Guns N’ Roses / Allentown 1987 / 1CD

Guns N’ Roses / Allentown 1987 / 1CD/ Zodiac

Airport Road Music Hall, Allentown, PA, USA 17th October 1987

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Introducing a live album that conveys that wonderful “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”. It is decided to make a permanent preservation press CD.
“The Allentown performance on October 17, 1987” is recorded in this work. It is the finest audience recording. It is known that a famous recording was left from this day before, but this work is not such a copy or remaster. It is one of the gems that was directly digitized from the Daigen Master Cassette, which was recently discovered by the prestigious “Krw_co”.
Of course, the biggest point of this work is in its master sound, but first is the position of the show. Let’s look back at the 1987 schedule when the phenomenon board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” dominated the world.

・June 19-28: England (3 warm-up performances)
<<July 21st “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” release>>
・August 1st + 2nd: Los Angeles (2 performances for PV shooting)
・August 14-September 17: North America #1 (THE CULT’s 22 undercard performances)
・September 29-October 8: Europe (8 performances) *FASTER PUSSY CAT undercard
・October 16th-November 1st: North America #2a (13 performances) *EZO is the undercard ←★here★
・November 3-29: North America #2b (20 performances of MOTLEY CRUE)
・December 3rd-31st: North America #2c (Alice Cooper’s 16 undercard performances)

This is the 1987 GUNS N’ROSES. It’s a familiar schedule every time, but this time I tried to divide it even in the front seat. Immediately after his debut in 1987, he also served as the undercard for THE CULT, MOTLEY CRUE, Alice Cooper, etc., but on the contrary, there was also a headliner performance with the undercard. The Allentown performance of this work is also one of the headliner performances following Japanese EZO. It was the second concert of “North America #2a”.
This work recording such a show is a real and superb audience recording. Above all, the on and powerful core. Even if you listen carefully with headphones, you can hardly feel the hall ringing, and the distance is not so good. Even if it is a snare that is likely to be a customer record, the density is tightly packed, and the bass that is easily spoiled is the attack sound and the groove vibe is clear if it is rugged. The guitar has a great feature. The outline is strangely clear, and even if two sounds are entangled, they never mix, and it is clear with one note whether it is slash or Izzy.
Although it is a vivid sound that makes you want to call it a “sound board,” the heat that rises from end to end can only be the audience. Although strange voices do not explode in the immediate vicinity, the cheers heard (slightly) from the gap of the extremely thick performance sound are certainly extraordinary. Honestly, the tingling hot air ignites dusty rock and roll. This work preserves the original sound that is too beautiful and realistic, but it is just a sound. In the net sound source, the pitch that was crazy about 20% of the semitone is corrected, and the live performance at that time is accurately reproduced.
The full show that magic is swirling because it is 1987 is drawn with that super realistic & beautiful direct sound. The set at that time was basically based on the number of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”, and the basic measure was to adjust the scale by combining various covers. Let’s organize the set for this day here.

・It’s So Easy/Out Ta Get Me/Mr. Brownstone/My Michelle/Sweet Child O’Mine/Rocket Queen/Welcome To The Jungle/Paradise City/Nightrain
●Others (4 songs)
・LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE: Move To The City/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door/Whole Lotta Rosie
・GN’R LIES: Mama Kin

…And this is how it looks. All songs except “Think About You”, “You’re Crazy” and “Anything Goes” were released from the debut work, and the covers of Bob Dylan, AC/DC and AEROSMITH exploded instead. Although there are no unusual songs, the high-purity set that comes from 1987 is packed in bread.
And the performance of playing such a set is magic. This cannot be put into words anymore. Even though there are famous songs after “USE YOUR ILLUSION”, “something” was not enough to reach “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”. The “something” is the maximum amount, and it is possible to hit it with a high degree of purity that is higher than “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”. If analyzed, it might be the beat of Stephen Adler. It may be slash and Izzy’s aesthetic sense, and the accelerator’s tension because of that time. However, there is “something” that cannot be born by just having all of them. Whether it’s a proud groove, the glossiness of the phrase, or the amount of heat… You can witness the scene filled with that awesome taste with a superb sound. It’s a magical live album.
It is a pity that the explanation is unpersuasive to me, but I am sure that anyone who has noticed this article will understand it. If you touch the recording in 1987, you will feel that there is something. This work is one of the extreme that should be called the crystal of “something”.
This is the magical power of 1987. A rare live album that was completely drawn by the Omoto Master Cassette, which was announced by the prestigious “Krw_co” that unearthed the greatness of GUNS N’ROSES. Please experience with the permanent preservation press CD.

