Greg Lake With Gary Moore / Toronto 1981 / 1CD

Greg Lake With Gary Moore / Toronto 1981 / 1CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Convocation Hall, Toronto, ON. Canada 20th November 1981



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A superb album with a battle with Guitar Hero who was different in Greg Lake’s life is appearing. That guitar hero is Gary Moore. Yes, it is a live album of the 1981 solo tour realized after EL & P dissolution.
It is contained in this work “Toronto Performance November 20, 1981”. This tour is famous for the official board “GREG LAKE IN CONCERT” which recorded KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR broadcast, but that is the Hammersmith Odeon performance in London. This work is an audience recording of another Canadian performance. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s check the tour schedule of 1981 that co-starred in the century.

· August 30: Reading · Festival Performance
“September 25” GREG LAKE “released”
· October 9 – 30: UK (18 performances) * Official live board
“November 5 KBFH broadcasting”
· November 20 – December 10: North America (9 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

Overall, 28 performances. It was somewhat lonesome for solo activities that lead singer began after EL & P was dissolved, which was the only country in the UK and North America. Only the number of recording itself can be counted with only one hand so much, but this work is the name recording which is known high quality next to the official board among them among them.
In fact, this recording has been circulating as a sound board for many years. As long as you listen to the bustle before the performance, I think that there is no doubt as to the audience recording, but it is wonderful to understand that when you start playing it you want to say “Soundboard! Extraordinary musical tones are detailed to details, and a 5-piece ensemble is isolated from kitchen. Especially Gary’s guitar is super clear from the nuance of chalking to the shake width of vibrato. In the machine gun · picking fast playing, one particle is a clear sound that is driven into the brain like a bullet of a bullet. Of course, the CD was made from the best master who has different dimension from the past that was unstable in pitch.
The ensemble painted with such sounds is similar to EL & P, but it is not similar. It is a big hard rock competition that Gary waking up to rock at THIN LIZZY & G – FORCE plays and plays with it playing. About half of participation in solo album “GREG LAKE” and a hard guitar skiing with Turutul for soft roduct production, but in real life live power explosion. The guitar version of the EL & P song itself is played variously by three solo activities, but Gary is different from any of them. It’s a different dimension from simply replacing the phrase on the keyboard with a guitar, and as EL & P’s nucleus is Keith Emerson, Gary handles everything and cries and barks richly with improvisionation. Especially the most important thing is “C’est La Vie” which was not even on the official live board. Although Greg ‘s arpeggio at the beginning describes the usual beauty world, Gary’ s guitar that interrupts there will instantly change the sound world. Moreover, exoticism and crying liberation, which also leads to “Paris’ walking path” and “Spanish guitar”, dominates the dyed world. The rhythm team is obviously in the style of “spanish guitar”, and the sound tells that the other gary who is not anyone is a bandmass.
Of course, its rampage was originally a guitar song KING CRIMSON’s “21st Century Schizoid Man” and “In the Court Of The Crimson King” also without mercy. It seems that Gary was also a fan of Robert Flip, but I do not feel like it. There is no effect on vocals, but more violent vibrato and chalking more than compensate for the vocal have drawn mental anomalies. This assertion is comparable to G – FORCE and later “CORRIDORS OF POWER”.
Even though it is pushed by Gary to that extent, Greg is also amazing because he will not yield the lead role. The singing voice is glossy and smooth. In EL & P I did not disturb Keith ‘s raging keyboard, but I was depicting lyrics, but this work also creates “beauty” with a strange harmony with hard – edged Gary’ s guitar. In the restructuring EL & P later, the voice changed like a different person, but this work makes us hear the beautiful voice of the EL & P great prime time itself.
Such a main part live is also a wonderful place, but this work additionally recorded three more audience recordings of “New York City December 5, 1981”. This is a recording that was also used for the official compilation “FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL.1 – THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG”, a superb sound not to be defeated in the main volume. In this work, three songs “Lucky Man” “In The Court Of The Crimson King” and “Fanfare For The Common Man” are recorded in “FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL. 1”.

Even if it is said, the voices of EL & P itself and the magic produced by aggressive guitar run out. Although it had never been a commercial success, it is a superb ensemble that can be said even as “Greg 3rd mode” that follows “60’s KING CRIMSON” and “70’s EL & P” already. Although it is a sound born with the speculation of business, it is a waste to finish this rock with one official live board. If two people were assembling like this, how wonderful rock was created …… A masterpiece of the live album that even drives such thought. We will contain it in the press CD leaving the glow forever and deliver it to you at this weekend.


