Heart / Bad Animals In Tokyo / 2 CDR

Heart / Bad Animals In Tokyo / 2 CDR /Non Label

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Live At Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 1st April 1988.


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n 1988, Heart celebrates its first performance in Japan for the first time in two years. Following the worldwide success of the album “HEART”, the scale of live in Japan also peaks, and more venues than last time are booked. Starting from the Nagoya city public hall performance which was held continuously on 28th and 29th March, they performed the Osakajo Hall performance on the 30th and finally the tour highlights · Tokyo on April 1st and 2nd We will have a performance. This work “BAD ANIMALS IN TOKYO” is a complete recording of the pattern of its first Tokyo with a superb audience recording!

On the first day of Tokyo, No Limit label masterpiece “NOT ALONE” (No Limit 131/132) has been considered a classic with its excellent sound quality. “BAD ANIMALS” In order to taste the live at the time, “LEAP NIGHT” and this Tokyo performance are appropriate. From that perspective, this time direct collaboration with No Limit label, direct use of original master cassette master of this masterpiece. This work was born as a decision board of 1988 Japanese performance which remastered the super high sound quality version which became a big topic even among fans and further arranged the sound image!
While listening to the dynamic performance of the band dynamically, the recording including the feeling of air and the realism seemingly like a big venue was an exquisite sound image from the stage of the original material, but in this remastar it is a song of excessive bass and treble It reduces unnecessary parts and finishes it into a clean sound (the pitch which was somewhat different on tape is also adjusted normally). A clear outlook, a well-balanced balance and an excellent separation feeling are sounds suitable for enjoying supple and gorgeous HEART live at that time.
The set list is almost the same as the live in the UK, but the difference in the size of the venue also gives a difference to the taste of the song. The songs from “BAD ANIMALS” and “HEART” where the performance on the arena scale was normal was exquisitely fitted with the echoes of the hall that seems to be this venue. Big sound making, such as “The Wolf” · “What About Love” etc in “Bad Animals” in the first half of the live shows a wonderful listening comprehension. Likewise, while focusing on “These Dreams” and “I Want You So Bad”, the number that hit a number of hits in the United States, the set where exquisitely woven masterpieces of the past exquisitely has a high satisfaction.
Also, “Straight On” from “DOG AND BUTTERFLY”, and also “How Can I Refuse” in the first half of the ’80s, which is generally said to be a time when activity fell down, is shining in this set list. The scenes where the warm Nancy guitar impressive ‘Silver Wheels’ turns hard and carve the intro of ‘Crazy On You’ will be thrilled. This place is definitely a big live place to listen! Furthermore, Angkor that starts from “Alone” which also covered Celine Dion closes up the 95-minute live while maintaining the highest excitement to the last “Rock And Roll”.

This work can not be believed to be a gift title, everything is a special one. It is a masterpiece live recording board of all rock / fans indispensable.

1988年、ハートは以来2年ぶりとなる来日公演を挙行します。アルバム「HEART」の世界的な成功を受けて日本におけるライヴの規模もピークに達し、前回以上の会場がブッキングされます。彼女らは3月28日・29日と連続で行われた名古屋市公会堂公演を皮切りに、30日には大阪城ホール公演を行い、4月1日と2日にはいよいよツアーのハイライト・東京公演を迎えます。本作「BAD ANIMALS IN TOKYO」は、その東京初日の模様を極上のオーディエンス録音で完全収録しています!

この東京初日は、No Limitレーベルの傑作「NOT ALONE」(No Limit 131/132)が、その優れた音質で定番とされてきました。「BAD ANIMALS」当時のライヴをより味わうには、「LEAP NIGHT」とこの東京公演こそがふさわしい。その観点から、今回はNo Limitレーベルの特別な協力のもと、この大傑作のオリジナル・カセット・マスターをダイレクト使用。ファンの間でも大きな話題となった超高音質版をリマスターし、さらに音像を整えた、1988年日本公演の決定盤として本作が生まれたのです!
セットリストはイギリスでのライヴとほぼ同じですが、会場規模の違いは楽曲のテイストにも違いを与えています。アリーナ規模での演奏が普通だった「BAD ANIMALS」や「HEART」からの楽曲は、この会場らしいホールのエコーが絶妙にフィット。ライヴ前半の「Bad Animals」に「The Wolf」・「What About Love」などはビッグなサウンド・メイキングが素晴らしい聴き応えを演出しています。同様に「These Dreams」や「I Want You So Bad」と、全米でヒットを連発したナンバーを中心にしつつも、過去の名曲が絶妙に織り込まれたセットは高い満足感があります。
「DOG AND BUTTERFLY」からの「Straight On」ほか、一般には活動が落ち込んだ時期とされる’80年代前半の「How Can I Refuse」も、このセットリストでは輝きを放っています。温かみあるナンシーのギターが印象的な「Silver Wheels」が、一転してハードに「Crazy On You」のイントロを刻む場面はゾクゾクさせられます。ここは間違いなくライヴの大きな聴き所でしょう! さらにセリーヌ・ディオンもカバーした「Alone」から始まるアンコールも、ラストの「Rock And Roll」まで最高の盛り上がりを維持したまま、95分間のライヴを締めくくります。


Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Bad Animals 3. The Wolf 4. Barracuda 5. Nothin’ At All 6. What About Love
7. Dreamboat Annie 8. These Dreams 9. Straight On 10. Even It Up 11. I Want You So Bad

Disc 2
1. Wait For An Answer 2. Who Will You Run To 3. Never 4. How Can I Refuse 5. Silver Wheels
6. Crazy On You 7. If Looks Could Kill 8. Alone 9. Magic Man 10. Love Alive
11. Keep A Knockin’ / Rock And Roll

Ann Wilson – Vocals Nancy Wilson – Guitar, Vocals Howard Leese – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Andes – Bass Denny Carmassi – Drums

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