Guns N’ Roses / Apollo Theater 2017 Remaster / 3CD+1DVD

Guns N’ Roses / Apollo Theater 2017 Remaster / 3CD+1DVD / Zodiac

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Live at the Apollo Theater, New York City, NY. USA 20th July 2017 STEREO SBD


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“APOLLO THEATER 2017” which is causing a huge whirlwind as the first stereo sound board of restructuring Guns. It is the appearance of a permanent preservation press press title that refined that masterpiece to the ultimate quality.
Anyway, the appearance of “APOLLO THEATER 2017 (Shades 773)” was a shock. After all, I could experience the front line of “Axel · Rose / Slash / Duff · McQuayganger” again with the finest soundboard, again with full show over 3 hours. Until then, when we talked about the reorganized Guns’ sound board, it was just a piece less than a song unit, but it was an ultra powerful title that clears up that anger at a stroke. However, even though Shades label “APOLLO THEATER 2017” was “shock”, it was not “perfect”. In order to let you experience the “shock” which is too intense, as it was the nest which appeared, it was what made the disk like a raw alike. However, this time the permanent preservation theme press · title. We deliberately verified and repaired what we could not do in the preliminary report and finished it into a “perfect version” with a fine treatment.
Such a work is a 4-piece set in which a stereo sound board album is placed on disk 1-3, and a multi camera image utilizing the sound board sound is arranged on disk 4. It is the same composition as the Shades label version, but its contents are different. For those who do not know the Shades label version, let’s explain again from the foundation.

【Disk 1-3: Full Sound Board Remaster Board】
It is contained in this work “July 20, 2017 New York City Performance”. It was a special performance performed at the traditional name “Apollo Theater”, a 30th anniversary concert of the revolutionary board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”. It is a live where only special guests of the American net / satellite radio station “Sirius XM” can participate, and that “Sirius XM” is a full sound board on air.
Disk 1-3 of this work polished its stereo sound board with meticulous remaster. Of course, it was not a mastering that was powerless and unrelentingly powerful, but finished as a sound more loved by all people while taking advantage of the personality of Omoto. That policy is “three-dimensional”. Originally, this type of broadcast is called “Official grade” to be somewhat fresh type to call. The mix of the site / broadcast was also somewhat turbid, and even if the direct feeling unique to the line was perfect, the details were difficult to transmit a bit. In this work, the sound is adjusted throughout the whole range. The omission of the treble is more vivid, the ringing of the bass makes a sound that can sense even a sense of resistance. It was not simply expanding the scale, but what was important was “skimmer”. Each instruments that tended to become stupid began to emphasize Kichin and I finished it so that I can feel the “presence of each instrument individually” unique to line recording.
The upgraded sound further boosts the taste of the sound board. Everything is evident from everything up to the fine touch of the keyboard, the effect slightly covering the vocals, the picking nuance of the guitar. In the Shades label board, it was an image to listen to details that floated up from the chunk, but this work is a sound that can be perceived directly without noticing it.

[Disk 4: Multi-camera shot using SBD] Furthermore, this work also brushes up multi-camera video stored on disc 4. This is a video work produced by a mania who was shocked by a full sound board, making full use of various audience shots (some of which are said to be staff shooting) and reproducing the full show as much as possible is. Especially shots from the front seats are heavily used, but that is already serious pro shot. Moreover, it is not just a shugi haagi, it is a “multi-camera of entrance” that attracts sights from various perspectives like a pro shot, from a unique point of view.
The Shades label board had recorded its mania production video as it is, but it also re-examines the whole story. Unfortunately there are no images on “New Rose” “This I Love” “Coma” “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door (part)” “Nightrain” “Sorry” is the same thing that is connected with still images However, in this work it seems to be an editorial trace, such as between songs, etc. Slightly short notes, even noise is corrected finely. I finished it into a “perfect version” suitable for permanent preservation.
It is wonderful to see the show drawn with that quality many times. Normal concerts of “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR” are only at the stadium level, but on this day there is only a special performance and club gig. Although the site “Apollo Theater” is a traditional venue, its size is about 1,500. It is full of power and rock full of crazy tens of thousands of people in the narrow space and it is tremendously dense. A full show of “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR” for more than 3 hours unfolded in the closed room … …. Recently AC / DC ‘s “Whole Lotta Rosie” which started to play, SOUNDGAEDEN’ s “Black Hole Sun” dedicated to Chris Cornell, “Melissa” dedicated to Greg Allman, etc You can witness.

NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR ‘s first full sound board shaking the maniacs of the whole world and a multi camera shot making full use of that sound. It is a major decision board that refined that impact work permanently, “Ultimate quality” that can repeat as many times as possible.
When you comprehend the history of future locks, what will be stated in the “2017” section. If the name “GUNS N ‘ROSES” is inscribed there, the show drawn there must be this work. A big picture with a vivid and high quality drawing of their show. Its highest peak. We have to tell this to future generations, this is the cultural heritage of Rock.

