Halford / Osaka 2000 / 2CDR

Halford / Osaka 2000 / 2CDR / Shades

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Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan, 16th December 2000.

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Just “Resurrection”. Exactly “Second Coming”. It is the emergence of a superb live album that can witness the revival of the steel god.
It was the “December 16, 2000: Osaka Health Pension Center” performance that was the place to come back. That soul trembled, the goose bumps did not stop “RESURRECTION JAPAN TOUR 2000” is a scene. First of all, let’s check from the tour schedule of the time, even in the meaning of digging up memories of 17 years ago.

· December 14: Nagoya Diamond Hall
· December 15th: ZEPP FUKUOKA
· December 16: Osaka Health Pension Center 【this work】
· December 19th: ZEPP SENDAI
· December 20th: Shibuya Public Hall
· December 21: Shibuya public hall

Over, all six performances. The Osaka performance of this work was the third performance in the middle of De. Such a work was recorded in the nineteenthist who was active in Osaka from the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s. In our shop we deliver massive amounts of this super-masterpiece collection of this recordingist such as AC / DC, MEGADETH, IRON MAIDEN etc, but this time absolutely I have to mention is “OSAKA 1998 (Shades 767) of JUDAS PRIEST” It will be. It is a masterpiece that captured PRIEST with Ripper Owens as a superb sound, but this work is also the same recording person. Moreover, the audience recording of the same “Osaka Health Pension Center”. In other words, it is HALFORD edition of that masterpiece.
If you have listened to JUDAS PRIEST edition, no further explanation is necessary. Buy it now. For those who do not, I will talk to Daradara, the sound of this work is exquisite. Clear sound only for taper which was known by masterpiece is wonderful shining full of metallic luster. However, the show itself is brilliant more than that. “Locked And Loaded”, “Nightfall” and “Ripper” that I can not listen even at “LIVE INSURRECTION” are delicious, but it is not that story at all. It is a live recording board where the sensation of a furious field pours in. Anyway, this work is a place of coming down that waited and waited and gave up. The raging joy and great chorus that blow up from this work are still burning up even if my chest gets hot and it burns. I will set it up again at the site.
Air, craving at the time is indispensable for understanding this real pleasure. In those days, it was really a time of hardship. Metal is only in the big wave of grunge / alternative, it is moribund severe. METALLICA raised “loose”, the original family JUDAS PRIEST resurrected at “JUGULATOR”, but the sound that is too angry is heavy. Will any of the coming out new scores be splashed under the name of the groove as they are all dongori … ?. In such a period, the steel god Rob Harford, the crucial necessity, stepped forward to 2 WO, and even I did not even know how to feel about what I thought about the “VOYEURS” which was dreadful. But a miracle happened. “RESURRECTION” released by Rob reconciled is just a blow for the rebirth. Reviving old PRIEST sound, refreshing and beautiful even if it is heavy, and full of dignified metal. Even though anyone else is going to be a gag, Rob will do it though it is quite cool to be able to tremble, such as the big talk of “Resurrectiooooon !!” (Returning Oh! It was the coming of the steel god correctly.
This work is a site to directly confirm its resurrection. The crowd dried up to dryness is amazed at every action of steel god. Especially when I say the emotion of Setsuna when the high note of God roared at the beginning “Resurrection” … …. The enthusiasm of the resurrection play was amazing also in 2005 reorganization JUDAS PRIEST, but this work is incorrect in concentration. There would have been a female customer at the venue, but the big wave of “Ooooooooooooo!” Is extravagant and impudent! Of course, “Electric Eye” is singing full-length, “Hell !!” call of “Made In Hell”, Call of Induction of FIGHT number “Into The Pit !!” is terrible force. I will sing even “Nightfall” which should be rare, every time I hear a rocky high tone that Rob will show off, “Ooooooooooooo!” The spectators gathered here sincerely love JUDAS PRIEST, but they are never immersed in nostalgia. I pledge loyalty from the soul to the metal, and who wants to see the steel gods’ music and majesty in whole body whatever the band name is. The steel head supports the body, the muscles are knitted with metal fibers, and mercury flows through the blood vessels. It is a special paradise of the metal heads.
Although the brush unexpectedly ran too much, this work is not recorded with screaming (never!). Musical sounds that are extremely thick and gorgeous make the most of their breadth and the screaming of God is the Lord. And the cheers / showers of the audience are neatly arranged like a trained army. It boasts the hardness of the steel which is musically brisk, and it is pulled up with guigui with extensive enthusiasm. It is a masterpiece that you can listen to like an official live album, but still sucking in hot air that is not an official board.

Ripper PRIEST’s “OSAKA 1998” and this work. I thought of which one to write as true steel god … but stopped. It was too idiotic. Both dries, the delight of the hungry audience swirls, PRIEST and HALFORD standing on the stage are releasing the divine prestige. With this delight, there was no such thing as superiority as a real pleasure.
However, I would like to say only this. It is definitely darker than JUDAS PRIEST, reorganized in May 2005. Dark. It can not be the heyday or the reappearance of the past year. HALFORD That’s why the revival of Kaige. One that can return with its superb sound to the site. I’m glad I continued to believe in metal, I liked audience recording and it was good. In my heart, it seems so. It is a masterpiece of such live album.

