Guns N’ Roses / Marquee 1987 2nd Night / 1CD+1Bonus Single CDR

Guns N’ Roses / Marquee 1987 2nd Night / 1CD+1Bonus Single CDR / Zodiac
Translated text:
Live at the Marquee, London, UK 22nd June 1987 plus Bonus CDR “Marquee 1987 2nd Night Recorder 2”

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Evening before the revolution …. No, the super important sound source engraved with the first step of the revolution appears in full version. Its historic night is “Marquee performance June 22, 1987”. It is a middle day of the legendary “Marquis club 3DAYS” which was also the first overseas performance of GUNS N ‘ROSES as a kickoff of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR” to rewrite the world.
Speaking of Marquee in 1987, “LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE” also contained three songs of live take, but it was a different day. With the surrounding schedule, I will organize the situation at that time ……

“December 16, 1986” LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE “released”
“1987 Jun 15 Sun” IT’S SO EASY “Release”
· June 19, 1987: Marquee (first overseas performance)
· June 22, 1987: Marquee 【this work】
· June 28, 1987: Marquee “LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE” recorded
“Release of APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION on July 21, 1987”
· August 1987: Main tour (North America) started

……, and it looks like this. As you can see, at that time GUNS N ‘ROSES created the revolutionary board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” but still before the release. Speaking of the sound you get, “LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE” and a single “IT ‘SO EASY” situation. It was a legendary entrance that touched only the preliminary reputation of that little sound and “a great band came out” across the ocean, becoming the cover of “KERRANG!” Magazine. It is a moment when you jumped out of your home country America and hit the world.
Such a GUNS N ‘ROSES most important marquee performance, legends also recording. Although it was known for a long time, its real is incomplete. It was the first Langley label ‘MARQUEE 1987’ that surprised maniacs all over the world with ‘All songs recorded’ & master quality. Their appearance was just a shock. It became the most important historical concert and it was the finest sound. It’s easy to call Bone & De straightball musical sounds as “sound board”, but it is so violent reality that it becomes insulting. Even if you can understand that the musical tones are close to a narrow marquee, the power that thrills the details gently is striking well without cracking. It was a hyper recording in which “?” Swirled in the head as to how to record with the aircraft of the time.
However, its super / name recording was not perfect. There was a lack in the first part of “Shadow Of Your Love”, the scene waiting for the encore after the “Paradise City” show (To save the tape?) Was missing recording. In other words, even “all songs” were not “complete”. So in this work, based on the legendary name recording, complemented with another recording of the same live “ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE (POWER GATE – 075)”. I finished this legendary night into a piece that can be experienced in a seamless “complete body”. Moreover, “ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE” used for supplementation is not a Tada person. It is an original cassette of the masterpiece “Crazy S.”, this is a famous recording that took over the dead of maniacs all over the world and made the name of “Crazy S.” worldwide. There was a cut in another place here, but this work complemented each other “two legends”, it became the first complete body in history.
The “complete body of the legend” that was created as such … … it is already overwhelming. In “It’s So Easy”, Axel tells us “Our New Single”, but the performance and the sense of the work are abnormal beyond that. As mentioned earlier, there are few works at this point, and the rogue core rock gangsters are gathering on rumors on the rumor. Besides, if British enthusiasts are deaf earfuls, they are unforgivable cynics. GUNS N ‘ROSES … in front of such’ authentic ‘guests, beat up a lot of songs they do not know GUNS N’ ROSES …… The result is a splendid band’s victory of things! The people who usually make a big noise are taken astray, and every time one song ends, I give a big cheers to bit me saying “I am seeing the greatest thing.” As usual British bastards, “It will do it!” Is about the largest, but it is obviously a different applause and enthusiasm like a different burst sound. I do not even know that what is happening in front of you is a “legend”, and as soon as I understand the overwhelming phenomenon, the whole body will continue to be attacked. This feeling of air is a moment of “Revolution began”. It is it.

Introducing a band not yet seen at the beginning, and also while waiting for the encore, “How was GUNS N ‘ROSES?” DJ talks. And the spectators who are leaving the scene talking about the phenomenon they saw in a hot tone … …. It is the only transcendence board that can fully experience it with its superb sound even one word of it. This work is GUNS N ‘ROSES … No, it is the most important live album of rock history. This weekend, we will deliver the century incident board to you.

革命前夜……いえ、革命の第一歩が刻まれた超重要音源が完全版になって登場です。その歴史的な夜とは「1987年6月22日マーキー公演」。世界を塗り替える“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”のキックオフにしてGUNS N’ ROSES初の海外公演でもあった伝説の“マーキークラブ3DAYS”の中日にあたります。
1987年マーキーと言えば、『LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE』にも3曲のライヴテイクが収められていましたが、それとは別日。周辺日程と絡め、当時の状況を整理しますと……

《1986年12月16日『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』発売》
《19876月15日シングル『IT’S SO EASY』発売》
・1987年6月22日:マーキー 【本作】
・1987年6月28日:マーキー『LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE』収録

