Guns N’ Roses / Coachella Festival 2016 / 2CDR+1DVDR

Guns N’ Roses / Coachella Festival 2016 / 2CDR+1DVDR / Shades

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Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Weekend 1 & Live At Empire Polo Fields, Indio, CA USA 16th April 2016. NTSC


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Slash and Duff McKagan is GUNS N ‘ROSES, which has returned best live album, yet the decision board of “Angus Young-filled” is the appearance! Slash & Duff while return in recent years members, Richard Fortus and Frank Ferrer et al. Is also a GUNS N ‘ROSES, which is also referred to as a “reunion” as “hybrid lineup,” because it has arranged a face, they “NOT iN THIS LIFETIME … TOUR” entitled to start the activity. Currently, April 1, 2006 – I just finished a 23 day warm-up leg (7 performances). What is recorded in this work, among them the 4 performance first, “April 16, 2016 COACHELLA FESTIVAL”. Full of audience recording to disk 1 and 2, is a set of three that was sprinkled with the day of the video to disk 3.

[Disk 1 and 2: audience recording] It is full of live albums to appear first. On top of the tour around the world to attention, huge festival also say this day as the first highlight. Soredakeni is recorded in a fast and furious have emerged, but it is recorded carefully selected the best sound among them. I wince in the conversation of the audience jumping out at the beginning, but Ya live begins its image varies with the Koro’. Ferocious super near sound like a sound board. Really a sense of distance also reverberation without any, do the last as if the line directly. Moreover, not only close, a Eraku clear to detail, likely from the sound of rubbing against a slash of guitar strings, can be heard until the breathing of Axl Rose. Although picks up a realistic conversation even in the song and listen carefully, musical tone Zubutoku enough to completely overwhelm it, overwhelming. In addition to carefully re-mastered the original sound, organize the balance of sound. Not only is the best of the day, I do not have a high quality sound incomparable also overlooks all the warm-up leg 7 performances.
The attention of the show to be drawn in the quality will come flowing out of the speakers just changed to long-cherished dream is as it is sound. In that voice of the accelerator, entanglement Buttoi guitar slash not anyone else, that glue of Duff pulls and Guigui. That GUNS N ‘ROSES sound, it was really revived! Set list also I thought the Greatest Hits …… one of “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION” to “” THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT? “,” What “Chinese Democracy,” “This I Love,” “Better” is also showing off from the “CHINESE DEMOCRACY” . No way, “This I Love” …… and listen day comes the cry solo in the tone of the slash.
I just do not be exhaustive talks just masterpieces group Rush, but this work has been also recorded further big surprise. So, facing a Angus Young of AC / DC to the guest “Whole Lotta Rosie”, “Riff Raff” is you are playing !! As you know, Brian Johnson is not to interrupt the tour have a problem to the ear the AC / DC has been announced to perform the remaining schedule and transfer schedule and laid the accelerator to understudy singer. It is why large news tugging the rock world, but the accelerator & Angus combination can listen quickly. Attention of the workmanship is superb ……! In the sense that also gave taken only in two songs that had been covered live earlier from GUNS N ‘ROSES It is zero, Angus is also the best condition. It is, of course, would be “not” if the accelerator of the voice asked, “Do AC / DC-ish for?”, Luxury that voice and guitar, which has been a symbol of the new generation rock ‘n’ roll from the 1980s overlap each other furiously. Nya day that has been listening to rock so hot, there is no way in a fun live album of AC / DC is from now.

[Disk 3: pro-shot & audience shot] The third piece is the footage that you can witness the spectacle of the same live. Professional shot of “Welcome To The Jungle”, “November Rain” is the same as the ones that have been the other day of gift-release, and even more in this work, “It’s So Easy,” “Mr. Brownstone” 3 of “Double Talkin ‘Jive” audience shot of “Whole Lotta Rosie”, “Riff Raff” of songs and Angus participation also has been added recording.
Professional shot was very well received in the gift title, just super beautiful quality, such as the modern technology crystal. It’s easy to say, “the official class,” but, the accelerator in the transcendence of quality to escape barefoot even Sonjosokora of the official, is seen brave figure of slash & Duff.
Such additional audience-shot also furious. I thought the disappointed …… or If you watch continued from truly transcendence professional shot! Diversity the visual beauty of the screen shots, most professional shot. In addition, here also image quality to show off the power of the latest digital equipment vividly. However, might sound explosion in the original material, because it was strangely aways Tari and now Ichi, was replaced with the finest recording of the CD. As I wrote earlier, the combination of intense near-recording and screen shot of the sound board beams is really like a pro shot. According to the accelerator of the singing voice, go on a spree of violence Angus …… amazing super giant screen of about five-story building in the back. It is a great video.

In addition to return the slash & Duff, it was also realized until the co-star of the Angus of buzz “COACHELLA FESTIVAL 2016”. Live album and the best of the video that captured the whole story in the best sound. Not only is the number one title of the current GUNS N ‘ROSES, the hottest one in the current rock scene. Of course, I wanted to haste press, it starts from May “accelerator & AC / DC” and, I think let’s wait until the GUNS N ‘ROSES to be resumed after the June tour story. First of all, it remains hot this impact, want to deliver the fastest. I would like you to know you. Is 2CDR + DVDR release for that. 2016, wanted Ya has become downright fun!

