Guns N’ Roses / Pasadena 1987 Final Night / 2CD

Guns N’ Roses / Pasadena 1987 Final Night / 2CD / Zodiac
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Live at Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA. USA 30th December 1987 STEREO SBD


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A large standard sound board of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” is upgraded and it appears. The big staple is “Pasadena performance on December 30, 1987”. It is a sound board that has produced many episodes and has also been introduced on Lagley label, but this work is neither recurrent nor remaster. It is the best master who appeared in recent years.
It is a place to worry about the contents, but first of all it is the position of the show. Let’s check from the whole world tour as usual.

· June 19th – 28th: ​​Europe # 1 (UK 3 shows)
· August 1 – September 17: North America # 1 (24 shows)
· September 29 – October 8: Europe # 2 (8 shows)
· October 16 – December 31: North America # 2 (49 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 5 – February 12: North America # 3 (13 performances)
· March 31 – June 8: North America # 4 (30 performances)
· July 9 – September 17: North America # 5 + Donington (40 shows)
· December 4 – 19: Japan / Oceania (9 shows)

This is the whole picture of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” that shines brilliantly in lock history. Pasadena performance of this work is the end of “North America # 2”. In Pasadena it was 4 consecutive performances from December 18th to December 30th, but this work is the last day.
In addition, this period is also a special organization. Steven Adler broke his arm due to a bar fight and left the tour from December 16, 1987 until January 5, 1988. Meanwhile nine performances sat on the stool as a substitute for Fred Kowley of CINDERELLA. This work is a live album that you can enjoy the full set of precious times at the highest peak sound board.
And the biggest point of this work is that sound. Although it was a wonderful sound board so far to set a big staple in the past, this time the master surely genes are young and the freshness is maddened! Dubbing deterioration is rarely seen, it is released also from the yore and hiss noise which was scattered in the full story in the past, and plenty of fresh sound spreads out. However, since the original soundboard itself is the same, it is not a “official grade” but rather a delicious type of direct descendent of the desk, but it is far more brilliant than the ones that had been correcting noise in the brain so far It is a sound.
A valuable show drawn with that sound is wonderful. As mentioned earlier, there were nine performances with Fred ‘s drummer as a special organization, but most of them were Alice Cooper’ s undercard. However, this work is full set of independent performances that finished its schedule. This week, the new excavation audience album “CHICAGO 1987 (Zodiac 262)” will also be released at the same time, but there are also “Move To The City” “Used To Love Her” “Rocket Queen” “You’re Crazy” “Patience “Mama Kin” can also be tasted plenty.
Of course, the performance itself is also wonderful. Confidence that I went back to near LA plenty of confidence that I spared the revolution around the whole world. The wild rock and roll that monster looked like the most monster was plentifully made, and local feeling of relaxation and excitement are blended into good feeling. I can not miss listening to Fred ‘s beat. At the beginning of the replacement he was also seen solid, he was familiar with the band in this work which took a lot of occasions, “It may have been interesting even if it was succeeded as Adler as it is” … I was thinking of such a history of if (In the meantime, Adler is accompanying the tour, and also in this work it appeared on the stage in front of “Welcome To The Jungle” and greeted to the fans)).

Among the historical “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”, more valuable Fred · Cowley participation live. It is a masterpiece of a live album that puts its single full set on the finest sound board. Over the years, the hottest upgrade of the big standard soundboard loved by mania. Here comes the majestic permanent preservation press 2 CD.
“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”の大定番サウンドボードがアップグレードして登場です。その大定番とは「1987年12月30日パサデナ公演」。幾多の既発を生み出し、かつてLagleyレーベルでもご紹介したこともあるサウンドボードですが、本作はその再発でもリマスターでもありません。近年になって登場したベスト・マスターなのです。


これがロック史に燦然と輝く“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”の全体像。本作のパサデナ公演は「北米#2」の末期。パサデナでは12月18日から12月30日まで4公演連続でしたが、本作はその最終日にあたります。
そして、本作最大のポイントはそのサウンド。これまでも大定番を張るだけはある素晴らしいサウンドボードでしたが、今回のマスターは確実にジェネが若く鮮度が段違い! ダビング劣化がほとんど見受けられず、既発では全編に散見されたヨレやヒスノイズからも開放され、瑞々しいサウンドがたっぷりと広がるのです。もっとも、大元のサウンドボード自体は同じですので「オフィシャル級」というよりは卓直結の生々しさが美味しいタイプなのは変わらないものの、これまでノイズを脳内補正していた既発よりも格段に鮮やかなサウンドなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる貴重なショウが素晴らしい。前述のように、フレッドをドラマーに迎えた特別編成は9公演あったわけですが、そのほとんどがアリス・クーパーの前座でした。しかし、本作はその前座日程を終えた単独公演フルセット。今週は新発掘オーディエンス・アルバム『CHICAGO 1987(Zodiac 262)』も同時リリースされますが、そこでも聴けない「Move To The City」「Used To Love Her」「Rocket Queen」「You’re Crazy」「Patience」「Mama Kin」もたっぷりと味わえる。
もちろん、演奏自体も素晴らしい。全世界を巡って革命をまき散らした自信もたっぷりに、LA近郊に戻ってきた凱旋コンサート。怪物がもっとも怪物らしかったワイルドなロックン・ロールがたっぷりとブチかまされ、地元のリラックス感とエキサイト感がイイ感じにブレンドされている。そこに絡むフレッドのビートも聴き逃せない。代役当初は固さも見られた彼も、場数を踏んだ本作ではグッとバンドに馴染み、「このままアドラーの後任となっても面白かったかも知れない」……そんな歴史のifまで思いを馳せてしまうアンサンブルなのです(ちなみに、そのアドラーはツアーにも同行しており、本作でも「Welcome To The Jungle」の前でステージに登場。ファンに向けて挨拶しています)。

歴史的な“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”の中でも、さらに貴重なフレッド・コウリー参加ライヴ。その単独フルセットを極上サウンドボードで収めたライヴアルバムの大傑作です。長年、マニアが愛してきた大定番サウンドボードの最高峰アップグレード。ここに、堂々の永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

DISC 1 (45:08)
1. It’s So Easy 2. Move To The City 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. Out Ta Get Me 5. Sweet Child O’ Mine
6. Used To Love Her 7. My Michelle 8. Rocket Queen 9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

DISC 2 (41:26)
1. Steven Adler MC 2. Welcome To The Jungle 3. Member Introduction 4. You’re Crazy
5. Blues Jam 6. Nightrain 7. Paradise City 8. Patience 9. Mama Kin


Axl Rose – Vocals Slash – Guitar Izzy Stradlin – Guitar Duff McKagan – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums

Zodiac 263

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