……と、このようになっています。これをご覧の通り、当時のGUNS N’ ROSESは革命盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』を創り上げつつも、まだ発売前。手に入る音と言えば、『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』とシングル『IT’S SO EASY』だけという状況。そのわずかな音と「凄ぇバンドが出てきやがった」の前評判だけを引っさげて大洋を渡り、『KERRANG!』誌の表紙にまでなってしまった伝説の渡英でした。まさに母国アメリカを飛び出し、世界に打って出た瞬間なのです。
そんなGUNS N’ ROSES最重要のマーキー公演は、録音も伝説。古くから知られてはいましたが、そのほんとが不完全版。初めて「全曲分」収録&マスター・クオリティで世界中のマニアを驚かせたのは、かのLangleyレーベル『MARQUEE 1987』だったのです。その登場は、まさに衝撃でした。歴史的な最重要コンサートにして極上のサウンドぶり。骨太&ド直球な楽音を「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶのはカンタンですが、それが侮辱になってしまうほど猛烈なリアリティ。狭いマーキーだけに楽音が近いのは理解できるとしても、ディテールも細やかに叩きつけるド迫力が割れもせずに綺麗に収められている。当時の機材で一体どうやって録音したのかと、頭の中に「?」が渦巻くハイパー録音だったのです。
しかし、その超・名録音も完璧ではありませんでした。1曲目の「Shadow Of Your Love」冒頭部分に欠けがあり、「Paradise City」終演後のアンコール待ちのシーンも(テープを節約するため?)録音漏れとなっていた。つまり、「全曲分」ではあっても「完全体」ではなかったのです。そこで、本作では伝説の名録音をベースに、同じライヴの別録音『ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE(POWER GATE-075)』で補完。この伝説の夜をシームレスな「完全体」で体験できる1枚に仕上げたのです。しかも、補完に使用した『ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE』もタダ者ではない。かの名匠“Crazy S.”のオリジナル・カセットであり、これまた世界中のマニアのド肝を抜き、「Crazy S.」の名を全世界に知らしめた名録音。こちらも別の箇所にカットがあったのですが、本作によって“伝説の2本”が互いに補完し、史上初の完全体になったわけです。
そうして生み出された「伝説の完全体」は……もう圧倒的。「It’s So Easy」でアクセルが「俺たちのニューシングル」と語ったりもしますが、それ以上にパフォーマンスと現場感が異常なのです。前述の通り、この時点では作品もほとんどなく、耳ざといコアなロックマニアが噂を頼りに集っている。しかも、本場イギリスのマニア野郎どもは耳も肥えていれば、容赦のない皮肉屋ばかり。そんな“本物”の客を前にして、知りもしない曲の数々を苛烈な勢いで叩きつけるGUNS N’ ROSES……。その結果は、ものの見事にバンドの勝利! 普段は大騒ぎする連中が呆気にとられ、1曲終わるごとに「凄ぇものを見てるんだ」と噛みしめる大喝采を贈る。いつもの英国野郎どもなら「やるじゃねぇか!」くらいが最大級なのですが、それとは明らかに違う炸裂音のような大喝采と熱狂。目の前で起きている事が“伝説”になる事も知らず、ただただ圧倒的な現象を理解する間もなく、全身が襲われ続ける。この空気感は、まさに“革命が始まった”の刹那。そのものなのです。

冒頭にまだ見ぬバンドを紹介し、アンコールを待っている最中にも「GUNS N’ ROSESはどうだった?」と語るDJ。そして、熱っぽい口調で今見た現象を語り合いながら現場を去っていく観客たち……。その一言一言までも極上サウンドで完全体験できる唯一の超絶盤です。本作はGUNS N’ ROSESの……いえ、ロック史の最重要ライヴアルバム。今週末、世紀の事件盤をあなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
1. Intro. 2. Opening 3. Shadow Of Your Love 4. Out Ta Get Me 5. Anything Goes 6. It’s So Easy
7. Mr. Brownstone 8. Nightrain 9. My Michelle 10. Welcome To The Jungle
11. Member Introduction 12. You’re Crazy 13. Paradise City 14. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
15. Move To The City 16. Nice Boys

W. Axl Rose – Vocal Slash – Guitar Izzy Stradlin – Guitar Duff McKagan – Bass
Steven Adler – Drums

Guns N’ Roses / Marquee 1987 2nd Night Recorder 2 / 1single Bonus CDR / Non Label
Live at the Marquee, London, UK 22nd June 1987

