Guns N Roses / Live At The Ritz 1987 Appetite For Destruction / 1CD+1DVD

Guns N Roses / Live At The Ritz 1987 Appetite For Destruction / 1CD+1DVD / Moonchild Records

Translated Text:

Recorded Live At The Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 23rd October 1987.

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[Manufacturer Info] A wonderful video was discovered! It’s Ritz in 1987! Is that okay? I do not understand people, I will relieve you, from compulsory education ~ Ritz in 1987! Yes, speaking of so-called Guns’ Ritz, it is 1988. This is the year 1987! OMG! ! Finally drained! First appearance pro shot image of debut at that time! ! Kya – everyone is cool! ! It is a must-see video of Mr. Guns and fans that is not complete recording but can enjoy it enough! It is a two piece set with a CD so that it can be enjoyed even with sound. Beginners can enjoy it with pro shot and sound board.

CD is a super high quality sound board! It has only bad audiences, so I dare do not edit it to the full version. Enjoy it soundily with good sound! First appearance video and sound, press DVD and press CD is amazing price 1000 yen! Guns from MOONCHILD is the third bullet in this as the two titles of Apollo Theater and Rio are released in 2017!

[メーカーインフォ] すんごい映像が発掘されました!1987年のリッツです!いいですか?分からん人ほっときますよ、義務教育ちゃうんやからね〜1987年のリッツ!そうです、いわゆるガンズのリッツと言えば1988年なんですね。これは前年の 1987年なんです!OMG!!遂に流出しました!デビュー当時の初登場プロショット映像!!きゃーーーみんなかっこいい!!コンプリート収録ではないですが十分に楽しめるガンズ・ファン必見の映像です!音でも楽しめるようにCDも付いた二枚組です。プロショットとサウンドボードで初心者にも楽しめます。


01. Welcome To The Jungle
02. My Michelle
03. Don’t Cry
04. Rocket Queen
05. Nightrain
06. Sweet Child O’ Mine
07. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
08. You’re Crazy
09. Paradise City
10. Reckless Life
11. Mama Kin

Moonchild Records. MC 064


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