再編ガンズ初のステレオサウンドボードとして巨大な旋風を起こしている『APOLLO THEATER 2017』。あの大傑作を究極クオリティに磨き上げた永久保存版プレス・タイトルの登場です。
とにかく『APOLLO THEATER 2017(Shades 773)』の登場は衝撃でした。何しろ、“アクセル・ローズ/スラッシュ/ダフ・マッケイガン”のフロントラインを再び極上のサウンドボード、それも3時間超のフルショウで体験できたのですから……。それまで再編ガンズのサウンドボードと言えば、曲単位以下の細切ればかりだったわけですが、その鬱憤を一気に晴らす超強力タイトルでした。ただし、Shadesレーベルの『APOLLO THEATER 2017』は“衝撃”ではあっても、“完璧”ではありませんでした。強烈すぎる“衝撃”をいち早く皆さまに体験していただくため、登場した巣のまま、生のままをそっくりディスク化したものだったのです。しかし、今回は永久保存がテーマのプレス・タイトル。速報では成し得なかった精緻な検証と補修を施し、微に入り細に入ったトリートメントで“完璧版”に仕上げたのです。

本作に収められているのは「2017年7月20日ニューヨーク・シティ公演」。伝統の名会場“アポロ・シアター”で実施された特別公演で、革命盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』の30周年記念コンサートでした。アメリカのネット/衛星ラジオ局“SiriusXM”の特別招待客だけが参加できるライヴであり、その“SiriusXM”がオンエアしたフル・サウンドボードなのです。

Shadesレーベル盤は、そのマニア制作映像をそのまま収録していましたが、こちらも全編再検証。残念ながら「New Rose」「This I Love」「Coma」「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door(の一部)」「Nightrain」「Sorry」は映像が出回っておらず、静止画で繋いでいるのは同じですが、本作では曲間などに編集痕と思われる極々僅かな音切れ、ノイズまでも細かく修正。永久保存に相応しい“完璧版”に仕上げ直したのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは何度観ても素晴らしい。“NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR”の通常コンサートはスタジアム級ばかりですが、この日は特別公演だけあってクラブ・ギグ。現場となった“アポロ・シアター”は伝統の会場ながらも、その規模は1,500人ほど。その狭い空間に数万人を狂わせるパワーとロックが充満し、凄まじく濃密なのです。その密室感の中で繰り広げられる3時間以上の“NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR”のフルショウ……。最近になって演奏するようになったAC/DCの「Whole Lotta Rosie」やクリス・コーネルに捧げられたSOUNDGAEDENの「Black Hole Sun」、グレッグ・オールマンに捧げられた「Melissa」などもしっかりと目撃できるのです。

全世界のマニアを震撼させた“NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR”初のフル・サウンドボードと、その音声を駆使したマルチカメラ・ショット。あの衝撃作を永久に、何度でも繰り返せる“究極クオリティ”に磨き上げた一大決定盤です。
後世のロック史を紐解いたときに「2017年」の項には何と記されるのでしょう。もし、そこに「GUNS N’ ROSES」の名が刻まれているとしたら、そこに描かれるショウは本作に違いない。彼らのショウを何よりも鮮やかに、そしてハイクオリティで描ききった一大絵巻。その最高峰。後世に伝えねばならない、これはロックの文化遺産なのです。

Disc 1 (70:58)
1. Looney Tunes 2. The Equalizer 3. It’s So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Chinese Democracy
6. Welcome to the Jungle 7. Double Talkin’ Jive 8. Better 9. Estranged 10. Live and Let Die
11. Rocket Queen 12. You Could Be Mine 13. New Rose 14. This I Love

Disc 2 (47:02)
1. Civil War 2. Yesterdays 3. Coma 4. Band Introductions
5. Slash Guitar Solo (with Johnny B. Goode intro) 6. Speak Softly Love 7. Sweet Child O’ Mine
8. My Michelle 9. Whole Lotta Rosie

Disc 3 (68:20)
1. Wish You Were Here 2. Layla piano exit intro 3. November Rain 4. Black Hole Sun
5. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 6. Nightrain 7. Sorry 8. Melissa 9. Patience 10. The Seeker
11. Paradise City

1. Looney Tunes 2. The Equalizer 3. It’s So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Chinese Democracy
6. Welcome to the Jungle 7. Double Talkin’ Jive 8. Better 9. Estranged 10. Live and Let Die
11. Rocket Queen 12. You Could Be Mine 13. New Rose 14. This I Love 15. Civil War
16. Yesterdays 17. Coma 18. Band Introductions 19. Slash Guitar Solo (with Johnny B. Goode intro)
20. Speak Softly Love 21. Sweet Child O’ Mine 22. My Michelle 23. Whole Lotta Rosie
24. Wish You Were Here 25. Layla piano exit intro 26. November Rain 27. Black Hole Sun
28. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 29. Nightrain 30. Sorry 31. Patience (with Melissa Intro)
32. The Seeker 33. Paradise City

COLOUR NTSC Approx.186min.


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