Heart / Live Trilogy / 6CD

Heart / Live Trilogy / 6CD / Zodiac

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NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 26th June 1986, Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 1st April 1988 & Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 5th October 1990.

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Just gorgeous, this one golden one. One book condensing live in Japan, the best ever in the history of ‘HEART’, ‘BAD ANIMALS’, ‘BRIGADE’ that became a multi-platinum trilogy, is a permanent preservation press decision.
Great. It is a wonderful one too. It is contained in this work, three performances of different age. “June 26, 1986: NHK Hall” “April 1, 1988: Yoyogi Olympic Pool” “October 5, 1990: Yoyogi Olympic Pool.” That’s right, it is a six-sheet set that contains one performance of Tokyo Performances from each of Japan Tours “HEART” “BAD ANIMALS” “BRIGADE”.
Although it is a connection of Tokyo performance in the great hit era, it is an unusual set, but there is a break. Actually, this work is a work by the same recording person. Besides, this person is not just a thing. He has recorded various artists / bands mainly in the ’80s and is a master of the legend who repeatedly made a work called “Japanese name recording” from world maniacs, including Stones, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck. It is “golden age set” that only the best recording is written in the original / master even in that collection. Let ‘s continue to introduce each performance in detail.

【Disk 1-2: 1986 (NHK Hall)】
First of all it will appear in Japan during “HEART” era. At this time, I visited the archipelago with 6 shows in total, starting with NHK Hall 3 consecutive performances, but this work ‘June 26’ corresponds to the NHK Hall 3 performances.
It is a wonderful sound to play and breathe suddenly. In fact it is an audience recording, but I can not believe it very much. A sense of distance and a direct feeling, detail that can not feel the audience sound at all, “extremely soundboard” is the only extreme core to call. Besides, the venue spectacle that spreads extensively without even the immediate talking sound is ideal like a carefully mixed official board. Although it rarely meets the recording which I want to call “Official grade audience”, this disk is a very good example. That is also a jealous guy.
The show drawn with that sound is exactly the glittering momentum that has just entered the golden age. Of course, a big hit work “HEART” will be the axis and show all songs except “All Eyes” and “What He Do not Know”. Especially I’m glad ‘Nobody Home’. You can taste the rare numbers that are only played on this tour with the official barefoot super superb sound. In addition, the past repertoire studded there is also delicious. There is not yet “BAD ANIMALS” nor “BRIGADE”, so past songs have been played more often, and even in this set “Dog And Butterfly” “Bebe Le Strange” “Allies” can only be heard in 1986 edition. Also “Allies”, this tour is the last rare song.

【Disk 3-4: 1988 (Yoyogi Olympic pool)】
In the following two years, it is a live album of “BAD ANIMALS” era. The venue is a “Yoyogi Olympic pool” that got enormous at once, and it is a concert that will be the 3rd performance even on the Japan tour of all five performances.
It seems that it will be blurred just to the “Yoyogi Olympic pool” which is not comparable with the “NHK Hall” edited in 1986 … …. How, this is also “official grade audience” which is almost the same as disk 1-2! If “NHK Hall” is 3,600 people scale, “Yoyogi Olympic pool” is 13,000 people scale. Ultra superb sound while 3.6 times as much difference …… Actually, random playback with disk 1 – 2 has no discomfort. It is a terrible terrible skill to say that no matter how famous you are, not choosing the venue so far.
And the content of the show is superb as good as 1986 edition. This is also a big hit “BAD ANIMALS” number octopus behavior …… or I think, actually five albums half. With the balance negotiated with “HEART” number 6 songs, I felt that I was focused on “the best of two big hits”. Still “I Want You So Bad” “Wait For An Answer” is a delicious song only for this tour.
It is a performance that confidently builds a great heyday by dazzling over such a set. In addition to the charts, I realized the great success throughout the entire world, and in addition to the sisters of Wilson, Howard Lease, Denny Karmassi & Mark Andean’s ensemble are also iron walls. It is just like the somewhat smooth sailing polar field.

【Disk 5-6: 1990 (Yoyogi Olympic Pool)】
And finally refrain from showing “BRIGADE” in Japan. This is also amazing sound. Compared with the above two performances, there is also a sense of “audience” of raw cheers, but the basic quality hardly changes. To say dare to say that the above two performances are “spectators of distant audiences”, this work is said to be “the presence feeling to be one of the audience” sound. Of course, it is not a bad thing to understand the enthusiasm of enthusiasm, it is a name recording far beyond common sense of the audience again.
And the show drawn with that sound is the culmination of the very golden age. While compactly covering “HEART” and “BAD ANIMALS” hit songs, “BRIGADE” is the axis. Numbers like “Stranded”, “Call Of The Wild”, “Fallen From Grace”, “Under The Sky”, “The Night” and “I Did not Want To Need You” are played on this tour as well as nine songs It was not done. Of course, the official live album “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” Was also announced from this tour, but it is an editing work of one CD to the last. This work is a complete recording of the full show, and you can enjoy nine songs revealed by the official board.

Just the ultimate live in Japan. Just 100% educational version of “HEART”, “BAD ANIMALS”, “BRIGADE” trilogy. It is a big bigger event that overcomes the collection value of the same recording person greatly, and superimposes the “gorgeous age” at once with a superb sound. On both sides of quality and volume, HEART super masterpiece that is impossible any more. Please please enjoy it thoroughly.