本作に収められているのは「1981年11月20日トロント公演」。このツアーにはKING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR放送を収録した公式盤『GREG LAKE IN CONCERT』が有名ですが、そちらはロンドンのハマースミス・オデオン公演。本作はそれとは別のカナダ公演のオーディエンス録音です。良い機会ですので、世紀の共演となった1981年のツアー日程を確認してみましょう。

《9月25日『GREG LAKE』リリース》
・11月20日-12月10日:北米(9公演) ←★ココ★

そんなサウンドで描かれるアンサンブルは、EL&Pとは似ても似つかない。THIN LIZZY&G-FORCEでロックに目覚めたゲイリーが弾いて弾いて弾きまくる大ハードロック大会なのです。ソロアルバム『GREG LAKE』では約半分の参加かつ、ソフト路線なプロダクションなためにハードなギターがチュルチュルと上滑りしていましたが、本生ライヴでは威力爆発。EL&Pソングのギターバージョン自体は3人のソロ活動でさまざまに演奏されていますが、ゲイリーはそのどれとも違う。単にキーボードのフレーズをギターに置き換えたのとは次元が異なり、EL&Pの核がキース・エマーソンだったように、ゲイリーがすべてを掌握してインプロヴィゼーションも豊かに泣きまくり、吠えまくるのです。特に必聴なのは、公式ライヴ盤にもなかった「C’est La Vie」。冒頭こそグレッグのアルペジオがいつもの美世界を描き出すものの、そこに割り込んでくるゲイリーのギターは一瞬にして音世界を一変させる。しかも、染め変えられた世界は「パリの散歩道」や「スパニッシュ・ギター」にも通じる異国情緒と泣きじゃくりが支配する。リズム隊も明らかに「スパニッシュ・ギター」風になっており、他の誰でもないゲイリーこそがバンマスだと音が語るのです。
もちろん、その暴れぶりは元々ギターソングであったKING CRIMSONの「21st Century Schizoid Man」「In The Court Of The Crimson King」でも容赦なし。どうもゲイリーはロバート・フリップのファンでもあったそうですが、似せる気はゼロ。ヴォーカルにエフェクトはかかりませんが、その分を補う以上に暴虐なヴィヴラートとチョーキングが精神異常の狂気を描き出している。この主張っぷりは、G-FORCEや後の『CORRIDORS OF POWER』にさえ匹敵するほどです。
そんな本編ライヴも素晴らしいところですが、本作ではさらに「1981年12月5日ニューヨーク・シティ公演」のオーディエンス録音を3曲追加収録しました。これは公式コンピレーション『FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL.1 – THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG』にも使われた録音で、本編にも負けない極上サウンド。本作では『FROM THE UNDERGROUND VOL.1』では聴けない3曲「Lucky Man」「In The Court Of The Crimson King」「Fanfare For The Common Man」を収録しました。

なんと言っても、EL&Pそのものの美声とアグレッシヴ・ギターが生み出すマジックに尽きる。商業的な成功を収める事はありませんでしたが、これはもう“60年代KING CRIMSON”・“70年代EL&P”に続く、“グレッグ第3モード”とさえ言える極上アンサンブルです。ビジネスの思惑で生まれたサウンドではありますが、これほどのロックを公式ライヴ盤1枚で済ませるのはもったいない。このまま2人が組んでいたら、どれほど素晴らしいロックを生み出したことか……。そんな思いにさえ駆られるライヴアルバムの大傑作。輝きを永久に残すプレスCDに封じ込め、今週末あなたのお手元にお届けします。

1. Fanfare For The Common Man 2. Karn Evil 9 3. Nuclear Attack 4. The Lie
5. Retribution Drive 6. Lucky Man 7. C’est La Vie 8. You Really Got A Hold Me
9. Love You Too Much 10. 21st Century Schizoid Man 11. In The Court Of The Crimson King

Live at the Palladium, New York City, NY. USA 5th December 1981

12. Lucky Man 13. In The Court Of The Crimson King 14. Fanfare For The Common Man

Greg Lake – guitar, vocals Gary Moore – guitar, vocals Tristram Margetts – bass
Tommy Eyre – keyboards, vocals Ted McKenna – drums

Virtuoso 330

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