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The legendary marquee club second day which was loved by the goddess of recording. The main press CD is a complete body supplemented with “ANTHER MARQUEE TAPE” of master craft “Carzy S.”, based on masterpiece “MARQUEE 1987” which decided the fame of Langley label. It was a miraculous night where even one of the miraculous recordings was born. However, although the full volume of “MARQUEE 1987” can be heard in this volume press CD, Crazy S. Master can only be partially tasted. Therefore, Crazy S. Recording is reprinted for that bonus. I realize how this goddess loved this night.
…… That’s why this work is a reprint of POWER GATE label masterpiece live album “ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE”. “MARQUEE 1987” was missing after the beginning of “Shadow Of Your Love” and “Paradise City”, but this work has not recorded DJ’s opening MC yet. It is exactly the recording which was destined to complement “MARQUEE 1987” mutually. And one of the reasons that made it possible to complement its wonderful quality. At the beginning there is a swell of the tape, but it also improves quickly, and when it enters “Out Ta Get Me” the best sound is fully opened. It turns into a clear sound which is not defeated to the main press CD which is overwhelming with a miraculous direct feeling and freshness, and it runs as it is to the final performance.
Its clearing is also a special grade at the Crazy S. collection. His work is always wonderful, but I have been upgrading it all at once, especially since 1986. Perhaps, I think that we changed the equipment around this time, but this work is the work of that “after level up”. While sucking plenty of “in-place feeling”, enthusiasm does not interrupt the sound of bones, it is a beautiful recording which can be called “just like a soundboard”. Originally unearthed from the POWER GATE label, it may have been natural to have caused a shock even though there was a masterpiece.
Legendary night drawn with that sound … …. As mentioned in the explanation of the main press CD, it is exactly the first step of the revolution. While the audience at the scene does not know most of the songs, super and famous songs engraved in the rock history are overwhelmed. Not only do you play plenty of nine songs from the revolutionary board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”, but also “Move To The City” “Hilarious Rose” Shadow Of Your Love “and” LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE “” Nice Boys ” , As well as “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door” which will be the classic repertoire later. Actually, “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door” performs a sound check only once on the first day of the marquee performance and premiered in production as it is. This work is a very early version that will be the 2nd performance show.

Along with the main press press CD, a name recording that has continued to convey “legendary marquee”. That is the whole picture. It is a finest record that you can reexamine ‘Legendary Night’ from another perspective as a special class sound that established the fame of the master craft “Crazy S.”. Smile of the goddess of recording, please enjoy it together.

録音の女神から愛された伝説のマーキークラブ2日目。本編プレスCDは、Langleyレーベルの名声を決定づけた傑作『MARQUEE 1987』をベースにしつつ、名匠“Carzy S.”の『ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE』で補完した完全体でした。1本でも奇跡レベルの録音が2本も生まれたミラクルな夜だったわけです。しかし、本編プレスCDは『MARQUEE 1987』の全編が聴けるものの、Crazy S.マスターは部分的にしか味わえません。そこで、そのボーナスにはCrazy S.録音を復刻プレゼント。いかにこの夜が女神に愛されていたのかを実感していただきます。
……というわけで、本作はPOWER GATEレーベルの傑作ライヴアルバム『ANOTHER MARQUEE TAPE』を復刻したもの。『MARQUEE 1987』は「Shadow Of Your Love」冒頭部分や「Paradise City」終演後に欠けがあったわけですが、本作はDJの開演MCが未収録。まさに『MARQUEE 1987』と相互補完する運命にあった録音なのです。そして、その素晴らしいクオリティも相互補完を可能にした一因。冒頭にテープのうねりがあったりもしますが、それもすぐに改善していき、「Out Ta Get Me」に入る頃には極上サウンドが全開。奇跡的なダイレクト感と生々しさで圧倒する本編プレスCDにも負けないクリア・サウンドに変貌し、そのまま終演まで突っ走るのです。
そのクリアッぷりはCrazy S.コレクションでも特級。彼の作品は常に素晴らしいのですが、特に1986年を境に一気にレベルアップしている。恐らく、この頃に機材を変えたのだと思いますが、本作はその“レベルアップ後”の作品。生々しい“現場感”もたっぷり吸い込みつつ、熱狂が骨太の楽音を遮ることなく、それこそ「まるでサウンドボード」と呼べる美録音。POWER GATEレーベルから発掘された当初、大傑作が存在するにも関わらず衝撃を巻き起こしたのも当然だったのかも知れません。
そのサウンドで描かれる伝説の夜……。本編プレスCDの解説でも触れた通り、まさに“革命の第一歩”。現場の観客がほとんどの曲を知らない中で、ロック史に刻まれる超・名曲がブチかまされていく。革命盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』から9曲がたっぷり演奏されるだけでなく、HOLLYWOOD ROSEの「Shadow Of Your Love」や『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』の「Move To The City」「Nice Boys」、さらには後の定番レパートリーとなる「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」も披露します。実は「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」はマーキー公演初日にサウンドチェックを1回だけやり、そのまま本番で初演。本作は2公演目となる極初期バージョンなのです。

本編プレスCDと共に、“伝説のマーキー”を伝え続けてきた名録音。その全貌です。名匠“Crazy S.”の名声を確立した特級サウンドにして、“伝説の夜”を別の視点から再体験できる極上盤。録音の女神の微笑み、どうぞ併せて存分にお楽しみください。

1. Shadow Of Your Love 2. Out Ta Get Me 3. Anything Goes 4. It’s So Easy
5. Mr. Brownstone 6. Nightrain 7. My Michelle 8. Welcome To The Jungle
9. You’re Crazy 10. Paradise City 11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
12. Move To The City 13. Nice boys

W. Axl Rose – Vocal Slash – Guitar Izzy Stradlin – Guitar
Duff McKagan – Bass Steven Adler – Drums

Special Thanks Crazy S.

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