Guns N’ Roses / Summer Sonic Osaka 2002 / 2CD

Guns N’ Roses / Summer Ssonic Osaka 2002 / 2CD / Zodiac

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WTC Open Air Stadium, Osaka, Japan 18th August 2002


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Live album of people quailty “GUNS IN JAPAN great performance in great performance” to know is appeared. The great performance and the “August 18, 2002 WTC open-air stadium performances”. SUMMER SONIC is the best audience album that contains the Osaka performances of 2002. This visit to Japan is not was also a part of the “CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR” but, after all “CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR” itself is Oyobi than 10 years, there were three times also came to Japan in the meantime. Let’s organize here.

– January 2001 and December: 4 performances
– August 2002 – December: 23 performances ← ★ 8 May visit to Japan (two shows) ★
“After four years”
– May 2006 – 12 May: 75 performances
– February & June 2007 – July: 20 performances ← ★ 7 May visit to Japan (5 performances) ★
“November 2008” CHINESE DEMOCRACY “sale”
– December 2009 – December 2010: 76 performances
– October 2011 – December: 41 performances ← ★ 12 May visit to Japan (two shows) ★

Overview of more than “CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR 2001-2011”. In Japan in 2002, 2007, I mean 9 went performances visited three times in 2011, this work is around the two shows eyes. At the time, also became a lot topic in the fact that coming nine years of restart GUNS, special about the live of contents itself to any more. This day overnight, which is known as a “great performance of the legend” even among Koamania. In the case of Axl Rose, “Legend” is also not a very good sense, however, the present work is a good way definitely. In fact, to participate in all of Japan tour from the first visit to Japan, still I tried to ask also to the mania that is also through Shigeku foot in overseas performances, “certainly amazing. I mean, this time as the great accelerator is watching I’m not was! “and such I about to speak passionately.
In fact, live to fly out from this work is tremendous! What I amazing, intense voice of Axl Rose of the essential requirements! Despite the it was the feedback from the long blank, out anyway well, spree growth to growth. What is also feeling stretch yoke tone of voice, to be also blurred, Vivurato that was plenty is calm and composed. Switching of the tone of voice of the bass of the whispering voice and high of Long tone also smooth. Debut at that time, “I’m singing what people?” And said the chameleon voice of face vivid. Immediately after the curtain with “Welcome To The Jungle” in suddenly “shouting me Tokyo! … Osaka’ !!!” restates the venue, but I also have a glossy up to the screaming.
“Kondake voice If the ball lands, definite winner Kimochiyokaro intends,” “I mean become Koryaa legend” …… accelerator voice of such ultra-top form to flow out from the speaker. So, the maximum of the taste of this work, but is not there to great performance in a great performance, I also stunning superb sound that fully captured without leaving the great performance sore. People in fact, recording who made this recording in mono, which was said to “have the people” in Osaka in the late 90’s and 2000’s. Even in our David Bowie “A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN (Wardour-169)” and Prince “ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA (ZION-080)”, KANSAS “OSAKA 2001 (Virtuoso 298/299)”, RAINBOW “OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006)”, AC / DC, “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 182)” such as is but is very popular, this film is the latest work of the original master series.
In fact, the sound does not lose to inscription goods group up to this terrific is. On the day, but was a storm and heavy rain large rough live of (strong winds of about break is goods sales and first-aid corner of the tent), in clear and direct about it incredible. I no speck, such as wind. Here and there, I wonder if the sound quality of nuance shakes? There is also a scene that I think, but it is the level of much …… it might prejudice I heard it was a storm. Voice of top form accelerator is of great more than anything. This is the perfect sound board grade of no other sense of distance. That should be it, apparently, as was the recording of the stick in front of the PA. “Accelerator of mouth → microphone → PA → taper” is I direct-connected feeling to be felt in the zero distance.