その再降臨の場となったのは「2000年12月16日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演。あの魂が震え、鳥肌の止まらなかった“RESURRECTION JAPAN TOUR 2000”の一幕です。まずは、17年前の記憶を掘り起こす意味でも、当時のツアースケジュールから確認してみましょう。

・12月16日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】

以上、全6公演。本作の大阪公演はド真ん中の3公演目でした。そんな本作を記録したのは、90年代から2000年代初頭に大阪で活動していた名録音家。当店ではAC/DCやMEGADETH、IRON MAIDEN等々、この録音家の超傑作コレクションを大量にお届けしておりますが、今回絶対に触れておかねばならないのはJUDAS PRIESTの『OSAKA 1998(Shades 767)』でしょう。リッパー・オーウェンズを迎えたPRIESTを極上サウンドで捉えた大傑作ですが、本作も同じ録音者。しかも、同じ“大阪厚生年金会館”のオーディエンス録音。つまり、あの名盤のHALFORD編なのです。
JUDAS PRIEST編をお聴きになった方なら、これ以上の説明は不要。今すぐお求めください。そうでない方のためにダラダラと語らせていただきますと、本作のサウンドは極上。名手で知られたテーパーだけにクリアなサウンドは金属光沢たっぷりに輝く素晴らしさです。しかし、それ以上に鮮烈なのがショウそのもの。『LIVE INSURRECTION』でも聴けない「Locked And Loaded」「Nightfall」「Ripper」が美味しかったりしますが、それどころの話じゃない。猛烈な現場感覚が押し寄せる実況録音盤なのです。何しろ、本作は待ちに待ってあきらめかけた再降臨の場。本作から吹き上がる苛烈な歓喜と大合唱は、胸が熱くなって焦げ付いてもまだ燃え上がる。その現場にもう一度立てるのです。
この醍醐味をご理解いただくには、当時の空気、渇望が欠かせない。あの頃は、本当に本当に苦難の時代でした。メタルはグランジ/オルタナティヴの大波にのみ込まれ、瀕死の重症。METALLICAは“ルーズ”を掲げ、本家JUDAS PRIESTが『JUGULATOR』で復活してくれたものの、怒りすぎたサウンドが重苦しい。出てくる出てくる新譜はどれもドンヨリしているかグルーヴの名の下に跳ねまくるか……。そんな時代、肝心要の鋼鉄神ロブ・ハルフォードは2WOにうつつを抜かし、のらりくらりとした『VOYEURS』に何をどう感じればいいのかさえ分からない有様でした。しかし、奇跡は起こった。改心したロブが放った『RESURRECTION』は、まさに起死回生の一撃。往年のPRIESTサウンドを甦らせ、ヘヴィではあっても爽快で美しく、そして凛々しいメタルが全開。「Resurrectiooooon!!(復っかぁぁぁつ!)」の大見得など、他の誰がやってもギャグになりそうなのにロブがやるから震えるほどに格好いい。正しく鋼鉄神の再臨でした。
本作は、その復活劇を直接確かめる現場。乾きに乾ききった観客が鋼鉄神の一挙手一投足に驚喜しているのです。特に、冒頭「Resurrection」で神のハイノートが轟いた刹那の感激と言ったら……。復活劇の熱狂は2005年の再編JUDAS PRIESTでも凄かったですが、本作は濃度が段違い。会場には女性客もいたでしょうが、「うおおぉぉお!」の大波のぶ厚く野太いこと! もちろん「Electric Eye」は全編歌いっぱなしですし、「Made In Hell」の「Hell!!」コール、FIGHTナンバーの「Into The Pit!!」コールも凄まじい迫力。レアなはずの「Nightfall」でも歌うわ、どの曲でもロブが見せびらかすようなハイトーンを轟かせる度に「うおおぉぉお!」。ここに集った観客たちは心からJUDAS PRIESTを愛していますが、決してノスタルジーに浸っているのではない。魂からメタルに忠誠を誓い、バンド名が何であれ、鋼鉄神の音楽と威光を全身で仰ぎたくてたまらない連中。鉄骨が身体を支え、筋肉が金属繊維で編まれ、血管に水銀が流れているメタルヘッドたちの特濃パラダイスなのです。

リッパーPRIESTの『OSAKA 1998』と本作。どちらが本当の鋼鉄神か……などと書こうかと思いましたが、止めました。あまりにも野暮だった。どちらも乾き、飢えた観客たちの歓喜が渦巻き、ステージに立つPRIESTもHALFORDも神々しい威光を放っている。この歓喜に、醍醐味に、優劣などあろうはずがなかった。
しかし、これだけは申し上げたい。2005年5月の再編JUDAS PRIESTよりも確実に濃い。濃ゆい。全盛期でもなく、往年の再現でもあり得ない。HALFORDだからこその復活の凱歌。その現場に極上サウンドで戻れる1本。メタルを信じ続けて良かった、オーディエンス録音が好きで良かった。心底、そう思える。そんなライヴアルバムの大傑作です。

Disc 1(45:52)
1. Intro. 2. Resurrection 3. Made In Hell 4. Locked And Loaded 5. Into The Pit
6. Nailed To The Gun 7. Stained Class 8. Jaw Breaker 9. Running Wild 10. Savior 11. Silent Screams

Disc 2(52:49)
1. Cyberworld 2. Nightfall 3. The Hellion 4. Electric Eye 5. Riding On The Wind 6. Genocide
7. Beyond The Realms Of Death 8. Metal Gods 9. Breaking The Law 10. Ripper 11. Tyrant

Rob Halford – Vocals Patrick Lachman – Guitar Mike Chlasciak – Guitar
Ray Riendeau – Bass Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

Shades 837

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