Guns N’ Roses / Studio Demos 1981-1990 / 3CD

Guns N’ Roses / Studio Demos 1981-1990 / 3CD / Zodiac
Translated text:
“Hollywood Rose” Works / “Hollywood Rose” 1981 Studio Demos / “Appetite For Destruction” Studio Rehearsals / “Live Like A Suicide” Recording Sessions / “Use Your Illusion” Early Working Demos

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A studio album that compiles early demonstrations / outtakes with exquisite quality appears. It is included in this work from the first recording at HOLLYWOOD ROSE to the initial session of “USE YOUR ILLUSION”. Indiana state teenage Accel Rose and Issey Stradlin are a set of 3 pieces that spells with the highest quality in the way the monsters shaking the world giantized.
These initial demonstrations / outtakes have been titled up to now, but this work was compiled again by overseas Coremania. There are quite a lot of the same take as in the previous episode, but we examine the genes and noise of that one song. We are knitting with the existing “best”.
This work is further up-to-date and meticulous remastering its maniac collection. Honestly, the initial demo of GUNS N ‘ROSES is the best take, but many of the pitches are out of order. Even though the above-mentioned overseas enthusiasts picked the best of the take, they kept it as it was, and roughly 80% had a pitch mismatch. In this work, we aligned them evenly, evenly adjusting the volume and sound pressure that were disjointed. I realized “Case” that I can listen at once as a “studio work”. Let’s take a closer look at the recording contents.

【Disk 1: HOLLYWOOD ROSE Demo (1981)】
First of all, there are four demonstrations of HOLLYWOOD ROSE formed by Axel and Isy. We have already played original songs of “Anything Goes” and “Reckless Life”, and in part we are showing off an unreleased song also called “Taxi Driver”.
Anyway more vividly, the singing voice of Axel who was then teen (19 years old)! Although it is a singing voice that has already entered the temple after super / individuality has been completed, its youthfulness is not extraordinary. Although “childishness” can peek at the face a little, it is not a childish voice separately. The tension and harshness that comes to “recording for the first time” are the explosive power, and the treble which grows in elongation is not suppressed at all … … I do not feel like holding down. The first step of Little Monster is exactly the best sound. In the case of

The era flew five years and the approach to the phenomenon board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” began. It’s 11 early demonstrations.
Although HOLLYWOOD ROSE of the previous time was a explosion tension that does not know even tomorrow, this is a good professional. Tempo is calm, too, impressive performance with a margin like “tentatively confirm”. Of course, it is not just “Daled version of APPETITE”, it is not a lyrics but a different verse “Anything Goes”, Instrument Jam “Is not Goin ‘Down”, “USE YOUR ILLUSION” Do not Cry “,” Back Off Bitch “,” November Rain “early versions, and so on.

【Disk 1-2: APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION (1986-1987 rehearsal)】
Disk 1 It is the rehearsal track when “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” is made to penetrate the whole of Disk 2 from the last two songs. It has been recorded in various studios from 1986 to 1987. Therefore, although the quality varies, it is clearer than the above demonstration as a whole. Unlike the demo that seemed to be practice recording, Sue! It seems to be a live recording, and the momentum and tension are both greatly enhanced by the take of the gem.
Its contents are also delicious. Eight songs out of 12 songs of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” are being played, it is just like “another APPETITE” and “Studio Live version APPETITE”. Not only that but also three songs of “LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE”, “Do not Cry” “Back Off Bitch” of “USE YOUR ILLUSION”, and even “Stone’s” Jumpin ‘Jack Flash ) “And” Heartbreak Hotel “at Presley, all the famous songs that they had been playing from the usual times are aligned. In addition to not only being the foundation of the phenomenon board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” but also a number of performances closer to the “essence” of GUNS N ‘ROSES that produced that famous recording is drawn with the highest quality.

【Disk 3: LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE (1986 outtake)】
Disk 3 is even more professional! It is an outtake of the legendary EP “LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE”. Although the masterpiece EP was a pseudo-live board covering a studio recording with a fake cheer, this work features four songs without that cheer, three songs that have not been recorded “Shadow Of Your Love” “Heartbreak Hotel” “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash” is also included.
Although it is indies, the recording for release is wonderful for the difference, and although it is pseudo, the performance which passed with “live board” is intense. Even in this work which arranged the best masters, it is definitely called High … …. In GUNS N ‘ROSES whole history, there is no other studio recording so intense. It is seven songs with a special grade and tops.

