Guns N’ Roses / Seattle 1988 /1CD+1Bonus CDR

Guns N’ Roses / Seattle 1988 /1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA. USA 1st June 1988 plus Bonus CDR “MOUNTAIN VIEW 1988”

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The world first released live album “CHICAGO 1987 (Zodiac 262)” which was released the other day is very popular, but as early as the second. Even then it is the appearance of a superb board from the miracle “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”!
It is contained in this work “Seattle performance on June 1, 1988”. This show is not the world’s first, there were records in the past. Then, what is the “second step”, it is origin. Yes, it is the latest collection released from the prestigious “Krw_co” as well as “CHICAGO 1987”. First of all, let’s keep the position of the show from the whole picture of the tour although it is worrisome about its contents.

· June 19th – 28th: ​​Europe # 1 (UK 3 shows)
· August 1 – September 17: North America # 1 (24 shows)
· September 29 – October 8: Europe # 2 (8 shows)
· October 16 – December 31: North America # 2 (49 shows)
· January 5 – February 12: North America # 3 (13 performances)
· March 31 – June 8: North America # 4 (30 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 9 – September 17: North America # 5 + Donington (40 shows)
· December 4 – 19: Japan / Oceania (9 shows)

“CHICAGO 1987” the other day was “North America # 2”, but the Seattle performance of this work is “North America # 4.” It is a concert that will be its 26th performance.
Such work is also superb again this time. To tell the truth, it is a recording that I once introduced as “SELF DESTRUCTION BLUES” on Lagley label, but it is truly a “Krw_co” collection. Langley board also wonderful sound “This is amazing!” “It is the best masterpiece of GUNS boot!” And the excited maniacs came out in succession, but the freshness is much better than that. The taste of this recording is in a direct feeling with little sense of distance, but its vivid pretty much powers up. In fact it is different from what we call “sound board”, but “sound feeling” and “nearness” of performance and singing voice are line recorded. Besides, audience and noise are also far away, and if it is said to be customer record likelihood it is about a real tone color.
Although it is such a “Krw_co” collection, there was also a major drawback to the net publication master. One is pitch. In a severe part, it is high by nearly a semitone, it makes sense to feel uncomfortable by listening. Axel’s singing voice was on the verge of Mickey Mouse. And the other is incompatibility between left and right stereo. It is hard to make words, but there is a difference in sound quality between the left and right, which makes the sound unbelievable. To be honest, it was a comfortable feeling that we would not permanently preserve it as it was. But fortunately our shop had experience with the Lagley board. I saw the “possibility” contained in the master itself, and I also knew how to “turn it”. It correctly corrects the pitch, unifies the left and right sound nuances, and also prepares the “ringing” which was slightly dab on it. Of course, I will not make a major remodel of the original taste, but because I am familiar with the direction, I can finish it as a best version that sounds like a “different sound source” with a slight correction .
A show drawn with such a best sound … …. This is also amazing, great! Above all, Axel rose is wild! It is also somewhat rough, but GUNS is amazing as it is not a fault but a beauty point. A husky – sounding voice produces “fierce”, and that momentum pulls the whole band like gui guitar. It is a short set only on the undercard of IRON MAIDEN, but concentrating power does not loosen even for a moment as much as it is. To say “I’ve stuck with a pin”, too wild. To say “rough”, it is too dense. It is such a show.
The full story is already special, but the biggest listening is “It Tastes Good, Do not It?”. It is an extremely rare song that is said to have played only a few times of the phone rather than studio recording, the earliest record that this work exists. Moreover, it is not only rare but also cool. We will show off the rap with Akel ‘s exquisite rhythmic feeling, and the band will dig into it. This is also cool and cool, as it keeps going, snow falls into “Rocket Queen”. Rare songs are boring because they are boring because there are few opportunities …… It’s a great scene that is a superb item that turns such prejudice upside down.
If the opening part is “It Tastes Good, Do not It?”, The biggest listening at the end is “Nightrain”. In front of the song, Axel calls “Nightrain and Paradise City, which one do you want to hear” and let the audience vote. It is determined that the size of the cheer is competed, “Yes, Nightrain is the winner”, but the slash starts playing “Paradise City”. As Axel laughs, he stops saying “Hey hey, I can not do it,” and the fierce “Nightrain” starts running this time …. The sound of Axel who inquires about “Clear sound” as “Nightrain?” “Paradise City?”, And the cheers for it are clearly clear. And the riot that ‘Nightrain’ brings up is terrifying real. It is a highlight that the document feeling present in “1988” explodes.