★ All 3 performances by the same recording person · Super high sound quality recording. Boasting the unprecedented content, it is a miracle set title.

まさにゴージャス、これぞ黄金の1本。マルチプラチナム3部作となった『HEART』『BAD ANIMALS』『BRIGADE』時代の史上最高作、ライヴ・イン・ジャパンを凝縮した1本が永久保存プレス決定です。
素晴らしい。あまりにも素晴らしい1本です。本作に収められているのは、年代の異なる3公演。「1986年6月26日:NHKホール」「1988年4月1日:代々木オリンピックプール」「1990年10月5日:代々木オリンピックプール」。そう、『HEART』『BAD ANIMALS』『BRIGADE』それぞれのジャパンツアーから東京公演を1回分ずつ収録した6枚組なのです。

そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、まさに黄金期に入ったばかりの輝く勢いが眩しい。もちろん、大ヒット作『HEART』が軸となり「All Eyes」「What He Don’t Know」以外の全曲を披露する。特に嬉しいのは「Nobody Home」でしょう。このツアーでしか演奏されていないレアナンバーをオフィシャル裸足な超極上サウンドで味わえるわけです。さらに、そこに散りばめられた過去のレパートリーも美味しい。まだ『BAD ANIMALS』も『BRIGADE』もないために過去曲も多めに演奏されており、本セットでも「Dog And Butterfly」「Bebe Le Strange」「Allies」が聴けるのは1986年編だけ。「Allies」も、このツアーが最後のレア曲です。

続くは2年後、『BAD ANIMALS』時代のライヴアルバムです。会場は一気に巨大化した“代々木オリンピックプール”で、全5公演のジャパンツアーでも3公演目にあたるコンサートです。
1986年編の“NHKホール”とは比較にならない“代々木オリンピックプール”だけに、さすがにボケるかな……と思いきや。なんと、こちらもディスク1-2とほとんど変わらない「オフィシャル級オーディエンス」なのです! “NHKホール”が3,600人規模なら、“代々木オリンピックプール”は1万3,000人規模。3.6倍もの違いながら超極上サウンド……。実際、ディスク1-2とランダム再生してみても違和感がない。いかに名手と言えど、ここまで会場を選ばないとは、恐るべき凄まじい手腕です。
そして、そのショウの中身も1986年編に勝るとも劣らず素晴らしい。これまた大ヒットの『BAD ANIMALS』ナンバー大盤振る舞い……かと思いきや、実はアルバム半分の5曲。『HEART』ナンバー6曲と折衝したバランスで、“大ヒット2連作のベスト”を志向した感じ。それでも「I Want You So Bad」「Wait For An Answer」はこのツアーだけの美味しい曲です。

そして、そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、まさに黄金期の集大成。『HEART』『BAD ANIMALS』のヒット曲もコンパクトに網羅しつつも、軸となるのは『BRIGADE』。9曲もの大盤振る舞いだけでなく「Stranded」「Call Of The Wild」「Fallen From Grace」「Under The Sky」「The Night」「I Didn’t Want To Need You」といったナンバーは、このツアーでしか演奏されなかった。もちろん、このツアーからは公式ライヴアルバム『ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!』も発表されたわけですが、あくまでもCD1枚の編集作。本作はフルショウの完全収録であり、公式盤では削られたレパートリーが9曲も楽しめるのです。

まさに究極のライヴ・イン・ジャパン。まさしく『HEART』『BAD ANIMALS』『BRIGADE』3部作の本生100%版。同一録音家のコレクション価値を大きく飛び越え、超極上のサウンドで“ゴージャス時代”を一気に総括する一大巨編です。クオリティとボリュームの両面で、これ以上はあり得ないHEARTの超傑作。どうぞ心ゆくまで、徹底的にご堪能ください。



Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 26th June 1986

Disc 1 (43:18)
1. Introduction 2. If Looks Could Kill 3. The Wolf 4. Straight On 5. Shell Shock
6. Nothin’ At All 7. These Dreams 8. Dog And Butterfly 9. Nobody Home 10. Barracuda

Disc 2 (42:47)
1. Bebe Le Strange 2. Even It Up 3. How Can I Refuse 4. Never 5. What About Love
6. Magic Man 7. Allies 8. Member Introduction 9. Crazy On You 10. Rock And Roll

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 1st April 1988

Disc 3 (41:44)
1. Intro. 2. Bad Animals 3. The Wolf 4. Barracuda 5. Nothin’ At All 6. What About Love
7. Dreamboat Annie 8. These Dreams 9. Straight On 10. Even It Up

Disc 4 (56:31)
1. I Want You So Bad 2. Wait For An Answer 3. Who Will You Run To 4. Never 5. How Can I Refuse
6. Silver Wheels 7. Crazy On You 8. If Looks Could Kill 9. Alone 10. Magic Man
11. Love Alive 12. Keep A Knockin’ / Rock And Roll

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 5th October 1990

Disc 5(42:57)
1. Wild Child 2. Call Of The Wild 3. How Can I Refuse 4. Straight On 5. I Didn’t Want To Need You
6. Stranded 7. Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger 8. Love Alive 9. Under The Sky

Disc 6 (56:49)
1. The Night 2. If Looks Could Kill 3. These Dreams 4. Who Will You Run To 5. Never
6. Crazy On You 7. Alone 8. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You 9. What About Love
10. Member Introduction 11. Fallen From Grace 12. Barracuda


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