【Disk 3: USE YOUR ILLUSION (Initial Demonstration of 1990)】
It is the initial demo of “USE YOUR ILLUSION” that tightens the end 10 tracks (11 tracks). The detailed recording date and time is still unknown, but since the recording session started in January 1990, it is regarded as being in the vicinity.
Although its quality is a demo-like thing, its contents are still a gem. Although it is a session for “USE YOUR ILLUSION”, the songs recorded on the regular board are “Bad Obsession” “The Garden” “Yesterdays” degree. Others are storms of unreleased songs. Moreover, most of it is completed as a song with chitin, it is a famous masterpiece whose regret is that it entered the store. Especially “Crash Diet” is the level of “whether or not you can write one song in your life” for Sonjyouko band. It was made from a regular board “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II” and recorded as a miscellaneous repertoire, but there was still plenty of masterpieces not known yet … …. GUNS N ‘ROSES is a monster band remaining in rock history, but its driving force was inexhaustible creative power. It is a collection of demonstration tracks that make me realize that the monster is the first time.

“LIVE?! * @ LIKE A SUICIDE” “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” “USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II” …… Early GUNS N ‘ROSES who had kept producing a famous board that lets us miss the tamele. Not only in the original album’s prototype but also in the studio that was facing music without having to worry about anyone’s eyes. It is a 3-pack set filled with a unique face different from the stage. Three set which gouges out the essence of the monster with top quality. Please, enjoy it as much as you want!
初期のデモ/アウトテイクを極上クオリティでコンパイルしたスタジオ・アルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは、HOLLYWOOD ROSEでの初録音から『USE YOUR ILLUSION』の初期セッションに至るまで。インディアナ州のティーンだったアクセル・ローズとイジー・ストラドリンが、世界を揺さぶる怪物へと巨大化していった歩みを極上クオリティで綴る3枚組です。
本作は、そのマニアック・コレクションを更に最新・細心リマスタリング。正直なところ、GUNS N’ ROSESの初期デモはベスト・テイクではあってもピッチが狂っているものが多い。先述の海外マニアはテイクのベストは選んでも、それを素のままにしており、おおよそ8割方はピッチが狂っていました。本作では、それらをジャストに揃え、バラバラだった音量・音圧でも均一に調整。「スタジオ作品」として一気に聴き通せる“格”を実現いたしました。それでは、収録内容を詳しく見ていきましょう。

【ディスク1:HOLLYWOOD ROSEデモ(1981年)】
まず登場するのは、アクセルとイジーが組んだHOLLYWOOD ROSEのデモ4曲。すでに「Anything Goes」「Reckless Life」の原曲も演奏しており、一部では「Taxi Driver」とも呼ばれる未発表曲も披露しています。
それ以上にとにかく鮮烈なのが、当時ティーン(19歳)だったアクセルの歌声! すでに超・個性が出来上がって堂に入った歌声ではあるものの、その若々しさは尋常じゃない。“子供っぽさ”がほんのりと顔をのぞかせるわけですが、別に子供声なわけではない。“初めてのレコーディング”に臨む緊張とはしゃぎっぷりが爆発力になっており、伸びに伸びる高音はまったく抑えが利かない……と言いますか、押さえる気がない。まさにリトル・モンスターの第一歩が極上サウンドで味わえるのです。

時代は5年飛んで、いよいよ現象盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』への助走が始まりました。その初期デモ11曲です。
先ほどのHOLLYWOOD ROSEは明日をも知らぬ爆裂テンションでしたが、こちらはグッとプロフェッショナル。テンポも落ち着いており、「とりあえず確認」的な余裕のある演奏ぶりが印象的です。もちろん、単に“ダレたバージョンのAPPETITE”なわけではなく、歌詞違いでヴァースも異なる「Anything Goes」やインストのジャム「Ain’t Goin’ Down」、『USE YOUR ILLUSION』で正規にレコーディングされる「Don’t Cry」「Back Off Bitch」「November Rain」の初期バージョン等々、聴きどころも目白押しです。

【ディスク1-2:APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION(1986-1987年リハ)】
ディスク1最後の2曲からディスク2全編を貫くのは、『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』制作時のリハーサル・トラック。1986年から1987年にかけ、さまざまなスタジオで録音されています。そのため、クオリティはまちまちなのですが、総じて上記のデモよりもクリア。レコーディングの練習のようだったデモとは違い、せーの!のライヴ録音らしく、勢いもテンションもグッと高まった珠玉のテイクばかりです。
その内容も美味しい。『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』の全12曲中8曲が演奏されており、まさに「もう1つのAPPETITE」「スタジオライヴ版APPETITE」の様相。それだけでなく『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』の4曲中3曲、『USE YOUR ILLUSION』の「Don’t Cry」「Back Off Bitch」、さらにはストーンズの「Jumpin’ Jack Flash(2バージョン)」やプレスリーの「Heartbreak Hotel」など、当時の彼らが普段から演奏していたであろう名曲群がズラッと揃っている。現象盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』の下地と言うだけでなく、その大名盤を生み出したGUNS N’ ROSESの“本質”に迫る演奏の数々が至高のクオリティで描かれるのです。