If originally, I should I mention also for the first time in a professional performance by members of the time (bucket head is amazing!), It than I would like above all to focus on the voice of the accelerator. We have been dealing with many of the GUNS N ‘ROSES title, certainly name ayat up to this point, a little to remember there is no. Such great burning of vocal album Takumi of recording who Japan is proud of is fully captured the great performance. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


知る人ぞ知る“GUNS IN JAPAN名演中の名演”のライヴアルバムが登場です。その名演とは「2002年8月18日WTCオープンエアスタジアム公演」。SUMMER SONIC 2002の大阪公演を収めた極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。この来日は“CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR”の一環でもあったわけですが、なにしろ“CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR”自体が10年にも及び、その間に来日も3度ありました。ここで整理してみましょう。

・2002年8月-12月:23公演 ←★8月来日(2公演)★
・2007年2月&6月-7月:20公演 ←★7月来日(5公演)★
・2011年10月-12月:41公演 ←★12月来日(2公演)★

以上が“CHINESE DMEOCRACY TOUR 2001-2011”の概要。日本には2002年、2007年、2011年の3度訪れて9公演行ったわけですが、本作はその2公演目にあたります。当時、9年ぶりの再始動GUNSが来るという事で大いに話題にもなりましたが、それ以上に特別なのはライヴの中身そのもの。この日はコアマニアの間でも“伝説の名演”として知られる一夜。アクセル・ローズの場合、“伝説”はあまり良い意味ではないこともありますが、本作は間違いなく良い意味。実際、初来日からすべての日本ツアーに参加し、さらに海外公演にも足しげく通っているマニアにも訊いてみましたが、「確かに凄い。と言うか、このときほど凄いアクセルは観たことないですよ!」と熱っぽく語るほどなのです。
実際、本作から飛び出すライヴは凄まじい! 何が凄いって、肝心要のアクセル・ローズの声が強烈! 長いブランクからの帰還だったにも拘わらず、とにかくよく出て、伸びに伸びまくる。どの声色でも気持ちよーく伸び、掠れもしなければ、たっぷりとしたヴィヴラートは余裕しゃくしゃく。低音の囁き声とハイのロングトーンの声色の切り替えも滑らか。デビュー当時、「何人歌っているんだ?」と言われたカメレオン・ヴォイスの面目躍如。開演直後の「Welcome To The Jungle」でいきなり「叫んでくれ東京! 。。。大阪ッ!!!」と会場を言い直しますが、その絶叫までもが艶やかなのです。
「こんだけ声が出りゃ、さぞや気持ち良かろう」「こりゃあ伝説になるわけだ」……そんな超・絶好調のアクセル声がスピーから流れ出る。そう、本作の最大の旨みは名演中の名演にあるわけですが、その名演っぷりをあますことなく捉えきった極上サウンドも見事なのです。実は、この録音をモノにした録音家は、90年代後半~2000年代に大阪で“その人あり”と言われた人物。当店でもデヴィッド・ボウイ『A REALITY IN OSAKA: THE LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN(Wardour-169)』やプリンス『ONE NITE ALONE IN OSAKA(ZION-080)』、KANSAS『OSAKA 2001(Virtuoso 298/299 )』、RAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、AC/DC『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 182)』などが大好評ですが、本作はそのオリジナル・マスター・シリーズの最新作なのです。

本来であれば、当時のメンバーによるプロフェッショナルな演奏ぶりにも触れるべきなのですが(バケットヘッドが凄い!)、それより何よりアクセルの声に注目していただきたい。幾多のGUNS N’ ROSESタイトルを扱ってまいりましたが、確かにここまでの名唱は、ちょっと覚えがない。そんな素晴らしい名演を日本が誇る匠の録音家が捉えきった灼熱のヴォーカル・アルバム。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (55:02)
1. Introduction 2. Welcome To The Jungle 3. It’s So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Live And Let Die
6. Think About You 7. You Could Be Mine 8. Robin Flink Solo #1 9. Sweet Child O’ Mine
10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 11. Out Ta Get Me 12. Rhiad And The Bedouins 13. Madagascar

Disc 2 (58:27)
1. Buckethead Solo 2. Piano Improvisation 3. November Rain 4. Rocket Queen 5. Nightrain
6. Street Of Dreams 7. Chinese Democracy 8. Buckethead Acoustic Solo 9. Patience
10. Robin Flink Solo #2 11. Paradise City

Axl Rose – vocals, piano Robin Finck – guitars Buckethead – guitars
Richard Fortus – guitars , backing vocals Tommy Stinson – bass, backing vocals
Dizzy Reed – keyboards, backing vocals Chris Pitman – keyboards, backing vocals
Bryan “Brain” Mantia – drums
Zodiac 202

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