Guns N’ Roses / Tokyo Dome 1993 Final Night / 2CD

Guns N’ Roses / Tokyo Dome 1993 Final Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 15th January 1993


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Finally, finally, Axl Rose, equipped with three slash & Duff McKagan coming to Japan! They were both the stage in Japan in the end is, but is not also before 23 years from now, is the live album that contains the “3 people uniform Japan last night” in the best sound appeared! The “last night” and “January 15, 1993: Tokyo Dome performance”. “USE YOUR ILLUSION WORLD TOUR” in twice visited Japan, all
6 but is GUNS N ‘ROSES performing the performances, all of them in Tokyo Dome. But is too late story is for those of you remember those days, let’s put together at a time because it is after all the first time in 23 years.

– 1992 February 19, 2011: Tokyo Dome
– 1992 February 20, 2011: Tokyo Dome
– 1992 February 22, 2011: Tokyo Dome
“After 11 months”
– 1993 January 12, 2011: Tokyo Dome
– 1993 January 14, 2011: Tokyo Dome
– 1993 January 15, 2011: Tokyo Dome [this work]

This is the “USE YOUR ILLUSION JAPAN TOUR” 6 performances. This work is the audience-album recording the last. And the recording, Kano prestigious Kinney! The recording itself is published under the title “GET IN THE RING (GNR 30152)” At the time,’s the name recorded in reigning the name recordings as a masterpiece of the Japanese tour. Of course, this work is N-to Ha-Ri Ma in such as the re-master. Get the master DAT × 2 pieces of the spot which became the Omoto,’s the again one that re-summarized in the press 2CD.
Its quality is just superb! Between songs and encore waiting, great cheer after the show, and even more “Only Women Bleed,” but it is clear from the fact that has been recorded longer than its outstanding up to the guitar of Omoto master of the, the vivid to more of sound . The it is rich sound that can not be reproduced come blowing from plenty of speakers at the time of naive press technology. Of course, I always was the best sound that was collected in herself the exceptional-exceptional acclaimed since then, it had been sealed in the original DAT were not far from it. Not to the richness of the bass comparison, the treble is also smooth and refreshing that had cluttered taking somewhat. Moreover, only the degradation was not observed most DAT, sound of itself jumps out at that time. How, whether at the time of the technology has not been changed only transferred flimsy physician sound. Or field of sound was how rich of, it became for the first time this time clear.
And, that emerges even more clearly in this original DAT, miraculous splendor of the recording itself. Speaking of the Tokyo Dome in the early 1990s, the worst sound of course. But even if I listen in the field is at the mercy of the wraparound and the time difference, it decent to almost impossible, such as Locle in the place that was recorded in the poor equipment of the time. Whether it was how extremely difficult is as many of the other day recording it has been proven. However, “almost impossible” was not in “absolute impossible”. Was pulled off the daunting task is It was Kinney staff. In fact, the beautiful sound of this work is super beautiful and super neat. Very even faintly dressed reverberation are also crystal clear, smooth as a grain 1 grain of sound is of silk. When I think so I Duff-based come rolling in Goriggori. Never, but is not a type that “like the sound board” is referred to as a, blur crisp and vivid clarity sound to zero & detail is more beautiful than the line recording.
Although ultra-clear sound that does not believe that was recorded at the Tokyo Dome, Big Egg air is definitely coming Kaoru’ from there. A large cheer you huge more than anything. Until the recording position I do not know, but, while suffer from before the super beautiful musical sound, a great cheer, such as the Great Hanshin-Giants game coming down the back from behind. So to speak, feeling as if they bathed in the performance of the shower directly while floating in the celebrations in the pool. While immersed in a huge huge spectacle,’s the live album Tsukuseru taste the rock ‘n’ roll of contemporary stamp.
Its taste in the ultra-clear sound that terrible of “monster rock”! Of course, there is no burning sensation, such as the first visit to Japan performances here, big lock was out of the standard is Masa or butyrate in music history most 1990s the business was huge. Also visited Japan many times after this, each time it was me showing off a big game the first time, did not have a huge presence up here. Moreover, where sound is given to “that” tone of slash undoubtedly, of Duff “that” beat. And, an accelerator of the singing voice …… that were rolling the whole world in on the palm in the 30-year-old at the time. Whether at the time but will lie Speaking of subtle feelings to the large family was not from mixing, it was how luxurious story. No way, rock scene immediately after this rapidly …… to involuntarily both Russia and go steeped in darkness.
Not only further sound, luxurious guest also this work unique. At the time, Ron Wood who had come to Japan with solo impromptu (Ron of the tour the day before of this work was the last day). It makes me hear the stunning solo in “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door”. Living and legends of rock ‘n’ roll, right now the monster that is about to become a legend. We live album taste downright luxurious moments.

While immersed in the afterglow of the already issued “GET IN THE RIN” After the show, which is plenty of recording than the century of the show will close the curtain. Omotte this evening Japan performances end. They also continued for about half a year (until July) tour after this, slash and Duff will leave the band. GUNS N ‘ROSES from his second tour to Japan in 1992 came back to not less than a year. No way, … it is trying to be that take 23 years to witness the appearance of this three are lined up again.
That of 23 years ago, “last night”. GUNS N ‘ROSES is GUNS N’ is the last of the Made in Japan was Rashika’ ROSES. It was revived in the best sound that comes carrying up to the smell of the field, great board of the best Kinney recording. Gem in this gem, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.