A superb live album once again pops out from the prestigious “Krw_co”. Because it is superb ultimate, it has polished to the ultimate quality, and it is contained in a permanent preservation press CD. Wild axel and GUNS N ‘ROSES fucked by its enthusiasm violently in front of “the sound of eyes”. A gem in the gem that you can enjoy until the rare “It Tastes Good, Do not It?” With that sound. One of the best, “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”, please enjoy it.
先日リリースされた世界初公開のライヴアルバム『CHICAGO 1987(Zodiac 262)』が大好評真っ最中ですが、早くも第2弾。またしても奇跡の“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”から極上盤の登場です!
本作に収められているのは「1988年6月1日シアトル公演」。このショウは世界初というわけではなく、過去にも記録はありました。では、何が“第2弾”なのかと言えば、それは出自。そう、『CHICAGO 1987』と同じく名門「Krw_co」から公開された最新コレクションなのです。その中身が気になるところですが、まずは、ショウのポジションをツアーの全体像から押さえておきましょう。


先日の『CHICAGO 1987』は「北米#2」でしたが、本作のシアトル公演は「北米#4」。その26公演目となるコンサートです。
そんな本作は、今回もまた極上。実のところ、かつてLagleyレーベルの『SELF DESTRUCTION BLUES』としてもご紹介したことのある録音なのですが、さすがは「Krw_co」コレクション。Langley盤でも素晴らしいサウンドに「これは凄い!」「GUNSブートの最高傑作だ!!」と興奮するマニアが続出したのですが、それよりもグッと鮮度が良い。この録音の旨みは、距離感のほとんどないダイレクト感にあるのですが、そのビビッドぶりが遙かにパワーアップしているのです。実のところ「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶタイプとも違うのですが、演奏と歌声の“骨太感”・“近さ”はライン録音ばり。しかも、オーディエンス・ノイズもえらく遠く、客録らしさと言えばリアルな音色くらいのものなのです。
そんなベスト・サウンドで描かれるショウ……。これがまた凄い、素晴らしい! 何と言っても、アクセル・ローズがワイルド!! やや荒れ気味でもあるのですが、それが欠点ではなく美点になってしまうからGUNSは凄い。ハスキー気味の声が“激しさ”を演出し、その勢いがバンド全体をグイグイと引っ張ってしまう。IRON MAIDENの前座だけに短いセットなのですが、それだけに集中力が最後まで一瞬も緩まない。「ピンと張り詰めた」と言ってしまうには、あまりにもワイルド。「荒っぽい」と言うには、あまりも濃密。そんなショウなのです。
もう全編が特濃なのですが、最大の聴きどころと言えば「It Tastes Good, Don’t It?」。スタジオ未録音どころかホンの数回しか演奏していないとも言われる激レア曲で、本作が現存する最古の記録。しかも、単に珍しいだけではなくカッコイイ。アクセルの絶品のリズム感でラップを披露し、そこにバンドが食い込んでいく。これがまたえらくクールで、そのノリのまま「Rocket Queen」に雪崩れ込む。レア曲はつまらないからこそ機会が少ない……そんな偏見をひっくり返す絶品の名シーンなのです。
序盤が「It Tastes Good, Don’t It?」なら、終盤最大の聴きどころは「Nightrain」。曲の前にアクセルが「NightrainとParadise City、どっちが聴きたい?」と呼びかけ、観客に投票させるのです。歓声の大きさを競わせ、「よし、Nightrainの勝ちだ」と決まるのですが、そこでスラッシュが弾き出すのは「Paradise City」。アクセルが笑いながら「おいおい、違うぜ」と止め、今度こそ激烈な「Nightrain」が走り出す……。あまりにクリアなサウンドは「Nightrain?」「Paradise City?」と訊くアクセルの声も、それに対する歓声の勝敗もハッキリと分かる。そして、「Nightrain」が巻き起こす騒乱も凄まじくリアル。まさに“1988年”に居合わせるドキュメント感が爆発するハイライトなのです。

名門「Krw_co」からまたもや飛び出した極上のライヴアルバム。極上だからこそ究極クオリティに磨き上げ、永久保存プレスCDに封じ込めました。ワイルドなアクセルと、その熱気に煽られたGUNS N’ ROSESが“目の前サウンド”で暴れる。そのサウンドで激レアな「It Tastes Good, Don’t It?」まで楽しめてしまう逸品中の逸品。“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”でも屈指の1本、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

1. Intro 2. It’s So Easy 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. It Tastes Good, Don’t It? 5. Rocket Queen
6. Sweet Child O’ Mine 7. Member Introduction 8. Only Women Bleed (Intro)
9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 10. Welcome To The Jungle 11. Vote for Nightrain or Paradise City
12. Nightrain

Guns N’ Roses / Mountain View 1988 /1Single CDR
Translated Text:
Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA. USA 5th June 1988