【ディスク3:LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE(1986年アウトテイク)】
ディスク3は、さらにプロフェッショナル! 伝説のEP『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』のアウトテイクです。かの名作EPはスタジオ録音に偽の歓声を被せた疑似ライヴ盤だったわけですが、本作はその歓声抜きバージョン4曲に、未収録に終わった3曲「Shadow Of Your Love」「Heartbreak Hotel」「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」も収録しています。
インディーズとは言えリリース用録音はケタ違いに素晴らしく、疑似とは言え「ライヴ盤」で通った演奏は激烈。ベストマスターを並べた本作でも、間違いなくハイエスト……と言いますか、GUNS N’ ROSES全史でもこれほど強烈なスタジオ録音は他にない。特級にして頂点的な7曲です。

【ディスク3:USE YOUR ILLUSION(1990年初期デモ)】
最後を締めるのは『USE YOUR ILLUSION』の初期デモ10曲(11トラック)。詳しい録音日時は未だ不明ですが、レコーディング・セッションは1990年1月に始まっていますので、その近辺とされています。
そのクオリティではデモらしいものですが、その中身はやはり珠玉。『USE YOUR ILLUSION』用セッションとは言っても、正規盤に収録された曲は「Bad Obsession」「The Garden」「Yesterdays」程度。その他は未発表曲の嵐なのです。しかも、そのほとんどがキチンと曲として完成しており、お蔵入りになったのが惜しいほどの名曲ぶり。特に「Crash Diet」は、そんじょそこらのバンドなら“人生に1曲書けるかどうか”のレベル。正規盤『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』からして雑多なレパートリーを録音しまくったような作りでしたが、まだまだ知られざる名曲がたっぷりと残っていた……。GUNS N’ ROSESはロック史に残る怪物バンドですが、その原動力は尽きない創作力にあった。その怪物ぶりを改めて思い知らされるデモトラック集なのです。

『LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE』『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』『USE YOUR ILLUSION I&II』……並べるだけでタメ息が漏れる名盤を生み出し続けていた初期GUNS N’ ROSES。オリジナル・アルバムの原型と言うだけでなく、誰の目も気にすることなく音楽と向き合っていたスタジオの中。ステージとも違う素顔が詰まった3枚組です。怪物の本質をトップ・クオリティでえぐり出す3枚組。どうぞ、思う存分お楽しみください!

Disc 1 (76:03)
“Hollywood Rose” Works

1. Shadow Of Your Love
2. My Way, Your Way (“Anything Goes”) 3. Wreckless (“Reckless Life”)

“Hollywood Rose” 1981 Studio Demos
Axl & Izzy’s First Demo Recording Session
Izzy plays bass without Axl on this song

4. Unknown Title Song #1

1986 Early Studio Demos
Studio Demos recorded at various locations in 1986

5. Welcome To The Jungle #1 6. Out Ta Get Me 7. Anything Goes (Alternate Lyrics & Diffrent Verse)
8. Ain’t Goin’ Down A.K.A. “Meet & Beer Jam” 9. Don’t Cry 10. Back Off Bitch
11. Shadow Of Your Love 12. Welcome To The Jungle #2 13. F**king Crazy (“You’re Crazy”)
14. November Rain (Acoustic Guitar Version) 15. November Rain (Piano Version)

“Appetite For Destruction” Studio Rehearsals

16. Reckless Life 17. Move To The City

Disc 2 (76:34)
“Appetite For Destruction” Studio Rehearsals
Studio Rehearsals recorded at various locations 1986-1987

1. Ain’t Goin’ Down A.K.A. “Meet & Beer Jam”
2. Welcome To The Jungle 3. Nightrain 4. Paradise City
5. My Michelle 6. Think About You 7. You’re Crazy 8. Anything Goes (Alternate Lyrics)
9. Rocket Queen (Take 1) 10. Rocket Queen (Take 2) 11. Don’t Cry 12. Back Off Bitch
13. Move To The City (Acoustic Version) 14. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Acoustic Version)
15. Heartbreak Hotel 16. Mama Kin 17. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Electric Version)

Disc 3 (76:04)
“Live Like A Suicide” Recording Sessions
Recorded for “[email protected] A Suicide”
Recording Sessions 1986
Original version without audience noise

1. Reckless Life 2. Nice Boys 3. Move To The City 4. Mama Kin 5. Shadow Of Your Love
6. Heartbreak Hotel 7. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

“Use Your Illusion” Early Working Demos

8. Bad Obsession 9. Too Much Too Soon 10. Sentimental Movie 11. Crash Diet
12. Unknown Title Demo #1 13. The Garden 14. Just Another Sunday 15. Bring It Back Home
16. Unknown Title Demo #2 17. Yesterdays 18. Crash Diet (Alternate Mix)

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