no one has ever heard such a recording for 12 years. A superb, super-unique masterpiece that fades away even the facts of the world premiere. Please enjoy as much as you want with the Permanent Save Press 2CD!

★ It is an original high-quality sound master with a completely first appearance.

今週は、BLACK SABBATH関係の新発掘マスターが3本同時リリースとなりますが、そのうち2本は2007年のHEAVEN & HELL。まずは、ロニー最後の来日となった当時の日程からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・10月22日:東京国際フォーラム 【本作】

以上、全4公演。本作は2公演目なわけですが、日程の後期は西日本。つまり、この「10月22日」こそがロニーにとって生涯最後の東京ステージだったのです。そんなショウを記録した本作は、極上にして超個性的なオーディエンス録音。今週同時リリースの『LOUD PARK 07 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA(Zodiac 340)』『OZZFEST JAPAN 2013(Zodiac 342)』と合わせた3作はどれも伝説的な名手によるオリジナル録音なのですが、ビックリ度では本作がズバ抜けている。そのインパクトは冒頭から炸裂。開演を告げる「E5150」を切り裂いて「The Mob Rules」のギター・リフが轟くと「おぉ! すげぇ高音質!!」となるのですが、本当の衝撃はその後。そのリフに真っ向勝負をかけてくるギーザー・バトラーのベースがド級! もうゴリンゴリンのバッキンバッキン。最初の一音から凄まじいインパクトで、歌いまくるメロディックなベースランが飛び出してくるのです。
12年前という事もあって詳しい録音ポジションは伝わっていないのですが、恐らくギーザーのPAすぐ側だったのでしょう。バカでかい上に超絶クリアで、ギーザーの指の指紋が感じ取れるほどの超ビビッド・サウンドなのです。しかも、単にデカい・ダイレクトなだけではなく、美しい。鮮明なラインから生まれるヴァイヴは会場の床や壁を振るわせているのが分かるほどであり、ビロードのように上品な光沢まで湛えている。「The Sign of the Southern Cross」のワウを効かせた変幻自在なサウンドのなんと素晴らしい事か。ベースという楽器がここまで美しい音を出せるのか……そんなタメ息まで漏れるサウンドなのです。


とにもかくにも、超個性の極上サウンド。このショウは何よりロニー最後の東京公演であり、本作はその最高峰ライヴアルバムです。しかし、それと同時に圧倒的なまでの「ギーザー・アルバム」でもあるのです。これほどギーザーのベースが美しく、強烈なインパクトの録音はBLACK SABBATH全史を見渡しても2つとありません。



Disc 1 (49:07)
1. E5150 2. The Mob Rules 3. Children of the Sea 4. I 5. The Sign of the Southern Cross
6. Voodoo 7. Drum Solo 8. Computer God

Disc 2 (42:48)
1. Falling Off the Edge of the World 2. Die Young 3. Heaven and Hell 4. Neon Knights

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Vinny Appice – Drums

Zodiac 341

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