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The main press CD is the decision board that upgraded to the finest sound with the new excavation master of the prestigious “Krw_co”. However, the new excavation of “Krw_co” was not over yet. So there are bonuses. I will present a live album of “Krw_co” collection which should also be sister companion of main press CD.
Such a work is contained in “Mountain View Performance on June 5, 1988”. It is a concert after 2 performances of Seattle performance of main press press CD. And this work also a wonderful audience recording. There is also the same “Krw_co” collection & furious nearby show, you can enjoy clear sound and entertainment that is thin on the main press CD. No, rather clever is beyond even the main press press CD, “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” is also a name recording recording the highest peak.
So why did not this work be a two-sheet press, and this work became a bonus CDR? That … … it was unstable. Although it was able to fix the pitch which was lower by a semitone, contrary to the main press CD, “It’s So Easy” at the beginning changes a lot and there are parts where the sound quality slightly changes in the latter part of the show. 90% of the show is super-powerful without problems … …. Although it is “Regretful!”, It can not even be said that I did not listen to this sound. So, it was introduced as a bonus CDR in this way.
That superb superior “middle part” is terrible. What’s more than anything I can listen to this rare “It Tastes Good, Do not It?” Moreover, it is super clear sound which may surpass the main press 2CD! It is already the best here only (as well as this press press CD) Axel’s singing is terrible. Later in the year, Axel himself said “Ear is touched on the tour with IRON MAIDEN, I can not hear well (I can not hear it well) I tried twice as much voice as usual. Once I get caught up in tune, The voice ceased to come out “, but this work is proof of the sound which supports the testimony. Episode paraphrasing bursts as “It’s still this!” And even superior screams of “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door” “Heaven’ s Dude Ou Uo Huo! Oh yeah, if you scream this far, I will destroy the knobs …. Of course, such a “kire” accelerator is also out of tension in the band, and slash is also full-length norinori including interwoven phrases of “Stairway To Heaven” and “Cat Scratch Fever” to the solo.

Singing / intense rare music · super clear sound · sound. It is a powerful live album that does not take full advantage of the main press CD as well. I return it, regrettable instinct at the beginning is regrettable …. However, more than 90% of this work is ultra superb. By all means, it is a sister item album you want to enjoy in conjunction with “genuine masterpiece” SEATTLE 1988 “.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1988年6月5日マウンテン・ビュー公演」。本編プレスCDのシアトル公演の2公演後となるコンサートです。そして、本作もまた素晴らしいオーディエンス録音。同じ「Krw_co」コレクション&激近ショウということもあって、本編プレスCDに肉薄するクリア・サウンドと熱演が楽しめる。いえ、むしろクリアっぷりは、本編プレスCDさえも超えて“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”でも最高峰を記録する名録音なのです。
では、なぜ本作は2枚組プレスではなく、本作はボーナスCDRになったのか。それは……不安定だったのです。本編プレスCDとは逆に半音ほど低かったピッチは修正できたものの、冒頭の「It’s So Easy」がしょっちゅう変わり、ショウの後半にもわずかに音質が変化してしまう箇所がある。ショウの9割方は問題なく超・強力なのに……。なんとも“惜しい!”のですが、それでもこのサウンドを聴かなかったことにもできない。そこで、こうしてボーナスCDRでのご紹介となったのです。
その超極上な“真ん中パート”こそが凄まじい。何より嬉しいのは、本作でも激レア「It Tastes Good, Don’t It?」が聴けること。しかも、本編プレス2CDを凌駕しかねない超クリア・サウンドで! もう、ここだけで最高なのですが(これまた本編プレスCDと同じく)アクセルの歌いっぷりが凄まじい。後年、アクセル自身が「IRON MAIDENとのツアーでは耳がイカレてね。(よく聞こえなくて)無理していつもの2倍も声を張り上げたんだよ。調子に乗って叫びまくったら、今度は声が出なくなっちまった」と語っていますが、本作はその証言を裏付ける音の証拠。凄絶な絶唱が「これでもか!」と炸裂し、「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」でさえ「ヘヴンズ・ドオオォオゥウオォォゥォ!」の超絶叫。そりゃあ、ここまで叫べばノドも潰しますって……。もちろん、そんな“キレ”たアクセルにバンドのテンションもブチ切れですし、スラッシュもソロに「Stairway To Heaven」や「Cat Scratch Fever」のフレーズを織り交ぜるなど、全編ノリノリです。

絶唱・激レア曲・超クリア・サウンド。本編プレスCDにもまったくひけを取らない強力なライヴアルバムです。返す返すも、冒頭の不安定さが惜しい……。とは言え、本作90%以上は超・極上。ぜひ、正真正銘の大傑作たる『SEATTLE 1988』と併せてお楽しみいただきたい姉妹品アルバムです。

1. Intro. 2. It’s So Easy 3. It Tastes Good, Don’t It? 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Out Ta Get Me
6. Only Women Bleed 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Welcome To The Jungle
9. Used To Love Her 10. Member Introduction 11. Slash MC & Guitar Intro 12. Nightrain

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