あの素晴らしき“APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION TOUR”を伝えるライヴアルバムが登場。永久保存プレスCD化決定です。
もちろん本作最大のポイントはそのマスター・サウンドにあるわけですが、まずはショウのポジション。現象盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』が世界を席巻していた1987年のスケジュールを振り返ってみましょう。

・8月14日-9月17日:北米#1(THE CULTの前座22公演)
・9月29日-10月8日:欧州(8公演)*FASTER PUSSYCATが前座
・10月16日-11月1日:北米#2a(13公演)*EZOが前座 ←★ココ★
・11月3日-29日:北米#2b(MOTLEY CRUEの20公演)

これが1987年のGUNS N’ ROSES。毎度お馴染みの日程なわけですが、今回は前座等でも細かく分割してみました。1987年はデビュー直後とあってTHE CULTやMOTLEY CRUE、アリス・クーパー等の前座も務めていたわけですが、逆に前座を付けたヘッドライナー公演もありました。本作のアレンタウン公演も日本のEZOを従えたヘッドライナー公演の1つ。「北米#2a」の2公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
その超リアル&美麗ダイレクト・サウンドで描かれるのは、1987年だからこその魔法が渦巻くフルショウ。当時のセットは『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』ナンバーを軸としながら、各種カバーの取り合わせで尺を調整するのが基本。ここでこの日のセットも整理しておきましょう。

・It’s So Easy/Out Ta Get Me/Mr. Brownstone/My Michelle/Sweet Child O’ Mine/Rocket Queen/Welcome To The Jungle/Paradise City/Nightrain
・LIVE FROM THE JUNGLE:Move To The City/Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door/Whole Lotta Rosie
・GN’R LIES:Mama Kin

……と、このようになっています。デビュー作から「Think About You」「You’re Crazy」「Anything Goes」以外の全曲が披露され、代わってボブ・ディラン、AC/DC、AEROSMITHのカバーが爆発。特に珍しい曲はないものの、1987年だからこその純度の高いセットがパンパンに詰まっている。
そして、そんなセットを演じるパフォーマンスこそが魔法。これはもう、言葉にできない。いかに『USE YOUR ILLUSION』以降にも名曲があるとは言え、「何か」が足りず『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』には及ばなかった。その「何か」が最大量で、それこそ『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』以上の高純度でぶちまけられるのです。分析すればスティーヴン・アドラーのビートかも知れない。スラッシュやイジーの美意識、当時だからこそのアクセルのテンションかも知れない。しかし、それらが全部揃っただけでも生まれない「何か」がある。誇りっぽいグルーヴなのか、フレーズの艶っぽさなのか、熱量なのか……あの凄味が充満する現場に、極上のサウンドで立ち会える。まさに魔法のライヴアルバムなのです。
これこそ1987年の魔力。GUNS N’ ROSESの凄味を発掘の名門「Krw_co」が発表した大元マスター・カセットで描ききった希代のライヴアルバム。永久保存プレスCDで存分にご体験ください。

1. Intro.
2. It’s So Easy
3. Move To The City
4. Out Ta Get Me
5. Mr. Brownstone
6. My Michelle
7. Sweet Child O’ Mine
8. Rocket Queen
9. Welcome To The Jungle
10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Paradise City
12. Nightrain
13. Mama Kin
14. Whole Lotta Rosie

W. Axl Rose – Vocal
Slash – Guitar
Izzy Stradlin – Guitar
Duff McKagan – Bass
Steven Adler – Drums


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