スラッシュ&ダフ・マッケイガンが復帰したGUNS N’ ROSESの極上ライヴアルバム、しかも“アンガス・ヤング入り”の決定盤が登場です! スラッシュ&ダフが復帰しながらも近年のメンバー、リチャード・フォータスやフランク・フェラーらも顔を並べているため「再結成」とも「ハイブリッド・ラインナップ」とも呼ばれているGUNS N’ ROSESですが、彼らは“NOT IN THIS LIFETIME… TOUR”と題して活動を開始。現在は、4月1日-23日のウォームアップ・レッグ(7公演)を終えたところです。本作に記録されているのは、その中でも4公演目となる「2016年4月16日COACHELLA FESTIVAL」。ディスク1・2にフルのオーディエンス録音を、ディスク3に当日映像を交えた3枚組です。

そのクオリティで描かれる注目のショウは、まさに長年の夢がそのまま音に変わってスピーカーから流れ出してくる。アクセルのあの声に、他の誰でもないスラッシュのぶっといギターが絡み、ダフのあのノリがグイグイと引っ張る。あのGUNS N’ ROSESサウンドが、本当に蘇ったのです! セットリストも『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』から『”THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?”』までのグレイテストヒッツ……かと思いきや、なんと『CHINESE DEMOCRACY』からの「Chinese Democracy」「This I Love」「Better」も披露。まさか、「This I Love」の泣きソロをスラッシュのトーンで聴ける日が来るとは……。
名曲群ラッシュだけでも語り尽くせないところですが、本作はさらなるビッグ・サプライズも収録されている。そう、AC/DCのアンガス・ヤングをゲストに迎えて「Whole Lotta Rosie」「Riff Raff」が演奏されるのです!! ご存じの通り、ブライアン・ジョンソンが耳に問題を抱えてツアーを中断していたAC/DCは、アクセルを代役シンガーに据えて残り日程&振り替え日程を行うことが発表されました。ロック界を揺さぶる大ニュースなわけですが、アクセル&アンガスのコンビネーションがいち早く聴けるのです。注目の出来映えは……見事! 以前からGUNS N’ ROSESのライヴでもカバーしていた2曲だけに取って付けた感はゼロですし、アンガスも絶好調。もちろん、アクセルの声が「AC/DCっぽいのか?」と問われれば「否」でしょうが、80年代から新世代ロックンロールを象徴してきた声とギターが重なり合う豪華さは猛烈。こんなに熱いロックを聴かされた日にゃ、今からAC/DCのライヴアルバムが楽しみで仕方ありません。

3枚目は、同じライヴの光景を目撃できる映像集です。「Welcome To The Jungle」「November Rain」のプロショットは、先日のギフト・リリースされたものと同じですが、本作ではさらに「It’s So Easy」「Mr. Brownstone」「Double Talkin’ Jive」の3曲とアンガス参加の「Whole Lotta Rosie」「Riff Raff」のオーディエンス・ショットも追加収録いたしました。
そんな追加されたオーディエンス・ショットも猛烈。さすがに超絶プロショットから続けて観たらガッカリ……かと思いきや! スクリーンショットを多様した映像美は、ほとんどプロショット。しかも、こちらも最新デジタル機材の威力をまざまざと見せつける画質なのです。ただし、元の素材では音声が爆裂だったり、妙に遠かったりと今いちでしたので、CDの極上録音と差し替えました。先にも書いた通り、サウンドボードばりの激近録音とスクリーン・ショットの組み合わせは、本当にプロショットのようです。アクセルの歌声に合わせ、5階建てのビルくらいの超巨大スクリーンを背に暴れまくるアンガス……凄い。凄い映像です。

復帰したスラッシュ&ダフに加え、話題沸騰のアンガスとの共演までも実現した“COACHELLA FESTIVAL 2016”。その一部始終を極上サウンドで捉えたライヴアルバムと極上の映像。現行GUNS N’ ROSESのナンバー1タイトルであるばかりか、現在のロックシーンで最も熱い1本。もちろん、速攻プレスしたかったのですが、それは5月から始まる“アクセル&AC/DC”や、6月以降に再開されるGUNS N’ ROSESのツアー本編まで待ってみようと思います。まずは、この衝撃を熱いまま、最速でお届けしたい。あなたに知っていただきたい。そのための2CDR+DVDRリリースです。2016年、なんとも面白くなってきやがった!

Disc 1 (73:41)
1. Intro 2. Looney Tunes Intro 3. It’s So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Chinese Democracy
6. Welcome To The Jungle 7. Double Talkin’ Jive 8. Estranged 9. Live And Let Die
10. Rocket Queen 11. You Could Be Mine 12. Attitude 13. This I Love 14. Coma
15. Band Introductions

Disc 2 (79:57)
1. Guitar Solo (Godfather Theme) 2. Sweet Child O’ Mine 3. Better 4. Civil War
5. Axl Introduces Angus Young 6. Whole Lotta Rosie (with Angus Young)
7. Riff Raff (with Angus Young) 8. Jam (Wish You Were Here)
9. November Rain 10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 11. Nightrain 12. Patience
13. The Seeker 14. Paradise City

DVD (29:59)

1. Intro 2. Looney Tunes Intro 3. Welcome To The Jungle 4. November Rain

AUDIENCE SHOT (Synced with CD Audio)
5. It’s So Easy 6. Mr. Brownstone 7. Double Talkin’ Jive (Guitar Solo)
8. Whole Lotta Rosie (with Angus Young) 9. Riff Raff (with Angus Young)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.30min.


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