遂に、遂に、アクセル・ローズ、スラッシュ&ダフ・マッケイガンの3人が揃って日本にやってくる! 彼らが最後に日本でステージを共にしたのは、今から23年も前になるわけですが、その“3人が揃った日本最後の夜”を極上サウンドで収めたライヴアルバムが登場です! その“最後の夜”とは「1993年1月15日:東京ドーム公演」。“USE YOUR ILLUSION WORLD TOUR”では2度日本を訪れ、全
6公演を行ったGUNS N’ ROSESですが、それらはすべて東京ドーム。当時をご記憶の方には今さらな話ですが、なにしろ23年ぶりですので一度まとめてみましょう。


これが“USE YOUR ILLUSION JAPAN TOUR”6公演。本作は、その最後を記録したオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。そして録音したのは、かの名門キニー! この録音自体は当時『GET IN THE RING(GNR 30152)』というタイトルで公表され、日本ツアーの代表作として君臨した名録音中の名録音なのです。もちろん、本作はそのリマスターなどではあ・り・ま・せ・ん。大元となったマスターDAT×2本の現物を入手し、改めてプレス2CDにまとめ直した1本なのです。
そのクオリティは、まさに絶品! 曲間やアンコール待ち、終演後の大歓声、さらには「Only Women Bleed」のギターに至るまで既発よりも長く収録されていることから大元マスターなのは明らかですが、それ以上に鮮烈なのがサウンド。当時の稚拙なプレス技術では再現しきれなかったリッチな鳴りがたっぷりとスピーカーから吹き出してくるのです。もちろん、当時から破格・別格の絶賛を一身に集めた極上サウンドだったわけですが、オリジナルDATに封じられていたのは、それどころではなかった。低音の豊かさは比較にならず、ややとっ散らかっていた高音もスッキリと滑らか。しかもDATだけに劣化はほとんど見られず、当時そのもののサウンドが飛び出してくる。いかに、当時の技術が薄っぺらいサウンドしか移し替えられなかったのか。現場のサウンドがいかに豊かだったのかが、今回初めて明らかになったのです。
その超クリア・サウンドで味わう“怪物ロック”の凄まじいこと! もちろん、ここに初来日公演のような灼熱感はありませんが、音楽史上もっともビジネスが巨大化した90年代でも規格外だったビッグロックがブチかまされる。この後も何度も来日し、その都度大物ぶりを見せつけてくれましたが、ここまで巨大な存在感はなかった。しかも、そこで鳴るのは間違いなくスラッシュの“あの”トーンであり、ダフの“あの”ビート。そして、当時30歳で全世界を掌の上で転がしていたアクセルの歌声……。当時は大所帯に微妙な気持ちが混じらなかったと言えばウソになりますが、それがいかに贅沢な話だったのか。まさか、この直後にロック・シーンが急激に暗黒に染まっていくとは露とも思わずに……。
さらにサウンドだけでなく、豪華ゲストも本作ならでは。当時、ソロで来日していたロン・ウッドが飛び入り(ロンのツアーは本作の前日が最終日でした)。「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」で見事なソロを聴かせてくれる。ロックンロールの生きた伝説と、今まさに伝説になろうとしている怪物。なんとも贅沢なひとときが味わえるライヴアルバムなのです。

既発『GET IN THE RIN』よりもたっぷりと収録された終演後の余韻に浸りながら、世紀のショウは幕を閉じます。この夜をもって日本公演は終了。彼らはこの後も約半年(7月まで)ツアーを続け、スラッシュとダフがバンドを去ってしまいます。1992年の2度目の来日公演から1年も経たずに戻ってきたGUNS N’ ROSES。まさか、この3人が並ぶ姿を再び目撃するまで23年もかかることになろうとは……。
その23年前の“最後の夜”。GUNS N’ ROSESがGUNS N’ ROSESらしかった最後のライヴ・イン・ジャパンです。現場の匂いまで運んでくる最高峰サウンドで蘇った、極上キニー録音の大名盤。この逸品中の逸品、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (74:52)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro. 3. It’s So Easy 4. Welcome To The Jungle 5. Mr. Brownstone
6. Live And Let Die 7. Nightrain 8. So Fine 9. Attitude 10. Double Talkin’ Jive 11. Civil War
12. Wild Horses(Intro) 13. Patience 14. It’s Alright(Intro) 15. November Rain

Disc 2 (71:16)
1. Support Members Introduction 2. Bad Obsession 3. Band Introduction 4. Drum Solo
5. You Could Be Mine 6. Guitar Solo 7. Godfather Theme 8. The One / Sweet Child O’ Mine
9. Only Women Bleed (Intro) 10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (w/ Ronnie Wood)
– ●曲間が既発より100秒長く収録 –
11. Don’t Cry 12. Mother (Intro) 13. Paradise City 14. Outro


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